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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Deme Milne - Hold On     Pop, R&B, Folk 03/12/2019
Deme Milne is an emerging singer songwriter of enormous talent. An introspective young woman, her songs explore struggles of the human experience and are reminiscent of Amy Winehouse, Andra Day.
Hold On is Deme's first recorded song. It's a song of the break-up belt, detailing co-dependence and forgiveness.

Eleanor Stewart - Give Me Everything You've Got     Pop 03/12/2019
Melbourne born, glamours pop rock n roll Queen Empress.
Sparkly bubblegum pop that exudes sensuality and draws from styles like Blondie.

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Housey Maine - In the Mind     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 03/12/2019
Dark electro pop featuring Housey’s guitars accompanied by driving beats and synths.
In the Mind is a sparse, beat driven track incorportaing punchy harmonies and warped synth sounds. It humorously reminisces first times wishing they could be lived again especially when it comes to love.

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Peter S Smith - Daytime Dreaming     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening 02/12/2019
My music comes from the heart, each song has a deep meaning with a strong melody to try to reach the essence of life and touch the listeners soul.
A love song ... through the eyes of a shy dreamer looking for love.

Other tracks by Peter S Smith:  A Million Kisses  -  Spirit of the night
Franky & Wendy - Come Around     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Psych 02/12/2019
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney based Duo featuring the talents of multitalented and award winning artist Franky Valentyn, together and his amazing and lovely vocal partner Wendy Angel!
Come Around is about first love lost, that's always open to coming round again opening with, "Come around when there's no one there to hold you, when you look at me and it's love you'll see, so come around."

A great love ballad with a soothing laid back vocal, with retro folk pop accompaniment, funky guitar, piano, violins and tambourines.

Ky. - Gravitate     Pop, R&B, Indie 02/12/2019
‘Ky.’, the young, emerging pop artist from Brisbane, shares his experiences and feelings with soul-felt vocals, bouncy beats and catchy chorus’.
Raining from pop and RnB influences, Gravitate, the debut track from ‘Ky.’, voices the struggle of moving on from a broken relationship. This bouncy, synth-driven track explores the rawness and attraction of a previous romance. “So, tell me when you’re drunk why do you gravitate to me?”

Sunny Ray - Messenger (Brother Beans Remix)     Pop, Folk, Hip Hop, Soul 02/12/2019
Singer-Songwriter Sunny Ray creates heartfelt medicinal folk music that soothes the soul.
The biggest hit off Sunny’s last album, Messenger, just got even better with this digital facelift you won't want to miss - a tasty blend of folk fused with fresh electronic and pop sounds.

Brother Beans’ Remix stays true to the original feel of Messenger, reproducing it into a groovin' tune, perfect for festival dance-floors and family dinner parties alike.

Sweeney - Muscle     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Experimental 02/12/2019
Dance, I say! Dance until the end of the world... Sweeney makes queer alt-pop music for abandoned clubs at 5am. Sounds from the heart of darkness and city of light.
'Muscle' is a sultry queer lo-fi electro-dance anti-anthem for abandoned clubs. Deep beats, minimal sawtooth bass and distant synths pound through six minutes of a corporeal fantasy, an echoey 80's world of VHS tape glitches and fashion disasters. A voice chants throughout: He works that muscle. Flex and stretch. So tough, so dumb...

Aerborn - Show Me     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 30/11/2019
Destined to become an Aussie triple threat, electro pop singer, songwriter and producer, Aerborn is creating a blend of pop that has listeners and industry influencers intrigued.
Perfect for your summer playlist, Show Me is a sweet, dreamy electro-pop tune featuring Aerborn’s signature airy vocals, syrupy synth-laden beats and quirky glockenspiel hooks. Show Me is about being with and supporting the people around you to achieve their dreams.

Sali Bracewell - Draculeic Chancers     Pop 30/11/2019
Sali Bracewell is a Welsh/Australian singer-songwriter known for her haunting 'Ethereal Folk' style and for singing emotive ballads in her native tongue. Her album 'Kismet' is currently being released.
Draculeic Chancers is an ode to a small hamlet in Wales, 'Pen Rice', and more specifically, the fauna that grows there, struggling for sunlight in the winter months, surrounded by ancient churches and a grand manor house, a cold trickling stream and wood fires.

Pen Rice is located on The Gower Peninsula, near Swansea, South Wales where Sali grew up.

ALAN - Don't Tell Me No More     Pop, Latin 29/11/2019
ALAN is a singer, saxophonist, graphic artist from Adelaide, SA. Producing original music by local Adelaide composers, ALAN’s singing has a timeless quality which suits a wide range of styles.
Don’t Tell Me No More is a song about love rejected for a “better offer” of riches and material possession, only to discover the lifestyle is not as it seems.

