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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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Sparrow - Red     Metal/Punk, Rock, Industrial, Metal 02/03/2018
Balancing the energy and ferocity of bands much heavier with the hooks of bands much softer, tonight was a great performance of a band on the brink of wider recognition!
The video for single 'Red' is a stunning hybrid of Gorillaz-style animation and video and effects. The hard-out track provides the soundtrack to a mile-a-minute paced filmclip - which shows one person's wish to go on a one-way trip to Mars.

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The Dead Love - Ordinary     Metal/Punk, Grunge 02/03/2018
Sydney based Grunge band The Dead Love. Have shared stages locally and abroad with the likes of Gang Of Youths, Dune Rats, Aerosmith (usa), Smith Street Band, etc.
The Dead Love bring driving grunge with a taste of punk to their new track 'Ordinary'. A great party track with a catchy, sing-along chorus, 'Ordinary' is a confirmed live banger. Leading the band into a possible album release in the coming year, 'Ordinary' is sure to be a hit.

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The Elk Collective - Moshpittin' on your Toenails     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock, Metal 02/03/2018
The Elk Collective play bone crunching hardcore with bloodcurdling screams, dual guitar riffage that's more melodic but heavy at the same time.
Watch your feet - The Elk Collective are moshpittin' on your toenails. An all-Bulls**t band (ever heard of one of those? Bulls**t GOOD, but with terrible jokes) straight outta Sydney, The Elk Collective are today dropping their new single (called, you guessed it - "Moshpittin' on your Toenails").

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Statues - Defiance     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal, Rock 01/03/2018
Statues have been fortunate enough to be a part of many amazing shows and to have made many outstanding friends along the way. Album "No Grave, No Burial" out now!
With not long to go before they embark on their national tour alongside their mates Arteries, Statues are today dropping their filmclip for album track Defiance. The track is live in all good digital stores and streaming outlets now and tickets for their tour are on sale now at

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A Gentlemen's Agreement - Truths And Secrets     Rock, Metal 22/02/2018
Sydney based 3 piece A Gentlemen’s Agreement create explosive music that combines elements of Rock, Metal and Alternative.
Truths And Secrets opens with a hard-out Prog Rock progression that leads into a punchy verse. This single captures the true essence of AGA: Brutal, unforgiving and in-your-face. Lead singer paints a picture of deception in his firey lyrics, which are backed up by a rhythmic wall of sound.

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Other tracks by A Gentlemen's Agreement:  Fear Of The Black Abyss
Circles - Blueprints for a Great Escape     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 22/02/2018
CIRCLES’ are the next step in the evolution in heavy music. The intricacy, the emotional and the heart-string pull of the lyrics in a class all of their own.
New single from Circles - Blueprints for a Great Escape.

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Colour & Shade - The Path     Rock, Hardcore 22/02/2018
Melbourne based newcomers Colour & Shade create a soaring brand of Alternative Rock that provides a much needed breath of fresh air.
The Path opens with an epic post hardcore riff accompanied by a powerful rhythm section. The pre-chorus hits like a tonne of bricks with screaming vocal line "Shutup! Shutup! Get out of my head!" and opens up am extremely catchy chorus. These lads have a perfect song formula.

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Emecia - Victims     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 22/02/2018
Adelaide band Emecia are an independent powerhouse to be reckoned with. The band combines elements of Post-Hardcore and upbeat Punk Rock to create their gutsy Rock sound.
Victims opens with the powerful line "I wanna thank the knife for always having my back" and busts into an epic post hardcore verse. The song touches on the heartbreaking topic of suicide and hits home with a strong message. This is Emecia at a new level. Press play.

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Grave Places - XXXX Bummer     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 22/02/2018
Brisbane based newcomers Grave Places create dynamically rich Metalcore music.
XXXX Bummer opens with a beautiful and spacious soundscape that is followed by a brutal metalcore verse. The band contrasts effortlessly between hardcore screams and beautiful clean vocals. This is a very promising debut from Grave Places - press play and get all up in the feels.

