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18YOMAN - Swimming     R&B, Soul, Alternative 08/11/2019
Vin Goodyer aka 18YOMAN is one of Sydney's best kept secrets.
Swimming is the third official single from Sydney-based 18YOMAN (aka Vin Goodyer).

A collaboration with emerging vocalist Mia Elnekave, Swimming is a glistening cut of infectious R&B from a producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist displaying the full breadth of his talents.

Andrew De Silva - Drive     R&B, Soul, Pop 08/11/2019
Singer songwriter and producer Andrew De Silva from Melbourne, Originally from Aria award winning group CDB and winner of Australia's Got talent 2012.
Andrew De Silva’s new single “Drive” is a self produced track that draws heavily from the RnB slow jams he grew up with in the 80’s.

The track drips with sexy funk over tones with analogue synths, funk guitar riffs and slap bass throughout the track is quite easy to see the influence Prince has had on Andrew.

Coastal Elite - Headline News feat. Professor Groove     R&B, Soul, Indie 08/11/2019
Coastal Elite is a Sydney-based project featuring artists from the Personal Best musical family, influenced by West Coast Yacht Rock and 80's disco funk and boogie.
Headline News is a smooooth West Coast style funk soul track replete with sensual summer saxophone and the dulcet soulful vocals of ex-SWOOP vocalist Roland Kapferer aka Professor Groove. Featuring bass by Michael Di Francesco (Touch Sensitive) and drums by Terepai Richmond (John Butler, Whitlams), it's the musical distillation of a languorous rhythmic summer day.

Lakshane - Empty     R&B, Hip Hop 08/11/2019
Born in Sri Lanka and raised in the South-East of Melbourne, Lakshane is a polished artist nestled comfortably at the intersection of hip-hop and R&B.
Empty; the title of Lakshane's new single, a moody R&B jam produced by regular in-house collaborator Anexd, and mixed by Rawqlty (Lou Val, OVO Sound affiliate) where Lakshane puts his heart on the line, detailing the challenges of maintaining romance while pursuing dreams of stardom. The single comes with an announcement of a debut EP 'Come Alive' due late November.

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LHĒON - elique     R&B, Soul, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Jazz 08/11/2019
Swedish born, Melbourne-based artist Lhēon is a soul-inspired, forward-thinking artist with an uncanny knack of conjuring sounds-of-the past into a delicate exploration of the future.
"elique" is a sultry and sweet r&b/neo soul tune, about forbidden fruit, your daydreams and inner yearnings. "elique" is escaping from reality, chasing that butterfly high.

Love Songs & D - Coming Up     R&B, Soul, Dance 07/11/2019
Love Songs & D is a collaboration between singer Joshua Tavares and producer Bob Knob. It’s a concept band and the concept is love songs.
Coming Up is a joyful and rambunctious piece of 80s inspired boogie-funk loaded with slap bass, cowbell and bombastic vocals. It marks the debut of Melbourne’s Love Songs & D, a collaboration between singer Joshua Tavares and producer Bob Knob. This is a song that celebrates late-night hookups, optimistic 3am text messages, getting lucky and having fun.

ALLIPHA - Eye     R&B, Pop, Soul, Indie 06/11/2019
A crowd favourite and peer-appointed Disco Queen, ALLIPHA is the perfect homage to 60’s and 70’s pop-funk music.
A sassy, fiery song about the betrayal by a friend.

Elsy Wameyo - Outcast     R&B, Soul 06/11/2019
Elsy Wameyo is a Kenya-born, Adelaide-based vocalist and songwriter. Part of the Playback808 collective, her music encompasses R&B, dance and more.
A personal and emotional offering, the latest offering from the artist is the first single to be released from her forthcoming EP and heralds a new chapter of this young talent’s thriving career.

The single itself is an observation of the mental struggles existing within the African community; where one’s skin colour comes saddled with generations of cultural trauma.

Jamilla - Tired Of The Sunrise     R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Jamilla combines haunting soul vocals, self-produced R&B beats and chill-wave synths to create a beautiful and seamless brand of nu-soul music.
Initially defining the song as “sad dance-hall” this song contains a dark side as an expose on the drinking culture thriving within Australian culture. Lyrics “We sip on this liquor like it’s water ‘till we feel no pain. No it’s not good for me but I don’t wana feel the shame” paints an all too familiar picture

Natalie Slade - Humidity     R&B, Soul, Alternative, Jazz 06/11/2019
Soul/RnB vocalist from Sydney
Written and recorded in the same afternoon by Natalie Slade and Simon Mavin (of Hiatus Kaiyote) at the Grove studio in Melbourne. This is Natalie Slade's debut release.

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Stevan - Warm     R&B, Alternative, Soul 06/11/2019
Young Wollongong singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevan has quickly made a name for himself, with wide industry acclaim behind him and a natural ear for dreamy production.
Folding together all his self-taught assets, Stevan manifests a simple love song elevated in complex production, proving his gift for shaping music that smiles. With a pulled back pace, the track sings of care and devotion before glimmers of guitar take the lead in a dance of lush drum beats, souled out vocal layers and sunny textures between.