Sung from the perspective of one who once held feelings toward this person, having been rejected is tired of hearing of her “apparent happiness”.

Other tracks by ALAN:  Geisha  -  Shadow Man (Extended version)
Alanna Vullo - Breathless     Pop, Indie, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
Alanna is a young singer/songwriter from Canberra, producing pop based on dreamy textures and floating vocals. Her debut single "Breathless" was released 22/11/19.
Breathless is an intimate vocal performance set atop a powerful electronic soundscape. “Breathless was written in the perspective of anxiety being a person, although the song can be interpreted any way a person desires. For me the song expresses the raw emotion that comes alongside it, and how it affects me”.

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Andy Michaels - Darling it Hurts     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Indie 29/11/2019
This ground-breaking West Australian artist delivers powerful, insightful, and thought-provoking lyrics. The depth in his lyrics, along with his haunting melodies is what sets him apart within the music industry.
This jeweled album-open certainly unveils Andy Michaels creativity and innovative approach to songs. Musically, Darling It Hurts is an outstanding composition that entails an impressive effort in production. Led by Ukelele strums, keyboards, and a riveting set of drums, Darling It Hurts holds a perfect balance between analog and digital. Michaels’ vocal performance is both passionate and inspiring

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Other tracks by Andy Michaels:  Incendiary Heart  -  Rambling Man
Annalise - Surrender     Pop 29/11/2019
Young Singer/ Songwriter Annalise, Brings a soulful flair to her music. Her songs are bound to touch the heart. Sincerity and honestly are both key elements to her music.
Surrender is a deep, mysterious and emotive ballad. The lyrics are a call to "Face your fears" and Surrender. To exceed the boundaries but not be a boundary. Meaning to have enough courage to make your dream a reality.

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Caoirne Ward - Day Off     Pop, Hip Hop 29/11/2019
Singer/Songwriter based in Sydney, playing guitar and singing to create live and energetic music.
A fun and upbeat song, emphasising the yearn we all have for our days off work, expressed through the naming of the everyday activities we may go through that seem so monotonous.

Dani El-Rassi - dead to me     Pop, Folk, Rock, Indie 29/11/2019
Off the back of Dani's SOLD OUT EP Launch show at Oxford art factory, Dani has just announced her Debut National Tour and a new single.
'dead to me' sees an evolution of Dani's sound, moving to a more powerful, strong message. It is a song about boundaries, a song about broken trust.

I wrote this song (literally) in the shower (i have the recording to prove that) and the rest of the track flowed out almost immediately.

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GOLDS - Drip     Pop, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 29/11/2019
GOLDS arrives as the latest electronic-pop & RnB project from singer-songwriter Amali Golden, showcasing her innate lyrical talents and sheer vocal strength one hit at a time.
Closing out Imprints is another cut of pop perfection in new single “Drip”. Co-produced with Beau Golden, "Drip" is an expansive sound from the get go, empowering audiences to find conviction in one’s own achievements irrespective of outside opinions. Set against a body-moving rhythm and introspective lyricism, GOLDS comes full circle in Imprints final single.

Other tracks by GOLDS:  Borderline
JOSHUA - Saint     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, R&B, Alternative 29/11/2019
Crafting a darker, grittier brand of pop, JOSHUA is flexing his musician skills, producing a sound uniquely his own.
'Saint; was written trying to extend on the conversation that 'Circles' started. JOSHUA gravitated towards the idea of personifying an emotion, a thought, a sin and so 'Saint' was born. The track explores trying to live with the darker half of oneself but still being a good person.

Lupa J - Half Alive     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 29/11/2019
Named by FBi's Music Director Amelia Jenner and Purple Sneakers as '2019 artist to watch', Lupa J is a proven and gifted songwriter, producer and performer.
Not one to let time stand still, the 21 year old Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and producer is back with not one, but two new singles, "Half Alive" and "Out To Wreck", showcasing her love of pop, techno and EDM and lighting the way for her new direction.

Other tracks by Lupa J:  Out To Wreck
Mardi Lumsden - This is forever     Pop, Indie, Folk 29/11/2019
Mardi Lumsden is an alt-folk singer/songwriter from Brisbane, Australia. She is fueled by good coffee, fine company, the human condition and deadlines.
Recorded and produced by Lumsden and husband Andrew Pennay in their home studio, this is a very personal story of a love that is stronger than death. It is about being drawn into a great love only to almost drown with grief. It's about knowing that you need to keep going, even without the person who made life worth living.