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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Sabrina Lawrie - Nopiates     Pop/Electronic, Easy Listening, Pop 24/10/2018
They didn’t call her ‘Queen of the Underground’ for nothing, following the successful release her 4.5 star Rolling Stone debut album in 2017, Sabrina Lawrie is emerging fierce and forceful
"I was deeply affected by the news of another musical legend taking their own life due to the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and it hit very close to home for me. After my own battle with painkillers following a serious spinal injury and the journey to drug free pain management, inspiration struck me instantly and I started writing."

Spokesmodel - Baby, I'm a Cenobite     Pop, Electronic, Industrial 24/10/2018
Spokesmodel is a synth pop duo from Brisbane and Melbourne. Sophie Benjamin sings and writes lyrics, Ben Breitenstein makes beats and they both produce from their respective studio spaces.
Catchy dark electronic pop inspired by the Hellraiser book and movie franchise and 80s industrial music. Starts with a distorted drum loop and builds with synth arps and reversed vocals until a crazed climax. Similar to Garbage, Nine Inch Nails, Coil.

Yorke - First Light     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill, Pop 24/10/2018
Grace Hughes began 2018 by adopting a new moniker, Yorke. A name chosen simply due to her love of New York City, a city which constantly inspires her.
'First Light' is driven by punchy percussion, with lingering piano keys and featherweight vocals giving the track a nostalgic aura, or as Yorke herself describes, "it's the kind of song you’d imagine blasting in your car late at night." An anthem of love and self-care, Yorke's gentle vocal tends to the bittersweet subject matter with alluring results.

Jacob Rohde - Safe Behind Walls     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Electronic 23/10/2018
Jacob Rohde is a singer, songwriter, performer and engineer recording music in a bedroom.
A song about mental illness

Jessie-May Kitchen - Teen Love     Pop 23/10/2018
Jessie-May was born in Hobart and grew up on the NSW Central Coast. She started writing songs at five and Performing Arts became her escape from a tough family life.
Starting with an innocent acoustic guitar and voice intro the song turns into catchy indie band track. Some tasteful and hooky electric and subtle keyboards and harmonies fill out the arrangement to make this another great indie radio tune from young Jessie. Already receiving good plays on Triple J Unearthed

Royal East - Gin     Pop, Rock 23/10/2018
4 best mates, making party tunes. Melbourne's Royal East delivers a mighty punch with their high energy syncopated rhythms, catchy melodies and dance synth underlay.
Gin is a song written about catching feelings for someone when the timing just isn’t right. This new single has expanded Royal East’s sound to include a more poppy, bouncy and uplifting repertoire. The song captures the band's playful and vibrant character.

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ST. IVES - The Roaches     Pop, Experimental, Atmospheric, Downbeat 23/10/2018
St Ives: a collaboration between Perth vocalist Anna O’Neil (Anna O) and Melbourne producer Arik Blum. Brought together by a love of deep bass mid 90’s UK sounds.
An apocalyptic premonition, exploring the concept of what we would do when we know that tomorrow, the end will arrive. The lyrics set up the feeling of a type of reflective resignation to the approaching storm, to the imminent fire, anchoring its message on the line “When the end approaches, don’t hold on, we’ll leave it to the Roaches”.

Abby Dobson - Give Me Love     Pop, Folk, Soul 22/10/2018
Abby Dobson is a singer and songwriter. She was a founding member of Leonardo's Bride whose chart-topping song 'Even When I'm Sleeping' won APRA Song of the Year in 1998.
‘Give Me Love’ has an understated sparseness that allows Abby’s heartfelt words to come shining through. It’s a bittersweet song, infused with longing.

"It was one of those great ones where I wrote all the words first, so I didn’t have to bend any idea, word or meaning to the will of the music; I bent the music." Abby said.

Cool Sounds - The Beat     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 22/10/2018
Playful, earnest guitar music for long haul drives, sunsets, gardening and contemplative walks.
A builder, the intro sees front-man Dainis Lacey setting the scene - the dread at seeing an old acquaintance - before the full band kicks in with swagger.
Using slide-guitar, 80s prom synths & a plucky, McCartney-esque bass, the sax refrain elevates the whole feel - repetition aimed at a Krautrock vibe, all framed in an alt-country, 70s soft-rock atmosphere.

