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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Josh Reck - Nights In Love     Pop, RnB 09/11/2018
Josh Reck is a Pop/RnB Singer Songwriter from Sydney, Australia, with a strong commercial sound and catchy hooks that have been Recorded and Producing with a Grammy Nominated Producer.
Nights In Love represents a new sound for Josh Reck, entailing the euphoria of nights with that special someone, and the memories that are created. The tropical synth feel, mixed with a strong beat, indie vocals and a strong & catchy top line. This is the new Pop/RnB love anthem Australia has been waiting for.

Kota Banks - I'm It     Pop, Dance, Electronic 09/11/2018
Kota Banks is Australia's new princess of pop, creating infectious tracks that push the boundaries of the genre with fearless production lead by her vocal prowess and confident charisma.
Taken from her wildly successful PRIZE mixtape, Kota's "I'm It" sets the new benchmark for unapologetically loving yourself. Body rolling beats and an infectious attitude oozing with confidence lead the track, interjected by glistening melodies you can't help but sing along with.

Lucy Neville - Wasting Our Time     Pop, Electronic 09/11/2018
Lucy Neville is carving her electro-pop path into the Australia music with yet another track for our summer playlist, Wasting Our Time.
Wasting Our Time takes us through a moment we know we've all been through, meeting and finding a potential lover yet when it doesn't work out, how do you feel? As if you've wasted all your time on relationship that never even was.

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MAXON - History     Pop, Rock, Soul, Folk 09/11/2018
Emerging pop queen MAXON is an artist from the Melbourne, currently shaking audiences across the state with her trademark vocal and boundless song-writing talents.
The impressive MAXON has today announced her new single History, a powerful pop rock belter that reflects on a period of cyclic grieving, out November 9. After a long time perfecting and processing, MAXON has emerged fully formed with History – strong, unstoppable, and willing to burn bridges, if they need to be burnt.

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Nine Year Sister - Missing Pieces     Pop 09/11/2018
Nine Year Sister is a pop, folk duo comprised of siblings Jennie and Emma from QLD, Australia. They write, produce and perform their own original music.
'Missing Pieces' is a sentimental and thought provoking piano ballad, wistfully sung from the heart.

Nine Year Sister - Stardust In Your Hair     Pop, Electronic 09/11/2018
Nine Year Sister is a pop, folk duo comprised of siblings Jennie and Emma from QLD, Australia. They write, produce and perform their own original music.
'Stardust In Your Hair' is an electro-pop track with whimsical galaxy lyrics, featuring a mixture of acoustic guitar and synthetic instruments.

Omar Dean - Too Far Gone     Pop, RnB 09/11/2018
Pop Rnb Singer songwriter Omar Dean is one of Australia’s hottest talents with a unique soulful sound influenced by the likes of Prince, Justin Timberlake, Usher, Miguel and Maxwell.
RNB Singer/songwriter,Omar Dean, makes his debut with his first single, "Too Far Gone". This thought-provoking track tackles the difficult questions about desperate attachment, and the search for one's true fulfillment. "Too Far Gone" explores the concept of how time plays an integral role in the shifting dynamics of a relationship, and forces perspective on what is worth fighting for.

Phi - One More Song     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Australian Indigenous 09/11/2018
Brisbane singer, Phi is spilling her beats, bathed in melancholic truths. After years of performing in an array of bands Phi has ventured into the EDM and Pop world.
On a nightclub dance floor, Phi began to have a panic attack after trying to hide her grief when in reality, mentally her life was collapsing, Phi believes many experience the same drowning type of fear while dealing with mental health and hopes that her music may bring a kind of relatability and comfort to anyone going through struggles.

Regurgitator - I Get the Internet     Pop, Rock, Electronic 09/11/2018
Brisbane band - been around for a while, made a bunch of records and then some… continue to play havoc. Still trippin' the light fanastic!
News in: fibre-optic spirals will make the Internet 100 times faster than it is today. That means the only viable way to process exponentially burgeoning cancer of shizzput will to become a robot. The question is will I self-engineer quick enough to accommodate it or will my body become hopelessly beached and shrivel up on the lonely shoreline of society?

