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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Rojdar - First Sight     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/11/2019
Melbourne’s playfully eccentric producer Rojdar returns with his brand new single ‘First Sight’- out now through Liberator Music.
Co-written with Zac Hamilton-Reeves (Northeast Party House) and featuring vocals by Chris Sebastian (Guy’s brother), ‘First Sight’ is the ultimate feel-good jam for the summer. Together with its huge, anthemic chorus and glistening dance tones, ‘First Sight’ further cements Rojdar as one of the most exciting acts in the Australian Pop scene.

Samantha Sharpe - Gilded Cage     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening 20/11/2019
Samantha Sharpe is an enigma, not your average acoustic act. With lyrics to make you think and soaring, smooth vocals, she's one to watch out for in the music industry.
Gilded Cage is the title track from Samantha Sharpe's debut EP, and features some of her finest lyrics and vocals. With a strong base of acoustic guitar, this track tells the story of love that may not be all that it seems, as a full band joins in.

Other tracks by Samantha Sharpe:  Your Love  -  Masterpiece
The Rubens - Live In Life     Pop, Alternative 20/11/2019
The Rubens are back in a big way with the release of new single & infectious summer jam, ‘Live In Life’.
Blending their signature hooky choruses with a shadowy undertone, ‘Live In Life’ was co-produced by the band and Konstantin Kersting (Tones & I, Mallrat) & recorded in the same WW2 bunker that birthed their last album. The song follows a guy over the course of one night as he comes to terms with the gravity of a relationship breakdown.

Zacharria - YOU     Pop, Dance, Soul 20/11/2019
Zacharria combines his natural vocal ability of over 4 octaves with a sophisticated combination of pop, soul and electronic vibes and songwriting.
Zacharria’s emotive lyrics against his smooth vocals, catchy melodies and a blissful, tropical beat.

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Neverkid - When It Comes To You     Pop, Indie 19/11/2019
Neverkid is an emerging Brisbane-based electronic/indie pop musician. Melding crisp, alto vocals with retro synths, Neverkid’s punchy sound and alternative lyrics take influence from Robyn, The Weeknd and Vera Blue.
When It Comes To You is a punchy and energetic indie-pop track, featuring Neverkid's catchy chorus vocal hook cutting through bright, 80s-retro synths. Driven by a pulsating bass loop. The track's dynamic and powerful vibe is counterbalanced with Neverkid's moody, alto vocals and alternative lyrics, which are riddled with double meanings and imagery from Brisbane's inner-city.

Ambition Road - Badge Of Pride     Pop, Indie, Roots, Rock 18/11/2019
David Truong is a totally blind singer songwriter and keyboard player from Brisbane Queensland Australia. Ambition Road brings to life David's original music in a Keyboard driven, Acoustic-Reflective, Folk/Soft-Rock style.
Badge of pride is about The ongoing struggle for acceptance experienced by people in the LGBTI community. This song is also a plea to people with those points of you to become more open-minded.

Finally, as the name suggests, Badge of Pride encourages people in the LGBTI community to be proud and remain strong and forthright despite the difficulties encountered.

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An Pham - This Is Me     Pop, R&B 18/11/2019
An Pham, the emerging pop artist from Sydney.
Debut single ‘This Is Me’ is about being true to one’s self, that even after constantly hiding the way one feels, it’s never too late to make a change. This powerful pop anthem with its unique vocal tones advocates for being unapologetic for sticking to your true self.

Conspiracy of One - We're All Aliens, Baby     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Folk 16/11/2019
Fun quirky songs to get you interested in science.
A quirky character-based story from the perspective of different aliens all independently asking "where are all the aliens?" implying a universal question that everyone wonders about.

Through hearing their stories we learn more about ourselves. Perspective, wonder, existential philosophy, social commentary.

Adrian J - Amy's Song     Pop 15/11/2019
Singer/Songwriter & Producer Adrian J - is known for creating lush pop tracks, and writing songs that are lyrically beautiful and relatable.
Over the years, many people have asked who is the girl that Adrian has written so many of his songs about? This is that girl; Amy.

This track is a beautiful and somewhat cinematic pop ballad, that pours so much heart and emotion.

Other tracks by Adrian J:  I'll Be The One - [Re-Mixed/Extended EP Version]  -  Living Without You - [2019 EP Version]
Clay J. Gladstone - International Pill Testing Anthem of the Year     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 15/11/2019
Energetic electronic hooks, big vibes and a strong messaging, Clay J. Gladstone is Australia's next, self proclaimed, last pop star.
Born and bread on Michael Jackson, Bon Jovi and Cat Stevens, Gladstone presents a well rounded and unique approach to modern pop. Rather than hollow ballads, Clay intends to use his platform to enact change and highlight the flaws of modern society.

