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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Lucy Neville - Wasting Our Time     Pop, Dance, Electronic 02/11/2018
Lucy Neville is a 22-year-old singer-songwriter from Sydney, First Live show at the Factory, Sydney July 2018, sold out! 9.3 million streams. Have a listen.
I wrote Wasting Our Time about an almost-lover. Some loves are meant to last a lifetime, some only for a moment. I'm reflecting on a moment in time when I met an old friend, all grown up. For a moment it was something more, until it wasn't. I think we've all had had one of those loves.

Martin Frawley - You Want Me     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 02/11/2018
Known to many as a principal member of Melbourne’s Twerps, Martin Frawley recently struck out on his own to record an album
“You Want Me?” is a song Frawley appropriately describes as “the prequel to the record, explaining why I am where I am, writing what I am.”

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Matt Alderman - Let's Move On     Pop, Rock, Chill 02/11/2018
Matt Alderman is a 20-year-old singer/songwriter from Adelaide. Matt's alt-pop tunes are filled with honest, relatable lyrics that anyone can connect with.
This song is about the final stage of a break up. This isn't about the hurt or the bitterness, it's about reflection, hope and the future. This verses of this song also tell a story about my struggle with anxiety.

Raksha - Feel It Again     Pop, Rock 02/11/2018
RAKSHA bring an energetic, eclectic sound. souring vocal lines, infectious grooves and a stage presence to leave you moving and grooving.
It’s a song about finding what makes you feel alive - what makes you feel happy, And so we really wanted the song to make you want to dance and have a great time.

The lead single from the upcoming EP "State of Mind", launching on Saturday Nov 10 at Jack Rabbit Slim's.

Raksha - Memory Trees     Pop, Rock 02/11/2018
RAKSHA bring an energetic, eclectic sound. souring vocal lines, infectious grooves and a stage presence to leave you moving and grooving.
Memory Trees is about dreaming up a whole life with someone, only to awaken to find none of it was real. It plays with the idea that every face that is in your dreams is someone you’ve seen before. So it asks where did I see this person, and are we connected in some way?

Other tracks by Raksha:  Closure  -  Patterns
Raksha - Mindless Consumption     Pop, Rock 02/11/2018
RAKSHA bring an energetic, eclectic sound. souring vocal lines, infectious grooves and a stage presence to leave you moving and grooving.
Mindless Consumption explores consumerism in an energetic pop song, wrapping up with a smooth solo by world-renowned saxophonist Erin Royer.

The Sticker Club - (Can You Do) The Peanut     Pop, Garage 02/11/2018
ABC KIDS' newest superstars 'The Sticker Club' echo the bubblegum pop of late-60s cartoon bands like The Archies, mixed with the indie-rock pedigree of the band's members (Lemonheads, Plunderers, Smudge).
A bubblegum pop dance number for adults and kids alike!

Zellen - The Heat     Pop, Electronic 02/11/2018
Zellen is a solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and synth-pop producer from Melbourne. Her music conjures heart-grabbing nostalgia and effortless charm as entrancing vocals underpin layers of bold synths and dreamy melancholia.
Synth-pop. Indie. Dream-pop. Shoegaze.

Lavrence - Shine     Pop, Dance, Retro 01/11/2018
Lavrence has arrived! Posing the question, Why exist quietly when your true self is just waiting to shine? The singer-songwriter is ecstatic to share what he has lovingly created.
“Shine” the upbeat track is nothing short of a party anthem that is guaranteed to have you dancing in your seat. Stemming from a desire to fulfil his own purpose, Lavrence has graced our speakers with a shameless exploration of self love and empowerment. Captivating synths and power vocals accompany an up-beat pop rhythm.

Lighthouser - Dying To Change     Pop, Dance, Electronic 01/11/2018
After composing songs for Jean Tong’s hit indie musical Romeo Is Not The Only Fruit (MICF/BrisFest '18), James Gales has embarked on a pop music career as Lighthouser.
Lighthouser's debut single captures the yearning of wanting to become someone new, when life feels like a dead end. Sensitive vocals, synth and piano textures are charged up by a pounding dance beat, giving the song a poignant sense of urgency. Samples of birdsong alongside the lyrical theme of trees losing their leaves give the song an immersive, visual quality.

Rya Park - act your age     Pop, Rock, Soul, Blues 01/11/2018
Rya Park is a London born soul/rock musician, influenced by the likes of The Arctic Monkeys, whilst also taking inspiration from the confessional lyricism of Stevie Nicks and Amy Winehouse.
‘act your age’ is a charismatic and genre-defying track that combines soul, rock, hip-hop, pop and blues. The lyrics are quirky and fiery with an honest performance. Rya wrote the song whilst comforting her best friend during the end of a relationship.

