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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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PJ Wolf - Father's Son     Pop, Folk, Electronic, Rock 23/03/2011
Drawing on an eclectic range of musical influences from Erik Satie to Bob Dylan, PJ Wolf explores the beautiful, the terrible and the profound through his unique alt-pop sound.
Produced by renowned Engineer/Producer Matt Redlich (Hungry Kids of Hungry, Ball Park Music), Father's Son is a darkly quirky pop song recorded directly to 2 inch tape with PJ playing all of the instruments...
It's new-old school!

Timothy Nelson & the Infidels - You Don't Know What You're Waiting For     Pop, Acoustic, Country, Rock 23/03/2011
Perth based Timothy Nelson & The Infidels have just released their new single ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Waiting For’, the 2nd track from their album “I Know This Now”
New single ‘You Don’t Know What You’re Waiting For’ is - in Nelson’s own words “basically about growing up and in doing so, understanding that it’s you that has to make and be responsible for any changes that need to be made in your own life"

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James the Grey - Electrocuted     Pop, Rock, Reggae, Punk 23/03/2011
James the Grey came to form in 2010 on the back of the trio’s previous acoustic, jazz groove band- Guava. They write interesting pop songs with conventional rock elements.
Electrocuted is a punchy, tongue in cheek, high-energy pop song.
It is based on an autobiographical experience that lead singer Chris Stewart had whilst getting used to the cross over from acoustic guitar to electrified instruments. Some faulty wiring made for a quick trip to the hospital.

The JSB's - Spanish Flu     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Retro 23/03/2011
Such an interesting mixture of synth and indie-pop and not-a-little-bit-aggressive garagey type stuff that doesn't come off sounding like anything else; except maybe like a very surly B52s.
A 3 minute piece of vintage rock'n'roll nonsense plus hand claps and synth solos.There is a juvenile kind of fun that radiates from this track-sometimes that makes you desperately want to do the Twist and start calling everyone 'Daddio'.'Spanish Flu' is immature surf-rock trash and it knows it,ah- loves it.

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Other tracks by The JSB's:  Checkout Girl  -  That Blue Dress
The Trip - On The First Time     Rock, Electronic, Funk, Pop 23/03/2011
Who Is The Trip..? Just a bunch of pro frisbee players in training, playing music on the side until their professional disk throwing careers take off? decide for your self..
The Soundtrack to the "Street Freestyle" frisbee video, upbeat and feelgood track. The sometimes lost moments and feelings that we forget when we get caught up in the fast pace of the rat race.

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Other tracks by The Trip:  Still Water  -  Sweet Surrender
Lionel Richie featuring Guy Sebastian - All Night Long 2011 Mix     Pop, Dance 18/03/2011
A new collaboration between Lionel Richie and Guy Sebastian of Lionel’s hit ‘All Night Long’ is available through iTunes to raise funds for the Christchurch earthquakes and Queensland flood appeals.
A new collaboration between Lionel Richie and Guy Sebastian of Lionel’s hit ‘All Night Long’ is available through iTunes to raise funds for the Christchurch earthquakes and Queensland flood appeals. Produced by RedOne.

City Calm Down - Collect Your Thoughts     Electronic, Pop 16/03/2011
City Calm Down are a four piece experimental/electronic band from Melbourne’s inner east.
An up tempo electronic crossover track

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Other tracks by City Calm Down:  You Can Have It So Much Better  -  Lost. Trapped
I, A Man - Big Ideas     Rock 11/03/2011
I a Man are meticulous, their music shattering and rebuilding each song until perfect, layering harmonies, intricate melodies and complex rhythms that lodge in your vein an redefine your pulse.
We tried to keep the songs unpredictable and ambitious, rebuilding them through layers of harmonies, intricate melodies and complex rhythms. People say a lot of different things about how we sound but we do get disjointed and dreamlike a lot.

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Maz Mazák - Where Ya Hidin' (No Qualms Future Dub Remix)     Reggae/Dub, RnB, Soul, Dub 10/03/2011
"Soulful licks of Alicia Keys mating with the Hip-Hop beats of Mary J Blige"
Where Ya Hidin' (No Qualms Future Dub Remix) is a remix of the first single from Maz Mazák's debut album 'Soul Tripping'.
It is a beautiful dubbed out Neo-Soul song about the struggles and insecurities we go through when looking for love.