ELSKA - Sweet Girl     Pop 15/11/2019
Gold Coast playful pop harpist ELSKA is back and set to soar with the release of her brand new dreamy disco-popper, ‘Sweet Girl’, out November 15th.
'Sweet Girl’ embraces dreamy disco pop, mixed with sumptuous synth strings, emotive pianos, and lilting harp melodies performed by ELSKA – that all swirl around her lush vocals. Born from writing a letter to her younger self, 'Sweet Girl' is a self-reflective piece of love advice filled with soaring youthfulness and floating disco dancefloor vibes.

Glass Tides - Sympathy     Pop, Rock, Alternative 15/11/2019
Glass Tides are a five piece Emo/Rock group from Adelaide, Australia. Wasting no time establishing themselves nationwide, supporting artists such as Thrice, Circa Survive, Body Jar, Young Lions & more.
Sympathy takes on a soft rock vibe, really focusing on the lyrics. Bringing out the most horrible thoughts you could think of yourself while in a dark place, but then still having hope that you are able to be whoever you want to be.

Hattie Oates - BAD     Pop, Alternative 15/11/2019
At only 16, Hattie Oates is one to watch. Her exquisite groove and tone is unique and personal, with a soul way beyond her years.
A daring progression from her last bright, acoustically driven tracks, ‘BAD’ opts for dark synth driven textures and moody, electronic drum patterns. Still delivering her signature vibrant soul, Hattie’s soothing melodies and picturesque harmonies glide seamlessly over the blossoming instrumental.

Lonelyspeck - Seep     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 15/11/2019
Lonelyspeck is the project of Adelaide-based singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga.
Seep is the third track from Lonelyspeck's EP Abyssal Body, of which Lonelyspeck says; 'I wanted to freely bring together musical influences from various stages of my life – from the 2000s alternative rock that soundtracked my youth to the futuristic pop inspiring me now – regardless of whether there was a precedent for the sounds it would result in.'

Other tracks by Lonelyspeck:  What If You Don't  -  Warmth of the Earth
Lorelei - Skylight     Pop, Indie, Alternative, Psych 15/11/2019
Lorelei is the project of Claudia Schmidt and Arlen McCarthy. Influenced by bands like Beach House and Blondie, Lorelei exists somewhere in the middle, a swirling current of dark dream-pop.
“Skylight was Recorded with Lachlan Mitchell (The Jezabels) at Parliament Studios. It’s a song about looking back, and looking forward, whilst simultaneously feeling as though you are stuck forever in a single moment.”

Mila Nile - Where Did The Time Go     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 15/11/2019
Swedish-born, Sydney-based indie pop artist Mila Nile is back with her latest introspective and uplifting single, 'Where Did The Time Go'.
Co-created with Nile’s long-term collaborator, producer Dave Hammer (Lime Cordiale, WASHINGTON, JEFFE), Where Did The Time Go drips with nostalgia as it delicately balances melancholy, optimism and acceptance.

Mila describes the track as “a song about daily pressures, fear of missing out and finding acceptance in where you are in life".

Sycco - Peacemaker     Pop, Alternative 15/11/2019
Sasha McLeod is SYCCO. Equally at home in the studio and on the stage, Sycco demands attention for her soulful voice, observant lyrics, psychedelic jazz aura and undeniable charisma.
Written, recorded and produced by Sycco herself, 'Peacemaker' is a swaggering track with an addictive groove and hooks galore.

BROOKLNN - Love Me Like That     Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 14/11/2019
BROOKLNN has recently returned to Australia after 4 years in Sweden, where she was quickly signed to Swedish publisher The Kennel and Universal Music as a songwriter.
The song explores being stuck in a toxic relationship and the feeling of complacency. "Love Me Like That is based on a toxic past relationship, one in which you ‘fall too fast, lose the spark just as quick and just sort of stay together because you think it’s better than being alone," explains BROOKLNN

ELLE - If You're Not The One     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 14/11/2019
Grand romantic pop from Melbourne, Australia
Released November 8, If You’re Not the One is our debut single — a timeless, moody, yet starry-eyed pop song about burning it down in search of a new beginning.

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FERLA - Desire Machine     Pop, Indie, Alternative 14/11/2019
Continuing to deliver on their distinctive after-dark pop, 'Desire Machine' follows the release of their AMP nominated debut album It’s Personal and acclaimed double EP Guilt-Pop/Stay-Posi.
“I’m a real believer in writing the kind of music that you want to listen to. At the time of writing this one I must've really felt like a dance. We sat on this demo because it didn’t fit on the album but the rub was that it was too good to waste, so here it is!" says Giuliano