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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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Neighbours - Crystals     Punk, Indie, Garage, Rock 17/01/2020
Neighbours are a female fronted garage/post punk band from Sydney. Neighbours serpentine sound zig zags from serious to comic, from naive to fierce and from 1983 to 2020.
‘Crystals’ wants to dispel the privileged myth that if you put positive energy into the universe, good things will come back to you.

Other tracks by Neighbours:  La Lune
Nella Niknot ft. Gracie B & Chris Gibbs - Fools of Dereliction     Punk, Rock, Rock 17/01/2020
Old, bald and no threat to anyone :)
A protest about govt. and corporate indifference to climate change. Features Gracie B on vocals, Chris Gibbs on lead guitar and Nella Niknot on bass.

The track was written for a performance at WAMFEST 2019.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Noiseathon Records in York, Western Australia.

Slim Jeffries - That's Right     Punk, Garage 17/01/2020
Slim Jeffries are Melbourne band that never quite got over the golden age of the Big Day Out era. The band takes inspiration from 90s grunge culture.
A song that straddles the tense border between material satisfaction and personal satisfaction.

WALKEN - Regular Human Person     Punk, Alternative, Pop 17/01/2020
WALKEN are three best pals outta Brisbane who deal in pop-fuelled frenzies of alternative rock meets ambitious punk that aims to satisfy your nostalgia-ridden pop-punk loving heart.
An instantly familiar bop, “Regular Human Person” dabbles in the kind of alternative/pop-punk hybrid fuelled by layers of frenzied pop and soaked in nostalgia. The single also serves as the first piece of new music from the trio since the release of their 2017 EP, What’s Your Environment?

Bobby Maguire - Fight the Fear     Punk, Rock, Pop, Indie 16/01/2020
Queensland independent artist Bobby Maguire showcases his infectious brand of rock with a sound evocative of Thirsty Merc and Bernard Fanning.
Inspired by the likes of Violent Soho and Nirvana Fight the Fear is the third single from Bobby Maguire's self-titled debut album. The song is an aggressive assertion that enough is enough and it is time to take action, leave toxic people and refuse to surrender to self pity.

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Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea - Chrome Lung     Punk, Rock, Alternative, Garage 16/01/2020
Formed in 2017, Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea are a three piece Melbourne based band brewing garage rock and alternative punk with flavours of psychedelia.
'Chrome Lung' tells the story of Finnegan Fink; a troublesome middle aged man and master manipulator whose mischievous past comes back to haunt him after a day of ne'er-do-welling. 'Chrome Lung' sonically grows in intensity, complexity, dexterity, elasticity to a psycho-billy crescendo dipping it's toes in garage, psychedelia, pub and classic punk rock.

Gun Laws - Like Water For Gasoline     Punk, Blues, Alternative, Soul 16/01/2020
GUN LAWS are a three piece Melbourne band that make jangly soulful sweaty post-punk music that lovingly kisses many genres (but never stays the night)
'Like Water For Gasoline' is a blistering blues-punk excursion through bad relationships, hollow consumerism and the looming climate crisis.

Other tracks by Gun Laws:  HEY BBY  -  Gun Lore
The Packets - Surrounded By D**kheads     Punk, Pop, Alternative 16/01/2020
Always fun, often hilarious, sometimes naughty, The Packets combine sheer punk nastiness with lush pop sensibility to create 2 minute bursts of sonic pleasure.
Love them or hate them, d**kheads play a major role in modern society.

In this highly relatable, catchy, quirky number The Packets investigate the bitter sweet relationship mankind has developed with d**kheads and the impact they have made on our way of life!

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Astoria Paranoia - Polystyrene     Punk, Alternative, Pop, Rock 17/12/2019
Astoria Paranoia are a Post-Punk trio creating a mix between slacker pop anthems and punk antics, the hardworking DIY band formed in Ipswich early 2018.
Polystyrene is about people, particularly people in the music industry or pretty much any industry that work their employees too hard/overtime/have unrealistic expectations etc and treat people like they're just... polystyrene? I don't know where I was going with it but listen to the song and make up your own mind.

