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OKO - Haze     Psych, Instrumental, Rock, Alternative 28/02/2020
By blending influences from the desert rock through to instrumental music such as 70's Prog & Krautrock, OKO has formed a sound that allows for organic growth.
Haze is an experiment of finding our sound & writing process as a band. By creating a piece that flows along with several different changes without jarring the listener was a big thing for us during the writing process. Having it as one solid piece of music rather than a bunch of little bits strung together.

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The Eyeballers - On The Run     Psych 25/02/2020
Surfy, psychedellic rock'n'roll with some unusual notes and song structures. Often lyrics are loosely based on situations that happen to members, close friends or relatives.
'A blast of frenzied garage psych that doesn't skip on energy or manic chaos' 'Amalgamation of experimental surf rock and raucous psychedalia.' (Trouble Juice)

Other tracks by The Eyeballers:  Lost At Sea  -  Bareback In Saigon
Easy Browns - Dog Eat God     Psych, Rock, Punk, Garage 21/02/2020
Easy Browns are a 4-piece from Melbourne, twisting together garage, psych and pop behind jagged movements and uncanny changes in pace.
“Dog Eat God” conjures the potent image of a harsh world in the throes post-societal breakdown. Continuing the themes presented in Easy Browns last single “Dam Eels” yet revelling in true horror, “Dog Eat God” provokes thought on the disintegration of morality in the face of impending doom.

Dear Doonan - Sweet Quiche     Psych, World, Rock, Instrumental 14/02/2020
This genre-bending psych outfit will captivate you with their multi-instrumental madness. Their sound is kaleidoscopic and seamlessly arranged. They toy with time and addictive grooves, moulding sound into fearless journeys.
Not long after their self-titled debut album, DEAR DOONAN present their latest single ‘Sweet Quiche’, set for release on the 14th of February 2020.

Start with...
One cup of sweet indian sitar,
two cups of salty surf guitars,
heat with a high-temp beat,
chop in a fat bass line…
And then cook for 4 Minutes.

WAWAWOW - Elephant Bird     Psych, Experimental, Alternative 13/02/2020
Continuing to stamp their way through the early months of 2020, Sydney’s WAWAWOW present a brand new set of off the walls material in their new album, Pink Elephant
Elephant Bird is from WAWAWOW's debut album. Continuing to stamp their way through the early months of 2020, Sydney’s WAWAWOW present a brand new set of off the walls material in their new album, Pink Elephant. Energetic and charged up, the record is the band at their fiery best.

Other tracks by WAWAWOW:  Rat Porridage  -  Yesterday
Flyying Colours - Big Mess     Psych, Rock, Indie, Experimental 07/02/2020
Flyying Colours are a four piece psych/shoegaze band from Melbourne. usic guaranteed to take you on a melodic journey from distortion to swooning, with melancholy and all the good feels.
""Big Mess" is somewhat of a representation of what it was like at the time for us being away [on tour] and coming home. Everything was a bit crazy and a bit messy in our lives…relationships change (all different kinds) as life changes and that is kind of what the song is about."

Tidal Peak - Desires Go On     Psych, Pop, Indie, Rock 03/02/2020
Tidal Peak is a solo music project that performs dreamy psych-pop.
A groovy psych-tinged track best played nice and loud.

The Bambuseae Rhythm Section - Til The Day I Die     Psych, Blues, Soul, Alternative 30/01/2020
The Bambuseae Rhythm Section's latest release, 'Til The Day I Die. It's a sensual, psychedelic groove, with killer trumpet riffs, searing guitar, raw vocals and a smooth bass groove.
The Bambuseae Rhythm Section's latest release, 'Til The Day I Die. It's a sensual, psychedelic groove, with killer trumpet riffs, searing guitar, raw vocals and a smooth bass groove.

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Mark E. Moon - Tomorrow     Psych, Pop 24/01/2020
Mark E. Moon weaves a rainbow of quizzical hypnotic pop, twists and turns, and warped dives into genre bending fantasy.
Tomorrow is a relaxed ride into a distant dream. Watery "sha-la-la's" and crooning vocals will carry you through the chorus as warbling guitars guide you through the rest.

Plastic Birds - Stuck Inside (My Mind)     Psych, Rock, Alternative, Garage 24/01/2020
Psychedelic froth 'n' roll
Stuck Inside (My Mind) is a drum driven psych rocker with a 60s vibe guitar riff and face melting swirling guitar solo. Wait for the drop at 1:30. Will blow your mind.

Sunfruits - Above The Clouds     Psych, Rock, Dance, Pop 24/01/2020
Sunfruits are a 60s psych pop band from Melbourne. Sunfruits sound is akin to Khruangbin, Nice Biscuit, Crepes and the like with songs describing our current environmnetal collapse.
Above The Clouds is an upbeat, disco fuelled psychedelic track with themes of environmental collapse, dystopian disco if you will.

