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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Beautiful Beasts - Weekend     Pop, RnB, Rock 24/01/2019
Not quite pop, not quite soul, not quite rock.
“Weekend” explores the melancholic fragile relationships between people whose connections are only physical and who only love on the weekends.

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Other tracks by Beautiful Beasts:  Superstar  -  Get UP
Camarano - When I Had Infinity     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Experimental 24/01/2019
Singer-songwriter-producer bred from the Western shores
Explores the ideas of apathy, of being a recluse, of getting so totally consumed and obsessed with a project that time gets away from you. Some days you get up feeling like a champ. Then other days it's.. 'dude what are you doing? you're a dropkick'. The negative voice is brutally honest. I wrote this in the latter mindset

CharliOh! - Let You Down     Pop 24/01/2019
CharliOh! is a young, passionate and ambitious 15 yr old, singer-songwriter. Self published on iTunes and Spotify, Charli has currently released one song called "Let You Down".
Let you Down is about Charli's struggle with maintaining friendships. The song is written as an apology for her behavior of resent how she is not coping with everything.

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Georgia Reed - Colours     Pop, Rock, Electronic 24/01/2019
Hailing from the Western shores of Australia, Georgia Reed is renowned for her outstanding vocals and haunting songwriting.
“I wish for a listener to get an emotional connection to my music. I want the listener to feel what I feel when I write and perform my music. This song is about my experience in my school years, being bullied, feeling alone and isolated. This is something so many people experience and unfortunately some people don’t make it through.”

Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song (Shed Mix)     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 23/01/2019
Alex the Astronaut shares her the new mix for latest single 'Happy Song'.
Alex says: "I wrote this song at the start of the year about the awkward middle part of a breakup when you don't really know what you're doing. I recorded it with Sam (Cromack) and Dan (Hanson) from Ball Park Music."

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Creature Fear - Please Me     Pop, Rock 23/01/2019
Creature Fear – a compelling mix of 60’s garage rock and modern atmospherics rolled into a full-bore, shoes-off sound.
Creature Fear's debut single that will get you up dancing and singing along.

Throwback 60's garage rock inspired song where the singer dictates all the things he can’t stand about his partner and how the relationship has driven him insane.

Dad's Fastest Swimmers - Mixed Messages     Pop 23/01/2019
Dad’s Fastest Swimmers is a collective of amateur swimmers and somehow even more amateur musicians. The 8 Piece indie pop band formed after a day at the local pool.
The debut single ‘Mixed Messages’ explores the challenging and often confusing landscape that is modern dating and hookup culture. Dad’s Fastest Swimmers' member, and songwriter for their debut track, Lucky, said they wanted their first track to be an upbeat, catchy pop tune, that you can easily sing along to, reflective of the band's overall sound.

Indigo Point - The Words I Wanna Hear     Pop, Rock 23/01/2019
Indigo Point, a fresh Sydney based alt-rock band is working diligently on producing new music, while also performing songs from their debut EP, Distance.
The Words I Wanna Hear is a song about both loss and forgiveness, about hearing what you've needed to hear from someone close to you and the relief that brings to the soul.

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Magnus Murphy - Feel Something     Pop, Electronic 23/01/2019
Bright, shimmering summer pop! Boasting a similar sound to Safia or Rufus Du Sol, but equally unique.
Brisbane Multi-talent, Magnus Murphy enters 2019 on a high with the release of Feel Something, an anthemic, standalone single, overflowing with bouncing synths and suggestive vocals, a perfect supplement to any summer night.

“Kygo was my main inspiration instrumentally. I wanted to capture a summery, uplifting and bright yet strong track. I drew inspiration from The Weeknd and Nick Jonas.”

Peter Senior - Little Lovin     Pop, Soul, Jazz, Funk 21/01/2019
It’s another of his nouveau retro blasts complete with stomping rhythms, surging emotional power and infectious melodies.
Taken off Peter Senior’s debut album On The Edge, Little Lovin was mixed by Brian Reeves (U2, The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus) in LA.

Dig The Dust - Touch The Sky     Pop, Roots, Rock 20/01/2019
Dig The Dust is a powerful rock band. Their debut album features psychedelia tinges & blues taints but that old harlot rock n' roll is unquestionably in the driver's seat!
Feel good vibes all about dancing and having a good time.

