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Prospa - Shadow World     Hip Hop, Rap 13/04/2018
Born and raised in country Victoria, Prospa cut his teeth on the fundamental elements of hip-hop - DJing and graffiti before honing his talent as an MC.
First track, ‘SHADOW WORLD​’, stretches Prospa’s protest into the recesses of global armament trading. DJ Rellik’s haunting keys over Bernie Sanders’ student lecture explaining the
stick-and-move of political trickery sets a sinister tone. Prospa teams with Broken Tooth’s Ciecmate on the track.

Bitter Belief - Battleships Pt 2     Hip Hop, Rap, Pop, Rock 26/07/2017
Grafting his way up the ranks of Australian hip-hop, Bitter Belief has kept to the independent route, signing to the SBX clan alongside renowned west coast producer Rob Shaker.
Teaming with Shake Down Studios’ own Rob Shaker to produce the beat, cut the cake, mix and master the finished product, Bitter B and Shaker picked back up where ‘Battleship Pt. 1’ left off. The weaponry was primed at the house that Shaker built.

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Other tracks by Bitter Belief:  Hot Sauce  -  The Dharma
Rob Shaker Ft Hau - Know Now     Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 03/06/2017
MC Hau is perhaps one of the longest serving rhymesayers in Australian hip-hop and grew up in the scene as one half of Koolism.
In the latest instalment, ​heavyweights ​Rob Shaker and MC Hau have culminated on The Pocketful ​EP​ managing to sync these opposing elemental forces into harmony. What is presented is a two-sided collection of soul’d out tracks
hand soaked in brass and blazing beatdowns synonymous with the Shaker signature.

Other tracks by Rob Shaker Ft Hau:  One Night Ft Natalie Mae
Kogz - Leaving (feat. Kathleen McCormack)     Hip Hop 03/11/2016
While he knows very well to let the wax talk, it’s become Kogz’ style to etch his raps all through a beat carving his name deep into Australian hip-hop.
'Leaving' lends real weight to the album’s narrative, harnessed around a sinister beat courtesy of Mat Rafle. A very serious track which finds Kogz telling dark stories of a personal woe accompanied by the serene vocals of Kathleen McCormack who finds the calm between an exchange of brunt verses.

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Other tracks by Kogz:  Grim  -  Piece Of Sh*T
Mr Grevis - I Am Meth     Hip Hop, Rap 03/11/2016
Mr. Grevis’s music is ridden with honesty and humour in equal measure. Drawing from his colourful past, the emcee has a lot to offer when it comes to song content.
Mr Grevis opens up with the brutally honest song 'I Am Meth' brings to light the issues everyday Australians face with the ice epidemic. Taken from past life experiences and stories, Grevis says most people have known someone who has been affected by this terrible drug and things should change.

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Tomahawk - It's Like That (Ft Mortar)     Hip Hop, Rap 03/11/2016
Tomahawk, an emcee built for the arenas of rap war. His wordplay is sharp-edged and delivered cold on a slab killing with every line, his verses spat like death blows.
Blasting out from beyond the sonic weaponry loaded by none other than Rob Shaker, the dark one himself, Lord Tomahawk is back with another tell them how it is hip hop track featuring none other then fellow SBX member Mortar. Produced by Rob Shaker From Shake Down Studios.

Other tracks by Tomahawk:  B.L.A.C.K.S.W.A.N  -  Medium