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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Nicole Stevens - Breathe     Pop, Acoustic 28/04/2010
Nicole Stevens is a hopeful realist. Within her lyrics are paradoxical contrasts between worldly shortcomings & intense beauty. The battle between struggler & optimist is evident in her songwriting.
A soft rock song about loss, love, running away, facing reality and one's own imperfections...

Other tracks by Nicole Stevens:  Every Day  -  Live Like This
Christian Pyle - Ray Of Your Sunshine     Pop, Rock, Retro 27/04/2010
Christian Pyles’ new solo album has been an arduous journey. The culmination of 5 years in between making albums for countless artists, including Acre and Ghost Mountain, and Jesse Younan.
There is nothing predictable here. From the enigmatic ‘Trees and Stone’ to the perfect pop song ‘Ray of Your Sunshine’, you can not put this album in any kind of box. The urgent restlessness of ‘Wait Son’—a warning to his eager, impatient progeny—is deeply haunting:

Ghost Mountain - Everything's OK     Rock, Pop 27/04/2010
Ghost Mountain first formed in 2007. The atmospheric alt rockers are known locally for alchemising vintage sounds with modern takes and their first full-length “Art without Audience” does not disappoint.
Ghost Mountain writes and produces lamenting tales that examine the wondrous amongst the mundane while staggering down the road of continual forks and bends. There are fragile lyrics, lilting harmonies and classic rock songs. And there is music that will unleash the spirit within.

Will Conner - Stuff     Folk, Pop 27/04/2010
Sailing, Love and Food was recorded at Retrophonics Studios in Crescent Beach, Florida and produced by Jim Devito (Tom Petty, Donavon Frankenreiter, William Nowik, John Sayles, Roy Clark).
'Stuff' is the delightfully catchy track that mirrors the simple natural wonder of Will’s 700km, open ocean voyage by sea kayak following the path of migrating humpback whales down Australia’s eastern seaboard - a test of strength, endurance and faith, and a revelatory daily interaction with the world’s largest creatures.

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Saints of India - Mothership     Electronic 16/04/2010
A new project for Stu McCarthy who has produced for Southend, Hoodoo Gurus, Antenna, Itch-E & Scratch-E, Paul Holden, Acid Babies, The Whitlams, Kim Salmon, Gary Shearston & Michal Nicholas.
An adaptation of the writings of Mother Shipton who was reputedly born Ursula Sonthiel in Norfolk, England in 1488. At 24, she married Toby Shipton, and soon thereafter, she became known as Mother Shipton. She was burnt at the stake for practicing witchcraft in 1561

Other tracks by Saints of India:  Weakness
Rat Vs Possum - Animals     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 13/04/2010
Rat Vs Possum are party with heart, soul, guts and glitter.
A faux-tribal psychedelic pop workout from Melbourne's most exciting band. The energy flows, the rhythms explode, and the vibes resonate!

Other tracks by Rat Vs Possum:  Pills
Mark Moldre - In This Life     Folk, Pop, Acoustic 09/04/2010
Mark Moldre's solo debut "The Waiting Room" is an album of dreamy folk songs. Quirky and haunting whilst remaining catchy and memorable, long after the album has finished.
Mark’s latest single, ‘In This Life’ is undoubtedly the most pop sounding track on this outstanding album – a quirky, catchy and haunting tune that encapsulates the adult Moldre’s day to day struggle with life’s hopes and dreams.

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Other tracks by Mark Moldre:  Troubled Genius  -  (If I Could Only Ever Be) The Man You Dreamed I'd Be
Of the Red Sea - Easy     Rock, Dance, Pop 08/04/2010
"Beautifully crafted rock, that simmers in it's own ambience, rising and falling with bursts of energy". Nick Milligan - Reverb Streetpress.
It is available for free on
Easy has a more electro edge than our previous work. We've played around with electro and dance vibes live for a while, here it is on record. Easy is a preview single of songs we are recording now.

Other tracks by Of the Red Sea:  Escalators  -  We Run in the Night
The Spirits - The Other Half     Rock, Pop 08/04/2010
The Spirits are the intangible band of the Sydney indie scene, a dark, ethereal sound with harmonizing guitars and crystal clear vocals.
Anthemic Indie track that inspires emotion. Intertwining guitars and stunning vocals.

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Other tracks by The Spirits:  Compulsion  -  Rose
The Sculptures - Midnight     Rock, Pop, Punk 07/04/2010
Influenced by the feel of new-wave, punk and 80s rock, The Sculptures string together outlandish guitar parts, driving rhythms and lyrical hooks together in a modern, moody style.
Midnight is a song about unrequited love. It's about someone stringing you along but really they're not as into the relationship as you are. Sonically, the song starts soft and moody but generates more energy as the lyrics get more desperate. Overall midnight has an eerie nighttime vibe.

