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Mosquito Coast - Scorpio     Alternative, Psych, Rock, Pop 11/10/2019
Naomi Robinson and Conor Barton make sun-bleached, guitar-driven dream-pop as Mosquito Coast. They've achieved over four million streams on Spotify and had five singles added to triple j rotation.
The darkest song on the album detailing an abusive experience. The bass with the lyrics 'said it could not wait as you walked to my house, undermine my faith' sets a scene, but the sparkling synths signal a glimmer of hope. High and sweet sounding, they contrast the deep bass notes that march throughout.

Other tracks by Mosquito Coast:  Paris, Texas  -  Lonnie Liston
Mosquito Coast - Skipping Girl     Pop 17/08/2018
DreamPop duo Naomi Robinson & Conor Barton were discovered in school after winning triple j Unearthed-High 2015. They’ve since had 4 singles on rotation & released the Television Love EP.
With nods to Mosquito Coast's familiar breezy pop sensibilities, ‘Skipping Girl’ brings a new sense of maturity and confidence to their sound. Swirling guitar, sweet harmonies and lush synths provide the backdrop to a contagious melody – a testament to the pair’s songwriting prowess and commitment to developing their craft.

Usurper of Modern Medicine - Intercyclical     Rock, Psychedelic, Ambience, Electronic 28/07/2017
If space-rock trio Usurper of Modern Medicine is a band of musical healers, consider this new album a prescription for transcendence - melding krautrock with maximalist soundscapes and psychedelic chaos.
"Intercyclical’ - the third single from Usurper of Modern Medicine's new album reveals itself like an astral slow dance, painting a tapestry of lush ambience that’s as organic as it is ethereal, falling somewhere between a modern worship song and a hypothetical lost cut from the score of Jodorowsky’s ‘Dune’.

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Usurper of Modern Medicine - House of Reps     Rock, Electronic 17/06/2017
Unfurling at breakneck speed and featuring glimmering synths flooding over pulsating basslines and reverting vocals, House of Reps is the latest from Perth post-rock/experimental/electronic trio, Usurper of Modern Medicine.
Featuring a prismatic flurry of glimmering synths flooding over pulsating basslines and faraway reverting vocals – House of Reps is your five-minute soundtrack to a journey through a hall of mirrors – and it’s out on 16 June via Independent/MGM!

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Mosquito Coast - Television Love     Pop 16/12/2016
Naomi Robinson & Conor Barton make sun-bleached pop as Mosquito Coast. Hailing from Perth WA and naming themselves after a Harrison Ford film, these 18-year-olds won jjj's Unearthed High 2015.
The six-track EP titled ‘Television Love’ is filled with breezy pop melodies, sun-bleached guitar and dreamy vocals. It was recorded at REC Studios Sydney, produced by good friend Carl Fox (Porsches), engineered by Tom Garnett, mixed by Jack Moffitt (The Preatures), and mastered by Andrew Edgson at Studios 301.


Mosquito Coast - Let's Be Friends     Pop 22/07/2016
Naomi Robinson & Conor Barton make sun-bleached, guitar-driven pop as Mosquito Coast. Hailing from Perth, WA, these 18-year-olds were the champions of Triple J Unearthed High 2015.
Mosquito Coast's third single recorded at Rec Studios, Sydney; Produced by Carl Fox (Porsches) and Mixed by Jack Moffitt (The Preatures).

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Most Popular Act

Mosquito Coast - Commotion     Rock 01/10/2015
'Commotion' is Mosquito Coast’s first recording since winning Triple J Unearthed High this year, and it’s brimming with jammy, psychedelic goodness.
Commotion is a kaleidoscopic groove made for sunshine and open minds. It’s Mosquito Coast’s first recording since winning Triple J Unearthed High this year, and it’s brimming with jammy, psychedelic goodness.

Mosquito Coast - Call My Name     Rock, Pop 03/09/2015
Indie-rock duo, Mosquito Coast, have released the dreamy tune, Call My Name, currently on rotation at Triple J, following their big win of Triple J Unearthed High 2015.
“There's so much to love about this. So unselfconsciously cool.” Richard Kingsmill, Triple J

“With the kind of instantly accessible, Best Coast-like sound they have on the track… there’s no question that the potential for this duo is big.” hillydilly

Husband - The Money     Rock, Alternative Country, Pop, Blues 12/12/2014
Husband has been likened to Johnny Cash, Nick Cave, Neil Young and The National, but however you’d like to label his grungy Americana – it’s hard to shake.
The Money is the most anthemic track on the album, despite its broody lyrics. "It expresses my frustration about how money and happiness are closely linked for many people," Paolino says. "One night I found myself walking through Perth’s financial district. It felt so dead...the emptiness inspired this song."

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Husband - Caught     Rock, Alternative Country, Folk, Pop 05/06/2014
Perth indie-Americana artist, Husband, unleashes the first single Caught from his debut album. Recorded in LA - the single has been playlisted on Double J and Triple J Unearthed.
Growling baritone. Gritty, honest storytelling. That’s what makes Husband hard to shake. He’s as intense as his songwriting, which beckons forth in a grungy Americana style.