The Immaculate Crows - Dingo     Punk, Alternative 17/12/2019
The Immaculate Crows were a Brisbane alternative band that played from 1982 to 1985. They were founded by Bruce Neilsen (guitarist, songwriter) and Chris Allen (drums). Bruce named the band.
Dingo was inspired by the Azaria Chamberlain story which gripped Australia for a substantial period of time. Baby Azaria was killed by a dingo on 17 August 1980 when her family camped at Uluru (Ayers Rock) in the Northern Territory Australia. Dingos are an apex predator in Australia and there have been several reported attacks on humans since Azaria’s disappearance.

New War - Bang On     Punk, Experimental 13/12/2019
New War are champions amongst the country's art-rock scene and the beauty that can come with the contrast of maximalism and minimalism.
After being commissioned by the City of Melbourne to create a new song cycle composed for voice, bass guitar, electronics and the Melbourne Town Hall Grand Organ, New War return with Trouble In The Air, a post-punk LP written for and recorded live on the largest organ in the Southern Hemisphere. Bang On is the first single.

Future Suck - Moving on     Punk 06/12/2019
New Melbourne Punk band - Future Suck - Demo out on Blow Blood Records. After playing their first gig in May FUTURE SUCK finally have a demo cassette out
Short, fast, loud. It's been described as 'a punch in the face'

Other tracks by Future Suck:  Nervous Wreck  -  Europe
Homestate - Happy     Punk, Alternative 29/11/2019
Alternative & Punk five-piece from Perth, Australia
"Happy" is the final track on the EP and reflects on toxic relationships in a similar sense. Vocalist Chad Fraser explains that "Happy is a final 'f*** you' to past hurt and heartbreak. From frustration springs bitterness, and whilst bitterness isn’t healthy for anyone, sometimes it just feels good. Happy is the final page of a closing book."

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Neighbours - Five     Punk, Garage, Indie, Alternative 29/11/2019
Neighbours are a garage punk 4 piece out of Sydney's inner West. Neighbours have been described as X-Ray Specs with 90's guitar.
Hold on tight with Neighbours latest offering 'Five', a track about impatience.

Five is raring to go, threatening to trip over itself, eager to get to the end result.

Yoyo sings ‘I will not chill, I will not hide my hunger, I will not play it cool’, Five encompasses how roaring and ready this hard working band is.

Brief Habits - In Itself Part 2     Punk, Alternative, Indie, Pop 26/11/2019
Blissful emo power-pop that boldly leans into deeply honest autobiographical lyrics. Serving up ambience and attack with equal measure.
Brief Habits try to sort through the wreckage with bright introspection, exploring all the delicate twists, turns rifts and revelations in between. The feeling of vulnerability lies at the core of Brief Habits music, which is part punk, part pop and all catharsis.

Other tracks by Brief Habits:  A Lack We Can’t Hide
Okay Dane - Headache     Punk, Alternative, Rock, Indie 26/11/2019
Okay Dane are an alternative punk band from Melbourne. Meeting somewhere in between grungey slacker rock and blistering sweaty punk rock, OD are all about catchy hooks and blasting guitars.
Headache is the most frenetic we’ve been on a recording. It felt really good to record and is always a blast to play live. Lyrically it’s the most to the point and juvenile we’ve been too, which was heaps of fun. At its heart it’s about lashing out and being frustrated with someone who can’t be reasoned with.

SX RIOT - Ad Kanga     Punk, Alternative 26/11/2019
Short, fast, angry sounding music
It's a song with guitars and drums and bass and screaming

These New South Whales - It’s Its Own Heart     Punk 26/11/2019
These New South Whales are many things: a band, a tv show, a phenomenon.
Produced by Jonathan Boulet of Party Dozen and ARSE, I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do is an unrelentingly catchy second outing from the group, swapping the darker palette of their debut for a sunnier sound with distorted but bright, clangy guitars and driving rhythms – a combination that’s more indebted to their post punk influences than ever.

Other tracks by These New South Whales:  Do U Connect?  -  I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do
Toxic Bears - Guerrilla Gardener     Punk, Rock, Garage 25/11/2019
Toxic Bears are an avant-garage, experimental punk band out of Brisbane. Their music ranges from melodic hardcore to funk, jazz and Latin-infused garage rock.
While Brisbane sleeps, a nurturing force prowls the suburbs seeking fertile sites for seed. Guerrilla Gardener tells the tale of a classic horticultural serenade.

Desert Dogs - The Australian Dream     Punk, Rock 22/11/2019
Hardcore rock and roll that's good for yoru soul
Chunky, riffy, hardcore rock and roll.