Other tracks by The Sculptures:  Churches  -  Special One
Steering By Stars - Closer     Pop, Atmospheric, Punk, Soundscapes 07/04/2010
Steering By Stars are a four-piece from Adelaide. Their sound could be described as Post-Rock Punk, a melding of symphonic melodies with contrasting aggressive rhythms.
"After a frantic opening, ‘Closer’ morphs into a contemplative, piano-led number that doesn’t just hinge its success as a post-rock composition on a predictable, impending crescendo, but actually turns the ‘calm before the storm’ into something of a storm itself." WHOTHEHELL.NET

Other tracks by Steering By Stars:  Ether  -  Dissonance
Joel Myles - Smoke and Mirrors     Rock, Pop 06/04/2010
Joel Myles has just kicked off his Tour opening for Wolfmother! A solo venture with the swagger and sound to rock any crowd. Clever wordplay, fresh colourful and dynamic music!
Smoke and mirrors is an upbeat, Rock song with more under the surface. In a world controlled by money, a man defines his wealth by the weight of his lovers words. It has fantastic energy, charged by punchy guitar, driving drums with a stellar vocal performance supported with rich harmonies.

Other tracks by Joel Myles:  Sidewalk Stray  -  Streetlights
Deja Entendu - All Of My Friends     Rock, Pop 06/04/2010
Deja Entendu is an innovative digital pop-rock band from Melbourne. After only 12 months on the scene, Deja have played over 30 shows and independently released their debut EP 'Skeletons'.
Up beat track with electronic beats similar to 'The Postal Service'.

Other tracks by Deja Entendu:  Skeletons  -  Letters
Drawn from Bees - Run Away     Pop, Rock 31/03/2010
The career of Brisbane art-rockers Drawn from Bees is a measured exercise in the art of contrast and contradiction.
Harmony and guitar driven groove that's easy to sing along to. Word clever. Catchy.

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Carly Van - Come My Way     Rock, Soundscapes, Pop, Ambience 31/03/2010
Carly has a unique talent and a bold vision. This tapestry of tales creates little movies in your mind, nestled in an organically rich and textured musical landscape... Simply beautiful!
Unique in both it's musical composition and ever hopeful lyric "Come My Way" explores the anguish of a love yet to be experienced.

Other tracks by Carly Van:  Save Myself  -  Catch Me Whilst I'm Sleeping
Marc Collis - Made A Believer     Pop, Rock 31/03/2010
Marc's music is acoustic flavoured, contemporary rock. His songs are personal, filled with story-telling and emotion. His rich powerful voice, blend of harmony vocals and unforgettable melodies set him apart.
This is Marc's brand new 2nd single. It is an upbeat rock song about discovering love when it's actually been staring you right in the face. Marc says “Sometimes you can’t see what’s right in front of you, you can’t see that it’s been right there all along”.

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Other tracks by Marc Collis:  I Miss Everything  -  Louder
Pioneers of Flight - Break Through     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 31/03/2010
Charming audiences with catchy, heartfelt ditties, matadors of the stage, Pioneers of Flight have built up an intimate and revealing show that is coloured with a blend of alt-country twang.
An acoustic track that is easy to sing along with. Word clever.

Other tracks by Pioneers of Flight:  Waiting On You  -  Barossa
Gossling - Days Are Over     Folk, Pop 29/03/2010
With a sweet style, Gossling’s songwriting is distinctive and alluring. Gossling's 'voice is unique, characterized with different textures and feels, you can hear the honesty and heart' Eliza Hull (Beat)
'Days Are Over' was placed on high rotation by Triple J after Gossling gained attention as an artist on Unearthed. "Not afraid to go for the big crescendo, 'Days Are Over' has the grandeur of a symphonic cinema soundtrack compacted into a pop song" Dom Alessio (Triple J).

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Other tracks by Gossling:  Paper Boat  -  He Knows My Love
Flying Foxes - Vuluture Culture     Pop, Rock 26/03/2010
Flying Foxes is a loose ravel of Sydney musicians led by singer/songwriter/guitarist/one-man-band Benjamin Maher. They are an independent rock band who tend to play upbeat songs with downbeat lyrics.
Benjamin is joined by Sherlock’s Daughter siren Tanya Horo on the bluff-calling Vulture Culture. Chronicling the death of mystery, this song is slightly slower than the other songs and is also perhaps slight better.

Other tracks by Flying Foxes:  Napoleon  -  Everything Will Change
Fi Claus - Get It     Folk, Pop 25/03/2010
When Jeff Jenkins calls Fi Claus "a major talent" (JB HiFi, Inpress), and Ross Clelland (Drum) says "The great song is in her", you know you are onto something special.
Get It was perhaps best described by Jeff Jenkins (JB HiFi Mag, & Inpress Mag) as "sweet, summery and playful". Superficially a light-hearted track about being coquettish, it actually holds deeper meanings - it's a song from Fi's ambitions to herself, saying hard work is needed for dream realisation.

Other tracks by Fi Claus:  Friday Song  -  Perfect Day