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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Waterfall Person - Coffee     Pop, Electronic 18/07/2019
Waterfall person is the solo music project of Filipino-Australian artist Annabelle and her 29 keyboards (and 1% bass guitar!).
"Coffee, wake up, wash up" go the lyrics to Coffee, making it the perfect song to pop on in the morning while getting ready to face the day. Taken from Waterfall Person's forthcoming album, Just Like Me (to be released September 9), Coffee is a fan favourite at live shows.

Waterfall Person - Just Like Me     Pop, Electronic 18/07/2019
Waterfall person is the solo music project of Filipino-Australian artist Annabelle and her 29 keyboards.
A personal song about identity and loving yourself, Just Like me is the title track from Waterfall Person's forthcoming album which comes out September 9. Recorded mostly on cheap Casio and Yamaha keyboards from the ’90s (and 1% bass guitar), Just Like Me was engineered and co-produced with Evelyn Ida Morris (Pikelet, Evelyn Ida Morris) and mastered by Dendy Lion.

YEN STRANGE - PIXEL     Pop, Experimental, Electronic, Hip Hop 18/07/2019
DIY Australian indie electro artist. Major use of synths and guitar effects. Takes aesthetic inspiration from Asian/Japanese pop culture.
Pixels are like people sitting in their right place to make up the bigger picture. But do we really need to have a perfectly functioning TV screen?

I took inspiration from dance music while staying true to the indie pop dreamer I tend to be.

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City Calm Down - Flight     Pop 16/07/2019
City Calm Down share the third song 'Flight', off their forthcoming third studio album Television – released Friday 23 August via I OH YOU.
‘Flight’ is the third single to come from City Calm Down's forthcoming third studio album Television, produced by Burke Reid

Congrats - Cut Down The Middle     Pop, Electronic 16/07/2019
Congrats is the solo pop venture of Ben Stewart. Though best known as part of rock act Slowly Slowly, Congrats is his infectious branch out into the pop sphere.
'Cut Down The Middle' is infectious, unbridled and vulnerable pop. With lines like "I'm still chasing that balcony view of you", Congrats invites us in to his yearning through his lyrics, all the while wrapping them up in gorgeous, quivering vocals and delicious pop sensibilities.

Lucie Thorne - Golden Plains     Pop, Electronic, Folk 16/07/2019
Lauded for writing "some of the most simple and beautiful songs you will hear"(****The Age), Lucie Thorne has earned her place as one of Australia's most striking contemporary songsmiths
Golden Plains is the second single to be released from Lucie Thorne’s extraordinary new art/pop album Kitty & Frank. The album’s opening track, Golden Plains is an enticing taste of what's to come and features sublime playing from Thorne's A-team collaborators; Hamish Stuart (Drums), Chris Abrahams (synthesiser) and Dave Symes (bass). Kitty & Frank will be released 26th August 2019.

Asha Vivian - Like In The Movies     Pop 15/07/2019
Asha’s first release showcases a voice replete with intimacy, youthful intensity yet highlighting a matured streak of melancholy.
Australian singer-songwriter Asha Vivian has just released her debut single In the Movies, a refined piece of hypnotic pop with a reflective lyric and a laidback mellow sound.

CLEAR - Somnium     Pop, Atmospheric, Experimental 15/07/2019
A brave new world for the dreamers. Fraser Coast based artist CLEAR emerges breathing an ethereal anthem into the atmosphere for the ones who understand the gravity of their dreams.
Latin for ‘Dream’; Somnium is an anthem for dreamers. CLEAR sings of the freedom in pursuing passion for passion’s sake— the strength in staying soft, open, in recognising our human disposition for idealism.

She calls to our inner child, to remember our creative nature... to believe in ourselves again.

Frankenfido - Purple Shuffle     Pop, Instrumental, Rock, Dance 15/07/2019
Frankenfido evolved as a fun chaotic jam band that suddenly evolved into a going concern that's destined to lift commercial music up from the depths of mediocrity, irrelevance and apathy.
Purple Shuffle is a bouncy energetic instrumental that hooks you in from its very first note and groovily drags you along to the exhausting finish.

Or to be precise a two and a half minute romping shot of dopamine inspired by early Deep Purple and Pink Floyd, with an added psychedelic swirl.

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Bambino Koresh - What I'm Gonna Do Now     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 14/07/2019
A three-piece from Maitland lled by the Spanish musician Leticia Nischang. Tom Morgan (Smudge) is on bass and on drums is Sarah McEwan from Grace Before Meals.
A catchy heartfelt song with strong Teenage Fanclub/Juliana Hatfield overtones.

