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Pumped Up Kids

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The Sweet Apes - Flight     Rock, Metal, Hardcore 05/11/2013
The Sweet Apes are a female fronted quintet from the inner west of Sydney, channeling an array of influences to create a sound that conveys passion, strength and beauty.
Opening with a hauntingly beautiful female melody, 'Flight' takes you on a dynamic journey to satisfy an eclectic palate, with huge, hard-hitting guitars & drums complemented by pure, raw emotion. 'Flight' embodies a fresh sound that the Australian Hardcore scene has so desperately needed. An energetic maelstrom.

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Timberwolf - Grace     Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Soul 12/11/2013
Whether it be small bars, clubs, sold out shows or even busking on the street. Chris loves to play music and people love to listen when he is doing that.
A tale of the love that doesnʼt work, ʻGraceʼ encapsulates Timberwolfʼs earnest, heartfelt spirit, which has quickly captured the hearts of audiences Nation wide.

Classik Nawu - So Tight     Funk/Soul, Hip Hop, Australian Indigenous, Rap 06/12/2013
Classik Nawu are the fresh breath of air that the Australian Hip-Hop scene has so desperately needed, employing a unique, soulful and carefree sound.
'So Tight' encapsulates Classik Nawu's fun-loving, soulful vibe at it's best. Fun lyrical content, coupled with a rhythmic drive to that will keep you moving makes for a new summer anthem.


To Hell With Honour - Not Now Not Ever     Metal/Punk, Rock, Hardcore, Metal 10/01/2014
If you haven’t heard of To Hell With Honour, you are about to and their introduction isn’t going to be polite, either. 5 piece metal band from Perth, WA.
To Hell With Honour's single 'Not Now Not Ever' is a devastatingly brutal metal track that gives no reprieve to the senses.

Unbroken Expanse - Cocktail Of Violence     Rock, Punk, Garage, Metal 14/01/2014
2 parts rock.1 part groove.1 part punk. Serve on ice. Drink. Smash the glass. You have just given yourself a taste of Unbroken Expanse.
A Gritty, Hard Edge in ya face number from Tennant Creek's favourite sons. Moments of Motorhead and Grinspoon definitely apparent. Total musical anarchy.

By Eleanor - Never Wanna Say Goodbye     Rock, Hip Hop, Pop 15/01/2014
A mash up of hard-hitting, yet ambient choruses and spoken word Hip Hop, By Eleanor serve up an eclectic menu will leave your aural palate satisfied.
With a beautiful lead male vocal accompanying dynamic musical arrangement, leading to a soaring chorus. A eclectic track from start to finish, featuring a male hip hop vocal. Hard hitting and heart felt.

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Grayling - Never Be     Rock, Acoustic 15/01/2014
Honest un-adulterated music, straight from the heart with a quirky, poetic suburban twist. A dark and gritty Tom Waits with a slight hint of tongue in cheek.
An interesting mix of acoustic sounds with a hint of electronic ambience. Driven by deep and unique vocals, Never Be is almost impossible to put into a specific genre. A voice comparable to Tom Waits, with quirky songwriting similar to Regina Spektor.

Smokin' Mirrors - Set To Ignite     Rock 15/01/2014
Smokin’ Mirrors are here to refresh our memories with a fresh injection of raw passion and energy, one of which the hard rock scene has so desperately needed.
Blistering guitar leads make way for a soaring female lead to set the tone for hard-hitting musical journey. All the sleaze and edge and of a true rock track.

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The Khanz - Deer Hunter     Rock, Pop, Dance 15/01/2014
Hailing from Sydney, The Khanz deliver genuine tales of experience through their infectiously dreamy mash of indie, dance and jungle.
Entrancing synth swirls make way for a groove-filled, rhythmic engine room. A dreamy male vocal tells tales of the confusions and persecutions experienced by young people, when faced with the confusion surrounding their sexuality. A true indie dance anthem, with something important to say.

The Fixators - Colourblind     Rock, Pop, Dance 18/01/2014
Hailing from Sydney,The Fixators draw inspiration from a number of influences to form their signature sound that can be described as nothing less than a perfectly sculpted wall of sound.
Spacious guitars open for what is a truly dynamic track. The bass provides a rhythmic engine room, with drums providing a dance funk/feel, complimented by a beautiful male lead. A perfect mash of of Indie, Rock and dance elements.

