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Cutting edge and engaging music to separate your station from the pack!

Here you’ll find Punk tracks recommended by Amrap’s ‘Music Directors Alliance’. The MD Alliance includes proactive and influential MDs from stations including:

-2FBi & 2SER (NSW),
-3PBS & 3RRR (VIC),
-4ZZZ (QLD) & Three D and Radio Adelaide (SA)
-6RTR (WA) & Edge Radio (TAS).

You’ll also find tracks that have been getting great AirIt reviews and are climbing the AirIt charts. These tracks are gaining traction on community radio all around the country.


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Plovers - I'll Get Back to You, Barry     Punk, Metal, Rock 20/02/2020
Born in Melbourne in 2017 under the influence of bands like Future of the Left, Cloud Nothings, and the Jesus Lizard, Plovers is Jared Chappell, Margy Noble & Dan New.
If you're happy to ignore the rest of world, don't be surprised when the rest of the world ignores you.

This is our new single. It's about the importance of understanding the opinions of the people around you, even if you disagree - and especially if you've been elected to do so.

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Soft Rubbish - 1999     Punk, Garage, Pop, Rock 20/02/2020
The magic immutable. The poetry stark and mnemonic. The sound contrasts psychedelic complexity with nineties power pop melody.
When Prince wrote 1999 in 1982 the world was on the verge of geo political collapse. When Soft Rubbish wrote 1999 in 2019 it was the eve of 20 years since Y2K and nothing much had changed. Both 1999's are rejoinders to the threat of nuclear war and global despots despoiling nature, community, unity, love, sexuality and joy.

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Other tracks by Soft Rubbish:  Not In The Game  -  Potholes
Counting Backwards - The End of History     Punk 19/02/2020
Counting Backwards was formed in Melbourne in 2018 to bring together like minded musicians to raise awareness on the ecological emergency. We are about rocking out to the revolution
The band's first single. It is a song about about impermanence, the repetition of history, being bogged down in the matrix and the overwhelming need to dance. There is a small amount of swearing.

Desert Dogs - Death of a Salesman     Punk, Rock 19/02/2020
Hardcore rock and roll that's good for your soul.
WA hardcore punk band Desert Dogs return with ‘Death of a Salesman’. The track thunders from towering riff to towering riff, bursting with energy and infectious, duelling vocal melodies. This tornado of music is a strong statement of intent, a sign of big things to come.

Grim Richard - Going Out     Punk, Rock, Alternative, Garage 19/02/2020
Combining pop-punk elements with Brisbane alt-rock, Grim Richard tackles themes of life in the Scott Morrison age and challenging your personal insecurities through creativity.
Grim Richard’s second single, ‘Going Out’ continues the band’s rapid upward trajectory. Creating maximalist power-pop in the vein of Jeff Rosenstock and Ceres, ‘Going Out’ is a song about the realities of living on Newstart.

The song comes at the listener at breakneck speed, introducing the full band in a frenzy before building to a huge instrumental outro.

Drastic Park - Little Things     Punk, Alternative 18/02/2020
Drastic Park is a Punk-Rock band from Melbourne, Australia. Heavily influenced by the early 2000s Punk Rock sound, Drastic Park have positioned themselves perfectly between the Pop-Punk and Hardcore scenes.
Lyrically, the track explores grief, anxiety and loss, while maintaining Drastic Park's classic punk-rock vibes.

“There is nothing worse than feeling completely helpless when it comes to wanting to keep your loved ones safe,” vocalist John Stokes said. “The chorus is optimistic though, suggesting that those close to you are worth fighting for - even at your own expense”

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Other tracks by Drastic Park:  Bother Me
Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters - Knock It Down     Punk, Rock 17/02/2020
Punk Rock and Roll band from Melbourne.
Taken from JRB and The Heaters 4th LP Hammered. 2nd track off the album. short fast and about knocking it down.

Other tracks by Jackson Reid Briggs & The Heaters:  Hammer  -  It Was Down
MOON CUP - Picking Fights     Punk, Rock, Garage, Alternative 11/02/2020
MOON CUP is a fierce, female led two-piece from Melbourne - drums and bass. Hypnotic and frenetic post-punk that is larger than the sum of its parts. Loud and queer.
Picking Fights is the debut single for MOON CUP, off their forthcoming self titled EP.

A soaring ear-worm about lashing out at someone, knowing that half the argument already took place in your mind. Seething verses and a frenzied chorus, it's a song that boils over with volatile anger but manages to tread the fine line between aggression and vulnerability.