Other tracks by Bambino Koresh:  Just Accept It
Broxton - Providers     Pop, RnB 12/07/2019
Producer and singer/songwriter from Tasmania.
This track was written, produced and arranged by Tim Broxton. The song is written for Tim's parents and is a feel good track that openly represents how Tim has come to realise how much his parents have done for him.

Ella Fence - Don't Feed The Monster     Pop, Electronic 12/07/2019
Ella Fence singer/songwriter/multi instrumentalist, is a young woman whose vocal powerhouse delivers a mysterious blend of avante guarde meets dream pop music.
Don’t Feed The Monster’s musical narrative orbits around psychology of fear and tackling the thought or physicality of danger or a threat. Don’t Feed The Monster is about acknowledging and recognising potential harm then summoning the strength of empowerment and confidence to take control.

Frankie Crea - Dance Till We Can't     Pop, Rock, Funk 12/07/2019
Frankie Crea is a guitarist, singer/songwriter and musician. Born in Perth, Western Australia, Frankie dedicates his life to making music.
Dance Till We Can’t delivers as a saucy throwback to 70’s disco funk. The electronic synths that scream Daft Punk alongside the jumpy bass lines and funky guitar work that reflect Red Hot Chili Peppers, makes listeners wan’t to toe tap to oblivion. The lyrics explore themes of partying. It is the 2nd single from Frankie's debut album Warzone.

ILUKA - Fall Apart Again     Pop, Folk 12/07/2019
“Renowned for her signature retro-pop sounds and a voice that commands attention, ILUKA stands strong as one of Australia’s home-grown revolutionaries.” - POPHRT
Continuing to demonstrate versatility and a knack for constructing immersive, dreamy indie soundscapes, Sydney artist ILUKA returns with a bright new single in ‘Fall Apart Again’. Combining soaring guitars with airy synths, leaving her vocal to charge forward and shine, ILUKA shimmers on the track as she navigates a narrative built on an emotional tug o’ war.

Kids At Midnight - Boys Like You     Pop, Electronic 12/07/2019
Kids At Midnight is a singer songwriter producer making layered and dreamy synth pop to a bedroom mood board of pastel colours, high school romance and John Hughes films.
'Boys Like You’ is a sweet bop of an ode to teen romance, pastel colours, high school socials and heartbreaking first loves. Layered with as many dreamy synths and windswept vocals as it is with tears, every note & every beat pristinely directed with the idealism of a John Hughes film.

Lorenzo Innotti - If Love Comes to Call     Pop 12/07/2019
A classically trained tenor, combined with his love for pop, Lorenzo's songs are a powerful mix of strong vocals, creative melodies and powerful lyrics.
A story about a heartbroken man! Trying to pull himself back together, stay strong and come to terms with a break up.

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Ministry of Mars - Day 'N' Night (feat. Jad Lagoon)     Pop, Funk, Electronic, Rock 12/07/2019
Ministry of Mars is a indie-pop, electronic and synth-pop brother duo Alistair and Jon Marsden, from Brisbane Australia.
Day 'N' Night is depicts the aftermath of a long night out with a loved one. It's about taking your time, being youthful and living in the moment day or night.

Nic Rollo - Show Me What Hurts     Pop, Electronic, Rock 12/07/2019
Multi-instrumental singer and producer from Perth who’s music features sonic and lyrical depth, as well as upbeat danceability.
Show Me What Hurts is about the tenderness of love and how the hardest part in relationships of any form can be showing others your flaws and insecurities, as well as past and current pain. I thought it was important to explore the other side of the spectrum. In short, it’s about opening up and showing what hurts.

Penelope Pettigrew - Electricity     Pop 12/07/2019
Penelope's style is “Distressed Pop”. Her performances are dynamic and alluring, her voice is powerful and captivating. Keep an eye out for this woman, she is coming in hot!
This emotionally driven track outlines the intimate nuances of a gay love triangle between two men and one woman. This song dives deep into the soul, surging through longing and the heartbreak of an unattainable love.

The production on this track is dramatic and cinematic, it perfectly encapsulates the complexities of what the song is about.

Temgazi - Talk That Talk     Pop, African, RnB, Hip Hop 12/07/2019
Temgazi is a South African raised singer / songwriter from Sydney. Temgazi has recently released her second official single ‘Talk That Talk’ which featured last week on Apple Music’s Beats1.
Temgazi lets her inner goddess fly in this utterly simmering single by an up-beat fusion of Afro Beats, Dancehall and RnB. ‘This track serves as evidence of my love for Afro Beats and Dancehall. It instantly gives you summer vibes and pays homage to one of my favourite Dancehall artists and queen, "Spice"’.

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