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Positive Feedback

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The Kite String Tangle - Give It Time ft. Aalias     Electronic 22/06/2018
Brisbane singer/producer/multi-instrumentalist, nominated for multiple ARIA Awards.
‘Give It Time’ ft. Aalias from The Kite String Tangle.

Known for co-producing hits such as Eminem and Rihanna’s ‘The Monster’ and DJ Snake ‘Middle’, on ‘Give It Time’ Aalias worked alongside The Kite String Tangle to produce a track that draws you in with a mesmerising harp intro, building to an infectious groove and Harley’s unmistakably smooth vocals.

Feki - Don't Doubt. ft Olivia Reid     Electronic 19/06/2018
With total online streams reaching over 14 million, Brisbane Producer Feki has been making his presence felt, one carefully crafted track after the next.
Featuring Californian-native Olivia Reid’s blissful vocals, and rhythmic beats that build into a soaring chorus, ‘Don’t Doubt’ is a powerfully restrained track that is destined for repeat listens.

GUM - Couldn't See Past My Ego     Rock, Experimental 19/06/2018
GUM the moniker of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson.
Described as "an endlessly flexible musical polymath," Watson's ability to traverse multiple genres is evident in his latest sonic offerings, mixed and recorded himself.

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Fascinator - Drenched Out     Electronic, Psychedelic 13/06/2018
Fascinator is a New York based, Australian bred musician signed to Spinning Top Records. Drenched Out is a beguiling soundtrack for wanderlust, the need for constant adventure, earthly and otherwise.
Drenched Out is a beguiling soundtrack for wanderlust, the need for constant adventure, earthly and otherwise.

Kira Puru - Molotov     Pop 13/06/2018
Kira Puru is a multi-disciplined songstress Melbourne based artist.
The hard-hitting Molotov makes its mark with striking lyrical potency and percussion elements. “It speaks to the reality that I am - notoriously almost always up for a good time,” says Puru of the track.

Graace - Kissing Boys     Electronic, Pop 08/05/2018
Following her 2017 collaboration with producer Hayden James on platinum selling single ‘Numb,’ GRAACE the moniker of 21 year-old Sydney artist Grace Pitts unveils her debut single ‘Kissing Boys.’
Immediately addictive, ‘Kissing Boys’ is an ode to young love and the antidotes of heartbreak. A piano ballad with a vibrant production twist, the track originated from piano chords that GRAACE had been playing for weeks, unexpectedly evolving one night to form the entire single.

Confidence Man - Out The Window     Electronic, Dance 05/05/2018
A portable party that’s levelled dance floors and flattened festival crowds as it’s rolled out across the world, Confidence Man are a machine custom designed to make you dance.
In ‘Out The Window’ the band reluctantly emerge blinking into the bleachy sunlight from a darkened house party while a driving Balaeric backing track rolls out behind them. It’s a track that has been described as “Madchester baggy bounce” (NME) and “the real highlight of the album” (Purple Sneakers).

Parcels - TIEDUPRIGHTNOW     Electronic, Funk 01/05/2018
Following on from 'Overnight' their 2017 breakout single which was co-produced and written with Daft Punk, Parcels return with irresistible new single and video 'TIEDUPRIGHTNOW'.
‘TIEDUPRIGHTNOW’ is Parcels’ most instantly infectious cut to date, mixing crate-digging disco grooves, a taut indie sensibility and effortlessly uplifting harmonies into immaculate modern pop.

Fascinator - Sex Crystals     Electronic, Psychedelic 27/04/2018
Fascinator is a New York based, Australian-bred electronic/psychedelic/experimental artist. Real name Johnny Mackay, Fascinator revels in the spacial psychedelics of music.
'Sex Crystals' is a Mancunian space jam about a desert adventure in an invisible car. Taken from his forthcoming debut album, the track features dreamy tones, groovy percussion and smooth bass-lines.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Amelia Jenner, FBi, Sydney (NSW)

The Kite String Tangle - The Heights of Trees     Electronic, Classical, Live Performance 27/04/2018
To accompany his upcoming sold out shows with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra as part of the inaugural Wave Festival, The Kite String Tangle releases breathtaking single ‘The Heights of Trees’.
A flawless soaring track with blissful vocals. Says The Kite String Tangle, "It’s one of those ones that kept coming back to me and is essentially about being frustrated by the monotony that everyday life can bring, and trying to create change, even turbulence, in your own life”.

