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Positive Feedback

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Evan Klar - I Do     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 16/01/2020
Melbourne based songwriter, producer and self-confessed bedroom-pop addict Evan Klar. 2020 will be an exciting year for collaborative releases, but it’s also time for Evan to release his own music.
"The first single from a forthcoming EP scheduled later in the year, it's a track that displays exactly why Klar is such a rising force amongst bright-lit electro-pop; strong, earworming hooks making themselves known above a low-key production that sways with an almost R&B-esque groove... somewhere in between shattering electronic, charming pop, and soothing, gentle-cradling R&B." via Pilerats

Confidence Man - Does It Make You Feel Good?     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/11/2019
A portable party that’s levelled dance floors and flattened festival crowds as it’s rolled out worldwide, Confidence Man are custom designed to make you dance and lose your cool.
Propelled by a bouncy beat, a healthy helping of 90’s dance bop influence, and a seductive repeated vocal, the cut pulls ever forwards to an all-out disco breakdown. Constantly swirling and building, the song manages to fit a full dancefloor jam session into 4 minutes and 50 seconds.

Kat Edwards - Don't Call Me     Alternative 20/11/2019
Hobart singer/songwriter Kat Edwards has supported Didirri nationally as well as Stella Donnelly, Alex The Astronaut, Luca Brasi, and performed at Panama Festival, Falls Festival, and Party In the Paddock.
With bright melodies and a driving beat ‘Don’t Call Me’ was written by Kat, produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack River, GRAACE, OK Moon) and mastered by Andrei Eremin (Tones and I, Matt Corby, Sampa The Great).

Says Kat: “’Don’t Call Me’ is about letting go of something or someone, and realising that you're actually doing alright without them."

Children Collide - Aurora     Rock, Punk 14/11/2019
Aurora is the first taste of new music since the twice ARIA-nominated band’s third studio album Monument in 2012, and will feature on their fourth album due 2020 (Spinning Top).
Returning with a post-punk charge and the unmistakable trademarks of Children Collide, Aurora is a love letter to humanity’s grand illusions. “It was originally written for our third album Monument, so it’s felt like unfinished business ever since and a big part of the reason we made another album.”

SLUMBERJACK - Crucified     Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
Since breaking onto the Australian electronic music scene in 2014, Slumberjack have expanded their sound with bigger hooks and more visionary textures.
The duo bonded with Daktyl during a 3-day road trip from Vancouver to Minneapolis last year whilst they were both on tour, the result being the staccato beat laden ‘Crucified’. The initial demo of the track was done on an abandoned piano which was found on the side of the street before MOOONZz was enlisted to contribute her dreamy vocals.

Japanese Wallpaper - Tell Me What You Mean By That     Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Pop 08/11/2019
Japanese Wallpaper aka Gab Strum is a Melbourne singer and producer. Gab has supported Lily Allen and M83, and most recently performed with Allday and Mallrat in North America.
Tell Me What You Mean by That is the stomping bombastic third single from 'Glow by Japanese Wallpaper.

Haiku Hands - Onset     Electronic / Beats / Industrial 06/11/2019
Electro-pop collective Haiku Hands have impressed audiences and critics worldwide, becoming one of Australia’s most hyped prospects after bursting onto the scene in 2018
Classic rap braggadocios with a conscious tip. Incorporates sounds and elements from old school 80’s & 90’s hip hop, rave and electro and combines them with contemporary, new school electronic production. The result being a fresh, nostalgic, head banging track that you’ve never heard before. Onset is colourful, wild and rude. Get into it.

Kira Puru - Why Don't We Get Along     Pop, Soul 27/09/2019
Kira Puru is an artist and musician, based in Melbourne. Known for her dynamic live performances and genre-defying writing style, she is widely respected as one of Australia’s biggest voices.
Kira’s vocals take centre stage on the unconventional love song which features a stuttering gospel choir and spare 808 beats. "It’s about frustration; having everything but one ingredient in a perfect recipe and trying to figure out whether it’s still worth baking a cake," says Kira of the track.

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Allday - Don't Wanna Push You Away Anymore     R&B, Indie 25/09/2019
Known for his sincere mellow raps, Allday recently released his third album Starry Night Over The Phone.
Allday's rap music isn't obvious. Its landscape can sound more like the backdrop for a synth-pop band than the sparse beats of the commercial hip-hop that stalks the radio. 'Don't Wanna Push You Away' isn't really a rap song at all, featuring Allday's soft singing voice hanging in the air of floating chords.

Lime Cordiale - Robbery     Rock, Pop 24/09/2019
Hailing from Sydney’s Northern Beaches, they command legions of dedicated fans with their very own distinct brand of cruisey surf-rock and incredible live capabilities.
Of the wildly infectious soul-pop jam Robbery Louis Leimbach says “I love the 60’s feel to the song. The whole song could just be a baritone sax and a snare and all the main elements would be there."

