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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Charlie Marshall - God Only Knows     Pop 15/01/2019
Charlie Marshall, formerly of Melbourne's Harem Scarem, holds an enviable place in Melbourne's underground music community with a long history of important and influential releases.
Charlie Marshall's God Only Knows is a tribute to the Beach Boys wonderful song from the 60s.

Katie Visser - The Wall     Pop, Atmospheric, Christian, Electronic 15/01/2019
Katie Visser is a Melbourne based rock and cabaret singer. Her influences and powerhouse vocals stem from 80-90s rock singers such as Pat Benatar, Amy Lee and Ann Wilson (Heart)
I wrote this song when I was at a low point after taking part in something where my fear got in the way of me wanting to achieve something. It's about learning to face your deepest fears, even if it's bloody uncomfortable.

Other tracks by Katie Visser:  Radio Radio (2018)  -  Flicker
TYLA - Pages     Pop 15/01/2019
A combination of gentle vocals, cruisy melodies and thought provoking lyrics. TYLA has come from acoustic beginnings to music now scattered with elements of folk, pop and electronic influence.
This song captures the feelings of moving away from home and finding yourself facing life's obstacles alone with no one there to guide you. TYLA found comfort in the pages that she would write her lyrics on. Being able to unload the thoughts and feelings that she was experiencing helped her to move forward in life and with her music.

Washington - American Spirit     Pop 15/01/2019
Modern pop’s patron saint Washington today unveils American Spirit. The new single will feature on the platinum-selling and ARIA award winning musician’s forthcoming studio album.
Haunted in tone, American Spirit features sweeping orchestration and provides centre stage for Washington’s velvety smooth vocals.

Zenith Moon - Bare (Be My Baby)     Pop, Rock, Soul 13/01/2019
High energy rock band, Zenith Moon, combines elements of blues, soul, rock and a splash of psychedelic.
Zenith Moon's sophomore single.

Afterlife - Serenity     Pop, Chill 11/01/2019
I am an artist who believes that music has the power to change people's lives for the better, hence why I write every song with meaning, whether Pop or Hip-Hop.
'Serenity' describes the feeling of becoming one with nature and letting the outer world help mold your inner peace.

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Chelsea Lorraine - Fire     Pop, Rock, Folk, Christian 11/01/2019
A singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Her songs are raw & honest featuring powerful vocals & an indie-pop production. A captivating sound that will have you singing along in no time.
'Fire' was written when thinking about how gold is purified.
Gold is put into the fire and impurities are brought to the surface and skimmed off, and you're left with pure gold. This song is my way of burning off the doubts that come when your mind feels under fire, and holding onto what is true about myself, the pure gold.

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Phil Hancock - H8U     Pop, Electronic 11/01/2019
Phil Hancock is a singer/producer from Brisbane whose ambient, future-pop is an artistic cut above the rest.
Influenced by a year of pain following an inevitable breakup, ‘H8U’ is an ambient, future-pop journey, blending dreamy melodies and smooth piano tones with powerful and melancholic lyrics of growth and heartbreak. A compelling and honest narrative, the Australian songwriter channels “the darkness and self-loathing that follows the end of a relationship” to form this touching, ‘sad banger’.

The Cat Empire - Oscar Wilde     Pop, Jazz, Folk, Funk 11/01/2019
The Cat Empire from Melbourne are one of Australia's most loved bands. Fusing pop, rock, jazz, funk, reggae and more into their music, they have a sound of their own.
If there is a song from new album 'Stolen Diamonds' (released Feb 15) that checks all the boxes on what makes for a great song by The Cat Empire, 'Oscar Wilde' is it. “On tour, I always come back to Paul Simon's Graceland as a reference for music that just floats and makes me feel good." Felix Reibl confesses.

D'Urberville - Hunter (live) feat. Ashley Hribar     Pop, Folk 10/01/2019
The music of D’Urberville is honest and compelling, set to make you smile about how complex life can be. D'Urberville is the solo project of Adelaide musician Mallory Steele.
‘Hunter’ is about catching someone’s eye for the first time and feeling an immediate connection. A sudden flash of chemistry is something both inexplicably intimate and wildly daunting. This arrangement is a collaboration with concert pianist Ashley Hribar, using extended performance piano techniques to mirror the moods and textures of the song.

