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Pumped Up Kids

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Abreact - Remnants     Metal/Punk, Metal, Hardcore, Rock 28/03/2014
4 Piece Bendigo act ABREACT are one of Australia’s hardest working Hardcore/Metal acts and finally they are reaping the rewards and getting the recognition they deserve.
Remnants is Abreacts 2nd single from their debut album Entities. If you like your metal hard, angry and fast... these guys are for you.

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Tanya Batt - Fools     Pop, Soul, Blues, Folk 28/03/2014
Every now and then, and artists emerges who encapsulates all that is longed for in a songstress. Enter Tanya Batt.
A soundscape that captivates the listener is immediately establish in fools, accompanied by Tanya Batt's hauntingly beautiful voice. Tales tells of lament, Batt takes you on a journey that engages one from start to finish. Tanya Batt's band compliment the dynamics of this track perfectly. A truly beautiful song.


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Sonia De Pellegrin - Someone Else     Pop, Dance 01/04/2014
A prolific lyricist and storyteller beyond her years, Sonia continues to write, arrange and produce, whilst simultaneously knocking over mountains of school assignments, extra curricula activities and musical productions.
Someone Else is quite simply a very well produced song... especially when the producer and singer is 16 years old! Full of hooks and intelligent song writing, this song is set to be a hit!

LeBelle - When You Wake Up     Rock, Pop 09/04/2014
Melbourne based Progressive Rock quartet LeBelle have established themselves as one Australia’s hardest working up and coming bands. Since forming, LeBelle have maintained a relentless pace of production.
Shimmering guitars open up what is a beautiful produced song. A rhythmic engine room punches through the mix, with vast space created. An angelic female lead takes you on a journey packed with dynamics. When You Wake Up displays a beautiful evolution of sound by LeBelle.

Aural Window - Stones & Sounds     Rock, Pop, Punk 15/04/2014
Aural Window is an Australian rock band formed in Melbourne in 2007. They have toured Australia and internationally and have just dropped a new EP gaining a lot of attention.
Probably the catchiest chorus you will hear all year from an unsigned Aussie act! Big call... but hey, BIG CHORUS!

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Life Pilot - Raw Hide     Metal/Punk, Metal, Punk, Hardcore 18/04/2014
Life Pilot is all about being yourself. They like playing hard angry fast music and couldn't care less about what anyone else says or thinks.
South Australian Southern Rock Hardcore at its finest. Angry, angry, angry!

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The Vanns - Guilty Love     Blues/Roots, Rock, Pop 09/05/2014
Hailing from New South Wales township Kiama, The Vanns have burst from the shadows of their garage to deliver their infectious mash of Blues & Indie Rock to the people.
An entrancing male lead invites listeners in, only to hook you in with a beautifully crafted verse progression. With a groove that is sure to move your hips, and melancholic lyrical content, Guilty Love contains all the essential ingredients for a banging blues/indie anthem.

Date Night At The Museum - Flashing Lights     Pop, Folk, Rock 13/05/2014
Sydney based Indie-Pop cavaliers Date Night At The Museum are on a mission to provide movement to hearts and pelvises alike.
Flashing Lights highlights Date Night At The Museum's ability to pen a beautifully crafted indie/pop dreamscape. The lead female vocal mesmerises alongside dreamy, reverb washed guitars, whilst a tight rhythmic engine room reminds one of the urge to move.

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The Jack Rabbit Slims - Welcome To The End     Rock, Blues, Grunge, Garage 13/05/2014
Born in the bedroom of a South-East Melbourne hellhole, The Jack Rabbit Slims own their gritty, garage blues styling’s with pride.
Welcome To The End is a true representation of The Jack Rabbit Slims 60's revival sound. With truly psychedelic hooks and a bluesy undertone, this sound brings back memories of a time gone before, served up in a fresh, yet gritty way.

Dan Peters - Oh, Valentine!     Rock, Grunge, Garage, Pop 14/05/2014
Hailing from a sleepy suburban street in Perth, and armed with an arsenal of loop stations, Dan Peters can be described as nothing less than a sound sculptor.
Layer guitars pave way for a sense of melodic melancholia, with a sound reminiscent to that of early 90's grunge. Dan Peter's voice tells tales of naive earnestness, which is guided by a chugging rhythmic engine room. A beautifully crafted track with a perfect chorus hook.

