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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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RedHook - Paralysed     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Punk 08/02/2019
Sydney-based screaming rap-rock-electro-pop mutants RedHook today unleash their brand-new single, ‘Paralysed’ - produced by Stevie Knight (Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic) and Dave Petrovic (Northlane, Tonight Alive).
‘Paralysed’ sees the band showcase their more melodic side, twisting their signature cocktail of EDM-influenced production and psychotic riffage with huge dark pop vocals, as singer Emmy Mack turns her aggression inward.

“Anyone who’s ever struggled with their mental health will understand the feeling that this song is about, probably all too well,” Mack explains.

Zero 1 Zero - Dogs Of War     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock, Hardcore 07/02/2019
“The wall of sound that hits you when Zero 1 Zero step up to the sonic plate will leave you drenched in sweat and hands in devil-horn mode” ~DJ StruthMate~
Dogs of War is the first single release in 2019 for Zero 1 Zero, with no signs of slowing down.
The pounding bass, pulsating drums and harmonic guitars sends the listener into a trance like state while the vocals unleash at full throttle, delivering an almighty rush for any metal head.

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Tempest Rising - Breathe     Metal/Punk, Metal 05/02/2019
Shifting from soaring melodies to sheer brutality in a heartbeat, Tempest Rising display a jaw-dropping fluency in heavy music - a blistering vortex of drums, bass, guitar and vocals.
Engineered and mixed by Chaos Divine's Simon Mitchell, new single Breathe is an absolute pinnacle of heavy songwriting, performance and production. Complexly rich in crushing power and virtuosity, yet somehow immovably simple and uplifting. Tempest Rising have entered an exciting new chapter of their story that will cement them as one of the best emerging metal bands in the world.

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Cambridge Punk Lute Collective - Bollocks to Brexit     Metal/Punk 04/02/2019
Who are Cambridge Punk Lute Collective? Mild-mannered academics by day who get their rocks off playing punk protest-songs by night!
Bollocks to Brexit is unashamedly channeling the classic late 70s British punk style (lets bring it back!). Inspired by bands like the Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, Clash et al, B2B is a high-energy protest rave against the stupidest thing to come out of Britain in a very long time. What are they thinking?!

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HOON - Partner In Crime     Metal/Punk, Garage, Rock, Punk 01/02/2019
Hoon are garage punk band from Wollongong NSW with a live show that’s as enigmatic and joyful as it is abrasive.
Three and a half minutes of unrelenting guitars, psychotic vocals, and pummelling drums by Wollongong garage punk’s Hoon. Lyrically, the track is a minor social commentary that centers around the vicious cycles of drug and alcohol abuse, and the fragility of users.

Human Rites - Human Rights     Metal/Punk, Psychedelic, Rock, Garage 01/02/2019
Human Rites are a 4 piece independent Melbourne band playing a heavy cocktail of Psych, Doom, Noise Rock, Shoegaze and Sludge fit for all sonic outsider listeners
Human Rights a feisty depiction of the social structure and the human condition at its most hypocritical and pitiful

Other tracks by Human Rites:  Animals  -  Acacia
Being Jane Lane - Less is More     Metal/Punk, Punk 31/01/2019
Being Jane Lane is an all female punk band based in Brisbane. 'Less is More' is the 2nd single from their upcoming debut album 'Savage Sunday'.
The new single ‘Less is More’, a hard, driving punk/metal explosion, that expresses the existential angst of the band's attitude currently, as they charge into 2019 with a string of tours and shows, excited to share the new album with everyone.

Humblet - Go to Rics     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock, Comedy 30/01/2019
This is the anthem for every filthy valley rat that thinks they are having a quiet night in and ends up doing the dirty at Rics. Come wonder the valley streets, bum a darb, hit it hard and forget your escapades by the morning. There’s no where else to be - ‘Go To Rics’ or go home.

Space Boys - Swim     Metal/Punk, Punk 28/01/2019
Wollongong punk band stomping about the country, off the back of a huge 2018 playing Yours & Owls Fest and King Street Crawl, drop new single 'Swim' before launching EP#3
Swim is a huge step up from our early releases. Recorded in studio as opposed to our lounge room Swim is the first taste from our upcoming 3rd EP and a somewhat maturing our music.
Lyrically, Swim is a honest take on the fragility of the brain and it's terrifying capacity to crush.

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Alda Sky - Odium     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 25/01/2019
Port Augusta based Metalcore outfit Alda Sky combine hard-hitting riffs, catchy guitar/vocal melodies and technical playing styles to achieve their distinctive sound.
Odium punches you right in the proverbial nose from the get go with hard-hitting riffs and extremely powerful vocals. Alda Sky skillfully balance between ferocious screaming vocals to soaring clean chorus melodies. The breakdown will make you want to erupt into your nearest circle pit! Another banger from this promising SA outfit.