It is the lead track off of Sunfruits debut EP "Certified Organic" out Feb 11th.

WAWAWOW - The Big Cookoff     Psych, Experimental, Indie, Garage 17/01/2020
They don’t come much more energetic than Sydney’s WAWAWOW - their name alone is like a neon slap to the senses. Masters of psych-rock, WAWAWOW are an eclectically charged four-piece.
Equal parts mental and ridiculously precise in delivery, ‘The Big Cookoff’ is textbook WAWAWOW. Evolving from jam sessions into produced recordings full of raw energy, the single is representative of a band who are firmly in the pocket, firmly tongue in cheek and firmly with their eye on a central vision on making music delivered in one-two punch style.

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Night Rites - Back To The Sea     Psych, Rock, Indie, Pop 17/12/2019
Formed in early 2019 with a mutual love for vintage instruments, reverb, delay, and Psych - Night Rites was born from members of The Howling Fog and The Dunes.
Back To The Sea is the summer hit you have been waiting to hear

Other tracks by Night Rites:  Home Is Forever
Sofala - Prisoner's Cinema     Psych, Rock, Alternative, Garage 17/12/2019
Sofala are a seven piece from Naarm (Mebourne) that deliver a spectrum of sound and emotion through frantic, pulsating energy with moments of calm and suspense.
A track of the darkness and lightness we all experience and treating both with equal value in order learn and grow. The song was recorded live to tape in a home studio. The accompanied music video was made in collaboration with emerging film maker Joey Knox (Mildlife, Dyson Stringer Cloher).

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Timothy Learjet - Wicked Ways     Psych, Rock, Alternative 17/12/2019
Timothy Learjet is a psychedelic four piece from Brisbane that formed in 2017 as a creative project between friends from various bands around the city.
Frog Psych

Ocean Alley - Tombstone     Psych, Rock, Indie, Reggae / Dub 12/12/2019
Ocean Alley have captivated audiences around the world with their infectious melody lines and memorable blend of psychedelic surf-rock.
Quietly self-assured; 'Tombstone' dives headfirst into bright, psychedelic tones and a floating melody, creating an intoxicating combination pairing Baden Donegal's buttery vocals with the group's signature epic harmonies. The track reminisces about a place that was once the perfect respite, however is now just a wasteland, and the upbeat drums and catchy chorus juxtapose the sombre lyrical tone.

The Howling Fog - Draw Me Out     Psych, Experimental, Alternative 10/12/2019
Gloomy, grimey, psych-shoegaze from Adelaide.
Draw Me Out is the second track from the band's 2019 EP, Drifting. With this song the band shifts gear from the haunting swirl of guitars of opener, The Needle's Falling, and commences with pounding drums and a faster pace. The melancholy tone is still present but the angle of dead-end obscurity is turned to one of assertive realisation.

Other tracks by The Howling Fog:  Push To Exit  -  Nebulous Waves
Fig - Harumi Hotel     Psych, Rock, Alternative, Indie 03/12/2019
Fig are a slow-glam band. Their music mixes Ziggy Stardust-era Bowie and River-era Springsteen, with the soft psychedelic approach of Japanese musician Harumi, and modern artists like Weyes Blood.
‘Harumi Hotel’, feels like the timeless classics we know and love from the ballad rock of the 60s and 70s. The song is both a reflection on their art as well as a love letter to Harumi; the 1968 acid-folk album from the Japanese musician of the same name.

Las Mar - Something That I Know     Psych, Indie, Pop, World 26/11/2019
Drummer/producer Las Mar creates twisted beats with lush synths and scratchy guitars. A new psychedelic art-pop sound, Las Mar's music is punchy and soulful yet subtle and multi-textured.
Something That I Know is the first single from Las Mar's 2nd album. The core rhythm is inspired by Ethio-Funk, but sonically it's more synth-driven, psychedelic pop. It also features slide guitar, exotic percussion and lush layered vocals. A truly unique and funky mixture, think Mulatu Astatque meets Ariel Pink.

Seekay - Wonderful     Psych, Pop, Rock, Indie 22/11/2019
Seekay is the musical persona of an Australian songwriter and poet delivering chill, vibey, thought-provoking, emotive songs combining blues, soul, and R&B electronica with a twist.
Usually soulful and introspective this song is more uptempo, live, groovy, psychedelic pop.

Consistent with Seekay's other work the song can be seen as a simple love song reflecting that early buzz of blossoming romance or equally it can be seen as a lament for something being lost that was beautiful and is unlikely to be realized again.

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