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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Andros - Return To Me     Pop, Instrumental, World, Rock 31/07/2019
The styles in this album range from Rock, Hard Rock, Neo Classical, Ambient, New Age, Metal, Blues and Folk.
A catchy moving pop rock piece. Instrumental but featuring twin electric guitars and synth keys. Perhaps a cross between Pop and Rock and World styles, I feel it has a positive cheerful vibe and is modern sounding as well.

Other tracks by Andros:  Cruisin Down The Great Ocean Rd  -  We Are Sovereign Beings
Leopard Lake - Slow Motion     Pop, RnB, Electronic 31/07/2019
Indie-pop duo Leopard Lake is producer Sam Ford and singer Storm Wyness coming together for a forward-thinking fusion of electronic studio wizardry, raw melodic vocals and top shelf tunes
'Slow Motion' shifts the sonic pace towards an infectious R&B groove that directly contrasts the lyrics and its themes exploring the mental anguish attached to being let down by the person you love.

PNK FME - Sauvignon Blanc     Pop, Electronic, RnB 31/07/2019
Adelaide producer and singer-songwriter, PNK FME's mature and contemplative nature, delves deep into the human condition, as an individual wrestles with their mind’s ominous musings.
'Sauvignon Blanc' retains PNK FME's brooding art pop sounds, while evolving his sonic with vivid intensity. Drawing from his surroundings in the "City of Churches" (Adelaide), PNK FME employs angelic arrangements that marry with a contemporary composition. Beneath the sullen soundscape lies an individual longing to unearth clarity and direction from a life of anguish and hopelessness.

BANFF - Pettigrew Pt 1     Pop, Rock, Chill 30/07/2019
BANFF is a solo music project by Brisbane-based Benjamin Forbes.
Pettigrew Pt 1 is the first taste from a new batch of music for BANFF - the result of BANFF’s personal struggle with creative self-doubt, as he focused in on the moment to help release the pressure he was placing on himself. An anthemic ballad of incredible maturity it's a welcome return for BANFF.

El Tee - How I Like It     Pop, Rock 30/07/2019
Having laid her roots in Melbourne, California artist El Tee writes honest songs about the perennial push and pull of holding space for yourself and giving it up for others.
Tinkering with deeply introspective pop, ‘How I Like It’ navigates the space between identity, self-fulfilment, love, and loss threatening the very existence of their distinctions at all. Blurring the lines of storytelling and journaling, El Tee’s honest refrains are embedded in warm, nostalgic, and punchy notes that listeners can just as easily be lost in as they can be found.

Hannah Ana - Lost & Found     Pop 30/07/2019
Hannah Ana is a Brisbane-based Canadian singer-songwriter, sharing stories through cinematic soundscapes, contemplative lyrics and soulful vocals. Her songs aim to connect listeners with a deeper part of themselves.
"An angelic voice delivering an uplifting message, Hannah Ana regales themes of love, purpose and freedom in her gorgeous new single Lost & Found, out 26 July. Inspired by her own experience of moving across the world from her native Canada to Brisbane for love, Lost & Found follows a couple finding their place in the world."

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Jason Penna - Imagining Things Now     Pop, Rock 30/07/2019
Lifelong musician now taking the opportunity to release his music to the world.
Imagining Things Now is a powerful, gripping melody that will have you hooked on the first listen.

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Outside The Academy - M.Y.O. Fiction     Pop, Punk, Garage, Electronic 30/07/2019
OTA is Pawel Cholewa; a nomadic producer and multi-instrumental performer who “has the balance between experimental and euphonics just right” (Jae Salmon – 4ZZZ).
“M.Y.O. Fiction” is a punky, (a)political, unapologetic and unorthodox song (for OTA), wrapped up in a fast-paced indie-electro amalgamation of a track about angst, anger, helplessness, and perhaps, paradoxically, the death of (youthful) vigour and energy. “M.Y.O. Fiction” is a nugget of stern, deadpan sarcasm that has explicit meaning, though without method or any particularised message. Or whatever.

Phia - Full Circle     Pop 30/07/2019
Lauded for her luscious harmonies and vivid pop sensibilities, Phia is also the founder of Melbourne Indie Voices, a contemporary community choir that performs her arrangements of indie-pop songs.
The opening guitar riff of 'Full Circle', warm and raw, is a fitting analogue for Phia's lyrical candour as she unpacks deeply personal questions about childhood, how she envisioned her adulthood, and whether there's a motherhood ahead. Looking to possible futures Phia asks: "Do you have to lose part of yourself to grow?"

Sage Mim - One Sided Love     Pop 30/07/2019
16 year old Sage Mim's whimsical, pop melodies are an ode to innocence and young love, overlaid with harmonies and piano driven beats.
One Sided Love is a piano driven pop melody with a driving beat and whimsical harmonies.

