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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Eliza Hull - Without Words     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2012
Eliza Hull is a solo artist from Melbourne creating lullaby pop sounds with an electronic edge.
‘Without Words’ is the first single from Eliza Hull’s forthcoming EP, Dawn. With a delivery that mirrors the dizzying realities of love it details, ‘Without Words’ is a formidable introduction to EP's hypnotic aura.

‘Without Words’ is stark in its candour. Blending subtle electronic stylings and heartfelt lyricism.

The Messengers - We Can't Get Along     Pop, Rock, Retro, Garage 05/04/2012
Hailing from Melbourne, five-piece, The Messengers create garage dusted pop with a sly wink and nod to traditional blues and 60s swinging beats.
It seems wildly ironic and perhaps even a touch inappropriate that a song about wanting to do things that you know you shouldn’t is such an unashamedly addictive proposition. ‘We Can’t Get Along’, the latest single from Melbourne’s The Messengers, is a quick shot of contagious hooks and virulent tones.

Kate Vigo - Not The One     Pop, Retro 05/04/2012
Kate Vigo is a singer songwriter from Melbourne whose music spans multiple styles and genres whilst keeping a strong pop sensibility.
Whilst clearly touched by the light of a 60’s torch song, Kate Vigo’s latest single ‘Not The One’ has a clear contemporary edge. Featuring the musically adventurous spirit that quickly has become Vigo’s calling card, ‘Not The One’ is a blend of sweeping
strings and a Shangri-la’s back beat.

Jenna Murphy - Do You     Pop, Folk, Rock, Electronic 03/04/2012
Jenna Murphy is no ordinary singer song-writer. Her songs are full of stories, energy and celtic poetic romance. Her quirky melodies will be stuck in your head for days.
This song is about two people who have meet both with emotional baggage. One is willing to move on but the other sabotages his feelings with past regret. It is written essentially as an up-tempo pop song and I believe has a very catchy chorus, perfect for radio.

Other tracks by Jenna Murphy:  Start To Stop  -  Soulfood
Mosman Alder - Raisin Heart     Folk, Rock 02/04/2012
Mosman Alder are a dark indie outfit featuring six members currently based in Brisbane, Australia.
Brisbane’s Mosman Alder make a statement of intent with first single ‘Raisin Heart’. From the triumphant introduction, sustained by guitar, piano and violin alike to the dark, brooding lyrics, ‘Raisin Heart’ introduces frontman Valdis Valodze as an emerging storyteller out front of an accomplished six-piece.

Max Crumbs - Baby Thighs     Electronic, Pop 02/04/2012
Crumbs is Max Kohane (Brain Children, Agents of Abhorrence, Internal Rot, Pivixki, member of the This Thing collective). Crumbs is all electronics; beats, and loops, and absolute gold.
A little dark, downtempo noddle from Crumbs. In equal measure, 'Baby Thighs' is playful and cosmic..

Other tracks by Max Crumbs:  Maidenhair  -  Missing Lja
Noemi Liba - Unwinding     World, Ambience, Electronic, Soundscapes 30/03/2012
Soulful, percussive, loops and soaring vocals...this woman has crafted songs beautifully to create a wonderful melding of sounds and a word - "daring".
A melding of pop, ambience, jazz, middle eastern and electronica. Unwinding has the elements of strings, horns, striking beats and arrangements, it is in a work, "eclectic".

Courtney Barnett - Lance Jnr.     Pop, Garage, Pop, Folk 30/03/2012
Immaculately crafted slacker garage pop songs. Courtney Barnett has a gift for wry lyrical insight and is a killer guitarist. (EP recorded with members of Immigrant Union and Dandy Warhols)
3.5 minutes of gorgeous 1990's influenced garage pop with startlingly honest lyrics.

Other tracks by Courtney Barnett:  Scotty Says
Dom Italiano - Never Going Back     Pop, Acoustic, Roots, Country 30/03/2012
'Pseudo Folky-Country-Rock for those who were never cool in school.' That's what you get from Dom Italiano.Imagine Paul Simon in a Crowded House with Paul Kelly & Keith Urban
Never Going Back is a song about looking forward and not worrying about things beyond your understanding or control. It was written after the loss of a close family friend.

Other tracks by Dom Italiano:  Just A Song  -  Ripples
Lacey - In Circles     Pop, Rock 30/03/2012
Lacey are a 4 piece indie pop band from Perth, Western Australia. They have been been developing their sound and tolerance of each other since 2007.
The first single from Lacey's new EP 'Verso' is a little pop-indie gem called ‘In Circles’.

