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Positive Feedback

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Flower Drums - Don't Wait (Feat St. South)     Electronic, Pop 31/01/2015
Flower Drums are a four piece dream-pop band based in Perth.
Sitting contentedly amid electronica and dream-pop and within the dark, hypnotic and warm layers of analog synths, 'Don't Wait' is a collaboration between Perth based artists Flower Drums and St. South. The result is reinvigorated synth-pop at its most glorious.

Catlips - Fade     Electronic, Dance, Pop 14/02/2015
Catlips is the moniker of Katie Campbell who first set her mark on the country as keyboardist for Kucka and is now at the forefront of new wave production.
Catlips layers her tough and silky machine-house music with experimental noise and flitters of pop.

WAMAWARD NOMINEE 2016: Best Electronic Act (live)

JOY. - Weather     Electronic, Pop, Jazz 20/02/2015
JOY. is the project of 17 year old singer/producer Olivia McCarthy from Brisbane, Australia.
JOY.’s new track is a building swirl mirroring the hype around her beat-making prowess. ‘Weather’ creates a delicate world of silky synths, steady percussions and haunting vocals that will melt your ears and soul.

Huon Kind - Feel Like This     Electronic, Dance, Funk, RnB 24/02/2015
Huon Kind, comprised of James Laurence and Andrew Knox (both of Made In Japan) make irresistible disco R&B, which combines 80s-stylings with a modern twist.
Produced by Ivan Vizintin (Seekae, Mysteries, PVT, Alex Cameron), the new single ‘Feel Like This’ is pure hook; a disco funk fusion that brings nothing but the groove.

Young Franco - Talkin' Bout It (ft. KLP)     Electronic, Dance, Funk 06/03/2015
Brisbane's party starter Young Franco is known for his funky beats and his boyish charm.
A smooth bass line punctuated with synthy hooks and drops a plenty, the single, which is pulled off of Young Franco’s forthcoming digital EP, Franco & Friends, is topped off with layered vocals, making this track worthy of the chat.

Safia - Counting Sheep     Electronic, Blues, Chill 19/03/2015
Safia is an electronic three piece out of Canberra. They have been making music together since high school and have since gone on to play major festivals and support Lorde.
‘Counting Sheep’ follows the story-telling visual ideas of previous work, ‘Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds’. Lead singer, Ben Woolner-Kirkham say of the follow up: “If ‘Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds’ could be embodied as a person, then counting sheep would be its evil sibling”.

Felicity Groom - 'Oh Jesus'     Rock, Psychedelic, Blues 21/03/2015
Felicity Groom, makes sounds that put Perth on the map far more effectively than any landmark could. She’s got the cool confidence of 60’s pop princesses like Francoise Hardy.
From Felicity Groom’s sophomore album, Hungry Sky, a release stacked with liquid psychedelia and explosive ballads, comes ‘Oh Jesus’. 'Oh Jesus' was produced by Kevin Parker and recorded in Groom’s loungeroom in Perth. Appropriately full of tales, the single was written on stage for a play called Tinkertown.

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Sid Pattni - Love & Desire     Electronic, Funk, Dance 21/03/2015
Introducing the newest member of the Pilerats clan, Perth electro-funk man Sid Pattni.
Sid's new single, 'Love & Desire' ft. Sophie Hopes is a shuffling, larger than life dance track, full of blazing major chord patterns, & a hypnotic sing along vocal, all about the ups and downs of love and lust for generation Y.

Flower Drums - End ll End     Electronic, Pop, Downbeat 24/03/2015
Following a slot at last year’s Laneway Festival, a WAM nomination and a tour across the US, the percussive petals Flower Drums are back.
'End II End’ was originally written with the intention to create something heavier than the generally smooth Flower Drums sound. The initial track, written and recorded in two nights, was filled with tom heavy jungle beats, but after several mixes and a future soul remix, the result just felt right.


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Catlips - Fade (Roland Tings Remix)     Electronic, Experimental, Pop 28/05/2015
Catlips is the moniker of Katie Campbell, who burst onto the scene as the keyboardist for Kucka. The producer has since developed her sound to encompass everything left of centre.
Taking the original dance floor gem and pulling it to a different dimension, Roland Tings has given 'Fade' the full treatment of his signature electronica. Pushing on a slow-burn release, the track glistens and bumps through a pitched down vocal, to an ecstatic late night banger of a finale.

