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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Corduroy Spaceship - About Everything     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Chill 03/05/2019
Delicate vocal melodies, reverb soaked guitars and crunchy drum recordings are the work of Torsten Gustavsson, whom established Corduroy Spaceship in 2018.
Exploring the themes of love, life and death through an obsession of modern psychedelia and psych pop, the song was written, recorded, mixed and mastered in bedrooms across Australia. The track combines delicate vocal melodies, reverb soaked guitars and crunchy drum recordings to create an ethereal and vast soundscape reminiscent of acts such as Pond and Methyl Ethel.

Other tracks by Corduroy Spaceship:  Something I Could Never Have  -  Dying
Dangerfield - Mystify     Pop, Pop 03/05/2019
Dangerfield is a five-piece rock band from Brisbane. Featuring members of The Thrill, Cassia and Cheesy Crust.
Mystify is an up tempo rock pop track, melodic track featuring Dynamic vocals, soaring guitar parts and a simple yet solid rhythm section.

The song explores the mystical aspect of 2 people getting to know one another, not knowing who or what they want, and whether they want each other at all..

Ed Jackson - Windswept     Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Folk 03/05/2019
Ed Jackson is known for his use of playful lyrics and upbeat melodies offset with human insights and gently unfolding narratives.
Windswept presents a balmy fusion of revelry and young-love. The track has a bright upbeat summer vibe infused with ukulele acoustica and captures the mood of a backyard party at a weatherboard beach house.

Fraser Rathmell - Hard out Here     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Hip Hop 03/05/2019
Fraser Rathmell is a producer and songwriter from Tasmania, Australia who produces R&B influenced tracks with hints of hip hop, electronic and rap.
Hard Out Here is lofi hip hop track layered with vocals on top of a feel-good bouncy beat. It's about trying your best to make a future for yourself but at the same time facing the reality that it’s hard to always keep pushing. There’s a lot of pressure on young people and it’s often hard to express that.

hedfog - Superman (You Can't)     Pop, Rock 03/05/2019
hedfog is an alt-pop band from Brisbane interested in writing about the bittersweet, banal, and bumpy ride of living.
The Übermensch finds himself unavailable to intimacy - seduced by martyrdom - an identity shaped by his ongoing struggle with nihilism.

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Other tracks by hedfog:  Where's The Fun?  -  Face The Music
Holiday Sidewinder - Baby Oil     Pop 03/05/2019
Holiday Sidewinder is hailed as a “a global pop sensation” (Paper Mag) “a shining light in the darkness” (LA Record) and “a cut above everyone else in her realm”
"Baby-Oil" is the latest salacious single from pop provocateur Holiday Sidewinder - a sexy parting gift to her ex, reminiscing on a lusty weekend in São Paolo. "Baby-Oil" drips with post-modern and sometimes sardonic flavour! Sidewinder tells us that even something as seemingly harmless as Baby-Oil is made up of petrochemicals, a metaphor for this intoxicating but oh-so toxic love.

Jamie-Rose - Hands Off     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Electronic 03/05/2019
Jamie-Rose is a singer-songwriter Brisbane born, but has been influenced globally from her many travels working with people all over the world.
Female Anthem. Being a boss. Not getting pushed around anymore.

Other tracks by Jamie-Rose:  Back It Up  -  The Weekend
Lara D - Cadillac     Pop, RnB, Rap 03/05/2019
Moroccan / Lebanese pop-urban sensation Lara D is a breath of fresh air for the urban music scene. Her talents in both singing and rap game have gained widespread attention.
After the success of ‘White Lies’ which threw her into the spotlight with radio media and a myriad of new fans, she’s back at it again with her new sophisticated pop / trap banger 'Cadillac'. Teaming up with the hit writing duo the Banton Brothers, this is one that you won’t be able to shake out of your head.

Nic Rollo - Move Me     Pop, Electronic, Dance 03/05/2019
Perth local Nic Rollo is stepping into the spotlight with his own solo career, after spending the last few years playing in local bands.
A slice of pop pie, garnished with glistening synths, sonic depth, and upbeat danceability. "Move Me" is the product of Nic's personal reflection with social pressure.

