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A.GIRL - All Over You     R&B 17/01/2020
A.GIRL is the moniker of 19-year-old Hinenui-Terangi Tairua. Although she calls Australia home, the connection to her family’s Maori homeland of Te Hapua in New Zealand runs deep.
The track opens with delicate piano stabs and subtle guitar slides, accompanied by A.GIRL’s sparkling vocal vibrato. The choruses transform as trap-like hi-hats and rolling synth sub-bass are introduced, pairing effortlessly with the slight twists of vocal modulation.

Adrian Dzvuke - Bad Like Ri Ri     R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Reggae / Dub 17/01/2020
Perth's Adrian Dzvuke brings together a powerful blend of Afro inspired R&B and Hip-Hop.
Following the huge success of his last single, One Time, Adrian returns with a wavy Afro inspired head-nodding, hip -shaking anthem to kick the year into gear. Featuring effortlessly confident guest verses from SUPEREGO’s Nelson Mondlane, aka POW! Negro, Bad Like Ri Ri quickly emerges as the perfect summer anthem with its groovy basslines, bright synths and catchy guitar moments.

Joanny - Mercy     R&B, Reggae / Dub, Hip Hop, Pop 20/12/2019
Joanny is a Nigerian / Australian singer-songwriter based in Melbourne.
After a successful release earlier this year of ‘No Emotions’, garnering the attention of taste-makers such as Triple J, Beats 1 and MTV in Australia, Joanny has blessed us with the release of ‘Mercy’.

Mercy shows the emotional side of Joanny. Teaming up once again with his Producer Valentino, the grave tempo, reggae influenced beat captures the mood and sub-text.

Lenken Isaac - Your Love     R&B, Soul, Pop, Soul 20/12/2019
Brought up with R&B and Blues, Lenken Isaac style is modern yet old school, a unique voice, with unique music. Mixing the old and the new creating timeless music.
'Your Love' is a modern day love song, with well written lyrics and well composed single, a slow jam, modern day R&B, An addictive song that talks of love at first sight, it helps the listener escape into a trance like state as the chorus reaches vocal highs hitting a crescendo combined with it the old school talk box.

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Other tracks by Lenken Isaac:  The Only One I want
Le Fleur - Southpaw     R&B, Pop, Soul, Jazz 17/12/2019
Hook filled funk pop from the planet Melbourne
Southpaw features a message telling listeners to do what they love, set to a funky back beat, luscious harmonies and featuring some of the biggest hooks you'll ever hear.

Other tracks by Le Fleur:  Victim of the Groove  -  Shakedown
MAYAH - Tied You Up     R&B, Hip Hop, Pop 13/12/2019
Raised on her older-sisters' record-collection in the rainforest-village of Kuranda, Queensland, the soundtrack to MAYAH’s childhood merged their love of Lauryn Hill, TLC with mum's favourites, Moby and Massive Attack.
The Cairns-born artist describes her new song as being about “tying up loose ends, be it relationships, friendships or situations. It comes from a place of self-assuredness and personal growth.”

Taylor Robinson - Growing (feat. Zakariah)     R&B, Hip Hop, Soul, Easy Listening 12/12/2019
Taylor Robinson is making her way into the music industry with her beautiful soulful voiced mixed with smooth hiphop
A beautiful blend of soulful singing from Taylor Robinson mixed in with some super smooth hip-hop. This track slaps!

Yeo - Six Years     R&B, Pop 11/12/2019
Melbourne-based Asian-Australian musician and producer Yeo drops his awaited R&B-infused pop album Recovery Channel, taking his unique genre-bending sound and wry lyricism to a more personal space.
Recovery Channel's leading single Six Years is a sultry ballad about a mutual unearthing of long-buried feelings, which washes over the listener. The track will be accompanied by a visual video from Yeo’s recent tour in Ecuador.

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Bianca Power - Blood On Your Shoes     R&B, Pop, Soul, Indie 10/12/2019
Ambient textures and RnB grooves collide with sultry vocals in Brisbane’s rising artist BIANCA. There is a rawness and boldness in her lyrics that leaves crowds inspired and wanting more.
Blood On Your Shoes exudes fierce confidence with a story of self-liberation and never looking back. Smooth as velvet with laid back RnB grooves, it lends the spotlight to Bianca’s entrancing voice. She guides you through her journey with moments of warm soulful somberness that glide into invigorated angelic harmonies.