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Feki - Built To Last     Electronic 02/09/2019
Brisbane-based artist Feki has spent the past few years pulling at the heartstrings of music fans around the globe with his evocative take on hip hop-infused electronica.
Feki returns triumphant with ‘Built To Last’ ft. røry.

Says Feki: “This one is just a straight pop banger. It’s much brighter and happier than all my previous songs, so I thought this would be an awesome song to kick off the new chapter.”

The Kite String Tangle - KILLING TIME     Electronic 08/08/2019
The Kite String Tangle is the solo project of ARIA Award nominated alternative electronic artist and producer, Danny Harley.
From his current base in Berlin, The Kite String Tangle reveals a hauntingly beautiful acoustic version of his current single ‘KILLING TIME’ ft. Eliott. Keeping the blissful combination of his vocals joined with Eliott’s, the acoustic version adds in a powerful string accompaniment to bring a spotlight on the track’s vulnerable moments and heartfelt emotion.

SAFIA - Runaway     Electronic 30/07/2019
The Canberra three-piece create lyrically charged electronic alternative pop music which pulls from diverse influences. The band have amassed over 140 million streams and are a phenomenal live force.
‘Runaway’ builds on the expansive previous single 'Resolution' with a thumping drum groove and textured layers carefully crafted the way SAFIA do best. Once again self-produced by the band, ‘Runaway’ celebrates the world (and universe) around us and compels us to live in the moment.

Perto with Kah-Lo - Bad Maybe Good     Electronic, Hip Hop 12/07/2019
17-year old Australian producer Perto has teamed up with GRAMMY-nominated, Nigerian born vocalist Kah-Lo (of Rinse & Repeat / Fake ID notoriety) to deliver a monster dance-floor track.
The party-starting Bad Maybe Good (which was recorded while Kah-Lo was on tour in Australia earlier this year) blends Kah-Lo’s distinctive soulful tones and effortless energy with the young prodigy’s infectious, hip-hop-infused electronic sound.

Stellie - Love Me First     Pop 11/07/2019
Having just supported Winston Surfshirt in her hometown of Adelaide and soon to make her industry debut at BIGSOUND, Stellie has shared her first official single titled 'Love Me First'
Inspired by strong female voices such as Lorde and Maggie Rogers, Stellie say “‘Love Me First’ is a classic example of one of the most cliché sayings - ‘love is blind’. It was one of those cases. Unwittingly, I was fooled into thinking I had been promised the world, only to have it completely disappear.”

The Jungle Giants - Heavy Hearted     Pop, Rock, Dance 10/07/2019
Fresh off the back of sold out shows in the US, UK/Europe, Brisbane four-piece The Jungle Giants blast back into our ears with fresh new track 'Heavy Hearted'.
Written, produced, recorded and engineered by lead singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sam Hales, 'Heavy Hearted' melds the infectious energy The Jungle Giants are renowned for with driving beats and hypnotic accents.

Kat Edwards - Good Girl     Pop, Folk 05/07/2019
Set to make her industry debut at BIGSOUND this September followed by national tour support for Didirri, Hobart's Kat Edwards is excited to share her new single ‘Good Girl'.
Produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack River, GRAACE, Ok Moon) and Oscar Dawson (Alex Lahey, Holy Holy, Ali Barter) ‘Good Girl’ is the expression of an internal memoir, Kat explains, “I wrote ‘Good Girl’ after a very pivotal moment in my life. I was feeling frustration towards myself for not doing what was best for me earlier.”

Tora - Similar     Electronic, Chill 05/07/2019
Byron Bay based four piece who make lush intricate electronic music.
Tora reveal new single ‘Similar’. The song comes with a textured video starring close friend, artist/model and creative entrepreneur Mimi Elashiry.

‘Similar’ is a treasure of hauntingly smooth vocals and a distinctive vinyl sounds whilst the visuals continue the bands dedication to beautifully shot scenes which convey visually their world full of lush harmonies and poignant lyrics.

RAAVE TAPES - dancing because I'm sad     Rock, Punk, Dance 25/06/2019
RAAVE TAPES are a dance-punk trio from Newcastle famed for their undeniably jubilant live show.
dancing because I'm sad explodes with foreboding beats and vicious hook to provide the ultimate in sonic warfare.

An ode to shirking responsibility and indulgent self-sabotage, the track explores one of society's destructive ways of dealing with personal issues, by completely ignoring them and going off the rails for the evening.

The Kite String Tangle - KILLING TIME     Electronic 25/06/2019
The Kite String Tangle is the solo project of ARIA Award nominated alternative electronic artist and producer, Danny Harley.
Fans at his recent sold out shows were gifted a mysterious artwork print containing a hidden clue, and today we can reveal that the next single from The Kite String Tangle is ‘KILLING TIME’ ft. Eliott.

Featuring glitchy moments, dark notes, and a staccato beat, the lighter vocals provided by Melbourne’s Eliott give the track a perfect balance in tone.