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Blackbirds FC - Even Then I Love You     Country, Pop 18/08/2018
Blackbirds FC is an Alt.Country band with an acoustic, harmony driven sound and a full-time string section.
A love song transformed from being another creepy ex story by feedback from Charles Jenkins who cleverly suggested that it be written from the perspective of a brother trying to watch over a wayward sibling.

Other tracks by Blackbirds FC:  Heavy Heart  -  It's OK To Surrender
Nick Batterham - Nothing Lasts     Pop 20/03/2018
Golden Boy, the 5th solo album from Nick Batterham (The Earthmen), combines pop hooks, jangling guitars and layers of harmonies with sparse and subtle landscapes.
First written for The Earthmen just before their demise, the song never saw the light of day until now. With its urgent tempo and repeated title refrain, the song urges the listener to make the most of the present moment because "everything that you love will pass".

Other tracks by Nick Batterham:  Medals  -  Golden Boy
P76 - Postcard from Bondi     Pop, Rock 04/11/2017
P76 have returned with their first recorded output in 16 years. “Postcard from Bondi” showcases the band’s unique summer-tinged guitar pop sound, with a new songwriting maturity.
“Postcard from Bondi” is a welcome return for P76 showcasing the band’s unique summer-tinged guitar pop sound still intact, but with a new songwriting maturity.

Produced by Nick Batterham (The Earthmen), ‘Postcard from Bondi’ is a strewn-together collage of mid-80’s lyrical imagery evoking the Australian summer like few others can.

John Kennedy - From St Peters To Kings Cross     Pop, Rockabilly, Roots 05/05/2017
Concept album detailing the story of a middle aged musician reflecting on a life lived to an independent music soundtrack. An iconic musician negotiating the twists and turns of life
The song details the journey of a balding middle aged musician looking back to the glory days of Sydney's indie music in the '80's. How far he's travelled, in lifestyle if not distance, from allnight benders in Kings Cross to the daily routine of school drop offs and grocery runs

Other tracks by John Kennedy:  Making America Hate Again  -  Strawberry Hills Forever
The Earthmen - Personal History     Pop, Rock 02/09/2016
90's guitar pop indie darlings The Earthmen return with a brand new retrospective compilation album called "College Heart, which includes four new recordings. The band will reunite for live launches.
Written all the way back in 1997 & recorded especially for the new compilation College Heart its a track about hanging on, obsession, being imperfect and recognising the sounds of our collective behaviour.

Other tracks by The Earthmen:  Blue Sky  -  Find Your Own Way
Nick Batterham - Dead End     Pop 17/07/2015
Nick Batterham has performed in bands including The Earthmen and Cordrazine. His 4th solo album in 5 years contains self-effacing ballads delivered with his unique dry humour.
Sharp-edged acoustic guitar smashes it's way through 2 minutes of dark pop. With a colourful film clip shot in the neon streets of Bangkok.

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Other tracks by Nick Batterham:  All The Hearts You Break  -  Is This What You Meant?
Various Artists - Tim Reid: In The Dark     Pop 24/04/2015
PB:100 is the long awaited 100th release from Popboomerang Records, a 32 track compilation featuring a host of exclusive recordings and selections from the label bands and invited guests.
Written by Tim Reid
Recorded by Tim at home in Melbourne
Featuring Sophie Koh on backing vocals

“A song written for a good friend experimenting with internet dating. My friend would later go on to find the girl of his dreams, in the real world”. Tim Reid

Other tracks by Various Artists:  The Killjoys: Marching Out Of Time  -  Livingstone Daisies: Turning Blue
Danny McDonald - The Melbourne Divide     Pop, Folk 13/04/2015
Melbourne solo songwriter, musician and writer, played in previous bands such as P76, Jericho and the Stoneage Hearts.
“Melbourne's north anbd south is divided by the Yarra, creating a sense of physical and cultural separation.
Each side of the city has distinct qualities which both reflect and help to shape the people that inhabit them. The Yarra is what exists in between, equally separating and uniting the two.

The Solicitors - Quicksand     Pop, Rock 23/09/2013
Made up of laconic guitars, off-kilter arrangements, jumbo hooks and sagacious lyrics, The Solicitors sound is akin to great bastions of the New-Wave scene from yesteryear.
this driving 3 minute pop-rock opus laments over a friend-in-need past the point of no return. The track embodies everything you come to expect from this band - big dumb hooks, clever arrangements, blunt lyrics and a sharp wardrobe.

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Livingstone Daisies - Wednesday     Pop, Roots, Country 11/02/2013
Livingstone Daisies (Van & Cal Walker, Liz Stringer,Michael Barclay) are a rockin pop group in the vein of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub & Big Star big on harmony, jangle and fuzz
The lush jangly track "Wednesday" came about when lead singer/songwriter Van Walker was challended to write a song with,you guessed it about "Wednesday". RECOMMENDED BY: 3PBS, MELBOURNE.

