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Positive Feedback

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Panama - How We Feel     Pop, Electronic, House 31/10/2013
Panama return with with their highly anticipated sophomore EP, 'Always' which offers three carefully restrained yet bright and accessible songs.
The self-produced second track, How We Feel was recorded at McCleary’s home studio and explores Panama’s unique brand of hopeful house music.

Other tracks by Panama:  Always  -  Destroyer
Panama (Wave Racer) - Always (Remixed by Wave Racer)     Electronic, Dance 05/11/2013
Panama are a four-piece Sydney outfit who have created a unique brand of dance-house-pop.
Wave Racer have taken on Panama's first track off their new self-titled EP, 'Always'.

Pigeon - Climbing Trees     Electronic, Dance, Rock 23/01/2014
Positively charged with a thrilling electro-pop sound, Pigeon have evolved their latest offering, melding sexy brass, raw piano, electric bass and velvety vocals, to form their sophomore EP, ‘Settle In’.
Climbing Trees is a rockin' dance track, with a catchy chorus and upbeat melody.

Other tracks by Pigeon:  Two Moon Love  -  Settle In
Young Franco - Take Flight (Uhh)     Electronic, Dance, Pop 24/01/2014
19-year-old producer Young Franco is Brisbane’s newest wunderkind. His debut EP 'Futurefunk' has been described as funky beats meets old disco records meets 90’s hip hop with a ‘gameboy’ twist.
Take Flight is a killer dose of disco and electro synths. A great track for people wanting to dance or just kick back with a summer drink. Good vibes all around.

Other tracks by Young Franco:  Fat  -  Dream
I Know Leopard - Hold This Tight     Electronic, Pop, Rock 05/02/2014
Dream-pop purveyors, I Know Leopard return with second single, Hold This Tight, off their forthcoming EP, due out later this year.
I Know Leopard are ready to send you soaring through a tangerine dream-lit sky with their floaty vocals and awe-inspiring soundscape of melodies.

Jack Colwell - Far From View     Pop, Classical 15/02/2014
Classically trained, alt-pop prince, Jack Colwell, releases his highly anticipated new single Far From View this February.
Inspired by the sounds and loneliness of 'Twin Peaks', Far From View takes its listeners on a journey of heartache, interpreted with wailing strings, subtle melodies, intricate harmonies and amplified by its ethereal female chorus.

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Young Franco - Brooklyn     Electronic, Dance, Hip Hop 25/02/2014
Described as funky beats meets old disco records meets 90’s hip hop with a ‘gameboy’ twist, 19-year-old producer Young Franco is Brisbane’s newest wunderkind.
A dance track for all ages. With a heavy disco influence, "Brooklyn" will definitely get people on the dancefloor.

Panama - Strange Feeling     Rock, Electronic, Pop 15/03/2014
After an explosive 2013 and poised to become one of the best breakouts acts of 2014, Australian three-piece Panama show no sign of slowing down.
A piano infused indie-electro-pop number, will leave you excited, happy and wanting more.

Twin Caverns - Undiscover     Funk/Soul, Electronic, Downbeat, Ambience 04/04/2014
Sydney based duo Twin Caverns produce downtempo electronic soul music to sooth the ears.
Beautiful soulful track with honeyed vocals accompanying minimal downbeat carefully produced electronics as well as delicate guitar riffs.

I Know Leopard - Daisy Eyes     Pop, Psychedelic, Experimental, Chill 18/04/2014
Following rave reviews from their first two singles, Sydney outfit, I Know Leopard have once again struck gold with the psychedelic harmonies of their latest release, Daisy Eyes.
Daisy Eyes is a contagious coupling between the sunny dream-pop influences of the 50’s and 60’s with a shimmering contemporary perspective. The nostalgic undertones balance out this upbeat offering, leaving the listener with a complex tune that will resonate with the inner romantic.

SAFIA - Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds     Electronic, Ambience, Pop 25/04/2014
Purveyors of electronic-pop with a nu-soul bent, SAFIA return with their highly anticipated new single, Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds.
SAFIA, the Canberra-based three-piece continue to explore their distinct take on electronic pop, with layered textures of warm, crisp production, and a strong cinematic motive. Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds drips with the brassy melancholy of front-man Benjamin Joseph, whose melodies are equally haunting as they are hopeful.

