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Positive Feedback

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Five Coffees - Flatline...     Hip Hop, Funk, Chill, Soul 13/09/2011
Those über-cool, Sydney jive jockeys, Five Coffees are Sydney's favourite hiphop/jazz/folk/ rock/funk/ neo-soul crew, they present music that's so chilled-out, it's going to reverse climate change.
“Flatline…” has it all – starting with a funky bass riff along with soulful female vocals. Not a moment too soon the heart pumpin’ brass and rhythm section kicks in, pop the lyrical stylings of Nick Knowledge on top and you’ve got an infectious party tune for the summer.

Watussi - Magdalena     Blues/Roots, World 20/09/2011
Lead by charismatic Columbian ex-pat, Oscar Jimenez, Watussi are a well-travelled troupe of Latino-tinged roots rockers.
If you like blustering horns, party-fuelled rhythms and rocking roots bass-lines, Watussi is the band for you.

Convaire - The New You     Pop, Electronic 06/10/2011
Sydney’s finest indie-electro-popettes measures quiet childhood fairy-floss nostalgia and loud, barefooted Summer festival romance.
The New You is a sparkling indication of what Convaire do so exceptionally well– the art of creating synth-happy, ‘80s inspired, sticky-sweet pop songs.

Lester The Fierce - Holland     Folk, Pop, Rock 16/11/2011
Melbourne's Lester The Fierce releases stunning debut EP ‘The Summer Deluge’.
All songs on the EP are reminiscent of 1960’s folk, but also have the production values to support the cinematic and Kate Bush-esque influences.

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Sui Zhen - Little Frog     Folk, Pop 14/02/2012
Melbourne-based artist Sui Zhen is the colourful personality of singer-songwriter composer Becky Freeman.
Little Frog demonstrates an eclectic and mature approach to songwriting and arrangement. Sui Zhen draws influence from modern performers (Joanna Newsom, PJ Harvey and Karen O) as well as her broad record collection (Karen Dalton, Arthur Russell, Lou Reed). Don't miss this beautiful folk-pop whimsical song.

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Seabourne - Last Trumpet     Electronic, Pop, Ambience, Experimental 14/02/2012
Seabourne is the brainchild of established songwriter and cryptic chanteuse, Larissa Rate (Kids At Risk), who began experimenting with producing her own music with one objective; no rules.
Ambient, experimental-pop with a touch of Lykke-Li and Goldfrapp influences.

Panama - Magic     Electronic, Pop 14/02/2012
Panama is the new incarnation for Jarrah McCleary, joined by old band mate Cam Edwards (The Dirty Secrets) and a collective of hand-selected local artists to create Australia’s finest four-piece.
Panama’s first single, ‘Magic’ is a modern summer anthem. And what better way to celebrate the party season than some bonus remix action by the worlds most avid dance enthusiasts?

1929Indian - Women In Cages     Rock, Pop 02/03/2012
1929Indian is a five-piece band from the east coast of Australia ready to unleash their first single “Women In Cages” from the highly anticipated debut EP ‘The Dreaming’.
“Women In Cages” is an energetic tune with synth-layden, guitar-pop-jangle elements.

Pete Cullen - Coffee House     Folk, Alternative Country 12/03/2012
Pete Cullen (former member of The Daybridges) teams up with SBS' Rockwiz band to deliver new album 'Tom Whisky Blues'.
Drawing from the sounds of the 1950’s Cullen is able to create cinematic storylines. 'Coffee House' tells the story of a gambling cowboy, whose indecision is “laced with the bitter pill of regret”.

Other tracks by Pete Cullen:  Howling Wolf
Circle - Fashion Me a Drum     Pop, Electronic, Rock 15/06/2012
Sydney-based outfit Circle return with their new single, “Fashion Me a Drum”. This anthemic offering is the first from the band’s forthcoming album, set for release this August.
Revelling in a mix of driving guitars, ‘70s pop/rock and a sea of synths, “Fashion Me a Drum” is equal parts nostalgia and melancholy. Tied together with soaring vocals and the most honest of lyrics, Circle once again make music outside the square.

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Fun Machine - Ready For The Fight     Pop, Punk 15/06/2012
Fun Machine are back with their latest offering, “Ready For The Fight” following on from their debut EP, More is More (2009) and sophomore release, Desert Creatures (2011).
'Ready For The Fight' was born from kicking car hubcaps and the turning of metal handles, while the piano was recorded incognito on the Australian National University’s Steinway Concert Grand Piano after the band snuck into Llewellyn hall with their recording gear one evening.

