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Maina Doe - Delusion     R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/09/2019
Debut song by Maina Doe ~ 'Delusion' explores sweet middle between truth and delusion and how some delusion plays a part in realising dreams and keeping your imagination alive.
This song explores the sweet middle between truth and delusion and how some delusion plays a part in realising dreams and keeping your imagination alive. This song comes from a lacklustre period I had where I started believing that I was crazy to want big things for myself and the world.

Mansa the Legend - Some Type of Way     R&B 13/09/2019
Recording Artist/Song writer from Melbourne city.
Some Type of Way is an enchanting, romanticised, expression of when one finds the love they've been searching for.

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Felix The Great - The Zone     R&B, Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 12/09/2019
FELIX THE GREAT; an enigmatic, flamboyant talent out of New Zealand whose genre-bending style is set to capture the attention of Australian eyes and ears.
'The Zone' is a step into the brooding mind of FELIX THE GREAT, combining the vulnerability and lush falsetto vocals infamous in the early work of The Weeknd, with dark synths and moody 808's familiar with listeners of Travis Scott or SAINt JHN. Shrieking guitars and fierce tom drums form a brutal backdrop to an ultimately mellow and introspective journey. 

Winston Surfshirt - Smile     R&B, Pop, Hip Hop 12/09/2019
Sydney's favourite collective Winston Surfshirt have developed a cult following around their mixed bag of R&B/funk/soul/hip hop/jazz sounds and raucous live shows.
“Smile” enlists brass hooks folded with shimmying beats, enhanced by Winston’s cocktail of sultry R&B and soul-driven vocals. The release ties a bow on the signature mood loyal fans crave, and is certain to crack grins and stir visions of summertime in listeners as funk-dipped grooves and catchy rhythms point to smiling words of love.

Jakob - LIE     R&B, Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 03/09/2019
Jakob is a multi-faceted Sydney native who has created his own highly charged alternative pop blend that draws from R&B and hip-hop and fuses it with genre bending production.
“Lie” was penned in LA with Melanie Fontana (Justin Bieber, BTS, Chainsmokers), Lindgren (Halsey, BTS) and Shayon Daniels. Falling in the middle of the story, “Lie” is a familiar tale of woe, Jakob was completely infatuated with a friend who landed herself in the wrong relationship. A Latin-inspired alt-pop blend that draws from R&B, hip-hop and his South American roots.

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Ceeko - Magic     R&B, Soul, World, Pop 30/08/2019
CEEKO is a South African-born artist that now calls Melbourne home. However, he draws inspiration from his roots, combining afro-beat rhythms, melodies and spirit that influence his natural R&B/Soul cadence.
‘Magic’ has flourished into a vibrant portrayal of CEEKO's point of view of the world, where we see people living only to sacrifice their dreams and ambitions under the pressure of societal expectations. Drawing from Disney Classics, ‘Magic’ sounds like a swirl of colours expressed in harmonies and smooth cadences, moulded over powerful rhythms and a heavy melodic presence.

CEEKO - Magic     R&B, Soul 30/08/2019
Melbourne based South African singer/songwriter CEEKO is reintroducing himself to the world of music in 2019, returning with a new R&B and soul sound that will grab your attention.
The soulful notes of “Magic” forge a vibrant portrayal of the world through CEEKO’s eyes. Drawing a charming inspiration from Disney classics, “Magic” presents his depiction of those stories in a modern context, delivered in a technicolour haze of harmonies and smooth cadences moulded over powerful rhythms and a melodic presence to weaken the knees.

PRAX - LATELY     R&B, Hip Hop, Pop 30/08/2019
18 year old PRAX from Melbourne is Australia's newest, most exciting dark RnB artist.
18 Year old Melbourne artist PRAX has made waves with his debut single 'Lately'. Soaked in ambience and melancholy lyrics, the track displays maturity far beyond his years.

Ronnie & Benni - Poison (Radio Edit)     R&B, Soul, Pop, Indie 28/08/2019
Ronnie & Benni is a pop-fusion duo comprised of Surya “Ronnie” and Benjamin “Benni”. Ronnie & Benni have spent days to perfect the blend of Eastern and Western culture.
If When we don't talk about our depression and anxiety it often becomes like 'Poison' within our lives. It's often hard to put into words something that makes us feel trapped, vulnerable and alone. We would love to bring AWARENESS to this through donating 20% of our songs profits to Beyond Blue.

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Zsuzsika Lencses - Prisoner     R&B, Pop, Indie 28/08/2019
Zsuzsika is a Melbourne singer and songwriter. Zsuzsika has released original songs and an Ep of 5 songs in 2018 and 4 singles.
Prisoner is my interpretation and experience of anxiety is like for me. Being trapped in your own thoughts and a prisoner in your own head. This song is very relatable as many suffer from a mental illness.

Genesis Owusu - Good Times     R&B, Hip Hop 27/08/2019
2019 has seen Genesis Owusu truly come into his stardom and capture the attention of the nation with his perfect blend of R&B, rap hip-hop.
Produced by The Free Nationals, "Good Times" matches sharp rhymes with falsetto back ups and every vocal trick in between, marking an undeniably feel good groove impossible not to move along to and a taste of the versatility we have come to expect from a Genesis Owusu release.

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Mariam Sawires - Choose     R&B, Easy Listening 27/08/2019
Cairo-born, Sydney-based songwriter and vocalist Mariam Sawires.
‘Choose’ was written while living in a 17th century French castle transformed into music studio. Inspired by the profound impact of a family member’s visit, Sawires realised she was placing the source of her confidence and happiness in others. Of the song she says “life is chaotic and you’ve got to take the time to gain peace and clarity inside.”