The Gooch Palms - Great Dividing Rage     Punk, Garage, Alternative 04/02/2020
Gooch Palms explore the social rift currently driving Australians apart. They return to the gritty and aggressive sound they cultivated back in 2013 with their debut album, NOVO'S
The Gooch Palms explore the social rift currently driving Australians apart. They return to the gritty and aggressive sound they cultivated back in 2013 with their debut album NOVOS

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Trash & The Treasures - Hangman     Punk, Blues 04/02/2020
Raucous Blues-Punk with outbreaks of danceable harp-powered groove. - Melbourne, Australia
Hangman is a punk shouter full of broken nosed optimism in the face of impending doom. It has a cheery little harmonica solo and face kicking guitar. At 2:06 long it may not be pleasant but at least it’s over quick.

Hell Average - Escitalopram     Punk, Rock, Alternative 03/02/2020
Hell Average is a pop punk band from Perth, Western Australia.
Escitalopram is a fast, hard hitting, pop punk track that lyrically touches on singer, Izzy's experience of taking antidepressants.

Other tracks by Hell Average:  Shallow  -  Really Wanna Be
Albert Street - King Of My Soul     Punk, Alternative, Garage, Folk 31/01/2020
Albert Street formed recently as all members were idly watching gigs in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. Albert & Chris from folk origins came across punk-rockers Luke&Layla, voila Albert Street is formed.
An upbeat song about being true to yourself and never faltering and putting value on what you think most, even when you’re given little credit from others.

Other tracks by Albert Street:  Skelter Helter
Grizzlyshark - Vicarious     Punk, Rock 31/01/2020
Grizzlyshark are a four-piece Easycore/Hardcore Punk band based in Brisbane.
Vicarious bursts out of your speakers from the get go with a powerful Pop-Punk progression. High energy verses and a catchy as all hell chorus! PRess play and be instantly hooked by Grizzlyshark's soaring new single.

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Bushing - Through A Bloodless Body     Punk, Indie, Alternative, Rock 24/01/2020
A 3-piece punk band, making "doom pop" in Sydney's Inner West. Sounds like a cardinally sanctified marriage of Animal Collective, The Breeders, Nirvana, and The Drones.
"Through A Bloodless Body" is a dance-infused journey into the Dantean depths of the 21st century, reaking of conspiracy, uncontrolled impulse, and self-defeating design flaws.

Focus Group - Trolls     Punk, Rock, Garage, Alternative 24/01/2020
The music of Focus Group is a sonic outlet for thoughts of self reflection and introspection, and social and political commentary. Focus Group appears in 5-piece form.
This song is called Trolls, we hope you enjoy.

Other tracks by Focus Group:  Rooster
Ratking - Come Out And Play (The Offspring)     Punk, Rock 24/01/2020
In a very short amount of time Ratking have added their own fingerprint to the ever-expanding universe of hardcore.
Ratking's cover of 'Come Out And Play' by The Offspring is absolutely brilliant. They have reinvented a punk rock classic with a hardcore twist. Fans of The Offspring and great Australian Hardcore will love this!

SQUID FISHING - Sh*tty Weather     Punk, Indie, Alternative, Pop 24/01/2020
Emotive Punk band originally from Tasmania now residing in Victoria. Writing songs about about mental health suing colorful chords, catchy melodies and smart rhythms.
This song is written about the first experience of your day determining your mood and outcome of said day. The song uses weather as a simple metaphor for the aforementioned negative or positive experience. It is a more refined version of the music they've released previously. It has emotion, a catchy hook, intelligent lyrics & incredible production.

FOLEY! - F.U.Y.F.H     Punk, Folk, Indie, Rock 23/01/2020
FOLEY! are about to release their third Album. Pairing painfully honest lyrics with punk rock attitude, FOLEY!’s live shows have quickly became something to take notice of.
We asked everyone of our close friends and family what their favourite song off our new album was and they all said this.

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The Chats - The Clap     Punk, Rock, Garage 23/01/2020
Formed in their mate’s bong shed at seventeen, The Chats represent everything that’s good about Australia, a rebel spirit, gallows humour and the endless pursuit of A Bloody Good Time.
The Chats have announced their debut album High Risk Behaviour, out March 27. To mark this momentous occasion the band have released The Clap. This is the closest you’ll ever hear The Chats get to write a love son. A cautionary tale about a root gone wrong (direct quote), and an STI that just wouldn’t leave.

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CLAMM - Keystone Pols     Punk, Rock, Psych 17/01/2020
From a new Melbourne scene including bands like Floodlights, Gamjee and Dra- goons, Clamm's powerful music touches on anti-violence, materialism, mental health and the state of modern Australia.
A song with lyrics from the perspective of the government. The songs title (sung at the end of the song) is a reference to old English silent films where police appear to be aimlessly and mindlessly running around. They were a series of comedy films I think but the song isn’t really light hearted at all.