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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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Scyphozoan - The Competition     Metal/Punk, Atmospheric, Downbeat 14/03/2019
Evocative, dark and deep, Scyphozoan move story and song together as one providing an immersive experience for the listener.
A song which examines the cyclical nature of invasion and revolt, The Competition tells the story of a character fleeing persecution and their retaliation.

Other tracks by Scyphozoan:  Flagg  -  Uprising
Windwaker - My Empire     Metal/Punk, Rock 14/03/2019
Windwaker are an Australian Metalcore band from Melbourne, VIC.
The new single 'My Empire' is an epic track that showcases all the band's talents. Emotionally, it’s the Super Saiyan track of EP; the final crescendo, summoning the listeners own mental “empire” and empowering them with positivity.

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Being Jane Lane - Be Okay     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock 04/03/2019
Being Jane Lane is an all-female punk band from Brisbane.The 5-piece live power train saw them becoming a finalist in the 2019 QLD Music Awards.
The new single ‘Be Okay’, is a catchy punk rock anthem to inspire and remind that despite everything that is happening in our lives, it will Be Okay. They are charging into 2019 to drop the new single with a string of tour shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

DickLord - Debra     Metal/Punk, Punk, Rock, Grunge 02/03/2019
Punk rock band from Byron Bay, 3 girls and a guy
Debra, bad realestate agent

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Other tracks by DickLord:  C U Next Tuesday  -  Dr Normal
Fourteen Nights At Sea - Artefacts     Metal/Punk, Soundscapes, Experimental, Ambience 01/03/2019
Exciting post-rock with warm vocal textures from Melbourne, supporting Beach House (USA) at Adelaide Fringe Festival in March!
Our first glimpse into FNAS with newest member Amy Muir (Like Alaska) on guitar and vocals. "Artefacts" marks a shift not just to warm vocal textures, but for a band eager to allow the spotlight to shine on the melodies and rhythms. FNAS are establishing their own vision for the future, offering hope and brighter possibilities for the post-rock genre.

Nitro Zeus - All Fail     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Rock 01/03/2019
Nitro Zeus is an alt-rock band blending hard-rock, blues metal and prog. Fronted by Zichxynas diverse vocals the band bring to life a narrative of characters through music and art.
All Fail opens the i.anomaly EP with driving drums, rolling riffs and the intensity of Zichxynas vocals driving home a lyrical message of contempt & frustration. The dangers presented by resource shortages, social engineering, and other modern challenges poses the question; as individuals are we doing enough?

Other tracks by Nitro Zeus:  Sweet Sanity  -  Augment
The Last Martyr - Fear     Metal/Punk, Rock 01/03/2019
The Last Martyr are a melodic post hardcore sensation from Melbourne.
‘Fear’ is about realising that sometimes your fears aren’t your own; they are the fears of others projected onto you. This is almost always because your actions are bringing up someone else’s own limiting beliefs and insecurities which they haven’t been able to overcome. 'Fear' is about overcoming our own fears and encouraging others to do the same.

Greyjacks - Upper Class Adolescents on Psychedelics     Metal/Punk, Ska 28/02/2019
Greyjacks are 4 band-shirt wearing young adults who play ska-punk to people without their permission. We tend to rock up to gigs way too early. Putting the punk in punctual.
This song is about feeling lost but knowing that everyone around you is just as foolish

Regular Gonzales - Last Humans Alive     Metal/Punk, Rock 28/02/2019
Regular Gonzales is an Australian prog/stoner band, combining bluesy riffs and harsh breakdowns in the vein of Every Time I Die, Converge, Fu Manchu & The Sword.
We live, we die, we don't have a damn clue why. Days to weeks, months to years, all wasted living in fear
We occupy this thin slice
Between the fire and the ice
When all is said and done always on the edge of destruction

Myoora - Moon Grotto (feat. Stephen Taranto)     Metal/Punk, Rock, Ambience, Instrumental 22/02/2019
For a first release, Moon Grotto serves as a launch pad for an exciting career for both Nesci and Pinto.
Moon Grotto, title track of the EP, quickly rises from a soft, airy introduction into a heaving tide of triumphant guitars and technical prowess. Still gilded with light keys and intricate drums, the song rounds out to an impressive, scorching guest solo from the hands of Stephen Taranto, guitarist of The Helix Nebula – delivered with remarkable precision and soul.

