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Zsuzsika Lencses - Prisoner     R&B, Pop, Indie 28/08/2019
Zsuzsika is a Melbourne singer and songwriter. Zsuzsika has released original songs and an Ep of 5 songs in 2018 and 4 singles.
Prisoner is my interpretation and experience of anxiety is like for me. Being trapped in your own thoughts and a prisoner in your own head. This song is very relatable as many suffer from a mental illness.

Zi - 24     R&B, Soul, Hip Hop 24/03/2020
i mixes R&B, soul and hip hop, think Rhianna/SZA kind of vibes. Her songwriting is introspective, emotive and relatable with a handful of sass.
Produced by Tim Botor and mixed at the legendary 301, Zi enters the scene with a polished and professional sound. The moody production draws elements from R&B, trap and electronica with a key drivenmelody, swelling, layered vocals. Taking influence from Rhianna, Jorja Smith and Ella Mai, expect deep transportive lyrics, swaying emotions and a powerful vocal range.

Yeo - Six Years     R&B, Pop 11/12/2019
Melbourne-based Asian-Australian musician and producer Yeo drops his awaited R&B-infused pop album Recovery Channel, taking his unique genre-bending sound and wry lyricism to a more personal space.
Recovery Channel's leading single Six Years is a sultry ballad about a mutual unearthing of long-buried feelings, which washes over the listener. The track will be accompanied by a visual video from Yeo’s recent tour in Ecuador.

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Yeo - By Myself feat. Charlie Lim     R&B, Pop, Indie 02/10/2019
Melbourne-based musical chameleon Yeo is known for bending genres, continually exploring the dimensions of contemporary R&B, pop and electronic music and has been praised as a multi-instrumentalist.
Written and produced by Yeo and featuring Charlie Lim, ‘By Myself’ is an R&B-tinged duet with mellow bass-driven tones and a gentle bouncing rhythm. It sets a warm scene for two characters reaching out to each other after finding themselves in a dark place.

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Winston Surfshirt - Smile     R&B, Pop, Hip Hop 12/09/2019
Sydney's favourite collective Winston Surfshirt have developed a cult following around their mixed bag of R&B/funk/soul/hip hop/jazz sounds and raucous live shows.
“Smile” enlists brass hooks folded with shimmying beats, enhanced by Winston’s cocktail of sultry R&B and soul-driven vocals. The release ties a bow on the signature mood loyal fans crave, and is certain to crack grins and stir visions of summertime in listeners as funk-dipped grooves and catchy rhythms point to smiling words of love.

Wilsonn - Standing Floors     R&B, Soul 21/02/2020
Sydney's Wilsonn is know for his infectious vocals and R&B style records which have earned praise from the likes of triple j Unearthed, Billboard, Earmilk, EDM Sauce and Stoney Roads.
Soul Modern welcomes Sydney artist, Wilsonn with the release of ‘Standing Floors’, drawing influence from the likes of Frank Ocean, Miguel, Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. Adding their RnB textures and groovy production to the vibrant new single, is Grammy nominated duo Christian Rich (Childish Gambino, Drake, Earl Sweatshirt, Lizzo and Kanye).

Vetta Borne - Hey     R&B, Pop, Soul 18/10/2019
Vetta Borne is a state-of-mind, the process and the journey. She is perfectly imperfect, and she's ready to speak about it. Vetta Borne is Maribelle; elevated
Immediately hooked with a funk-driven bassline, “Hey” soulfully yearns for re-connection to a familiar love. Recorded in her home studio and overlaid with catchy beats & her unmistakable vocals, Vetta Borne arrives as a culmination of Maribelle’s incredible production, impeccable songwriting and full creative control of her artistic identity.

Vali Woods - Daydream     R&B, Soul 08/12/2019
Melbourne based, LA-born rising RnB and hip-hop artist, Vali Woods, mixes contemporary music with fine R&B/HipHop/Pop charms in paving her name in the music industry.
The ‘Daydream’ is Vali’s first love song written with her friend Anoesis that has an infectious vibe and slick beats sending you to psychedelia, the single is described as trippy, yet wouldn't go beyond the boundaries of R&B mixed with a little touch of meaningful lyricism, depicting what she wants as a woman and as a person in a relationship.

UccisMood - Choke Her     R&B, Soul 04/04/2020
17 year old Independent artist from Brisbane. Varies I different sounds but dominantly R&B/Soul and Hip Hop
'Choke Her' is UccisMood's debut track to hit all streaming services.

The Septembers - Work (w. Saux)     R&B, Soul, Pop 03/04/2020
The Septembers is a collaborative indie soul project. Originally started with James Chatburn as producer, The Septembers is the solo songwriting project of Donna Arendse.
Australian duo The Septembers and Amsterdam based producer Saux team up to produce woozy single WORK, the product of a spontaneous jam session on a rainy day in Amsterdam.

With a prominent beat, the multi-layered, warm soulful vocals weave in and out of the sparse instrumentation, lamenting a spiral towards a broken relationship, and the pain of love lost.