Sassin Fras - Madeline     Rock, Grunge, Pop 25/01/2014
Sassin Fras are here to conquer hearts and minds through the power of raw grunge, employing soaring pop melodies and serving their unique brand of music up with cataclysmic energy.
A driving psychedelic intro captivates you from the get go. A dirty male vocal guides verses that take the listener back to the days of the re-rock revolution, channeling artist likeThe Dandy Warhols, whilst saying true to their grunge roots. A Grunge pop banger!

Trophy Eyes - May 24     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock, Metal 07/02/2014
One of the most hyped up and coming artists in the country at the moment musing fresh blends of melodic hard and pop punk, Trophy Eyes are set for success.
May 24 brings Trophy Eyes signature Pop Punk/Melodic Hardcore muse together with intelligent lyricism, song structure and dynamics. For fans of At The Drive In, New Found Glory and Touché Amoré.

Parmy Dhillon - He Must Have Cried     Rock, Acoustic, Grunge 12/02/2014
Hailing from humble beginnings in Shepparton, Parmy Dhillon as a young farmer, penning songs and playing local shows. Since relocating to Melbourne,Parmy Dhillon has set his sights to bigger horizons.
A dark, acoustic guitar sets the tone for a twisted tale. A raspy male lead vocal takes over, with light, sparse band instrumentation carrying the track. A beautifully haunting tale expressed with heartfelt honesty.

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Life Pilot - Mambulance     Metal/Punk, Hardcore 01/03/2014
Life Pilot is a band that is unmistakably 'themselves'. This exciting band was made for the sole purpose of playing heavy, in-your-face rock music and explosive live performances to match.
Mambulance combines agonising screams, diminished chord and clever progressions, goliath sounding drums and bass to shake a house down. Essentially one big cocktail of f**k you to your ears.

When Giants Sleep - New Days     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Rock 05/03/2014
Hailing from Canberra, When Giants Sleep are here offer up a fresh serving ofAlternative/Post Hardcore music that the hungry belly of the Australian scene has so desperately needed.
New Days packs a heavy punch right from the beginning, with crunchy riffs complimented by a brutal, soaring male scream vocal, backed up by a clinically tight rhythmic engine room. Hooky chorus leads are the cherry on this high-octane cake. Absolutely mouth-watering from start to finish.

Far Away Stables - What Are You Waiting For     Rock, Pop, Punk 08/03/2014
Sydney based Alternative/Rock quintet Far Away Stables have laid all the right foundations in order to construct a perfectly crafted wall of sound.
Opening with massive wall of sound, What Are You Waiting For sets the tone for an alt/rock anthem. Male leads soar to great heights, providing chorus hooks that are nothing shirt of addictive.

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Elliot The Bull - Colourblind     Pop, Rock, Folk 11/03/2014
Since forming in 2010, Elliot The Bull have developed an extremely strong following, earning the respect of peers & fans throughout the country and abroad.
Beautiful acoustic guitars make way for a myriad of dreamy soundscapes, sculpting a beautiful intro. The male lead soars throughout the verses, telling tales of tainted experience. Thiis leads into a huge choral lead that is sure to have crowds singing along. A perfectly crafted Alt/Rock anthem.

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - Black & Blue Blues     Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic 14/03/2014
From what began as the drunken ramblings shared at a dim lit city watering hole, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans are quickly becoming one of Melbourne’s most well respected independent bands.
Fuzzy bass accompanied by a thick engine room makes ways for a true rock n rock intro. Taking the listener back to a mash up of periods in music, Black & Blue Blues draws influence from 60's psychedelics as well as 90's grunge, creating a truely unique sound.

L-FRESH The LION - Faithful     Hip Hop, World, RnB, Pop 15/03/2014
Passion, honesty, integrity and raw emotion are values L-FRESH The LION hold close. Stringing words together comes easy for this Hip Hop inspiration, receiving noteworthy attention Australia wide.
Faithful captures The LION's roots. It highlights some harsh realities such as problems the community often faces with drugs, poverty and selfishness.
L-FRESH encourages a message to rise above all of this; look out for each other and make the most of this precious gift we have: "life”.

The Spindrift Saga - Marvin     Rock, Blues, Pop 19/03/2014
Hailing from a culmination of sleepy towns across the Coast of New South Wales, Chris McGrath, Micky McGrath & Danny Freeman have united to form the The Spin Drift Saga.
Opening with precision musicianship, which is carried out throughout the during of the track, Marvin displays the Spindrift Saga's fine tuned rhythmic engine room. With tongue in cheek lyrical content, and a rhythm that will guarantee to get your feet moving.