Vali Woods - Daydream     R&B, Soul 08/12/2019
Melbourne based, LA-born rising RnB and hip-hop artist, Vali Woods, mixes contemporary music with fine R&B/HipHop/Pop charms in paving her name in the music industry.
The ‘Daydream’ is Vali’s first love song written with her friend Anoesis that has an infectious vibe and slick beats sending you to psychedelia, the single is described as trippy, yet wouldn't go beyond the boundaries of R&B mixed with a little touch of meaningful lyricism, depicting what she wants as a woman and as a person in a relationship.

Brian Raynor - It's Christmas Eve     R&B, Christian 02/12/2019
Brian Raynor is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter and entertainer.
A song about a homeless drifter who finds himself in a new town on Christmas Eve. He's down on his luck, but then things take a turn for the better.

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Chel Wix - In the Middle     R&B 29/11/2019
Lyricist that writes about everyday life. Stories about me and stories about you.
This is my current relationship with my partner where we have fallen out of love but there are so many things to consider that it's not just easy to walk out of the relationship. Our everyday lives have become like a merry go round that we're both trapped in.

RAYN - Yes     R&B, Soul, Alternative 29/11/2019
Australian born contemporary R&B singer.
Written on her bedroom floor in London, 'Yes' is an intimate track from RAYN, pulling you in as if you were reading a love letter you shouldn't be. A departure from her recent single 'OMM', 'Yes' shows her versatility as an artist.

Mi-kaisha - Tell Me Why     R&B, Soul, Pop, First Nations 28/11/2019
R&B Soul artist, Mi-kaisha, grew-up on the streets of Sydney’s music-scene. Her voice is soulful and sugary, yet her lyrics represent hard-hitting political-messages about being a young black-woman in Australia.
Tell Me Why takes listeners on a journey of what it is like being a young Indigenous Tongan woman in Australia. Mi-kaisha always found that people expected less of her or had preconceived ideas about what she was capable of. Tell Me Why is an anthem for all the young-people who were seen as less than what they're capable of.

Other tracks by Mi-kaisha:  Help  -  WDIC
Safire Palms - Jam Sandwich     R&B 26/11/2019
Safire Palms psyc-funk band from the Blue Mountains. Our passion for music has brought to you through us Funky, heavy, psychedelic and indie tunes with a hint of reggae-jazz.
Smooth Funk? Heavy Reggae? Whatever you want to call it, Jam Sandwich, the debut single from Blue Mountains-based four-piece Safire Palms is a remarkably sophisticated introduction into their musical world.

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Adam Gardiner - Funky Hark     R&B, Soul, Pop, Christian 22/11/2019
Adam Gardiner is a musician and composer. Adam's compositions have been licensed internationally and have been heard on TV and video games in Australia, France, the USA and the UK.
This fresh and funky take on a well know Christmas classic features a Motown inspired rhythm section, plenty of backing vocals and a healthy amount of sleigh bells.

Other tracks by Adam Gardiner:  Hallelujah Chorus  -  Oh Come All Ye Faithful
ANGE - Take Me Back (ft. Sumatra)     R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin 22/11/2019
Born and raised in Barcelona, singer-songwriter and emerging producer ANGE combines a fresh blend of neo-soul and electronic music. Some have tasted Erykah Badu and NAO in her sound.
Take Me Back is a smooth r&b song that combines the Spanish and English language. The song talks about the type of connection with someone that makes you want to get lost in time and forget everything else. Take Me Back is about realising your own emotions and being present in the moment.

Jaycee - Message     R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul 22/11/2019
Jaycee is an Australian Jamaican singer, rapper, producer & multi-instrumentalist. Jaycee’s musical style is an amalgamation of hip-hop, R&B, trap, incorporating elements of funk, soul, latino and rock.
Message is a heartfelt RnB/HipHop track that expresses the emotions of a previous heartbreak. With beautiful melodies and a catchy hook this one's sure to get stuck in your head.

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Jaycee - One Of These Days     R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Pop 22/11/2019
Jaycee is an Australian Jamaican singer, rapper, producer & multi-instrumentalist. Jaycee's musical style is an amalgamation of hip-hop, R&B, trap, incorporating elements of funk, soul, latino and rock.
One of These days is an Rnb/Soul rap track. It's about being patient with your dreams and grateful for the journey. Jaycee tells a story about his life and his current grind in the music industry.

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Lara D - Me & Them     R&B, Pop 22/11/2019
Moroccan / Lebanese pop-urban sensation Lara D is a breath of fresh air for the urban music scene with her cut above talents in both singing and her rap game.
'Me & Them' is a powerful and unapologetic anthem that demands a conversation around self love and confidence. For Lara, it boldly sheds a light on her passion towards staying true to herself, owning up to her insecurities and as a result, finding herself and her worth. Lara has teamed up with Sammi Constantine and ARIA chart topping producer Liam Quinn.