The Donald Trumpets - Beer Party     Metal/Punk, Ska 22/02/2019
The Donald Trumpets formed as a way to express the dismay and existential dread of the ageing millennial (then putting it all aside for three brass-filled minutes at a time).
A fun pumping party song about intergenerational idolisation of alcoholism and drinking culture.

Other tracks by The Donald Trumpets:  Bummerfest  -  The More You Know
Church Moms - KOOL AID     Metal/Punk, Live Performance, Hardcore, Gay Alligned 20/02/2019
Church Moms is a queer, art core band from Kaurna land (Adelaide Plains, South Australia). Our sound is a mixture of experimental, lofi, noise, film art and punk.
The lyrics stem from research, accounts and articles on various cults. From mass manipulation, fraud and murder, they all preach one thing, "I just want you to love me".

Written, recorded and edited by Church Moms. This demo is a DIY production.

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Other tracks by Church Moms:  Roid Boys  -  Trust Fund Kids
Japam - Roak     Metal/Punk, Rock 20/02/2019
JAPAM want to bring the bounce! The band combine influences from the heavy, technical groove of modern djent to the melodic appeal of 90’s pop and rock music.
'Roak’ is the signature “djent” song on the EP, and a personal favourite for most of the band. This track really pushes the band’s limits in terms of playability and showcases their capabilities. Relentlessly heavy from start to finish, it’s a headbanger’s dream.

Voyager - Brightstar     Metal/Punk, Rock 20/02/2019
Aptly defined as "A metal incarnation of 80s legends A-HA", VOYAGER has always appealed to a massive spectrum of music connoisseurs.
Brightstar is about the power of rationality, of the importance of science as an art, of facts, of the demise of empirical evidence in favour of blind belief in idols who spit forth a torrent of nonsense and generally about not believing in something or someone because it's shiny and bright and promises a warm blanket of comfort.

CASCADES - Rossiya     Metal/Punk 19/02/2019
CASCADES explores elements of crushing hardcore and experimental noise, with rich orchestral swells of analog synthesisers and a strong underlying melodic thread.
The polar ice cap at the Arctic is melting. Retreating ice is beginning to expose deposits of rare-earth metals used in the production of smartphones and military guidance systems. Resource exploration and oil and gas drilling is becoming easier, in an area thought to contain around 22% of the world’s total oil and gas reserves.

She Cries Wolf - Magdalene feat Ahren Stringer     Metal/Punk, Rock 19/02/2019
She Cries Wolf are a Hardcore Metal band from Brisbane
Magdalene showcases She Cries Wolf's ability to create a chaotic blend of hardcore and metalcore with raw, confessional lyrics that sear with emotional honesty and frustration. Magdalene contains hard hitting heavy music that provides a perfect backdrop for the dark lyrical content. Ahren Stringer from The Amity Affliction features on the track, providing clean, crisp vocals to contrast the heavy.

Liberties - Crooked States     Metal/Punk, Rock 14/02/2019
Liberties are a Hardcore/Heavy Rock Act from Newcastle NSW.
Crooked States features heavy riffs, powerful vocals and a driving rhythm throughout to backdrop the meaning behind the track. "Crooked States is about our society" said guitarist Amy McIntosh. "How the average person is told one thing while those in power are doing something completely opposite."

Scyphozoan - One and the Same     Metal/Punk, Rock, Electronic, Experimental 14/02/2019
Evocative, dark and deep, Scyphozoan move story and song together as one providing an immersive experience for the listener.
Moving from sweet and soft to frantic and heavy, One and the Same is a commentary on the seductive nature of anger and letting yourself go.

Other tracks by Scyphozoan:  Panacea  -  Gestalt
The Omnific - The Stoic     Metal/Punk, Instrumental, Rock 12/02/2019
The Omnific is a progressive instrumental band from Melbourne, Australia featuring two bass players and a drummer.
The Stoic starts slow and atmospheric until the first bass chimes in. The track continues to build in tempo with all three musicians intertwining their instruments together with intricate bass and drum work.

Windwaker - The Sitch     Metal/Punk, Rock 12/02/2019
Windwaker are a metalcore band from Melbourne.
‘The Sitch’ is the first cut that truly paints who we are in wide spectrum. It’s nearly oxymoronic in its expression – with its lyrical content both dark and depressing, but every part of you just wants to fight that feeling when you listen to it. I really think this song is going to help people. It’s aggressively uplifting.

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