North Arm - Hollow Days     Electronic, Chill, Ambience 01/05/2014
North Arm is the brainchild of Roderick Smith, a Novocastrian set on re-creating childhood memories. Rod has already released an EP in 2013 through Spunk Records, after splitting from Firekites.
His dreams of capturing the nostalgia and excitement of those childhood memories are now being fully realised through the release of his first single, Hollow Days. The single speaks of a yearning for simpler times through the wistful rolling vocals paired with languid, layered guitar riffs with a psychedelic-folk skew.

Gum - Misunderstanding     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 13/05/2014
Multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy, Jay Watson dons many hats. A member of both Tame Impala and Pond, he’s better known to friends as Gumby or Gum.
A collection of 10 songs, described as “paranoid pop songs, mostly about falling in love and all of the things that he thinks are going to kill him”.

Mink Mussel Creek - Makeout Party Girls     Rock, Psychedelic, Experimental 13/05/2014
A long long time ago something pretty good happened. A bevy of buddies decided to start making music with their hands, mouths and brains.
Over the course of two weeks in January 2011 the band set up in the Norfolk Basement Fremantle and re-recorded every single note of that album entirely on their own – and did it better than before.

Shiny Joe Ryan - Whatever Happened To The Space Race     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 15/05/2014
A mane of curly locks, a hilarious sense of humour, a lilting Irish brogue, Shiny Joe Ryan is a bit of an enigma.
"Whatever Happened To The Space Race" brings a wild and bustling 1960s nostalgia to 2014 with an added bonus of heavily-laden temperamental guitar riffs. Created for the time of black and white anticipation, listening to this track should be done in every colour.

Mammals - Circles     Electronic, Folk, Chill, Rock 30/05/2014
Mammals offers dreamy and lush soundscapes- a sound that glides through indie rock, electronica and folk music
Laden with swimming vocals and fluid guitar, Circles is set to warm even the coldest winter heart. The track showcases Mammals‘ evolution from their earlier work – a pool of angelic vocals, surging hooks and upbeat drums.

Gum - The Sky Opened Up     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop 03/06/2014
Multi-instrumentalist and all round nice guy, Jay Watson is a wearer of many hats. A member of both Tame Impala and Pond, he’s better known to loved ones as Gum.
'The Sky Opened Up' is a bustling assembly of agitated riffs, lo-fi hooks and building energy. Constantly twisting and whirling, this track is an aural kaleidoscope.

New Navy - Heaven     Pop, Folk 05/06/2014
New Navy are a Sydney three piece who produce stellar indie-pop. After a brief hiatus re-inventing their sound and flexing their musical muscles, New Navy are back with 'Heaven'.
'Heaven' is as its title suggests – dreamy, pop jams with an other-worldly bent. It was originally twice the tempo but one rainy day, their friend Josh Moriarty from Miami Horror/All The Colours jumped on the bass and played it at half speed. 'Heaven' is a quintessential indie-pop love ballad.

Rainy Day Women - Mars     Pop, Rock, Retro 13/06/2014
Rainy Day Women are a four peice of poppy crooners from Freemantle. The band started as a bunch of school friends coming together with a love of sweet pop rock.
Mars takes the poppy celebration of 60s music that's been a marker of the band’s unique creations, and adds a soft complexity that promises something new in every play. A vortex of sweet vocals, crisp melody and cheeky brass, there’s a good chance this song will bring on early Spring.

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Willow Beats - Merewif     Electronic, Folk 01/07/2014
Willow Beats offer a truly welcome departure from the current crop of sugar-rush dance, and welcomes you to dream, drink the potion, and emerge in an uplifting lush new reality.
Stooped in fantasy, mystery, and the stories of Hare Krishna folklore,’Merewif’ breaks out with soul, love, and light. The caramel vocal chords of the beautiful and commanding Kalyani Mumtaz that are wrapped around Narayana Johnson’s electronica are full of shadows and dust, with twisting starlight synths & heart-beat baselines.