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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Bridezilla - Beaches     Folk, Pop 28/10/2009
After two years of feverish anticipation, Sydney five-piece Bridezilla present their stunning debut, ‘The First Dance’, this 7th November on Inertia Recordings.
“Beaches” is the first single from Bridezilla’s long-anticipated debut album, ‘The First Dance’.

Sia - Day Too Soon     Pop 28/10/2009
Described as “gritty and unique” by Christina Aguilera and “a beautiful artist” by Katy Perry, Sia has become one of Australia’s most beloved performers.
"Day too soon" is the new single of Sia's Album "Some People Have Real Problems".

Aviator Lane - Best Untried     Pop, Electronic 27/10/2009
Aviator Lane create beautiful & sparse alt. pop.
Aviator Lane combine their penchant for subtle arrangements and sombre reflection with the dynamic possibilities of a full band lineup (with hints of an unhealthy obsession with French pop thrown in).

Other tracks by Aviator Lane:  Onto The Stilts  -  It Was There They Found Us, Making The Silence Hum
We All Want To - Back To The Car     Pop, Rock 27/10/2009
New band from Tim Steward from Screamfeeder & THE WHATS.
In 2007 Tim Steward from Brisbane’s Screamfeeder released a solo album and put a band together to play the songs live. 2 years later the band had written a whole set of new material and needed a new name. WE ALL WANT TO was born.

Other tracks by We All Want To:  I've Been Listening To You For Too Long  -  Two Way
SubAudible Hum - Bakersfield C.A.     Pop, Rock 23/10/2009
The 3rd album from jaward nominated critically acclaimed Melbourne band.
"TALL STORIES" is a succinct little package of tales from the underbelly of our times.

Other tracks by SubAudible Hum:  Our Last Stand  -  Go On Then
Aleks & The Ramps - Antique Limb     Rock 21/10/2009
Aleks & The Ramps have been described as "noise-pop", "camp indie rock", "tweemo", "haphazard" or plain old "experimental pop"
Antique Limb is the first single lifted from the album "Midnight Believer" which was released on the 30th of May 2009.

Other tracks by Aleks & The Ramps:  Destroy The Universe With Jazz Hands  -  Hey Owl
New Estate - On Your Side     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
Melbourne indies pop band featuring members of Popolice, ex Sleepy Township & ex Jaguar is Jaguar.
‘Out of the Ground’ is organic, gritty, raw, loud, sometimes mean, sometimes raucous and occasionally placatory. It’s the culmination of a five year search by four adventurers for the perfect synthesis of their different whiles and ways.

Other tracks by New Estate:  I Wanna Have Control  -  Tow The Line
Oh Mercy - Seemed Like a Good Idea     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
Alexander Gow and Thomas Savage, the duo at the heart of Melbourne four-piece Oh Mercy, showcase the songwriting depth and polished pop brilliance on their debut album Privileged Woes.
"Listening to Oh Mercy is like having Augie March covering The Go-Betweens in your backyard on a sunny afternoon; breezy, pleasant and a little dreamy." Oyster Magazine

Other tracks by Oh Mercy:  Lay Everything On Me  -  Get You Back
Screamfeeder - Static     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
The re-released & enhanced version of the bands classic break through album.
Kitten Licks still tops many peoples’ Top Australian albums of all times lists, and the band still holds a special place in the hearts of Australian music fans who came of age during the frantic and exciting days of the mid 90s.

Other tracks by Screamfeeder:  Dart  -  Gravity
The Delicates - Mainly Fiction     Pop, Rock 21/10/2009
New album from members of Flat Stanley & The Silvermine Tapes.
The Delicates are a band which is more than the sum of their record collection and the 12 tracks on The Thunderous Sound of The Delicates are a diverse expression of what you can do with drums, guitars and a laptop.

Other tracks by The Delicates:  Ninety-nine Point Nine  -  A Sudden Conclusion
An Horse - Camp Out     Rock, Pop, Folk 16/10/2009
2 piece playing indie pop picked up by Tegan & Sara to tour the US and UK and now Sara is their A&R person. Currently based in the US.
Released as the first US single for the album. Performed live on David Letterman. Video shot in Canada.

Other tracks by An Horse:  Postcards
Drew Wilson - FAR AWAY     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 16/10/2009
Sunshine Coast singer/songwriter Drew Wilson is getting the recognition he deserves with his honest EP "Far Away". Audiences will appreciate Drew's talent with words, melody and emotion. See for youself.
Far away is a candid and honest view of life away from the security and familiarity of home.

QUAN the amateur - The One     Electronica, RnB, Pop 16/10/2009
Regurgitator's QUAN Yeomans solo featuring hip hop/r'n'b indie style
A dark r'n'b serenade...

Other tracks by QUAN the amateur:  Year of the Jerk  -  She Said...
REGURGITATOR - Hurricane     Rock, Pop 16/10/2009
Released as a single early 2009. Video shot in China in the forbidden city.

Other tracks by REGURGITATOR:  Romance of the Damned  -  Blood and Spunk
Stephen Cummings - Now here she comes     Pop, Garage, Rock 14/10/2009
Stephen Cummings is back with Tickety Boo, a collection of catchy, electric guitar based pop/rock. If you're a fan of his work with The Sports, you should check this out.
'Now Here She Comes' is catchy pop rock at it's finest. This track will never slip your memory.

Other tracks by Stephen Cummings:  Tickety Boo  -  Happy City
The Model School - Its Hard To Dance When Your Legs Are On Fire     Pop, Electronic, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 14/10/2009
After steadily building their fan base throughout 2009 (limited edition singles, a free virtual 7") Sydney's The Model School are ready to unveil their 2nd album Memory Walls.
A post-modern knees up meets a groove that won't sit down.

Other tracks by The Model School:  This Is Not My Town  -  Pepper Sprout
Cloud Control - Gold Canary     Pop, Folk 09/10/2009
The first new music we've had from the Blue Mountains four-piece since their single 'Death Cloud' stormed radio. It’s a very, very exciting indication of what's to come.
'Gold Canary' from melodic magicians Cloud Control. With tribal chants culminating in what can only be described as a dub-step hoedown, 'Gold Canary' presents a band fully in control of their unique vision, and highlights a love of exploration and change that all true artists possess.

Other tracks by Cloud Control:  This Is What I Said  -  There's Nothing In The Water We Can't Fight
Shady Lane - Galileo     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Atmospheric 09/10/2009
Shady Lane is the brainchild of Sydney's Jordy Lane. They play a giddy blissful sound mixing elements of folk, electronica and pop. Like Aphex Twin meets The Postal Service.
Galileo is a wonderful story drenched in sunny pop folk harmonies. Beautiful lyrics and song structure cemented this as the first single to be released from the album.

Other tracks by Shady Lane:  Ouch My Head  -  Absolute Truth
Castratii - Colours     Electronic, Experimental, Instrumental, Psychedelic 02/10/2009
Castratii sound like m83 and Home Video. Beautiful, atmospheric music. They are a Sydney based act who have been in previous bands of acclaim.
The nearest thing to a single from Castratii - wonderful.

Other tracks by Castratii:  Liela  -  Listen Lovers
The Bon Scotts - The Kids Are Coming     Pop, Rock, Experimental 02/10/2009
The Bon Scotts are a young Melbourne five piece, merging unique hooks, found sounds and toe tapping rhythms into catchy, playful slapdash pop.
‘The Kids Are Coming’ is all drowsy pings and thwaps, feeling out the possibilities of homespun music-making. That “aw shucks” vibe could be credited to a new lease on life.