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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Bohifale - Stationary     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Downbeat 21/04/2019
Sydney based Actor, branching out into music. Would ultimately like to write for others artists
A Pop/Electronic tune with a chilled out feel. The instrumentation is complimented by husky talk-singing vocals.

BLIGH - Nissan Patrol     Pop, Rock, Pop 19/04/2019
Buckle in for a fun ride with alt pop outfit BLIGH, already touted as “one of Australia's most exciting indie bands” for their hook-heavy, synth-driven POPera energetic live shows.
Hook-heavy, synth-driven POPera, Nissan Patrol is a coming-of-age track taking you on a journey to those dizzying formative heights of finding your feet in life and falling in love. Just like penniless P-platers on the highway, BLIGH are putting the pedal to the metal, speeding towards shiny, pop Nirvana, stereo on full blast.

DREAMGOOD - LOST BOYS     Pop, Electronic, Punk, Ambience 19/04/2019
DreamGood is a three piece cinematic art pop ensemble from the Sydney region. They blend poetic, bold, upfront language with cinematic, often eccentric musical orchestration.
Lost boys is a strong hard hitting pop tune. It's full of masculine energy and is a celebration and critique of what it means to be a ‘MAN’. We can only hope that the human mind continues to crack open and embrace all men, no matter how normal or unusual.

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Hannah Ana - Letter     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 19/04/2019
Hannah Ana is a Brisbane-based Canadian singer-songwriter, sharing stories through cinematic soundscapes, contemplative lyrics and soulful vocals. Her songs aim to connect listeners with a deeper part of themselves.
Following the release of her first single “Oceanside”, Letters is a bold proclamation aimed at the singers past self. The sonic composition ebbs and flows between dreamy electronic elements, piano, electric guitar and soaring strings, with a strong percussive beat that adds a sense of drive and momentum. Letters is a cinematic alt-pop production that is lyrically reflective and empowering.

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Lili Crane - Don't Take My Mask Off     Pop, Rock 19/04/2019
Lili Crane is a singer/songwriter from Newcastle, Australia. Lili draws inspiration from: Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, John Mayer and Kings of Leon who all help to inspire her pop/rock sound.
'Don't Take My Mask Off' is a song about being insecure and not showing your true self in fear of not fitting in.
The rock track contains dirty sounding guitars and pleading vocals.

Reija Lee - Something True     Pop, Electronic 19/04/2019
Reija Lee has cemented herself within electronic music as one half of ‘Kito & Reija Lee’; as the queen of EDM features and is now conquering with her solo music.
Dripping in nostalgic influences but keeping one foot firmly planted in the future, ‘Something True’ is the sequel to the self-love anthem Love Nobody, for “when you've worked on yourself, sorted your shit out, and you're finally ready to be with someone,” says Reija Lee.

Carter Jnr - Holding On     Pop, Electronic, Acoustic, Folk 18/04/2019
Carter Jnr’s signature sound is normally influenced by indie-folk acts like Lumineers and Mumford & Sons, his new single ‘Holding On’ has focus on larger, more synth heavy production.
It’s about the idea that we are all struggling to keep it together. That might be in a relationship, or day to day life I’m general, but while we think we are alone in these battles, we are actually all in this together, and we can stop and give up, or we can keep fighting and work through it’

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FERLA - Unconditional Love     Pop, Rock, Electronic 18/04/2019
Melbourne after-dark pop darlings FERLA have released their debut album and are heading out on tour this May.
This one’s about self-love, baby.​​ It’s about making music and being an artist. It’s about self-love and self-acceptance. It’s about trusting in something bigger than yourself. I read an article about how self-love is the hardest love of all. I get it. It’s really hard. But love can heal. There needs to be more of it.

Sugar Jacket - Real Creature     Pop 18/04/2019
Sugar Jacket has evolved from William van der Vliet’s passion for creating something sparse yet lush, drawing upon dream-pop sensibilities and psychedelic synths to capture emotion and tell a story.
'Real Creature' is the latest dream pop release from Melbourne's Sugar Jacket, who explains that the track is "about diving off the deep end and letting go of any fears with a lover".

The track was recorded at Purple Wayne studios in Collingwood with producer Alex O'Gorman, who also mixed the track. It also features singer-songwriter, Anabelle Kay.

Tall Teeth - Stale Makeup     Pop, Folk, Chill 18/04/2019
Brooding, ethereal and brutally personal, Tall Teeth’s delicate instrumentation soundtracks a confronting, emotive reflection of internal conflict that is equal parts haunting as it is alluring.
"''Stale Makeup' explores the idea of coming back to an empty canvas, living and breathing a period of time much more colourful than the last," Tall Teeth explains, "The story of the song started because the road had become more defined, yet the potentials and challenges of the journey were not to be overlooked."

