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Pricewar Music

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Storm Chasers - Figurout     Blues/Roots, Soul, Funk, Pop 24/10/2019
If ever there were a band who personified the exuberance, optimism and free-spirited nature of youth, it would be Storm Chasers.
Figurout incorporates elements of hip-hop, jazz and soul. It is a song about desires - that feeling of wanting and needing something, but not being able to have it. There's just that *hint* of sexiness in there. It's provocative, it's horny (pun intended) and it's a whole heap of fun.

Bertie Page Clinic - Kaftan Party     Rock 23/07/2015
Spangles and glam, punk and transvestite, stiletto heels sharp as scalpels, station wagons, lyricism, and infernal vocal exercises, a hot, guttural sound which could burn a hole in your crotch!
Crack a tinnie and pop open a jar of cocktail olives, because Bertie Page Clinic are back with a brand new single inspired by those parties your parents went to in the Seventies; where cheese fondue flowed like lava and you put your keys in a bowl for some reason…

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Andy The Kid - Cowboys Evolution (Rise Up)     Rock, Metal, Punk, Grunge 07/04/2015
From Queensland pubs to the bright lights of Hollywood, Andy The Kid has spent decades honing his craft and this year will see him finally release his solo album.
Cowboys Evolution is the anthem for the North Queensland Cowboys NRL team - a pump-you-up track by Townsville's own Andy The Kid.


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Ninth Of May - Ramen     Rock, Pop, Grunge, Industrial 02/04/2015
“NINTH OF MAY” is a fresh response to the new edge, encompassing dark, ominous sounds trance-like bass tones, hypnotic guitars, mellifluent vocals and edging drums introduce tempestuous sounds.
Ramen by Ninth of May is a moody, sublime track with a dark edge and a love for all things mysterious.

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Transience - Sister     Metal/Punk, Rock, Metal, Hardcore 31/03/2015
Based in Melbourne, 6-piece Transience combines soaring melodies, warped time signatures, crushing grooves and expansive atmospheres to create their own take on progressive rock and metal.
Transience's Sister is a slow-burn, massive prog/rock tune - a huge vocal chorus, tight percussion and epic in nature.

Other tracks by Transience:  Nails  -  Disillusion
Steve Grady - Gold Mine     Blues/Roots, Folk, Acoustic, Pop 28/03/2015
"Steve Grady is one of the best singer songwriter albums you'll hear this year" - Noel Mengel, Courier Mail
Gold Mine is a beautiful ballad about a man who feels like he is sitting on a gold mine because he can't believe how lucky he was to find his wife.

The Iron Eye - Different     Rock, Grunge, Pop, Blues 24/03/2015
The Iron Eye are described as "Weighty, voluptuous and beautiful like a Rubens nude." They bring a new brand of modern rock to the listener, something fresh yet familiar.
Straight up, Different is one of the catchiest riffs you'll hear in recent history - one of the phattest bass riffs and the hookiest of hooks. A contender for best rock earworm you will hear this year.


The Bold Love - Young     Pop, Ambience, Chill, Electronic 10/03/2015
The Bold Love is the creative pursuit of producer Jon Tibbs who is drawn to looping and the electronic, using a combination, keyboards, drum machines and easy falsetto
This first track 'Young' is a sparse, float on the clouds track, featuring smooth sax and keyboard and deep bass, all held together by a vocal hook about young love.

Steve Grady - Go Away & Miss Me     Country, Alternative Country, Roots, Acoustic 26/02/2015
Steve Grady is recognised by peers and industry alike as one of the best up and coming Americana/folk singer-songwriters in Australia.
Go Away & Miss Me is a track about a woman telling her partner that she knows he isn't ready for the relationship yet and that he needs to go away and realise what he has.

Bearfoot - Babylon     Reggae/Dub, Dub, Roots, Chill 21/02/2015
You know that moment that was a great idea at the time, and then becomes a brilliant one? That’s Bearfoot. Tasty roots/reggae tunes
Babylon is a dark reggae rock sound, with a driving, bouncing rhythm section, catchy synth melody, and showcasing vocalist Asher Chapman's rapid-fire delivery, was recorded in one six-hour session at The Vault studio (Sunshine Coast).