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The Hornstars - Dangerous     R&B, Soul, Rock 11/03/2020
Melbourne's Hornstars mine the traditions of classic funk and soul, with doses of old school R&B, reggae and classic rock. Expect Irresistible grooves, funky horn arrangements and catchy, melodic vocals.
Dangerous is the featured single from The Hornstars' debut album. Lyrically, Dangerous comments on society's tendency to celebrate narcissistic obsessions of celebrity and "instant fame" in the age of social media, at the expense of the better things in life. Musically The Hornstars are at their driving best, with the insistent horn section building the intensity over beguiling rhythms.

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Other tracks by The Hornstars:  The Bookroom  -  Do Ya
The Holy Rollercoasters - Anhedonia Nights     R&B, Soul, Pop 24/10/2019
Inspired by the masters of R&B, the ecstasy and tragedy of love and the beauty and gothicism of the bible, The Holy Rollercoasters are soul, blues and jazz-worshipping Brisbanites.
'Anhedonia Nights' kicks of with a Motown-meets-Mariachi vibe propped up by a syrupy-sweet soul backbeat that leads into a psychedelic rave closing. The thematic and lyrical content aptly calls to mind the psychological condition whereby one cannot feel pleasure: Anhedonia.

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THE BIG ILCH - Judgment Day     R&B, Soul, Alternative 17/09/2019
Emerging from the strong roots and reggae movement in Sydney’s Bondi Beach, capturing the sound of the melting pot of cultures that is Bondi.
Funk/Soul/R&B - A reflection of your life - This song asks us to question the choices we make in life. are we living the we way want? are we taking good care of each other? are we happy? these all personal questions that we all face as individuals. - all this and a side of FUNK!!!!

The Badloves - Soulbrothertruckinsong     R&B, Soul, Rock, Blues 24/10/2019
Originating in Melbourne, Australia in late 1989 the Badloves are famous for hits like “Lost”, “Green Limousine”, “I Remember”, “Caroline” and a cover of “The Weight” with Jimmy Barnes.
Featuring the Badloves signature retro sound of singer Michael Spiby's soulful vocals over Hammond organ and multi layers of guitar, percussion and vocals all moving along with a mid temp pulsing beat.

Backing Vocals: Susie Ahern
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Corless at Wick Studios, Brunswick
Mastered at Studio 301, Sydney

Taylor Robinson - Growing (feat. Zakariah)     R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Easy Listening 12/12/2019
Taylor Robinson is making her way into the music industry with her beautiful soulful voiced mixed with smooth hiphop
A beautiful blend of soulful singing from Taylor Robinson mixed in with some super smooth hip-hop. This track slaps!

Tania G - Easy On Me     R&B, Soul, Christian, Blues 30/09/2019
Tania G brings her signature blend of soulful R&B and a “dash of pop” to share an uplifting message of self-acceptance and perseverance.
“Easy On Me” together with Tania G was co-written and produced by Melbourne producer/songwriter and pianist Phil Turcio (credits include Guy Sebastian, Hugh Jackman, Westlife, K.D.Lang & Jessica Mauboy). This track weaves experienced musicianship with silky vocals to create a single that forces you to sway in your seat.

Tadiwa - I Thought You Cared.     R&B, Soul, Pop, Indie 09/10/2019
A fusion of R&B/Soul/Gospel and blues, creating own lane and R&B, paving the way for the new sound.
I Thought You Cared, is about a best friend playing your emotions and eventually ghosts you, but you didn't realise how close you are to this person and find it hard to let go but also at the same time choosing to get revenge.

SXINT P - Moonlight     R&B 06/11/2019
SXINT P is an emerging R&B and HipHop singer-songwriter, and record producer. Within 6 months of self-study on creating records, he autonomously dropped singles and a debut EP STAR-CROSSED (2019).
‘Moonlight’ serves as an anthem to those who know someone with a mental illness or have been on the brink of depression themselves. It hopes to ease the pain and remind listeners that they are loved and suicide is never the answer.

Other tracks by SXINT P:  Burn My Life (ft. Adam Arcadia)  -  Blood On My Hands (ft. Sin Santos)
Stevan - Warm     R&B, Alternative, Soul 06/11/2019
Young Wollongong singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevan has quickly made a name for himself, with wide industry acclaim behind him and a natural ear for dreamy production.
Folding together all his self-taught assets, Stevan manifests a simple love song elevated in complex production, proving his gift for shaping music that smiles. With a pulled back pace, the track sings of care and devotion before glimmers of guitar take the lead in a dance of lush drum beats, souled out vocal layers and sunny textures between.

Stevan - No More Regrets     R&B, Pop, Alternative, Soul 12/02/2020
Young Wollongong singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Stevan has quickly made a name for himself, with wide industry acclaim behind him and a natural ear for dreamy production
With his layered production at its finest, Stevan outlays intricate guitar sequences and flourishing melodies, showing his ability to make a good song great. A single about not overthinking and living free from the fear of regret, the young artist balances smooth sound designs with a punchy drum beat, easing into a realm of mellowed remedies and lush textures.