Other tracks by Livingstone Daisies:  Safety In Numbness  -  Everything Has Got To Go
Livingstone Daisies - Blue Solitude     Rock, Pop, Country 10/12/2012
Australia’s Livingstone Daisies are a rockin pop group in the vein of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub & Big Star from Memphis, big on harmony, jangle and fuzz
Australia’s Livingstone Daisies (Van & Cal Walker, Liz Stringer & Michael Barclay) are a rockin pop group in the vein of Scotland’s Teenage Fanclub & Big Star from Memphis, big on harmony, jangle and fuzz, with two albums recorded before even playing their first gig.

Other tracks by Livingstone Daisies:  Keep Searching
Deserters - Vacant Sea     Pop, Rock 14/07/2012
Luke Thomas is best known as half of The Pictures but with his own band, Deserters, Thomas steps out shadow to shine the light on his own evocative, well-crafted songs
Vacant Sea delivers a Neil Finn like melody over a deep hypnotic bass groove and crashing with waves of shimmering, jangly guitar. Mixed by Brisbane's Jeff Lovejoy (Tex Perkins, Powderfinger).

Other tracks by Deserters:  Hitchhiker
Penny Hewson - This One's For You     Pop 21/05/2012
Ex Sea Stories/Not Drowning Waving member Penny Hewson returns with her 2nd solo album. The result is a revealing collection of beautifully intimate songs which herald Penny's musical return.
‘This One’s For You’ – is a story of unrequited love, of wisdom and innocence, and the fervor of knowing that “we are not right for this world”

Other tracks by Penny Hewson:  My Lover’s Touch
Go-Go Sapien - Recreational Derelict     Pop, Rock 01/11/2011
Futuristic guitar pop, post punk, psych-rock, surf music and sci-fi film scores - visually dynamic, energetic and theatrical - characteristically featuring outlandish matching uniforms
A psych pop-pocket symphony about the nature of the mind and the inability to control the direction of our thoughts. Expect fuzzed out guitars, hypnotic strings
and catchy "wooo-ooohs"...

Other tracks by Go-Go Sapien:  Sick Love  -  Hatewind
Tim Reid - Only One     Folk, Pop 24/10/2011
Tim Reid delivers a rustic, folksy, pop sound born of acoustic guitars and warm delicate vocals. Often compared to Crowded House & Elliot Smith.
A catchy, summery, country-tinged pop song from Melbourne singer songwriter Tim Reid. An inviting mixture of Neil Finn and Elliott Smith, Only One explores London’s Winter with a sunny spin.

Other tracks by Tim Reid:  Best Thing  -  18 Floors
Deserters - Lemon Kicks     Pop, Rock 14/10/2011
Deserters present their rockin’ new EP Lemon Kicks/Stars Burn - slices of pop/rock heaven with irresistible hooks, sugar-coated with classy vocals by songwriter Luke Thomas and Elly-May Barnes
Deserters rockin’ new single Lemon Kicks - a slice of pop/rock heaven with irresistible hooks, sugar-coated with classy vocals by songwriter Luke Thomas and Elly-May Barnes. Mixed by Victor Van Vugt in NYC.

Other tracks by Deserters:  Stars Burn
Celadore - Bakery     Rock, Pop 01/10/2011
Produced by Chris Cheney of The Living End, 'The Bright and Blue' is filled with driving, infectious hooks, showcasing the band's broad yet cohesive take on melodic pop-rock.
Melbourne indie-rock trio Celadore announce the release of new EP 'The Bright And Blue' on October 7 through Popboomerang Records. Produced by Chris Cheney of The Living End, 'The Bright and Blue' is filled with driving, infectious hooks, showcasing the band's broad yet cohesive take on melodic pop-rock.

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Other tracks by Celadore:  Kinks In Armour  -  Burn Down The Lighthouse
The Aerial Maps - The Sunset Park     Pop, Folk, Rock 31/08/2011
Music explores the darker reaches of the country's psyche, the desperate lives lived beneath the hot sun and on the edges of the wide open roads through narrative and song
The Sunset Park' – a new single from the Aerial Maps

Signalling this new path is the first single off the album, the title track, 'The Sunset Park'. Banjos, mandolin and possibly the kitchen sink ... it's all there on the song,

Other tracks by The Aerial Maps:  Positive Negative  -  Forgiveness
Georgia Fields - All The King's Men     Pop, Folk 18/07/2011
Georgia Fields combines the childlike naivety of experimental sounds (children’s toys and cordless drills) with timeless strings, brass, and woodwind arrangements. She has been heralded as a pocket-sized orchestral wonder.
‘All The King’s Men’ is a ukulele-based, joyfully retro escapade into the realms of domestic bliss. Fields composed while riding shotgun on a car trip out to the country, and wrote the bridge section a few days later on her bicycle as she pedalled the neighborhood streets.

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Other tracks by Georgia Fields:  Something Borrowed, Something Blue  -  One Finger
Young Werther - No One In Thier Right Mind     Pop 15/06/2010
Young Werther melds the intricate delicacy of folk with the raw sensuality of classic pop to create an ethereal and disarmingly intimate music.
Recorded under the watchful eve and loving hand of Nick Huggins (Skipping Girl Vinegar, Whitley) in a studio overlooking the mythologically charged MCG, Around The World, draws upon the energy of the locale and Young Werther's own determination to conquer new , challenging musical landscapes.

Other tracks by Young Werther:  Break The News  -  Around The World