Seeker Lover Keeper - Superstar     Pop 30/07/2019
Seeker Lover Keeper is an Australian indie rock music supergroup formed by Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby in 2010. The trio each have separate solo careers as singer-songwriters.
‘Superstar’ was the very first song written for Wild Seeds, a pure example of the band’s song-writing mastery and stirring showcase of the band’s gorgeous lyricism and soaring harmonies. The uplifting ballad is described by the band as “a song about encouraging someone close to you to stop doubting themselves and realise how great they are’.

Slum Sociable - If I Were Called Back     Pop 30/07/2019
Slum Sociable are a duo moving from melancholy and inverted to explorative and experimental.
Melbourne’s much-loved Slum Sociable (Miller Upchurch and Edward Quinn) preview their new track ‘If I Were Called Back’ from their forthcoming EP L.I.F. out next Friday 2 August. Co-produced by Kon Kersting (Mallrat, Jungle Giants), the haunting ‘If I Were Called Back’ hallmarks the band at their most majestic.

The Faim - Humans     Pop 30/07/2019
The Faim have shared ‘Humans’, the first single from their forthcoming debut album ‘State of Mind’ which will be released on Friday, September 13th via BMG.
Humans’ is about embracing the unique qualities that make up who we are, from our individual character and personality traits, to our strengths and weaknesses. These diverse characteristics, and how they evolve throughout our lives, show us what it means to be human and how connected we all actually are.

Adrian Wilson - Farewell     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 29/07/2019
Adrian Wilson is a singer-songwriter and performer from Perth, Western Australia. Adrian continues to impress audiences across Australia and the world with his acoustic pop songs and youtube covers.
With a brave heart that thumps over a big acoustic beat, Farewell sees Adrain at this strongest. Working with producer Adam Coltman (Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, James Bay) at Secky Studios in Surrey, London over the course of 2017, Farewell marks Adrian’s assertion of self in the face of mundane motions.

Cooperr. - Like I Do     Pop, Electronic, Dance 29/07/2019
Cooperr. is an emerging singer/songwriter from Queensland. With her unique vocal tones and writing style she is unforgettably vibrant, electric and captivating.
‘Like I Do,’ tells a fictional story of a girl who decides to run away with the love of her life, due to disapproval from her family. The song is written in the style of an open letter, which hopes to explain why she has left everything behind to start a new life.

Charlie Collins - Who's Gonna Save You Now     Pop, Country 26/07/2019
Out of Sydney, Charlie Collins has been making waves in the local and national scene of indie-pop/indie-rock/alt-country.
This single is lifted from her recently released glittering debut record ‘Snowpine’ – the reflective, alt-country number ‘Who’s Gonna Save You Now’.

Coda Conduct - Leaving Home     Pop, Hip Hop 26/07/2019
Smart, fun and relatable, Coda Conduct they have been winning over the hearts of audiences for years with music that is equal parts earnest and irreverent, sincere but still playful.
‘Leaving Home’ is a song about outgrowing things, especially when they begin to feel constrictive. 'Home' in this song is any place that is well-worn and familiar - a job, school, town or relationship. Maybe it's quitting your first sh*tty retail job, or ditching your judgemental high-school 'friends' - either way, it's a celebration of growing and getting out.

Friends of Friends - Lie     Pop, Rock 26/07/2019
With ambient soundscapes, off-centred riffs and brazen percussion, Friends of Friends is creating ambitious alt-pop that will have you dancing with your friends or comforting you when they aren’t around.
'Lie' is a guitar hook driven alt-pop track with an explosive and catchy chorus about love and loss. 'Lie' is a hook driven 80's inspired song with fragile lyrics and a driving synth bass that makes you want to drive all night to this song blazing through your car stereo - just to be with that girl.

ISY ISY - Emersed     Pop, Electronic 26/07/2019
Light floating vocals, haunting lyrics intertwined with banging electronic production. ISY ISY hits home with her tidal new single Emersed.
True to form, ISY brings luminous, airy vocals to the forefront of electronic production. Entrancing the listener from the get go, the track opens with delicate, sultry vocals steadily building as the seemingly minimalist backing swells progressing into the hook.

Jack Errington - Dancing in the dark     Pop 26/07/2019
Sydney singer songwriter Jack Errington began his musical career acoustically and has moved into more electronic pop production. Currently on tour with JUSTICE CREW for their ten-year anniversary X TOUR.
When all is going well but love turns its back on you, the world can feel dark and you lose your guidance. If you dance like you’re in the dark, then the only person that can care about what you’re doing is yourself!