Thrashed - Gypsy Blood     Metal/Punk, Rock, Punk, Metal 14/05/2014
Thrashed are 5 fun-loving degenerates that have grown from a bunch of high-school pals to one of the hardest hitting power groovers in the Sydney metal scene.
Gypsy Blood is a hard-hitting, in-your-face metal anthem that will infect you with it's powerful groove and make you want to punch your neighbour out cold, and get them to call you uncle.

At Fates Mercy - No Reflection     Rock, Metal, Hardcore 04/06/2014
Adelaide based Alternative Metal/Progressive-Rock outfit At Fates Mercy are rapidly gaining momentum and popularity both locally and abroad.
Chugging guitars accompanied by a tight rhythmic engine room make way for an aggressive male lead that cuts through the mix. Clean male leads though out the chorus demonstrate the diverse abilities of singer Benn Coxx. No reflection highlights the evolution of this Adelaide based 5 piece.

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The Rider - Talking Through Walls     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Jazz 06/06/2014
Hailing from Sydney, The Rider took the very first steps of their humble journey within the walls of the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music.
Opening with beautifully contrasting guitar/bass guitar call & response, Talking Through Walls makes the listening want to dance as soon as the rhythmic groove is paved. With a catchy chorus lead, and fantastic production values, this track truly demonstrates The Rider's musical talents & abilities.

Tanya Batt - Jail Birds     Pop, Soul, Folk, Easy Listening 27/06/2014
A unique, strong and hauntingly beautiful soothing voice, complemented by ethereal, uplifting and at times melancholy music; you can well justify what the tastemakers are stirring about with Tanya Batt.
Jail Birds is a beautifully arranged eclectic number that builds vocally and musically from start to finish. It features a striking chorus filled with harmonised vocal hooks and an overall minorish feel throughout the whole journey.

Creo - Afterglow     Pop, Rock, Britpop, Garage 04/07/2014
Creo are four dudes from Sydney who share a similar passion for making exuberant noise and writing infectious pop hooks.
A pulsating, driving force of a rhythm section combined with chugging guitars and an infectiously unique vocal lead opens for what is a huge track. Afterglow truly shines a light on the magnificence that is CREO.

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Vanity Riots - Endlessly     Rock, Metal 07/07/2014
Vanity Riots made their debut in 2010 at an over-crowded club in Sydney’s notorious Kings Cross.
The first thing one notices about 'Endlessly', is the quality of the production values. A wall of sound, led by a soaring female lead makes way for an infectious, no-bars-holds rock track.

Harlequin. - The Fatalist     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Ambience 08/07/2014
In an industry full of clutter and clones, harlequin. are a band unafraid to take you on a journey.
Galloping guitars pave the way for a true musical journey, with a male lead vocal that cut through the mix like a knife through butter. This track features a world of dynamics explorations, with vocal hooks that incept your cerebral cortex.

Release The Hounds - Pump It Up     Rock 09/07/2014
Hailing from Sydney’s inner west, Release the Hounds are no-frills, in-your-face Rock ‘n’ Roll.
Blistering guitars, soaring male leads and a driving rhythm section pave the way for what is a classic 'fist-pumping' Rock track.

Ratking - Girt     Rock, Hardcore, Grunge, Garage 11/07/2014
Hailing from Perth, Western Australia, Surf/Punk outfit Ratking are making some serious noise in the scene locally and abroad, despite being around for just a year.
Girt is a force to be reckoned with. A rhythmic engine room is accompanying by wailing feedback, to pave way for a maelstrom of a male lead, which harbours a genuine ferocity that shoots through your foundation like a ghostly scream. Pure hit it and quit it hardcore.

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The Dead Love - Back To You     Rock, Garage, Grunge 11/07/2014
Sydney based Alternative Rockers The Dead Love can be described as nothing less than incendiary.
From the moment you press play, Back To You grabs you by the collar of your shirt, throws you down into a seated position and straps you in for an intense dynamic journey. The Dead Love have shown a true evolution of sound. Just listen, this track speaks for itself.

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