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Positive Feedback

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Noire - Baby Blue     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 10/09/2015
A Sydney three piece specialising in dreamy indie beats and smooth acoustics.
‘Baby Blue’ – yet another poignant piece from the Sydney trio, unrivaled in the world of dream pop. With soft chords and smooth lyrical stylings, the track is as romantic as it is melancholy.

Kuren - It Still Hurts     Electronic 01/10/2015
Kuren - the moniker of 17 year old self-taught producer, Curtis Kennedy. Hailing from Hillston in rural NSW, Kuren’s suburban life saw him spending hours honing his craft.
‘It Still Hurts’ is an unrelenting flurry of footwork rhythms and trappy percussions peppered with reverb soaked vocal cuts, the overarching sentiment that echoes is the isolation of suburban life, coupled with the youthful sting of having your heart broken.

Feki - Quiet Minds Ft. Emily     Electronic 22/10/2015
Feki is a Brisbane-based producer
Almost ambient in its humble introduction, the track builds a swelling soundscape of soft tribal drums, clean kicks, smooth synth licks and sparkling melodic patterns which have fast become Feki’s trademark. Accompanied by the stunning lyrical styles of newcomer Emily from local outfit Yucca.

Lilt - Capture     Electronic, Pop, Atmospheric, Experimental 23/10/2015
Lilt are an electronic two piece from Perth, WA.
Fronted by the songstress Louise Penman’s signature vocals alongside Matt Mclean’s delicately arranged production of scintillating synth patterns and smacking drum-beats, ‘Capture’ sees the duo in perfect sync, combining powerful vocal melodies with haunting electronica to produce their darkest offering yet.

Wishes - I Want To Be Alone With You     Electronic 02/11/2015
The moniker of John Towey, Wishes is a Sydney based vocalist, multi instrumentalist and producer.
'I Want To Be Alone With You’ is a nod to the playfulness of a city romance, as sly as it is sensual, and stylish all the way. With saccharine beats that take synth pop to new vibrancy, the track embodies all that is quirky and upbeat.

Fascinator - The Traveller     Electronic, Psychedelic, Experimental 18/11/2015
Fascinator aka New York-based, Australia-bred Johnny Mackay is the prince of psychedelic curiosities.
'The Traveller' seamlessly wanders through the lush musical terrains of hazy trumpet and organ layers, the track slowly takes an upbeat tone, emulating the melodic musings of an outside observer.

Slumberjack - Enigma ft. GRRL PAL     Electronic, Pop, Dubstep, Techno 26/11/2015
Slumberjack are a young duo from Perth making electronic music that is being embraced worldwide.
Featuring the euphoric vocal stylings from fellow hometown pair GRRL PAL, clad with trappy beats and crisp drops, ‘Enigma’ ft. GRRL PAL was born from its Perth-based creators’ passion for contrast.

Best Electronic Producers - Morgan Then & Fletcher Ehlers, Best Electronic Act (live)

JOY. - Crazy For You     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Ambience 03/12/2015
Joy. is an 18-year-old producer based in Brisbane, specialising in making beautifully emotive electronic music.

'Crazy for You' is a darkly romantic track about young infatuation. Layered with reverberated synths, alluring bass and rolling drum patterns, JOY.'s vocals dominate in this brooding track.

Other tracks by JOY.:  About Us
Sophie Lowe - Pink Flowers (Kuren Remix)     Electronic, Pop, Dubstep, Atmospheric 08/12/2015
Kuren is a 17-year-old producer from the rural NSW town Hillston that specialises in emotive electronic music.
Sophie Lowe’s solo endeavours in music have been both impressive and surprising. With ‘Pink Flowers’ taken from her recently released ‘EP 2,’ Kuren uses the mysterious pop allure of Lowe’s track and flips it onto dance floor fixation, adding a steadily burning bassline and darkly playful drum pattern.

Cloves - Don't Forget About Me     Folk, Acoustic, Rock, Blues 16/12/2015
Cloves is the musical project of 19-year old Melbourne native.
'Don't Forget About Me' is the sonic spectre of a broken heart. Emotive and multifaceted, the track is a vocal-centric tribute to a young romance, dashed by circumstance.