The Small Press - Console Kids     Pop, Rock, Punk, Garage 01/11/2018
The Small Press are a pop-punk band from the inner-west of Sydney. Their songs are constructed of equal parts attitude and hook and are powerfully delivered by front-woman Maddie Gilholme.
Debut single 'Console Kids' was released in March 2018 and has been described by Declan Byrne, host of Triple J's Home and Hosed as ' on!', and by Max Quinn as "easily likeable". The song captures that giddy feeling of elation when you meet someone who also loves staying indoors and playing video games!!

G-Man & The Powerhouse - Live Your Life     Pop, Easy Listening, Soul 31/10/2018
G-Man & The Powerhouse: Independent Band packed with Musiciality, and Meaningful lyrics! From Pop to Soul to Rock & Funk! This band will get you hooked from the 1st chord!
This Song is dedicated to anyone & everyone, who is/has going/gone through a hard time. Esp with Depression, Mental Illness. We would like to help the people through Are You Ok campaign, Suicide awareness, Beyond Blue, to name a few.
It is about accepting help, not alienating yourself, enjoying the simpler things. 'Live your life each day at a Time'.

Other tracks by G-Man & The Powerhouse:  The Free  -  Don't Stop Movin'
Hana Rosé - Sex For Breakfast     Pop, RnB, Soul 31/10/2018
Hana Rosé deliciously blends the sounds of Modern Pop and R&B. Her catchy melodies provide a radio friendly twist, and just a sip is guaranteed to keep you wanting more.
“Sex For Breakfast” is a slow burning, sensual, catchy, infectious R&B track that is provocative yet so smooth and lovable. The melody will be stuck in your head for days, and the vocal arrangements lead to an unforgettably dynamic and climactic ending of falsetto and airy highs that will leave you stunned by the journey of the song.

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Other tracks by Hana Rosé:  The Wave  -  Every Single Day
King IV - Basic     Pop, Electronic, Drum 'n' Bass / Jungle 31/10/2018
King IV makes hard-hitting industrial pop, described by media as "Australia's Grimes," "a razor-sharp pop hero" and "my go to.... whenever I wanna feel like a boss-ass b*tch".
Hatched in an APRA AMCOS SongHubs session between King IV, LUCIANBLOMKAMP & Josh Simons, Basic is a break-neck 2min19sec of ice cold attitude, showcasing a new masterful restraint from the artist without losing any of her trademark punch. Percussive layers whip around ferociously in the mix over booming 808 kick bass, held firmly down by King IV's imperious vocals.

Natasha Johanna - Belmont Park     Pop, Folk 31/10/2018
Natasha Johanna can sing light into any room. A multi-instrumentalist and no stranger to the music scene, Johanna experiments with influences ranging from Leonard Cohen to Kate Bush and Nico.
In its essence 'Belmont Park' is about being young and carefree but it’s also my adult self acknowledging that carefree girl… And reminding myself that even as we get older there’s still a child alive inside somewhere that knows how to enjoy those seemingly simple but beautiful things.

D Minor - Concrete Pillow     Pop, Rap 30/10/2018
Despite being homeless by age 11, kicked out of school, separated from his twin brother by being placed in separate foster homes, D Minor has overcome adversity, rising to success.
Concrete Pillow, featuring Alli Simpson, gives insight into a troubled childhood and experiences with violence, homelessness and overall life struggles. Concrete Pillow talks about my life, and what I’ve been through - the pain and struggles I had to endure as a child, becoming homeless, placed in foster homes, and shuffled between refuges.

Emerson Snowe - If I Die, Then I Die     Pop, Electronic 30/10/2018
Following a number of achievements for Emerson Snowe, including winning this year’s Levi’s Music Prize at BIGSOUND, the local singer-songwriter releases his new single ‘If I Die, Then I Die’.
Premiered by Matt Wilkinson at Beats 1 and accompanied by a vibrant video, the song sees 23-year-old Jarrod Mahon channelling the spirit of the glam-rock greats as he sings an effervescent ode to his own mortality

Hatchie - Adored     Pop 30/10/2018
Off the back of a fantastic year for Hatchie – including the release of her celebrated debut EP, Sugar & Spice, she has unveiled a stunning new track for ‘Adored’.
‘Adored’ is the first piece of new music since Hatchie’s debut EP Sugar & Spice was released in May this year, winning praise across the globe. The five-track collection, which has notched up 7.5 million streams and counting, includes singles ‘Try’, ‘Sure’, ‘Sugar & Spice’, ‘Sleep’ (Pitchfork’s ‘Best New Track’) and ‘Bad Guy’.

I Call Val - Erase Her     Pop, Rock 30/10/2018
Super high energy Perth band, I CALL VAL, is a quirky female-fronted outfit with an electric stage presence delivering unforgettable melodies, anthemic vocals and a punch that tackles political themes
"Erase Her" is the sonic embodiment of the blunders of a new relationship and the ghosts of girlfriends past. The track is driven by melodic guitar and anthemic vocals, perfect for fans of Paramore, Tonight Alive, Stand Atlantic & Against The Current. By boasting catchy lyrics and head-banging beats, the highly anticipated track is a sure hit.