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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Scott Spark - Fail Like You Mean It     Pop, Gay Alligned 02/12/2010
Scott Spark sings about shift-work, strategies for outsmarting death, the importance of delusions, love, wanderlust at Christmas-time and life’s variety of fuck-ups, while plinking the keys of anything he can.
Fail Like You Mean It ticks all the boxes on why you should be curious about Scott Spark: Gloves off, hands down, this is one calm yet action packed. Bravo Spark.

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The Melodics - Superhero     Rock, Pop, Live Performance 02/12/2010
Amrap Live Music Recordings_4BSR_Big Sound Live The Melodics bring together a creative, energetic and original mix up of electro-rock and Indie Hip-Hop.
The Melodics bring together a creative, energetic and original mix up of electro-rock and Indie Hip-Hop

Other tracks by The Melodics:  Take Me Away
Adventure Land - Hold My Hand     Pop, Rock 26/11/2010
Adventure Land formed early 2010. They're committed to bringing hearts to life with a Pop/Rock style, captivating melodies and lyrics that make you want to stand and follow your dreams.
This upbeat, catchy tune will have you singing away! It's all about falling in love, with it's music video featuring on RAGE.

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Other tracks by Adventure Land:  The Eastern Sky
Jugu - The Deep     Pop, Electronic, Chill 26/11/2010
Jugu is a solo electro pop artist based in Sydney. Her music has been described as "melodious electro pop beats, layered with warm vocals and quirky lyrics" - Traxx Radio.
“The Deep” is the musical equivalent of the floaty feeling you get when falling in love. It teems with water related imagery such as “will our lips, like two ships, crash in the dark?” and “let’s plunge and curl, underneath these eddy swirls”.

Other tracks by Jugu:  Getting Closer  -  Infatuation
Pigeon - Apex     Electronic, Dance, Pop, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 26/11/2010
Pigeon formed in early 2010 when a group of musicians sporting vastly differing musical backgrounds joined forces to create an earful of tasty textural treats. Enjoy!
Apex is an upbeat electronic pop song with hard hitting drums and heavy riffs. It is a let loose and have a little dance.

Other tracks by Pigeon:  Shadow Spectrum (ft. Kitch)
The Oyster Murders - Ghosts In Our Wake     Pop, Ambience 26/11/2010
The ambience of Radiohead meets the female and male vocal layering of Arcade Fire. The band has a passion for unusual analogue instruments.This is sweet melancholy music with good pop-sensibilities
This track uses mellotron sounds from the 60's, including choirs and broken sounding cellos, to create a haunting yet melodic soundscape. The last two minutes in particular, really showcases the full repertoire of the band, with noise guitars, male and female harmonies, piano and ambient drones all coming together.

Other tracks by The Oyster Murders:  Signs  -  Lovers Who Drink The Sea
We Say Bamboulee - Solid Gold     Pop, Electronic, Pop, Psychedelic 26/11/2010
sun-drenched harmonies and shimmering melodies, a secret guilty serve of smooth grooves on the side or big beats for dancing, intelligent hooks embedded in upbeat ecstatic pop. good fun.
catchy squiggly happiness

Other tracks by We Say Bamboulee:  Waiting In Wisconsin  -  Unwelcome Copacabana Holiday
Johnny Milner - Sunshine Chocky     Pop, Electronic, Reggae, Country 22/11/2010
Playful, upbeat bedroom music.
Playful, upbeat bedroom music.

Other tracks by Johnny Milner:  Lie Are Told By Men In Ties  -  Dear Brother
Aqualash - Blue     Pop, Downbeat 19/11/2010
Trip-Hop Dream-Pop Alternative Atmospheric Gothic-Jazz
A song of hope and encouragement, reminding you that the sun will always come back around no matter how blue the world seems.

Other tracks by Aqualash:  America  -  In Shadow
Pouet - Sidewalk     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Dance 18/11/2010
Pouet - Your body off the richter! Your fashion off the richter! Your technology off the richter! Your job off the richter! More than just music life off the richter!
This Track has an infectious beat and a beautiful chorus melody line. It will have you hooked from the word go. The opening Instrumentation will entice your ear the moment it is played. Every person that has heard this Track has it stuck in their heads.