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Jason Winston - Foreverland     Pop, Electronic 10/01/2019
Originally hailing from Melbourne, singer-songwriter, Jason Winston, emerges onto the music scene with his debut single, "Foreverland"
"Foreverland" is a reminder to relax into the love that you give and receive in a relationship. The concept for "Foreverland" is in direct contrast to Neverland, the place you go to never grow up, when in fact this experience was the place where the artist learned to sit into who he is.

Teen Angst - White Jeans     Pop, Garage, Rock 10/01/2019
Teen Angst are a Perth four-piece who are self described as "antisocial-pop." Writing songs about long distance relationships and realisation of lost youth.
"White Jeans" reflects on a long distance relationship, dealing with the present, past and the possibility of a future. Initially inspired by the spilling of red wine on white jeans.

Other tracks by Teen Angst:  Dental Hygiene  -  Eternal Sunshine
Eloisa Cullington - Float (feat. Floyd Zion)     Pop, RnB, Soul, Roots 09/01/2019
Eloisa Cullington embodies the sound of nu-jazz, effortlessly floating between old-school live elements and the latest electronic production treatments.
“a bliss concoction of pop, R&B, nu-jazz, soul and electronica”. - Happy Mag

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Biv - Laney     Pop 08/01/2019
David Biviano, a Lyricist and Drummer.
The genesis of a relationship

Distant Stars - Burst     Pop, Electronic, Punk 08/01/2019
Electronic 2-piece operating out of Melbourne with the design brief to create something bright that lives and breathes in the spaces between the cold, the dark, the deconstructed and minimal.
Throbbing slow burner, half french and half genius, for fans of Stereolab or Mitra Mitra.

Other tracks by Distant Stars:  New Ways To Noise  -  Robots (Do It Better)
LUNA - Hostility     Pop, Ambience, Soundscapes, Atmospheric 08/01/2019
LUNA is an electrifying performer who exceeds the conventional expectations of pop singers, leaving her in a league of her own.
Hostility is a deeply personal track unveiling the vulnerabilities LUNA has never showed before. With detailed vocals, you can hear the cry in her voice bring to life the sweeping atmosphere and orchestral soundscapes. The lyrics are an open diary, expressing in sounds what words cannot say about depression and helplessness.

JULIET - Totally     Pop, Rock, Country, Christian 21/12/2018
Juliet’s unique guitar-driven pop, a fusion of rock and country influences, is hook-laden with wide audience-appeal. Her debut single Totally, a track about summer love’s beginnings, is instantly unforgettable.
Remember when you looked at your first love and realised you were ‘just a little bit of falling in love’ – scratch that, ‘totally in love’? That’s Totally: a catchy, romantic, pop-fusion track about the magic of the beginnings of young summer love. The debut single from Juliet, it’s a sure-fire hit for any summer playlist.

Once With Us - 925     Pop, Jazz, Instrumental, Easy Listening 21/12/2018
A duo writing music at a distance but not apart at heart. Once with Us relates to LGBT people falling in and out of love.
925 is about dating in the world today where people have a 9 to 5 job and are prioritizing their work over their relationships.

Other tracks by Once With Us:  Something  -  Stray
Jimmy Harwood - Blue Gatorade     Pop, Rock 20/12/2018
Jimmy Harwood brings aussie hip-hop inspired vocals with soulful guitar licks which creates his unique australian sound.
Blue Gatorade is essentially a metaphor for a lovely lady!
'You remind me of my favourite drink, and that'd be a blue gatorade!
It explores the beauty of having a stupidly close connection with someone, and i have quite a connection with blue gatorade so it makes sense hahaha.

M@d Rick - Come With Us     Pop, RnB 20/12/2018
Believe in everything you do!
It is a summer vibe song with a hint of RnB soul.
The lyrics express my long time away from home, the day that I came back I see all my friends and have a good time with them.
"Come with us and enjoy you to" means you'll enjoy your time if you join us.