Stiff Gins - Yandool     Folk, Roots 09/03/2011
The stiff gins music is a potent and beautiful mix of folk, pop and roots and rich harmonies
Yandool, a radiant welcome sung in the traditional language of Kaleena’s people (Wiradjuri and Yorta Yorta)

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Other tracks by Stiff Gins:  Fleetingly  -  River Song
Blackchords - As Night Falls     Pop, Rock, Atmospheric, Electronic 08/03/2011
Blackchords are a Melbourne based independent melodic pop/rock band. Their highly acclaimed debut album was released in 2009 in Australia and the UK, with a follow up due mid 2011.
Written for the Australian feature film 'Blame' the song is a sparse, dark and majestic track, and was written to suit the mood of the film, both musically and lyrically. The song has been receiving rotation on a number of stations in Australia and the UK.

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James D Smith - Sunlight     Pop, Country, Australian Indigenous 08/03/2011
James is one of the lead characters in 'Wicked'. This EP has been produced by Sean Carey (Thirsty Merc). Audiences were floored at his Sydney and Melbourne shows in February.
Sunlight is a result of positive thinking. It’s a happy, upbeat song. The stand out lyric is "Hand me the bible I wanna come to peace with everything", This sums up the whole song in the sense of having an epiphany, acceptance and understanding of everything.

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Other tracks by James D Smith:  Sorry  -  I Know it's You
Elia Bel - Fly With Me     Pop, World 07/03/2011
Finding success in the states through the 90’s with her band Once Upon a Time (Interscope) Elia Bel returns with a totally new offering, the Album Allegria.
The new record is sung in part Spanish, part englisg – Spanglish if you like and is a culminations of themes and stories from a decade of new experiences.

Other tracks by Elia Bel:  Musica
The Stoics - I'm Here     Pop, Rock 07/03/2011
Over the past few years The Stoics have filled some impressive support slots, gained triple j rotation and have just released the first single from their debut album.
After wowing listenerswith their EP "Death Machine" and live audiences around the country with their live performances, "I'm Here" is the first single from this promising young bands debut full length album.

Rokeby Venus - The Party Song     Rock, Acoustic, Pop 02/03/2011
A Brisbane trio who are quickly emerging into the Australian music landscape. The outfit is made up of three young musicians with a diverse range of personality, experience and ideas.
A summer-song with motions likened to the smooth flow of a Sunday bbq coupled with the best company your mates have to offer.

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Other tracks by Rokeby Venus:  Somehow
Daniel Dawes - Castover     Pop, Britpop 02/03/2011
Following the release of his album "Strange Things" in 2009, Daniel is back in 2011 with two new singles "Castover" and "Holiday" from his forthcoming second solo album.
A charming and catchy song about life's lessons and learning from your mistakes.

Other tracks by Daniel Dawes:  Holiday
Husky - History's Door     Pop, Rock, Folk 02/03/2011
Melbourne band Husky has returned from the USA to unveil a brand new single. Due for release February 26th, History’s Door is the first taste of their dreamy, infectious sound.
Written by Husky Gawenda (vocals, guitar), Gideon Preiss (keys, vocals) and Evan Tweedie (bass, vocals) late one night after the tracking for their album was finished, this is one of the most expansive Husky songs, with rolling drums and pulsating bass line, it has power and urgency.

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I Heart Hiroshima - Washed Up     Rock, Pop 02/03/2011
After an extended period overseas I Heart Hiroshima return to play a series of shows including March dates with Gang of Four and new track Washed Up.
I Heart Hiroshima return like spreading ripples across the musical pond with this follow up to The Rip.

Liz Martin - Dance A Little, Live A Little     Pop 02/03/2011
Liz Martin's voice that makes you lean in close – a deep, lush, beautiful voice earning her a gold record with Paul Mac, touring with Sigur Ros & Silverchair...
After working with some of Sydney's finest musicians, Indie Songstress Liz Martin is set to serve up a sneak preview of her break-out third album (out in April) with her super-catchy single and title track 'Dance a Little, Live a Little'. A rocking, rumbling homage to living joyously,

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Other tracks by Liz Martin:  So Long
Love Connection and Pets With Pets - Home on the Wave     Pop, Rock 02/03/2011
'Home on the Wave' is a collaborative track by Love Connection and Pets With Pets.
This tune is nothing short of a psychedelic pop gem, featuring the blurred jewel-like magic of Pets With Pets and Love Connection's uber-pop sensibility to create a little salty oasis of happiness.

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