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Maverick - Longevity     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 22/02/2018
Sydney's Maverick are a band that could not care less what you think. And that's why they will have Longevity.
Maverick are legit. Running amok in Sydney’s gritty southeast from an early age the Maverick boys are no strangers to good times, pits or Sunday morning tins. These five individuals live the lifestyle they write about and their attitudes and ambition are as heavy and large as their sound.

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Tim & The Boys - Gary Glitter's Eyes     Metal/Punk, Punk 21/02/2018
Tim & the Boys formed in early 2015, when Tim Collier, Daniel Groz and Will Harley gather around a drum machine to write a short, powerful and weird punk songs.
A raucous dive into the sickness of a person who is hiding in plain sight. An invite into a mind that is troubled and cracking at the edges.

Other tracks by Tim & The Boys:  Hey
Sunset Junkies - Inertia     Rock, Metal, Goth 21/02/2018
Sunset Junkies are an Australian rock band known for their exhilarating live show. 2018 will see them take their bold new sound to the world.
"Inertia" was conceived after buying an Ibanez 7-string guitar as Short elaborates, "Having released a string of solo albums that really only hinted at a heavy side... I felt like a part of me was screaming out to create something extremely dense, layered and heavy."

Good Doogs - Nothing To Do     Rock, Punk, Garage 15/02/2018
The Doogs are shaping up to be a major player in the surf-rock movement in Australia, jump aboard the ground swell of fun. Don't kook it.
New single “Nothing To Do” is an anthem for hot summer days when school is out and the surf is weak. It’s about hanging out with your mates and wasting time.

Ratking - Vote4Me     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal 15/02/2018
Born in the blistering heat and surf of Western Australia, Ratking are emerging as one of the most exciting hardcore bands around.
Drawing upon elements of punk, hardcore and thrash, Vote4Me is a tornado of blitzkrieg drums, powerful riffs and the acidic, reverb-laden howls courtesy of vocalist Josh Reeves.

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Face Face - The Good Fight     Rock, Punk, Garage 14/02/2018
Face Face are a self-proclaimed 90's sad rock nostalgia band, making waves with their new track 'The Good Fight' featured on our FRONTWOMXN compilation
The latest track from Face Face, The Good Fight, is a punch of raw honesty and high energy from the Melbourne alternative rockers, mixed with their own brand of sad romantic lyricism

Straight Arrows - Out and Down     Rock, Garage, Punk 14/02/2018
Sydney’s most prized, glittering gemstone of the garage rock underworld, Straight Arrows, are today returning to your earholes armed with some blistering new material.
'Out and Down’ gives us what we’ve been waiting patiently for – fuzzed out, bleary-eyed but bushy tailed undiluted garage punk.

Fatboy Slim X Northlane - Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat     Rock, Metal 07/02/2018
In an unlikely collaboration, Northlane have remade Fatboy Slim’s 2013 smash-hit ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat’ for the upcoming EP ‘Fatboy Slim VS Australia’.
Paying homage to the classic dance track, the Sydney heavy rock outfit have kept the structure of the tune in tact whilst beefing up the rock element, bouncing from electro to heavy and hardcore in the chorus, in direct contrast with the lyrics.

DVSR - Slave To The Beat     Metal/Punk, Hip Hop, Rock, Rap 01/02/2018
The revolutionary sounds of DVSR have turned the tables on genre time and time again with their unique mincing of hip hop and metal.
Fluidly collating hip hop and metal influences into a mixed bag of beats and riffs.

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The PB's - Anicone     Metal/Punk, Rock 01/02/2018
The PB’s spawned as a side project for Sam Hodgkinson (guitar/vocals) and Alex Fuss (guitar/vocals) to house ideas and songs that didn’t seem to fit into their existing creative projects.
'Anicone' tackles complex themes of hopelessness, depression and futility with wry wit and a strong dose of irony. Earnest storytelling, guttural-yet-melodic vocals and abrasive guitars collide in this hook driven hit of garage/noise-rock glory from the Brisbane four-piece.

Neighbours - Cowboy     Metal/Punk, Garage, Punk 01/02/2018
Neighbours are a garage punk band from Sydney's inner west.Made up of four members Neighbours like to play hooky, punky and often moody music.
Cowboy is a punky lusty love song about falling in love with a Cowboy.