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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Like Bear - Drive     Pop, Electronic 26/07/2019
Over 7 years of peaking from around stage curtains, watching over artists with whom she had written and produced, for the first time ever, Like Bear is stepping out.
The brand new single respectfully encourages taking responsibility for yourself. Expressing self-love and independence, ‘Drive’ nurtures the fear of loneliness, and urges it’s listeners to recognise negative emotional reactions and self-doubt, and to take the wheel.

‘Drive’ represents a long process, and one that is ever-changing. "All you gotta do is drive..."

Melissa Ramsey - Halo     Pop 26/07/2019
Melbourne-based artist Melissa Ramsay has just unveiled her ethereal debut single ‘Halo’ – produced and mixed by Hayden Jeffery (Woodes, Wolfjay).
'Halo’ is about entering your mid-twenties and reflecting on your wrong doings, bad decisions and striving to be a better person. It’s about feeling like you’re the worst person on earth and trying to convince yourself that you’re actually not; you’re just human like everyone else.

Penelope Pettigrew - Electricity     Pop 26/07/2019
Penelope Pettigrew describes her style as “Distressed Pop”. Known for her powerhouse vocals and dynamic performance style, Pettigrew is making quite the entrance.
This emotionally driven track outlines the intimate nuances of a gay love triangle between two men and one woman. This song dives deep into the soul, surging through longing and the heartbreak of an unattainable love.

The production on this track is dramatic and cinematic, it perfectly encapsulates the complexities of what the song is about.

Puretone feat. QuickBrownFox - B*tch in the Mercedes     Pop 26/07/2019
Puretone had a worldwide smash with 'Addicted to Bass', and have unearthed some exceptional pop/dance/alt songs from the archives, now being reproduced, remastered and released.
Written about certain people living in the likes of Toorak & Double Bay, 'Bitch in the Mercedes' is a cutting, yet entertaining 3 minutes go hooky pop bliss.

Sahara Beck - Don't Overthink It     Pop 26/07/2019
Brisbane bombshell Sahara Beck is back with a blast in her brand-new single, ‘Don’t Over Think It,’ out now via Dew Process records.
the tune offers an adrenalised shot of art-pop, chased down with Sahara’s trademark sass and swagger. Hurtling along on its glistening guitar groove and undeniable beat, it’s already proven to be a crowd favourite at shows.

Spokesmodel - Means to an End     Pop, Electronic, Rock 26/07/2019
Synth pop-rock band from Melbourne and Brisbane.
A driving synth-rock song with female vocals, synth apps, rock drums and a catchy chorus. Sounds like Garbage, Chvrches, Ladytron.

Willing - Hungry     Pop, Gay Alligned 25/07/2019
Willing is a beacon of pop ephemera. Willing brings electronic pop sensibilities and combines them with theatrical urgency, channeling Frank Ocean and Liza Minelli while staying authentic to themselves.
Willing are releasing their new single, Hungry, a horny trap-rock song about lusty nights at home alone. Mixed by rising star Luboku, 'Hungry' is a slow jam that will leave you ravenous for more. Willing’s sultry vocal and the throbbing 808s culminate in a guitar hero finale that is as nostalgic as a wet dream. Queer pop at it’s thirstiest.

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Dom Youdan - Pockets     Pop, Rock, Electronic 24/07/2019
Like the lovechild of The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle, this new Dom Youdan track is an evocative anthem, full of heart and sentiment.
Bright, determined and well-poised for the warmer months ahead, Sydney indie musician Dom Youdan has propelled himself back onto the scene with his new single, ‘Pockets’. Like the lovechild of The 1975 and The Kite String Tangle, this new Dom Youdan track is an evocative anthem, full of heart and sentiment.

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Forest Falls - Lady Luck     Pop, Chill, Acoustic, Easy Listening 24/07/2019
Forest Falls is an Australian alt-pop powerhouse combining 80s-influenced synth hooks with multi-part vocals, searing instrumentation and a refreshingly futuristic mindset.
Sparkling, ambient dream pop/shoegaze track that runs at a comfortable tempo before building to a driving conclusion. Expansive sound while also introspective in tone.

Forest Falls - Never-Ending Love     Pop, Retro, Chill, Rock 24/07/2019
Forest Falls is an Australian alt-pop powerhouse combining 80s-influenced synth hooks with multi-part vocals, searing instrumentation and a refreshingly futuristic mindset.
Up-tempo, 80s-influenced track with strong synth and guitar hooks right from the get-go. Hints of HAIM and Arcade Fire (circa Reflektor and Everything Now).

Phil Hancock - Trouble     Pop, Gay Alligned, Electronic 24/07/2019
Phil Hancock is a gay Australian pop artist described as "Brisbane's pop banger balladeer" creating new "melancholic future pop" music.
'Trouble' is track 2 of Phil Hancock's upcoming 'Post Traumatic' EP. Inspired by the music of Troye Sivan & Julia Michaels, it's about the end of a toxic relationship and overcoming the trauma of someone who was continuously out to hurt you.