Other tracks by Cloves:  Frail Love
Feki - Retrograde - James Blake - (Feki & Glasshouse Cover)     Electronic, Dance, Jazz 18/12/2015
Feki is a 19-year-old producer from Brisbane making dreamy electronic music.
Perhaps the most daring offering yet from the young artists, Feki and Glasshouse are bold and intricate with their rendition of the monumental electronic track. A completely unique approach, the single is infused with beautiful piano, brass and guitar compositions, layered over Feki’s trademark reverberated synths.

Fascinator - Time To Go     Electronic, Psychedelic, Experimental, Dance 13/01/2016
Fascinator is an eccentric artist specialising in unusual and exciting psychedelic music.
‘Time To Go’ is Fascinator’s latest dive into the unconventional. Chorus style vocal compositions are headed by Fascinator’s melancholy vocal lead, accompanied by a slow burning organ synth. 'Time To Go' is the first single from Fascinator's debut album 'Man', due out on the 29th January.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Andrew Khedoori, 2ser 107.3, Sydney (NSW)

SAFIA - Embracing Me (Mazde Remix)     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Experimental 15/01/2016
SAFIA is a three piece electronic outfit from Canberra. Mazde is a classically trained electronic producer based in Berlin.
Mazde's remix of pop hit 'Embracing Me' by SAFIA is an intelligent dance piece. Experimenting with off beats and unusual composition styles informed by Mazde's classical training - it's an insane piece of electronic music that can inspire grooving and recollection alike.

Motez - Down Like This (ft. Tkay Maidza)     Electronic, House, Hip Hop, Pop 13/02/2016
Motez is an electronic producer and DJ from Adelaide specialising in house music.
With his unfaltering ability to generate unique club-ready anthems, Adelaide producer Motez today shares his new single ‘Down Like This' featuring vocals from fellow Adelaide rap-force Tkay Maidza.


Gunns - Who's Gonna Be Your Dog     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Electronic 16/02/2016
Gunns are a WA band leading the way in psychedelic surf rock with garage edge.
Leashed to ricocheting guitar riffs, latest single ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Dog’ burns through slowly raspy vocals before winding into dangerously flirtatious keys.

WAMAWARDS NOMINEE 2016: Best EP - She's A Rainbow

Other tracks by Gunns:  She's A Rainbow
Matt Gresham - Small Voices     Pop, Electronic 17/02/2016
Ahead of his SXSW appearance, WA-born songwriter Matt Gresham today releases his new single 'Small Voices.' It is the first taste from his upcoming EP, slated for release early 2016.
‘Small Voices’ is an example of Gresham’s ability to explore diverse narratives. The track tells the tale of an incarcerated man longing to see his daughter and an isolated individual trapped in an urban space, curious about the possibilities of another world.

LANKS - Golden Age     Electronic, Experimental, Atmospheric 19/02/2016
Melbourne Producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Cuming, otherwise known as LANKS.
Indie electronic

SAFIA - Make Them Wheels Roll     Electronic, Soul, Pop 05/03/2016
Safia are a three piece band from Canberra making electronic music.
'Make Them Wheels Roll' is the band's latest in a string of gorgeous tracks from SAFIA, with signature electronic production styles and a striking vocal.

Yuma X - You Said     Electronic, RnB, Chill 12/03/2016
Yuma X (Jake and Lucy) are a duo making electronic music from Sydney's North Shore. They are touring with Odesza next month.
'You Said' is the last instalment of the 'Home Recordings' EP.

Gum - Anesthetized Lesson (Kevin Parker Remix)     Rock, Experimental, Funk 07/04/2016
Gum is the solo project of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson.
Recording the album I was listening to a lot of dance music and while it was a big influence, my mixing of the album didn’t really reflect that. When Kev offered to do a remix of ‘Anesthetized Lesson’ and I jumped, I knew he could make it sound wild.”

Other tracks by Gum:  Anesthetized Lesson