SXINT P - Moonlight     R&B 06/11/2019
SXINT P is an emerging R&B and HipHop singer-songwriter, and record producer. Within 6 months of self-study on creating records, he autonomously dropped singles and a debut EP STAR-CROSSED (2019).
‘Moonlight’ serves as an anthem to those who know someone with a mental illness or have been on the brink of depression themselves. It hopes to ease the pain and remind listeners that they are loved and suicide is never the answer.

Other tracks by SXINT P:  Burn My Life (ft. Adam Arcadia)  -  Blood On My Hands (ft. Sin Santos)
REGI FLIH - Strip     R&B, Soul, Alternative, Hip Hop 31/10/2019
REGI FLIH as been described as a perfect mix of flawless vocals with trap, r&b and soul. His first two singles have hit 100k streams each on Spotify.
The track portrays a seductive relationship between a male and female, from the viewpoint of a male protagonist. Through the journey he continues to describes that, in this particular relationship, whatever the male needs the female companion is willing to comply.

Buddy Ryan - Cherry Oak ft. Jo Jodun     R&B, Hip Hop, Soul 30/10/2019
In anticipation of his sophomore EP 'May Eleven' out November 1st, Buddy Ryan today offers a third taste in the form of reflective and smooth 'Cherry Oak ft. Jo Jodun'.
'Cherry Oak's' sparse arrangement gives room for Buddy's lyricism to breathe, showcasing the young artists incredible range across rap and RNB. Melting into the beat with sleek production 'Cherry Oak' discusses Buddy's desires to find someone to share his life with and his need to let go of the material issues.

Jamilla - do you feel ashamed when you hear my name?     R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 24/10/2019
Jamilla combines haunting soul vocals, self-produced R&B beats and chill-wave synths to create a beautiful and seamless brand of nu-soul music.
Defining the song as “sad dance-hall” this song is an expose on the drinking culture thriving within Australian culture. Lyrics “We sip on this liquor like it’s water ‘till we feel no pain. No it’s not good for me but I don’t wana feel the shame” paints an all too familiar picture for many using alcohol as a social crutch.

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Papaya Tree - Covered in Weeds     R&B, Reggae / Dub, Indie, Roots 24/10/2019
Papaya Tree are a six piece group from Sydney who blend influences from across funk, R&B, jazz and reggae in creating something fresh and entertaining.
A song that deals with personal change and inner-tussles with identity, ‘Covered In Weeds’ is mixes bright tones and sonic textures with some of the band’s most personal songwriting yet. Inspired by songwriter and vocalist Lee McDermott’s short career as a paralegal, ‘Covered In Weeds’ draws on his experiences in balancing corporate work with the drive to be a creative.

The Badloves - Soulbrothertruckinsong     R&B, Soul, Rock, Blues 24/10/2019
Originating in Melbourne, Australia in late 1989 the Badloves are famous for hits like “Lost”, “Green Limousine”, “I Remember”, “Caroline” and a cover of “The Weight” with Jimmy Barnes.
Featuring the Badloves signature retro sound of singer Michael Spiby's soulful vocals over Hammond organ and multi layers of guitar, percussion and vocals all moving along with a mid temp pulsing beat.

Backing Vocals: Susie Ahern
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Corless at Wick Studios, Brunswick
Mastered at Studio 301, Sydney

The Holy Rollercoasters - Anhedonia Nights     R&B, Soul, Pop 24/10/2019
Inspired by the masters of R&B, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible, The Holy Rollercoasters are soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
'Anhedonia Nights' kicks of with a Motown-meets-Mariachi vibe propped up by a syrupy-sweet soul backbeat that leads into a psychedelic rave closing. The thematic and lyrical content aptly calls to mind the psychological condition whereby one cannot feel pleasure: Anhedonia.

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Jakob - Secrets     R&B, Alternative, Soul 23/10/2019
Jakob is a multi-faceted artist/producer/songwriter who has created his own highly charged alternative pop blend that draws from R&B and hip-hop and fuses it with genre bending production.
Secrets is a smooth yet euphoric alt R&B jam that showcases Jakob’s versatility as an artist and songwriter. Secrets was penned in Jakob’s bedroom before collaborating with ARIA & Swedish Grammy nominated producer Erik Lewander (Ke$ha, Girls Generation, The Potbelleez) to bring the track to life.

Vetta Borne - Hey     R&B, Pop, Soul 18/10/2019
Vetta Borne is a state-of-mind, the process and the journey. She is perfectly imperfect, and she's ready to speak about it. Vetta Borne is Maribelle; elevated
Immediately hooked with a funk-driven bassline, “Hey” soulfully yearns for re-connection to a familiar love. Recorded in her home studio and overlaid with catchy beats & her unmistakable vocals, Vetta Borne arrives as a culmination of Maribelle’s incredible production, impeccable songwriting and full creative control of her artistic identity.