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Lee'Mon - Albury     Pop, Atmospheric, Soul 30/03/2012
Who built the pyramids? Are we alone? Is Elvis alive? Who or what is Lee’Mon? First offering from this secretive act: moody single ALBURY. Ingest it, enjoy it, ponder it.
Let’s have a sonic checklist, a musical recipe for the ditty:

1. A sumptuously composed, brazen tune bearing an unsettling air.
2. Bizarre juxtaposition of sound to subject matter.
3. The echoing influences of Grace Jones and Edith Piaf.
5. Vibe of a band playing in a Young Ones episode.

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Michael Peter - Balance Beam     Folk 30/03/2012
Michael is a singer/songwriter known for entwining musical stories with a mix of folk and pop. Through extensive touring he has built a reputation as a captivating live act.
A rollicking poppy tune featuring a host of Central Coast school children belting out the chorus. ‘so alive, I’m feeling so alive’ sums it up.

Amanda Joy Horn - All I am     Christian 29/03/2012
I have put my life in God's hands and He has made me all I am. Inspired by God, my songs have been written from my heart to touch yours.
All I am is the first song that I wrote. I turned my back on my selfish ambitions and gave my heart to God. He has never left my side and I know that all I am and all I have is from my Lord above.

Other tracks by Amanda Joy Horn:  Hope for the Hopeless  -  When The Sun Sets
Sonpsilo Circus - Silverspoon     Rock, Psychedelic, Pop, Retro 26/03/2012
Channeling sounds from when rock was young and electrifying, the ‘Circus offer “meandering wah-flickers and Stratocaster screeches, twirling bass licks and relentless but ever morphing drum lines.” (Cool Perth Nights).
Blistering psych rock/pop with a carnival outro.

Other tracks by Sonpsilo Circus:  See Her Run  -  Your Mother Built The Sky
Shady Lane - Dumb Hope     Pop, Electronic 22/03/2012
Shady Lane are a pop/electronic four piece from Sydney who sculpt little dreamscapes which take you on a journey from joyous obscurity to the plain divine.
A bit like an autumn breeze, Dumb Hope scoops and carries you throughout the song like newly golden leaves down the street. It’s a story of the everyday mundane told from a dreamy temperament.

Other tracks by Shady Lane:  Convenient Face Hinge
We All Want To - You Used To Be Funny     Pop, Rock 22/03/2012
We All Want To spent weeks 2011 hunkered down over recording console with bouzoukis, tambourines, xylophones and omnichord, more importantly an army of electric guitars, loud amps and fuzz pedals.
First single You Used To Be Funny is a bratty blast of playground pop, a bittersweet duet done fast and loud.

Sugar Army - Hooks For Hands     Rock, Pop 22/03/2012
Sugar Army hail from Perth, WA, and are responsible for some of the most addictive Aussie rock anthems of the past five years. Angular, driving, and most of all- polished.
"mid-tempo rock number with a classic rock appeal that oozes with potential to be a proper crossover into that ever-growing behemoth of the indie-mainstream...the band's chops are ridiculously fine-tuned and honed..."- TIME OFF 22/2/2012

Shining Bird - Keep Warm     Pop, Experimental, Ambience 22/03/2012
Shining Bird have been described musically as creating a sort of widescreen "Valium Pop", Often evoking a sense of being forever stuck in the credits of an 80s teen movie.
This track was written in the Blue Mountains, It has a 80s synthy-pop sound with a warm summery feel

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Other tracks by Shining Bird:  Shade Of The Sea  -  Skitzing / Wipeout
Es Ist Super - Perfect Summer     Pop, Electronic, Rock, Dance 20/03/2012
Sun-drenched indie dance music. A four piece from Adelaide who musically re-create the warmth of the sun & the sand, and perform it 100% live.
'Perfect Summer' is about having a celebration on the beach for the last night of summer. It is an uplifting track that oozes sun & surf, and puts the listener in a happy place.

Felicity Groom - An Ache     Folk, Pop 20/03/2012
WA songstress, Felicity Groom, is main support for a national tour with John Butler. The tour follows her debut album, 'Gossamer' - named Feature Album by Triple J!
"An Ache" is the new single from her debut album, 'Gossamer' (Triple J Feature Album - November 2011)

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