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Haiku Hands - Jupiter     Electronic, Pop, Dance, Hip Hop 18/04/2018
With their signature pairing of genre bending songs, synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands is a three piece hailing from Sydney and Melbourne.
Erupting with buoyant beats and jam-packed with attitude, Jupiter is a collaboration with some of Australia’s finest writers and producers, including Joelistics, Jayteehazard and El Gusto (Hermitude).

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

RAAVE TAPES - SUDS     Rock, Dance 10/04/2018
RAAVE TAPES is a dance-punk three-piece from Newcastle.
SUDS addresses the belief that intoxication isn’t an acceptable excuse for poor behaviour. “We want to encourage the listener to call out this conduct, even if the culprit is a close friend. To put it bluntly - don’t be a d**khead,” says singer/guitarist Joab Eastley of the track.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

LANKS - twentyseven     Electronic, Experimental 20/03/2018
An ode to his partner and career, twentyseven follows the story of LANKS relationship and personal struggles as a musician.

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Aeron Clark, Edge, Hobart (TAS)

MUSIC DIRECTOR PICK: Gloria Brancatisano, SYN, Melbourne (VIC)

Confidence Man - Don't You Know I'm In A Band     Electronic 02/03/2018
A portable party that’s levelled dance floors and flattened festival crowds, Confidence Man are a machine custom designed to make you dance and lose your cool.
The band are giving us a taste of the new album with the release of new single 'Don't You Know I'm In A Band', a sassy beat driven track in which Sugar Bones effortlessly nails the snorting and cavorting lifestyle of fantasist rock stars.

SAFIA - Freakin' Out     Electronic 02/03/2018
SAFIA released their acclaimed debut album Internal in 2016. It was #2 on the ARIA Album chart, #1 on the iTunes chart, received ARIA and J Award nominations.
Much-loved Australian outfit SAFIA are giving us the first taste of new music for 2018 with brand new single 'Freakin' Out'. It comes ahead of headlining the inaugural traveling surf festival The Drop.

‘Freakin’ Out' sees the band return to an anthemic, groove-heavy sound with a warped quirky tone.

Kardajala Kirridarra - Warmala (Young Girls Song)     Electronic 30/11/2017
Sung in English and Mudburra, a rare Indigenous language, KK has received widespread acclaim earning six feature albums on Australian radio, praising their ability to meld the contemporary and traditional.
New focus track Warmala (Young Girls Song) an alternative arrangement by David Williams and Sooji Kim is a story of a young girl coming of age

LANKS - My Own Mystery Ft. Ngaiire     Electronic 24/11/2017
Multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter.
Penned in Vietnam and whilst finishing the second half of his debut album, the track depicts the emotions of being separated from a loved one.

Golden Vessel - Daylight     Electronic, Chill 09/11/2017
Max Byrne is a producer out of Brisbane, Australia who is making chilled electronic music under the name Golden Vessel.
‘Daylight’ is the 4th single to be released from the Right/Side EP and features laid-back vocals and a bouncing beat, the track has been a hit with audiences around the country on each live outing.

Kira Puru - Tension     Pop 08/11/2017
Kira Puru is a Melbourne based [erformer, photographer, visual artist, DJ and vocal powerhouse.
Tension features a hypnotic melody and offers a clear insight into the evolution of Puru’s artistry.

Haiku Hands - Not About You (jayteehazard remix)     Electronic, Dance 01/11/2017
Synchronised dance moves and high energy production, Haiku Hands present an eclectic multi-sensory live experience. Their infectious performance commands the room, confirming an act well and truly on the rise.
A fusion of hip hop, pop, electronic, dance and disco to create the club ready remix of the tongue in cheek, rave-inspired 'Not About You'.