Julia and the Deep Sea Sirens - Little Surprises     Folk, Pop 16/08/2012
Canberra-based chanteuse Julia Johnson has been performing with her band the Deep Sea Sirens since 2005. Julia's music embodies a raw honesty combined with a perfectly poised pop-sensibility.
'Little Surprises' features a deceivingly light-hearted hook of a chorus, yet is steeped in true emotion. Swimming in a sea of beautifully developed instrumental arrangements, equal parts sadness and joy, it is Julia's not-so-secret weapon of a voice that ties it all together.

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Kylie Auldist - Counting On You     Funk/Soul, Pop 10/09/2012
Known for her involvement with The Bamboos, it was a tour of Brighton with the outfit that saw Kylie Auldist emerge as a solo artist with iconic label, Tru Thoughts.
‘Counting on You’ is proof of Kylie’s ability to create uplifting, inspiring, genre-spanning music.

The Transatlantics - A Man Like That     Funk/Soul, Jazz, Pop, Soul 21/09/2012
Since their humble beginnings in 2008, Adelaide outfit The Transatlantics have cemented themselves as soul staples of the Australian music scene.
The Transatlantics focus on carefully crafted songs and considered arrangements, vocalists Tara Lynch, Laura Knowling and Naomi Keyte deliver vibrant vocals, evoking the pure sweetness and intensity reminiscent of early Supremes.

Dave - Red Eye     Rock, Punk 21/09/2012
With their British post-punk pop/rock tunes DAVE are already turning heads and their forthcoming single ‘Red Eye’ has made it’s way to the top of the Triple J Unearthed pop-charts.
Produced by Mark McEntee of legendary Australian band ‘The Divinyls’, ‘Red Eye’ is a perfectly produced pop song with hooks in all the right places. Studded with melancholy meanderings, it’s a dark horse of a single for Dave.

Purple Sneakers DJs - Last One Standing     Electronic, Dance, Pop 27/09/2012
Purple Sneakers has become a buzzing nationwide community, clad with a boisterous blog, throwing parties across the country, releasing compilations, and hosting bands and DJs big and small.
Featuring the compelling vocals of Amy Pes from Sydney indie outfit Tokyo Denmark Sweden, the track occupies a space somewhere between the homespun reverb-laden 'indie synth-pop' styling of Grimes, and the blatant all out 'hands in the air' club vibes of DJ/Producers like RAC and Gigamesh.

Fun Machine - Alchemist     Pop 11/10/2012
Canberra trio, Fun Machine’s alt-pop hits like tinfoil and sticks like cellophane. Their single ‘Alchemist’ explores the optimistic theme that everyone, with some pressure, is capable of creating something semi-precious.
In ‘Alchemist’, the band’s long-time producer Sam King pulls all the right elements together, using the struggles that come along with recording artists divided by such vast distances to his advantage. It seems that the pressure of space really did turn this little gem of a tune into pop gold.

Colour Bomb - On The Run     Pop 13/10/2012
Colour Bomb is the brainchild of two consenting adults, James Saunders and Tom Whitty. Best described as interesting and beautiful, alternative modern pop.
Colour Bomb's first single, ‘On The Run’ is the duo’s debut - a lush, melodic and heart-breakingly nostalgic track which traces the idea of young love. It embodies a sentiment of summers filled with heartache and that nagging feeling that she might just be too good for you.

Mitzi - Who Will Love You Now     Pop, Dance 06/11/2012
Having blown audiences away with their 2011 debut EP ‘All I Heard’, Mitzi are back with the first single from their forthcoming debut album.
On ‘Who Will Love You Now’, the Brisbane quartet no longer comply with a classic pop pigeonhole. Armed with a dreamy astral delivery, vintage analog warmth and summery sounds, the single is fresh and steeped in disco cool.

Super Magic Hats - Wind     Electronic, Ambience, Experimental 10/11/2012
Melbourne-based beat-maker and producer, Super Magic Hats is a musician whose work embraces melody, noise and experimentation. Half-heard/half-imagined vocals sit alongside vintage drum machines and soaring analogue synth lines.
Lifted from his debut EP (due for release in early 2013) Super Magic Hats latest offering 'Wind' seems set to gain much deserved attention from music lovers.Half-heard/half-imagined vocals sit alongside vintage drum machines, soaring analogue synth lines mixed with surf guitar and crisp production punches.