Other tracks by Dig The Dust:  Wheels In Motion  -  Interstellar DJ
Jackson Dyer - CBSKY     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Soul 18/01/2019
Jackson Dyer is an indie singer-songwriter and producer based between Berlin and Sydney. His debut, self recorded and produced album is due for release next year.
CBSKY is the first single from Dyer's Debut Album, which he self recorded and produced between the Mid North Coast of NSW and Melbourne and mixed in West Cork, Ireland. It is a track that is centred around the emotions you feel at the start of any daunting journey, excited and frightened by the prospect of change.

Luke Fox - Concrete Sea     Pop, Folk, Roots, Chill 18/01/2019
Hailing from South West Australia, Luke is a firefighter turned performing artist offering surf/pop sensibilities; his warm, gentle nature and overt storytelling resonating with coastal and urban listeners alike.
New single ‘Concrete Sea’ is a breezy summer contemplation with high harmonies, honest acoustic guitar, floating telecaster tones and organic percussion. Written in Kaikoura, New Zealand and recorded with Andy Lawson (DeBaser Studios, Perth Australia) ‘Concrete Sea’ romanticises abandoning routine for shared adventures with a loved one.

Mosquito Coast - Sweet Talking     Pop, Garage 18/01/2019
Perth dream-popsters Mosquito Coast were discovered in high-school after winning Triple J’s Unearthed-High 2015.Their debut album was recorded in NYC with producer Nicolas Vernhes and set for release in 2019!
A garage pop song with new wave influences about the exciting fast-paced whirlwind at the beginning of a relationship. Raw and upbeat, it's reminiscent of Mosquito Coast’s younger basement jams but paired with new synths and vocal harmonies and a vocal style channelling David Byrne in ‘Once in a Lifetime’ and Kim Gordon in ‘The Sprawl’.

Paul D McDowell - Love Your Love     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening, Chill 18/01/2019
Solo acoustic artist, Paul D McDowell is a singer-songwriter from Perth, WA. Handpicked by Gordon Raphael (the Strokes and Regina Spektor), Paul McCartney (The Beatles) and David Cross (King Crimson).
A love song with accompanying music video

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Sandy Hsu - Limbo     Pop, Ambience, Soundscapes 18/01/2019
Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based multidisciplinary artist. Her dream is to use music as an ongoing platform for unadulterated self-expression.
Personal insights written into lyrics that catch you off guard, mixed with expansive ambient pop melodies that feel like a dream. ‘Limbo’ invites listeners to move beyond their personal understanding of the self and encourages all of us to soak in the infinite possibilities of life as daunting as it may feel.

SAYAH - He's Not Over Me     Pop, Electronic, RnB 18/01/2019
Sydney based singer/songwriter SAYAH will instantly draw you in with her sultry, spicy and soul-drenched vocals, which she deftly drizzles over her unique fusion of contemporary R&B and alternative pop.
"He's Not Over Me" is the first track off of her new body of work. SAYAH describes the track as "a love triangle with no winners". In her case, she confesses, "when I wrote this song I had an aching to be right but I had mostly doubt."

Wilderness Shout - Lost     Pop, Rock, Electronic 18/01/2019
Wilderness Shout are an Alt Pop band from Sydney, Australia
LOST is the newest release from Alt-Pop band Wilderness Shout. Floating over a delicate swirl of electronic melodies before diving below the surface, the new single weaves together the very best of pop, rock and electronica to deliver a sound and dynamic journey all of its own.

The Unreachable Lows - Your Heart Will Break     Pop, Electronic 17/01/2019
‘The Unreachable Lows’ are a two-piece god-father/ god-daughter outfit from Perth Western Australia, comprising Amber Galbraith on vocals and Julian Bolleter on keyboards, guitar, bass and drum machine
Your heart will break

A song for the #me too generation

Other tracks by The Unreachable Lows:  Repeat
Zachary Leo - Lay You Down     Pop, Blues, Funk, Rock 16/01/2019
Zachary Leo brings to us Funky Riffs, Soulful Melodies and honest Lyrics in a combination of ways spanning from Funk to Rock, Soul to Acoustic.
'Lay You Down' is a funky summer song about young love and the excitement and fear that comes with love. 'Lay You Down' is the debut single from Zachary Leo and gives us a small glimpse of what to expect from the Singer/Songwriter from Melbourne.