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Pumped Up Kids

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A Gentlemen's Agreement - Nobody     Rock, Garage, Hardcore 24/07/2014
Hailing from Sydney, Alternative Rockers A Gentlemen’s Agreement are a force to be reckoned with.
A pounding rhythmic engine room opens up for a huge track from AGA. With a male vocal reminiscent of an Nick Cave, crossed with a grimy early Grinspoon sound. A true prog-rock anthem!

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Go Van Go - Shuriken     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Punk 25/07/2014
Go Van Go - a collection of tight and punchy, attention-grabbing rock songs with cherry picked inspiration from elements of classic 70s rock, garage rock and 90s alternative.
Thinking about taking your spaceship for a ride tonight? Hurtle through an intergalactic vortex with the greatest of ease while this blasts through the stereo.

Other tracks by Go Van Go:  Superminx  -  Well Alright
Klubknight - Blow Down     Electronic, Dance 31/07/2014
It’s not often that World politics influence music from the Gold Coast, but that’s exactly what has happened for two-piece electronic outfit Klubknight.
Big beats meets heavy grindy synths with a splash of 90's rave

Other tracks by Klubknight:  Russian Card Game
Seer Cya - Don't Make A Sound     Rock 20/09/2014
Western Australia’s Seer Cya can be desribed as nothing less than balls out Rock n’ Roll
Don't make a sound is a fast paced, blistering rock track from Perth based outfit Seer Cya. Incendiary riffs, soaring rock vocals, face melting solos and a rhythmic maelstrom come together to forge this dynamic single.

Karltheband - Fearless     Metal/Punk 01/10/2014
Karl Spiessl knows that if you want something done the right way, you do it yourself.
Fearless truly speaks for itself. A wall of sound capable of cataclysmic force is established nice and early in the latest single form one man band Karltheband. Karl has outdone himself with the level of production that has gone into the composition of fearless.

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The Soorleys - Destination     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 07/05/2015
The Soorleys are a tousled bohemian outfit. Sisters Beth, Laura, Shelley and Millie are up front, with husbands Sam and Christopher in tow.
'Destination' is a delightfully sweet folk & alternative country number, lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP scheduled for release late 2015. The song is carried by its strong rhythmically driven drums and eclectic male / female melodies, that shine light on the bands ability to orchestrate beautifully layered harmonies.

Tanya Batt - Atlas     Pop, Soul, Folk, Easy Listening 30/05/2015
A unique, strong and hauntingly beautiful soothing voice, complemented by ethereal, uplifting and at times melancholy music; you can well justify what the tastemakers are stirring about with Tanya Batt.
Atlas is a beautiful and eerie duet with Tanya Batt and Hayden Calnin. It slowly builds from start to finish with both singers switching in verses to deliver hypnotising melodies consistently the whole way along. The incredible vocals are matched musically and the whole song dynamically works a treat.

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Owen Rabbit - Holy Holy     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop, Experimental 03/08/2015
Owen Rabbit, combines themes of jazz, soul and blues with structured arrangements of contemporary electronica.
'Holy Holy' combines themes of jazz, soul and blues with structured arrangements of contemporary electronica.


Grim Indiana - Youth On Repeat     Metal/Punk, Grunge, Hardcore, Punk 17/02/2016
Central Coast-based post-hardcore outfit, Grim Indiana, unveiled their single ‘Youth On Repeat’, recorded at STL Studios with producer, Sonny Truelove (Polaris, Before Their Eyes (USA), Young Lions).
'Youth On Repeat' is about trying to discuss and express the troubles of youth. The vices of youth, for example, alcoholism and the constant cycle and addiction towards these kinds of things.

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Nocturnal Tapes - Pattern     Rock, Psychedelic, Electronic 06/05/2016
Despite being in their infancy, Nocturnal Tapes have already traversed the East Coast multiple times and are fast gaining a reputation for putting on highly energetic and captivating performances.
Taking cues from the likes of Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala and LCD Soundsystem, ‘Pattern’ delivers on an exciting and eclectic blend of psychedelia that meets indie-electronic.

Bad French - Finley's Downfall     Pop, Dance 09/12/2016
Central Coast-based dance-pop duo, Bad French, have just unveiled their new single ‘Finley’s Downfall’ – the follow up to this year’s debut standout cuts ‘Erroll’s Forest’ and ‘Within You’.
The track is a DIY effort that was recorded at both member’s home studios and takes cues from the likes of Tame Impala, Kylie Minogue and Phoenix, melding chilled-out dance grooves with infectious and eclectic pop.

Bad French - All Your Days Are Here Where You Are Now     Pop, Electronic 14/03/2017
Following on from releasing their standout singles, Central Coast-based dance-pop duo, Bad French, have just returned by revealing their brand-new cut ‘All Your Days Are Here Where You Are Now’.
Recorded and produced by the band themselves between their Sydney and Central Coast home studios, ‘All Your Days Are Here Where You Are Now’ is another intriguing slice of 80’s inspired electro-pop glimmering with moments of psychedelia and reminiscent to some of the group’s staple influences Tame Impala and Icehouse.

Bad French - Teen Dream Woman     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Chill 16/09/2017
Central Coast-based dance-pop duo, Bad French, have just unveiled their new single ‘Teen Dream Woman’ – produced by the band themselves in their hometown.
The group taps into their 80’s-inspired electro-pop influences, combining themes of psychedelia and taking cues from the likes of Tame Impala, AIR and Daft Punk.

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Imcpayne - Therapy     Hip Hop, Rap, Electronic, Pop 14/02/2018
Growing up writing poetry from the age of seven and attending an arts school, Imcpayne has absorbed his creative surroundings, by conveying his abstract storytelling through his compelling lyricism.
‘Therapy’ is an eclectic and energetic slice of new-wave electronic hip-hop, showcasing Imcpayne’s style and staple influences. Taking cues from the likes of Joey Badass, Earl Sweatshirt and A$AP Rocky, the charismatic performer blends an array of slick flows and cadences, combined with hard-hitting trap-inspired production.

Mad Cactus - Big Game     Rock, Punk, Metal, Pop 11/05/2018
Adelaide-based alternative-rock band Mad Cactus have just unveiled their new single ‘Big Game’ – lifted from their debut eight-track LP ‘Thirteen Dogs’ (due June 15).
‘Big Game’ takes cues from the likes of the groups staple influences Royal Blood, The Black Keys and Soundgarden. Opening with compelling melodic piano and the endearing vocals of front-man Tim Mellonie, the song builds into a gradual crescendo of brooding guitars and drums, before hitting its monstrous anthemic chorus.