Other tracks by Pouet:  It's goin Down  -  Hypnotise
Stiff Gins - Diamonds on the Water     Folk, Pop 18/11/2010
Stiff Gins are Nardi Simpson & Kaleena Briggs. Celebrating 11 fabulous years of harmony and song together , They are one of Australia’s best known and most loved Indigenous acts.
Inspired by a journey on water, the Stiff Gins’ Nardi Simpson explains that Diamonds on the Water expresses the awe, the allure and power of the ocean.
“Coming from freshwater river people from the inlands of NSW, the ocean is familiar yet very different to us,”

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Alpine - Villages     Pop, Dance 08/11/2010
Previously known as Swiss, and likened to Phoenix, Lykke Li and The XX. JJJ began playing their demos and awarded them the influential 'JJJ Un-Earthed Feature Artist Of The Week'.
'Villages' is the second feature single from Alpine's Debut EP 'Zurich'. Alpine's first feature single was 'Heartlove'.

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The Unravelling - Come Undone     Pop, Electronic, Rock 08/11/2010
The Unravelling is a three piece electro-pop band based in Sydney.
An uplifting track with a good melody, good beat and a great female vocal.

Other tracks by The Unravelling:  Everything Will Be Alright  -  Pitch Black
Amaya Laucirica - This World Can Make You Happy     Pop, Soundtrack (Film Related) 03/11/2010
Summer Coda is the debut feature from Australian filmaker Richard Gray starring Rachael Taylor and Alex Dimitriades.
Taken from the Summer Coda movie soundtrack

FUNKALLEROS - Lullabop     Reggae/Dub, Pop, World 03/11/2010
Funkalleros have variety! They play original music with a unique sonic vision, an alternative to current music trends. Funkalleros are eclectic and quirky, sharing a positive message and good vibes.
Lullabop talks about moving forward in life, no matter where you come from, what your social status is. You the individual have the power to change things, even though we may be living difficult times, we can help each other. So do the Lullabop and be happy with your life!

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Other tracks by FUNKALLEROS:  La Cacerola (slight return)  -  Jump!
Montpelier - Last Boat     Pop, Rock 01/11/2010
“Timeless Australian Indie-Pop” is how AIR boss Nick O’Byrne describes Brisbane four-piece Montpelier’s brand of melodic indie-pop for their blend of wistful and poetic lyrics, weaving melodies and sharp rhythms.
Last Boat is a vivid and immersive song full of layered synths and powerful vocals. It follows an interesting story and has the emotive chorus "he took the last boat out to see you, and we never saw him again".

The Chemist - Lulllaby #1 (Mercy)     Pop, Acoustic 01/11/2010
Touring with Boy and Bear, Old Man River, Birds of Tokyo and City Riots over the past four months and a bunch of summer festivals in 2010.
Lullaby #1(Mercy), an irresistible platter of glock’n’roll, walks in the warmth of its sentiment – promising golden slumbers if it weren’t so stirring in itself. “It depicts a kind of apocalyptic setting and couples it with the traditional lullaby sentiment of, ‘go to sleep, you’re safe here’,” Witt says.

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The Firetree - Sun and Moon     Pop, Folk 01/11/2010
The Firetree are a melodic pop styled band hailing from Byron Bay Australia. Fronted by Dale Buchan (vocals, acoustic guitar, mandolin) and Josie Cubis (vocals, electric guitar, saxophone, djembe).
This is a love song but it is more than that. It's about unconditional love, the way the earth spins around the sun and the moon around the earth. The kind of love that lasts forever.

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Other tracks by The Firetree:  Time Flies  -  Tame
Katie Noonan and The Captains with Taikoz - Fatal Shore     Pop, World 01/11/2010
Taikoz are Australia’s (and indeed one of the world outside Japans) only professional Taiko ensembles.
Another gorgeous track. Katie Noonan singing from the perspective of displaced refugee women around the world. Taikoz and the Captains lend the track a unique flavour, part dub, part ballad with epic percussion breakdown.

Skipping Girl Vinegar and Tri Nguyen - Bullets and Mango Trees     Pop, World 01/11/2010
The song was co-written by Skipping Girl’s Mark Lang and Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee and relative of the band Skipping Girl Vinegar’s drummer Chris Helm.
A sad song, tinged with banjo and Vietnamese strings. The song was co-written by Skipping Girl’s Mark Lang and Tri Nguyen, a Vietnamese refugee and relative of the band’s drummer Chris Helm.