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Stevan - She Goes (DEMO)     Pop, Rock 09/11/2018
17 year old singer-producer with a unique brand of guitar-driven indie pop and R&B.
“When you start liking someone and can’t stop seeing them or things related to them. And they become a constant thought that plays on loop again and again.” Written in 2016 “I'm releasing demo version because at the time of recording my voice sounded younger, that youthful voice fit the feeling of a first time obsession.” - Stevan

She's My You - Gross     Pop, Dance 07/11/2018
Hovering somewhere between synth-pop and alternative RnB, Sydney’s She’s My You are passionate about making music that they love. The band have spent 18 months meticulously crafting their debut EP.
Gross is about wealth exposing people’s vices. In a city like Sydney, People get up earlier and go to bed later. They spend more time looking at screens and less time looking at family. It’s almost impossible to avoid stepping on the ‘wealth-accumulation needle’ and getting hooked. We all ride the wave to some degree.

Pirra - Simmer Down     Pop, Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic 06/11/2018
Computer nerd meets guitar trio with a slinky vocalist up front. When quizzed about our style our scripted response is to say Indie-Rock, although we deal in many other currencies
Simmer down is a song about coming down from a high. Simmer Down is the final track on Pirra’s latest EP ‘Rabbit Hole’.

Other tracks by Pirra:  Click Bait  -  Run The Well Dry
kirkis - dark room     Pop, Experimental 04/11/2018
Kirkis is an Australian artist and musician .
NYC 80's sound. Sharp guitar, saxaphone, uptempo.

LTTLE KNG - What It Is     Pop, Chill, Electronic 03/11/2018
LTTLE KNG are a mish-mash of genres, staying outside the box, by moulding haunting vocals, cheeky riffs, dope rhythms and some cool effects to create something a little bit interesting.
'What It Is' sends the message that too often we don't call things as they are, instead we beat around the bush and avoid the messiness of being real. This track encourages us to call things as we see them and not avoid things because its easy.

Other tracks by LTTLE KNG:  Best Enemies  -  Blessings
Alex The Astronaut - Happy Song     Pop, Folk, Rock 02/11/2018
Ahead of her forthcoming Space Tour this November, Alex the Astronaut shares her new single 'Happy Song'.
Alex says: "I wrote this song at the start of the year about the awkward middle part of a breakup when you don't really know what you're doing. I recorded it with Sam (Cromack) and Dan (Hanson) from Ball Park Music and it took us about nine months to get it right so it's pretty much a song baby.

Athena Joy - The Weekend     Pop, Chill, Experimental 02/11/2018
Angelic vocals, vulnerable lyrics combine to create Athena Joy's heartfelt sound. At 23 years of age, this Gold Coast artist captivates with a subtle pop tone & moody edge.
"The Weekend" captures a darker side to life in your early 20s in a sonically diverse and heartfelt track. Inspired by the pressure put on 20-somethings to have life figured out whilst working hard on their dreams, "The Weekend" begs the question "Is this really as good as life gets?"

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Danielle Bellas - I Got This     Pop, RnB, Soul 02/11/2018
Danielle Bellas is a Sydney-based soulful artist, channelling the R&B-tinged pop vibe of the mid-90s, fused with a hint of Motown.
'I Got This' is an uplifting and inspiring song about turning negative thoughts into positive ones. With a mid-90's pop/r&b feel, hook-laden choruses and smooth lead vocals, it's Danielle's third single, co-written and produced by UK-based production duo Jud Mahoney and Natalie DeLucia, who have worked with the likes of Michael Jackson, Brandy and Britney Spears.

Fool Child - High for You     Pop, Rock 02/11/2018
Lying somewhere between the beach and the road, Melbourne indie-pop duo Fool Child tell stories of transient relationships with mellow tones and soothing harmonies.
Written in the face of anxiety and frustration, ‘High For You’ is a celebration of staying positive in pursuit of your passion. The song was born from resenting your day job and dreaming of pastures new, evolving into a reminder to enjoy the present day, be grateful for what you have, whilst maintaining excitement for the future.

Hallie - Not A Lady     Pop, Folk 02/11/2018
Welcome-Find me with my band or solo too. I sing about dogs and topics that are important to me.
Not A Lady is a wholesome track about a fight Hallie had with her parents about not wanting to shave her armpits.

Josh Needs - Sail Away     Pop, Rock, Folk, Easy Listening 02/11/2018
Josh is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from Sydney with a musical brilliance far beyond his years. His career highlights have already included collaborations with some of the greatest names in Australian music. 
This song is about desicions you’ve made within a relationship and and chose to spend your time elsewhere, not with them and realising you made a mistake but it’s too late. Plans to release another single after, then, the EP