Steve Balbi - Every Living Thing     Pop, Dance, Folk 24/07/2019
Steve Balbi's a musician and producer who mines the kaleidoscope of life. Transcending rock, pop, coalescing sentimentality and soul, Balbi bespeaks Bowie, exploring heterogeneity, refinement and dirty groove of Radiohead.
A song about hope, living a life with value and virtue, ‘Every Living Thing’ begets an enlightened variance in melody and rhythm from the dirty rotten groove of ‘Modern Love’. An ode to courage, friendship, temperance, pride, fairness, honour, laughter, and magnificence, it's a song that we can sing… so that children can live and be.

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Steve Balbi ft. Jessica Irwin & The Vixen Strings - Modern Love [Psykinetic Mix]     Pop, Electronic, Rock 24/07/2019
Jessica Irwin has severe cerebral palsy. However, with Steve Balbi and Psykinetic's eye-control technology, she can now play music. This is their second single, this time featuring The Vixen Strings,
Modern Love [Psykinetic Mix] is an emotive song with a catchy loop that transcends electronic/pop/rock and lounge. The somewhat anthemic chorus is extremely catchy and the dirty-rotten guitar riff, which elevates the energy of the song from the middle eight, gets into your head and stays there. Lyrically, it's a commentary about love in a world of new communications technologies.

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TARA - No Love     Pop, Chill 24/07/2019
20 year old Singer-Songwriter, TARA, is an up and coming Pop artist from Melbourne. Her music is current and catchy and TARA has just released new single, No Love.
'No Love' was written after watching a best friend get her heart broken by a guy she thought loved her. The song explores the POV from girls that have been hurt after finding out that once again, they have only been emotionally used and abused. 'No Love' is relatable and explains what it feels like to lose love.

Approachable Members Of Your Local Community - On + On     Pop, Rock 23/07/2019
Reliably funky&devilishly handsome in their matching Adidas, these nebbish boys from the more-recently-clean streets of St Kilda who make up the AM's deliver a service the community knows and loves.
“We wrote ‘On + On’ about daring to chase a dream, doing all you can to make it happen, &coming up against your fear of falling flat”. It starts off with synth-piano chords &an eighties like feel that invites summer right into your ears. The bright-pulsating chords combined with low &smooths vocals lead us from one lyric to the next,

Brightness - Dallas     Pop, Rock 23/07/2019
“Wilted on a Murphy bed with 3:10 glowing Kubrick-red and Robert Tilton on TV”, so goes the stark opening line to ‘Dallas’, the heady new single from Newcastle singer-songwriter Brightness.
‘Dallas’ is - by Brightness' description - “a song about being spiritually hungry…the volatility and fragility of being in that state.” Its slanting melody, baritone guitars and erratic squalls dunk you in this cloudy space for the bulk of its duration, then slowly lifts you out in its final phrases to the sound of rapturous falsetto and luminous French horn.

Cousin Tony's Brand New Firebird - Best Face to London     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Experimental 23/07/2019
Rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most exciting, diverse and hard-working young bands, this Melbourne based five piece are making waves within the Australian music scene, and further abroad.
Frontman Lachlan Rose says; “In the building world, “Best Face to London” means to present the best materials at the front of a house, concealing the less attractive materials. The song is a celebration of the human, emotional tendency to do the same – a reassuring nod to all the brave faces stepping out into the world every day.”

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M4SONIC - Gone For Good     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Easy Listening 23/07/2019
Known for 100+ million views on YouTube for Launchpad videos. Maker of all things music and co-founder of an indie record label called Global League.
M4SONIC partners with up and coming singer/songwriter Kayla Rose who features on Gone For Good with her unique vocals. This pop/electronic inspired song blends seamlessly with Kayla’s vocal performance. The song is about breaking free of your ghosts and moving on with your life.

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MAX C BUD - Straight from the Heart     Pop, Rock, Folk 23/07/2019
Sydney singer songwriter Max C Bud has been releasing music as a solo artist since 2018. Max has an honest approach to songwriting with the aim of connecting.
Straight from the Heart has heartfelt lyrics accompanied by moody electric guitar hooks with a subtle synth-pop vibe resulting in a full sound, with vocal harmonies that lead to a crescendo.

No/Trauma - Six Foot Flawless     Pop, Punk, Folk 23/07/2019
No/Trauma are a Naarm (Melbourne) based band, making emo folk music. Singing about vulnerability, connection and identity. It’s a bit like Paul Kelly meets Kelly Clarkson, but sadder and queerer.
Six Foot Flawless is a three minute thirty second anthemic burst of self love about growing up, being queer as in “f**k you” and learning to love yourself with a little bit of inspiration from the Greek Amazons of legend.