Baby Beef - Only If The Water Is Cold     Pop, Experimental 02/05/2019
Drawing on elements of post-punk & new romantic, Baby Beef take a therapeutic look at love & anxiety and is inspired by Fine Young Cannibals, Alex Cameron, and Ariel Pink.
"This song is from the future. A future where memories of painful experiences can be washed away in a floatation tank. The process takes half an hour. It’s inexpensive and reliable. Occasionally, clients report fragments of their deleted memories flashing back into their consciousness." Baby Beef

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Banks of the Beautiful - Hello     Pop, Dance, House 29/04/2019
Banks of the Beautiful, in a nutshell, create hyper-lucid and fun electronic pop music that ushers the melodic intricacies of Metric and the joyous pop outlooks of Goldfrapp.
From bubblegum electro to cinematic house, it’s fair to say that this diverse songstress will be keeping us on our toes with her new single Hello. An uplifting dance track perfect for the club or vibing on the weekend.

Polarize - Late Nights     Pop, Britpop, Psychedelic, Rock 29/04/2019
Polarize are an indie rock/heady pop band from Melbourne. Polarize is the brain child of Rudie Dodd, they offer a unique take on rock/pop music.
Late Nights is the story of feeling connected to someone or something, in the early hours of the morning, but for whatever reason never seeing them again. It would best be described as a synth pop / glam stomper. The song was designed for the late night groovers. It was written and mostly recorded in Melbourne.

S-Jee - #GreenLights     Pop, RnB, Electronic 29/04/2019
S-Jee has been writing songs for many French and international artists since 2014. Performing in France, UK and U.S.A, his music is influenced by Pop & Rn'b.
The brand new upbeat r&b pop track featuring the well-ranged spicy vocals of the internationally acclaimed, Melbourne based S-Jee.

Sarah Belkner - Animal     Pop, Dance, Electronic 29/04/2019
Sarah Belkner is a strange and persistent musical beast. There is nothing about her career that ticks any sort of industry ‘how to’ boxes, as she builds her musicalised empire.
A jungle tinged alternative croon about a primal full blown almost obsessive love being taken on by the very mundane practicalities of life. In Belkner's case being physically away from your partner whilst touring - a lot.

The Chesterfield Band - Home     Pop, Roots 27/04/2019
The Chesterfield Band started in the kitchen with a daughter and her Dad, Tess and Cam writing and singing together. The band are touring Europe in June/July.
A song about coming home wherever that may be...

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Other tracks by The Chesterfield Band:  Imagining Nothing At All  -  If You Love
Almond Soy - Apartment     Pop 26/04/2019
Almond Soy are new school indie trailblazers to watch! They've been a band for under two years, but, they have become a force to be reckoned with.
'Apartment', a sun-drenched indie tune, is produced by Sam Ford (POND) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Tame Impala). Vocalist Brandon Stockbridge reflects on the song, saying "The song is a mid-tempo groove based song about reflecting and moving passed on from negative relationships in your life."

Bec Sandridge - Eyes Wide     Pop, Rock 26/04/2019
A nomadic pop/punk logomaniac, Bec Sandridge has a guitar swagger reminiscent of Prince, and the delivery of new wave icons like David Byrne.
Co-produced by Oscar Dawson and Gab Strum (Japanese Wallpaper), EYES WIDE sonically nods to Sandridge’s favourite bands from the late 70’s-80’s and now (Sousiex + The Banshees, Fleetwood Mac + Robyn), with her trademark one-note angular guitar lines, hard-hitting high hats on loop and ethereal new-wave chimes.

Ben Joyce - Glance     Pop 26/04/2019
Singer Songwriter Ben Joyce uses music as a way of expressing emotion. He specializes in singing and writing songs especially in the pop genre.
Written by Ben Joyce
Produced by Glass Shadow

Glance is a song about someone who wants one more chance with their ex and they're looking for any sign they can find.

Bertie Anderson - Toxic     Pop, RnB 26/04/2019
Bertie Anderson is Singer-Songwriter from Perth, Western Australia. His production and vocal style is derived from the genres of R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Trap Soul and Rap.
Toxic is an upbeat pop track that presents the perspective of an individual wanting to leave a tumultuous relationship. It conveys an emotional statement but at the same time delivers harmonic vocals accompanied by live and electronic sounds.\u2028

Frame - I Do     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Electronic 26/04/2019
23yo Melbourne based rapper/songwriter Frame takes you along on his journey of learning self love and how that translates to how you love others with his latest single ‘I Do'
‘I Do’ the new single by Melbourne artist Frame, is a smooth, pop-rnb slow jam about realising you can get over that person you once held onto. Featuring the beautiful production from fellow Melbourne artist Illstrtd, ‘I Do’ demonstrates perfectly how it feels when you realise, you might actually get over that person. :)