Airwolf - Lose the Lazy ft. Stahsi     Electronic, Dance, Pop 28/05/2015
Airwolf is a Melbourne-based DJ and producer who specialises in a special brand of upbeat funk and electronica.
'Lose the Lazy' ft. Stahsi is a catchy and ambitious collision of nu-disco and indie-folk. With an emphasis on whimsical vocals and an energetic beat, it's a call to action to dance, and dance hard.

Flex Cop - Domino     Electronic, House, Dance 28/05/2015
Flex Cop is a Brisbane-based producer concerned with creating dance floor beats and reinvigorating early 2000s dance and lounge vibes.
'Domino' sees a channeling of Marvin Gaye amongst a mix of late night piano stabs, tropical percussion and Sade-inspired guitar licks. 'Domino' is a swirling sunset poolside vibe marathon with elements of French-influenced "nu-disco" and splashes of warm soul to create a unique deep electronic dance sound.

Noire - Just Like Honey     Rock 17/06/2015
Sydney based shoegaze indie-rock trio, with seemingly airy but darkly hypnotic tracks. Singer Jessica Micher’s vocals are arrestingly seductive and matched to gentle synths, clear guitar and sleek bass progressions.
Just Like Honey is a melodic, mesmerising blues-filled single. This track is the soundtrack for a melancholic romance, crossing borders or dancing alone in a candle-lit ballroom. Backed with gentle synths, beautifully clear guitar and sleek bass progressions, the track is as smooth as it is considered.

SAFIA - Embracing Me     Electronic, Pop, Techno 08/07/2015
SAFIA are a unique three piece from Canberra known for their diverse approach to Australian electronic music.
Embracing Me' pairs intimate lyrical styling with crisp and snappy beat production, offering the new single that’s arguably one of SAFIA’s best yet.


Feki - Weekends     Electronic, Dance, Pop 11/07/2015
Feki is a Brisbane based artist who has produced his own tracks as well as those for artists including Urban Cone, cln, GRMM, Kilter, The Preatures and Young Franco.
In this track Feki remixes Swedish quintet's track "Weekends". The remix by the up and coming Brisbane based producer offers itself full of warmth, nostalgia and exuberence.

Ginger And Drum - Ticking Boxes     Electronic, Pop, Dance 11/07/2015
Ginger & Drum's sound encompasses stripped back, echoing beats, mesmerising vocals and a very impressive use of synths.
Evocative indie-electro-pop, brimming with undulating synths, smooth beats and floating, contemplative vocals. Exploring the complexities beneath a seemingly perfect romance, this track not only has atmospheric and laid back vibes, but is also enchantingly expressive.

Paces - Bamboo     Electronic, Pop, World 06/08/2015
Paces is an electronic music producer from sunny Queensland, famous for producing energetic dance music and awesome collaborations.
We’re used to seeing Paces’ crunchy beats alongside collaborations but this time the Gold Coast beat-maker is going it alone with 'Bamboo'. What results is an anthemic buzz of a track, with an unforgettable top line and a sparkly mass of production techniques layered lovingly throughout.

Ginger & Drum - Habits     Electronic, Atmospheric, Pop 10/08/2015
Ginger & Drum's sound encompasses stripped back, echoing beats, mesmerising vocals and a very impressive use of synths.
'Habit' delves into the dangers of falling into an addictive cycle of complacency, with Gault’s ethereal vocals deliberately amassing above an intoxicating baseline and trickling synths. The track is the result of 8 months of tireless production, with every kick painfully analysed and every vocal lick scrutinised.

Mallrat - Suicide Blonde     Hip Hop, Atmospheric, Electronic 17/08/2015
Mallrat is a teen hip-hop powerhouse from Brisbane and self-confessed ‘Hannah Montana of the rap game’.
An interesting blend of electronic and rap music, 'Suicide Blonde' marks the early direction of a young artist ready to make waves by bringing a fresh and unique sound to the industry later in the year.

Fascinator - Dead Of The Night     Electronic, Psychedelic 17/08/2015
Fascinator is the electronic solo project of Johnny Mackay, based in the haunts of NYC and Brooklyn.
Co-produced by Darren Seltmann, founding member of The Avalanches, ‘Dead of the Night’ is the first musical lovechild to come out of their fateful introduction. The track searches for darkness in a contrived electronic landscape.