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Lavidius - Captain Benjamin Hornigold     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock 23/01/2019
Lavidius plays hard hitting music, with a unique blend of melody, finely tuned gutturals & ball-tearing riffs that make you pull an ugly face because they are that filthy.
The brand new song is about a pirate named Captain Benjamin Hornigold, who was a privateer during the Spanish war who turned to piracy after the war ended and there was no use for his sailing experience. He and his crew got so drunk one night they threw their hats overboard.

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Way Shit - Everything Is Good     Metal/Punk, Garage, Rock 22/01/2019
Way Shit are a garage punk 3 piece from the western suburbs of Melbourne. They explore themes of mental health, sexuality, gender based harassment/violence and bad traffic.
"Everything Is Good" touches on the experience of lead singer Shelley, seeing Jess Locke perform and feeling inspired and capable of starting a band. The song also seeks to address the fast paced drinking culture of the music scene and how that can compound with mental health issues - and how hard it can be to balance those two worlds.

ISOLATION - Mindstate     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 18/01/2019
Brisbane based Hardcore juggernauts ISOLATION are unrelenting and ruthless, assuring to captivate the listener’s attention with their unrivaled chaos.
Mindstate blasts straight out the gate in all it's Hardcore glory! Press play and enjoy one of the most outstanding tracks the Brisbane 5-piece have released to date.

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Sarky Bastard - Baba Ganoush     Metal/Punk, Garage, Punk, Rock 12/01/2019
3 Sarky Bastards from the nations capital playing hard and fast punk jams!
Baba Ganoush is a love song about our favourite dip. We really love that noush. It's just a lovely noush

Other tracks by Sarky Bastard:  Ether  -  Christmas Monkey
Luke Seymoup - Hand-Me-Downs (feat. Lisa De Angelis)     Metal/Punk, Punk, Alternative Country, Rock 08/01/2019
Luke Seymoup is a cool guy. You might like him. You also might not but that's no reflection on the music that he makes.
"Hand-Me-Downs" is a collaboration between Melbourne's Luke Seymoup and Sydney's Lisa De Angelis. The pair met in Sydney and bonded over a mutual interest in ghost stories and Gaslight Anthem records. The song, written by Luke, pays tribute to ghost stories of the Hume Highway that runs between Melbourne and Sydney. What does it feel like to be a ghost?

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ON MY COMMAND - SR-375     Metal/Punk, Metal 08/01/2019
On My Command, from Brisbane, fuses elements of traditional heavy metal, with NWOBHM, thrash and power metal.
Written during the "Apparitions" album sessions, SR-375 continues On My Command's fusing of NWOBHM, thrash and traditional metal sounds.

SVCRED - Nevermore     Metal/Punk, Rock 21/12/2018
Alternative metal from Melbourne.
Inspired in part by Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven, Nevermore is a song about grief, and the emptiness left behind by those we've lost.

Forklift Assassins - On With The Show     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk 19/12/2018
3 piece heavy punk rock, metal cross-over band from Melbourne. Loud, fast and in your face.
Heavily influenced by Motorhead, On With The Show is about playing live. It also references some of the most important bands in rock, punk and metal history (at least in our opinions).

Other tracks by Forklift Assassins:  Trouble  -  Dynamite
iridea - Centaurus     Metal/Punk, Metal, Experimental, Atmospheric 14/12/2018
Iridea is an emerging Adelaide-based duo: the Headland brothers, with Matthew playing several guitars, and Daniel as drummer and singer.
Focus single, Centaurus, builds energy gradually from a quiet beginning, and then rips into heavier sections that are like some hellish march. It is a brutal slog through a scorching desert; a wretched individual on a journey with no end in sight.

Other tracks by iridea:  Flint Slope
Edith Thomas Furey - Wednesday     Metal/Punk, Experimental, Garage, Atmospheric 13/12/2018
Emerging from the always nebulous fringe-fringe scene of Brisbane’s post-punk/shoegaze underground during 2013, Edith Thomas Furey is the solo experiment of Joel Glazebrook.
A relentless barrage of lo-fi incoherence, Wednesday pulses towards a climax that becomes a meditation on the concept of nothingness. Recorded by the artist on four-track tape machine, Wednesday mates the rollicking fuzz of early Joy Division with the anthemic elation (somewhat misplaced) of The Boss.

Other tracks by Edith Thomas Furey:  Saturday  -  Tuesday