Other tracks by Cool Sounds:  Dirt  -  Wrangler
kirkis - Dead Nightclub     Pop 22/10/2018
Kirkis majored in painting at sydney college of the arts Has collaborated with numerous artists, notably Mark Pritchard, Kirin J Callinan and Floating points.
warm uptempo song about a dead nightclub

Peter Senior - Baby I Love You     Pop, Soul, Jazz, Rock 22/10/2018
Sydney-based singer-songwriter, Peter Senior, is not the kind of artist who can be easily pigeonholed. His music defies expectation and convention.
Peter Senior’s Baby I Love You is available on November 2nd to download, pre sales on the 19th October.

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Chela - Shut You Up     Pop, Electronic 20/10/2018
Chela is an Australian/Filipino alt pop artist originally from Western Australia.
Shut You Up featuring Banoffee is a song about disconnecting momentarily from technology to enjoy what is natural. Chela wrote and co-produced it with Clubfeet's Le Bruce. It was mixed by Chris Zane and mastered by Joe La Porta.

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jacob Rohde - I'll make it easy     Pop, Chill, Downbeat, Garage 20/10/2018
Recording somewhere in a bedroom
Original music written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jacob Rohde

ROMII - Cupid Love     Pop, RnB, Dance 20/10/2018
Brisbane/LA based artist ROMII is a future pop superstar, picking up a slew of accolades after her debut single 'Wild Heart' and now she's back to do it all again.
Not your typical love song, Cupid Love focuses on if Cupid used his bow and arrow to find love for himself after helping everyone else find love. Coupled with an energetic, summer-y beat, it's a love song with a twist.

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Brittany Leo - adore     Pop, Electronic 19/10/2018
Brittany Leo is a multi-talented artist who can sing and DJ and is truly passionate about providing audiences with a great experience.
Brittany Leo releases her new single "adore" - a cool pop track with heartfelt lyrics, and cutting edge production; a distinctly mature statement from an undeniably assured Artist.

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Brumfield - Backseat     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic 19/10/2018
South-Australian artist Brumfield arrives with his first release, Backseat. With soft pop rnb/rap vibe, he is driven to explore the possibilities of creative collaboration and to connect through youthful experiences.
Brumfield merges genres with his newest single, Backseat. With grit and plenty of heart, it’s the modern pop-rap vibe that drives Backseat’s desire to connect, as Brumfield explains “Backseat is about the different feelings and memories of a teenage relationship, wishing they could go back to when it was new.”

Candy - Validation     Pop, Rock 19/10/2018
Candy is the bedroom dream-pop project of Melbourne creative Calum Newton
“Validation details the struggle of never being sure of yourself, the constant need for someone to tell you what you're doing is okay” says Candy AKA Calum Newton. The track blends elements of krautrock and post-punk flecked with warmth by Newton’s signature home production.

Ella Fence - Call Girl     Pop, Electronic 19/10/2018
Award winning musician Ella Fence is a power-femme electro-pop artist who's toured and created in USA, Berlin, France, England (Great Escape Festival), Canada (Canadian Music Week), Norway and Australia.
Power-femme electro pop artist Ella Fence releases Call Girl, an anthem for anyone who ever felt their time unvalued.

Produced in Byron Bay collaboratively with Vinnie LaDuce (M.T. Warning, Feeding Fauna, Ash Grunwald, The Winnie Coopers). Together, the pair created a unique mix of bold synthesisers.

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Florian - Through The Night     Pop, Dance, Soul 19/10/2018
Florian is a femme-machine with an Australian accent, pink hair, dance moves for days and a potty mouth. Unapologetically pop with soaring vocals, evocative melodies infused with vibe.
"Through the Night" is an uplifting 80s power ballad with a driving bass line and a tender, heartfelt vocal delivery. Soaked in glittery 80's inspired production, 'Through the Night' will satisfy all the passionate 80's love song feels you didn't know you had.

Hobsons Bay Coast Guard - Wannabe     Pop, Garage, Psychedelic 19/10/2018
Hobsons Bay Coast Guard are Catchy sun-drenched hooks, warped chords and trashy, manic drums are all smashed together into a coastal themed paint-your-own-adventure colouring book.
Recorded in their parents living room, the single itself is another mad experiment in genre from studio Hobsons. ‘Wannabe’ is short like a punk track, heavy like a garage track and even contains elements of pop behind its driving mad-cap rhythm guitar and incessant drums. ‘Wannabe’ slots neatly beside their previous releases while simultaneously standing out like a throbbing thumb.