Whtsqr - Impractical Balloon     Pop, Rock 18/04/2019
Whtsqr is Guy Morton + talented friends. It exists because Guy feels harmony is worth creating, and a pleasing synthesis of voice, ideas, melody and well-tuned instruments never hurt anyone.
Title track from the album. A bit Tom Petty-ish perhaps? A song about taking a chance and trying things because life is short.

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Other tracks by Whtsqr:  Only One  -  The Mice Will Play
Asha Vivian - Use Me Like     Pop, Electronic, Dance 17/04/2019
Asha is a young and upcoming artist, delivering a chill vibe undertoned with a funky beat that makes it hard to stop you body from moving along to the tunes.
Use Me Like has chilled vocals accompanied by a funky back beat. The lyrics are catchy and soulful. This song portrays a laid back vibe but you cant help to move your body to the track.

Charlz - Amaze Me     Pop, Downbeat 17/04/2019
Melbourne singer-songwriter Charlz has been capturing pop's zeitgeist in recent years. Last year's ‘Colors’ was produced by Grammy award-winning producer M-Phazes and landed in the Spotify’s Global Viral Top 50.
The smart beats and glowing synth of 'Amaze Me' are lit up with Charlz's wonderous vocals that capture precious moments in time, the swelling eight-part harmonies balancing on the precipice of hopeful and revelatory: "I really sang my heart out on this track and found new reaches." reveals Charlz. ‘Amaze Me’ is about her continuing quest for her ideal relationship.

KESMAR - Crushing     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Funk 17/04/2019
KESMAR is the new chapter for Nathan Hawes who has dropped the acoustic guitar and is now Sydney's multi-instrumentalist and nu-disco enthusiast.
Crushing is filled with dance, disco and blissful moments of indie-pop. Driven by slick basslines and throwback synths, the track revives the old soul of disco in a contemporary setting, tugging on influences from the past and present.

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Other tracks by KESMAR:  Mistake  -  Collide
RIVAH - Worry Bout It     Pop, Electronic, RnB 17/04/2019
Brisbane-based pop vanguard creating unabashed, inspiring pop with R&B inflections. Featuring production from people behind Jarryd James, Chet Faker, Flume, SuperCruel. For Fans of MØ and SZA
"Worry Bout It" is the latest single from Brisbane pop-vanguard RIVAH. Recently signed to Inertia Music, it features on her debut self-titled EP, which showcases an artist flourishing on their own edge of the pop spectrum.

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South Isle - Notes     Pop, Folk 17/04/2019
Cazi and Luke met in 2013 and the MCG and have been performing together since then. 'Notes' features Luke's vocals but Cazi sings lead too, so stay tuned!
Notes features Luke on electric guitar in an open tuning and layered synth parts by Cazi. The chorus opens up with expanding harmonies that give the song a sense of dreaminess. Notes is a relaxed and simple tune. The lyrics in Notes are an honest reflection on finding your roots again and retuning to where you belong.

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daste - Myself     Pop, Funk, Electronic 16/04/2019
‘Myself’ is the latest single from Australian trio daste, and it’s also the next taste of their forthcoming debut ep that's set for release in May via Mammal Sounds Records
‘Myself’ is the latest single from Australian trio daste, and it’s also the next taste of their forthcoming debut "Palette" ep that is set for release in May via Mammal Sounds Records.

Bajillionaire - Sleepwalking feat. Brewer     Pop, Downbeat 16/04/2019
Somewhere on the salty fringes of Sydney’s northern beaches, Bajillionaire (21-year-old Charlie Hole) is brewing certified ear candy with a zesty kick.
Reflecting his penchant for DIY-production and minimalism, ‘Sleepwalking’ sees Bajillionaire create a bright, pulsating bop, all simmering over a future bass undercurrent.

“On this song I really wanted to say something much more subtle and less in your face than the other things I have done. As a result, this is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written."

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Leeroy - Screwed Me Over     Pop, Rock, Reggae, Chill 16/04/2019
Leeroy is an a solo act from Perth, WA. His passion for exciting guitar lines and irresistible melodies keeps his roots, rock, reggae vibes alive and well!
Screwed Me Over is a song of great redemption, sharing in the experience of hurt and knowing you’re not alone, raising everyone up via the power of music.

Lucy Gallant - Not Normal     Pop, Folk, World 16/04/2019
Cleverly fusing acoustic, electronic, soul and reggae in her productions, Gallant’s voice soars with rhapsodic range, conveying a full spectrum of emotion in her inspiring and uplifting songs. 
'Not Normal' is a tasty cocktail of upbeat, acoustic instruments and electronic sounds and beats. With Gallant’s vocals sharing similarities to the great Amy Winehouse and the music somewhat comparable to Manu Chao, this song is a celebration of being different, and the listeners instantly feel liberated to stand proud and be who they truly are.