Three Tonne Deep - Tim     Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic, Metal 31/01/2015
Three Tonne Deep is Forbes McKail (Rook), Clint Vincent (Dead Letter Circus, Melodyssey), Scott Davey (ex-Dead Letter Circus) and Govinda Doyle (Producer - Angus and Julia Stone's Big Jet Plane).
The track is a 4:15 odyssey through time signatures, bold production, intriguing percussion, mesmerising vocals and signature guitar tones. From the highest peaks of hard vocals to streams of delay-soaked guitar melodies and through the valleys of humming bass, 'Time' is a prog-rock masterpiece for the new age.

MofoIsDead - SemiDrop     Rock, Metal, Industrial 24/01/2015
Life, death, and the tangents in between. Nubiles. Milkshakes. Melting faces.
A bombastic, dynamic track from MofoIsDead, a project masterminded by Vocalist/Songwriter Paul Galagher. A Faith No More meets Muse collision makes up this bass-heavy, epic vocals track.


The Comfort - Fairweather     Rock, Punk, Hardcore 24/01/2015
The Comfort are four young adults from Brisbane trying create something unique, honest and emotive. They don't do this for any other reason besides the love of music.
Fairweather is everything a melodic hardcore fan craves with the ambient guitar spelling out the emotion and heart that went into the songs all wrapped up in powerful screams and subtle, clean vocals.

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Mass Sky Raid - Enemies     Rock, Metal 21/01/2015
Mass Sky Raid are part of a new breed of Australian heavy rock - a massive sound. Live, the band pours their heart & soul into their performances.
'Enemies' is a breakout track for Mass Sky Raid - a Three-and-a-Half mintue hook-laden track with riffs for days and melodies that are instantly branded to your brain.


Drawcard - We Are the Future     Rock, Punk, Grunge 26/11/2014
For Drawcard, Rock and Roll is not about fast cars, cool haircuts, fake tits or a fucking 'SCENE', it's about loving what you do and being honest to yourself.
We are the future is a big, anthemic rock and roll track about the next generation being the future of the planet.


Other tracks by Drawcard:  The Next Time
As Paradise Falls - Equilibrium     Metal/Punk, Hardcore, Metal 19/11/2014
Brisbane Deathcore act As Paradise Falls combine their love of mainstay hardcore and metal bands such as August Burns Red, I Killed The Prom Queen, Whitechapel and Chelsea Grin.
Equilibrium is a brutal deathcore track from As Paradise Falls. Breakdowns, Screams and loads of GRIM.

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Engine Three Seven - Angry Animals     Rock, Grunge, Metal 25/10/2014
Since exploding onto the Australian music scene in 2004, Engine Three Seven have spent a decade carving a name for themselves through their notorious live shows and well-crafted prog-rock tunes.
E37 are unleashing their brand new single 'Angry Animals', taken from their forthcoming full-length debut album set for release in 2015.

Tempest Rising - Wretch     Metal/Punk, Metal, Rock, Hardcore 11/10/2014
Tempest Rising are not your average metal band. They have cleans from high falsettos thru to operatic power vocals, they also have deep guttural growls and piercing screams.
Wretch is a heavy as hell power metal track - strap yourself in!

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Other tracks by Tempest Rising:  Dominion That Falls
The Short Fall - State of Mind     Blues/Roots, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Folk 04/10/2014
The Short Fall deliver with emotion and sincerity, wowing audiences with their flawless harmonies and unique blend of alternative indie folk.
The two brothers are almost single-minded in their approach to their songwriting and harmonies, their voices mingle with ease and their guitars sing with such ease. Their new EP 'State of Mind' is a testament to their focus and their belief in their songs.

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Other tracks by The Short Fall:  Waste My Time  -  Home
Guards of May - Annotata     Rock, Metal, Rock, Grunge 27/09/2014
Guards of May are an earth-moving, heart-wrenching, no-holds-barred band from Brisbane. Their songs are earnest, their shows electric and their dedication to delivering only the best – second to none.
Annotata features Guards of May's signature soaring vocals and gigantic guitar sounds, but this new direction takes the listener through a genre journey, light to shade, heavy and soft and everything in between. Catchy and Complex can exist in the same space!