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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Washington - Claws     Pop 17/11/2018
Washington is platinum-selling and ARIA award winning musician. The acute thinker and blistering performer has captivated music listeners with her ability to tell stories that inflate the spirit.
Produced by Sam Dixon (Adele, Sia) and John Castle (Jack River, Angie McMahon, Gretta Ray), the delicate but triumphant indie-pop song 'Claws' explores sex and intimacy from the female perspective.

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Young Robin - U     Pop, Rock 17/11/2018
"When you listen to fresh-faced five-piece Young Robin‘s recorded material, you sense a band who well and truly has it together." Kane Sutton, Music Insight
Taken from 2018's EP Transitions, U is a live favourite and is currently the band's most popular track across digital platforms.

Aaron Pollock - Any Man     Pop, Chill, Blues, RnB 16/11/2018
Aaron Pollock is a folk/blues artist living in Melbourne, Australia. He is emerging quickly as an important artist in Australias blues scene with his unique guitar playing and songwriting.
'Any Man' is the second single released from Aaron Pollock's new album 'Anxieux'. He is emerging quickly as one of Australias most unique blues artists and has released two Albums and two to date.
You can find his new album on Spotify and iTunes.

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ALI - Snap     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 16/11/2018
ALI is a vocal powerhouse! The female R&B/Pop queen boasts out of this world hooks, bravado and a confidence that mirrors her ability. Fresh, new-wave R&B with a hip-hop influence.
Sonically similar to SZA and Jhené Aiko, ALI features mammoth vocals and electronic, pop inspired production by Daniel Cooper (Martian) with a high energy Hip Hop influence. Snap exudes bravado, with self assure delivery and a harmonic cadence exclusive to those who've dabbled in R&B. If you're looking for high energy pop with an edge, this is your track.

Bertie Anderson - Ice Cream     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Retro 16/11/2018
Bertie Anderson is an Australian R&B Singer-Songwriter and Producer based in Perth, Western Australia. Often delivering fresh R&B Pop vibes with originals as well as covers and remixes.
A smooth 90's R&B style track. Sexual references using ice cream as an innuendo. Bertie Anderson main vocalist. A.J Lyriq secondary vocalist. James Elmer Third featured artist.

Dream Dog - Crying     Pop, Electronic, Experimental, Rock 16/11/2018
Dream Dog's songs form from extensive late night synth jams. Four friends from the country, now based in Towradgi and Sydney and taking a collaborative approach to experimental synth pop.
Growing up in rural Australia I was taught, not by my parents but by my peers to feel embarrassed about crying. Crying is a song about the struggle to freely express one's very natural emotions in a society that does not encourage it.

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Fiona Joy - Ceremony Remix     Pop, Chill 16/11/2018
Renown for her Grammy Nominated and Award-Winning solo piano work Fiona has created a new set of themed remixes of some of her favourite songs to suit the 'Chill' Genre
The ‘Ceremony Remix’ is ethereal and fairy-tale inspired but with more punch than the album release. It’s all about the bass with some very deep sub lows. The percussion and loops really build the track and the vocal treatments are lush and spacious, all underpinned by the original grand piano.

Jael - Champion     Pop 16/11/2018
Hailing from Melbourne, 12-year-old Jael is the singing superstar chosen to represent Australia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2018.
"Champion" will be sung by Jael, who is representing Australia at the 2018 Junior Eurovision Song Contest,
This beautifully uplifting anthem conveys an important message to children - you don’t need to win first on a sporting field to be a champion. We can all be champions if we strive to do better and be better in everything we do.

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Karrie Hayward - Don't Be A Stranger     Pop, Folk 16/11/2018
From dynamic earthy rhythms to weaving sonic hooks, Karrie Hayward offers her debut EP, “Ephemeral”, a pop infused, indie edge kaleidoscope of melodic colours.
Blending the rich soulful vocal tones with percussive timbre, ‘Ephemeral’ delves into a sweet welcoming with the leading track, ‘Don’t Be A Stranger’. Recorded on the Gold Coast with Brad Hosking of Blind Boy Studios, this track speaks with comforting, lifting lyrics and driving rhythm sections - the first connection in this ephemeral relationship.

Other tracks by Karrie Hayward:  Centrepiece  -  Run Boy
MAXO - Never Ever     Pop, Folk, Country, Christian 16/11/2018
'MAXO is the velvety smooth Australian voice taking the pop world by storm.' - Happy Magazine
'Never Ever' is a love song about meeting someone and falling so hard in love with them that you couldn't live without them and would give up your own for them.

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Mihra - Underwater     Pop, Psychedelic 16/11/2018
Dream psych, synth pop, indoor plants. Started in 2014 Mihra is the solo project of Chevaunne Keleher (My Elephant Ride).
‘Underwater’ is a catchy psych-pop meditation on the unconscious, complete with bird chirps and waterfalls. The track begins minimally with intimate vocals, tropical percussion loops and spacey backing vocal hooks, and gradually opens into an expansive sonic realm with warm synths, atmospheric guitar and sparkling falsetto.

Other tracks by Mihra:  New Horizon  -  Gone
Miss Colombia - Open Your Eyes     Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Funk 16/11/2018
Miss Colombia is tropical electro funk. Inspired on South American electronica and tropical culture, Miss Colombia's sound combines elements of the Caribbean grandeur with an electronic, funky, and hip-hop feel.  
Open Your Eyes, Miss Colombia's debut album title track is an invitation to look deeper at the world, see things for what they are and not for what they seem to be, think for yourself, trust your gut and never stop being curious and caring about each other and about the world.

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Other tracks by Miss Colombia:  Tropical Snow  -  Breaking News
Sametime - That Guy     Pop, Rock 16/11/2018
Sametime are two young brothers from the Sunshine Coast signed to Sony ATV Publishing - the youngest ever to be signed by the company.
‘That Guy’ is a song that dives deep into the mind of a teenage boy and explores the unfair battle between his quest for morality and his penis!

It was written by Sam and Tim and produced by Kon Kersting (Mall Rat, The Belligerents).

Sugar Jacket - How Many Times     Pop, Psychedelic 16/11/2018
Producer Sugar Jacket crafts beats and song structures from a veritable treasure trove of vintage keyboards, synthesizers and sequencers as he mines a rich vein of music history.
How Many Times is the new psychedelic dream pop single from Sugar Jacket, recorded in Northcote in 2017.

The Tracking Crew - How To Make Gravy     Pop, Cover Version, Easy Listening 16/11/2018
The Tracking Crew comprises veteran musicians Graham “Buzz” Bidstrup, James Gillard, Glen Hannah, Rick Melick and producer David Nicholas, providing music for young singers Sherene, Tammy Roxanne and Jon Abo.
“How to make Gravy” written by Paul Kelly, is the story of a man in prison telling his brother he will miss the family at Christmas time. The Tracking Crew have reimagined the groove and featured singer Jon Abo delivers a vocal performance that captures the raw emotion of Paul Kelly’s lyrics. The song was recorded live in the studio.

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Wilderness Shout - MONSTER     Pop, Rock 16/11/2018
Wilderness Shout are an Alt Pop band from Sydney, Australia.
MONSTER is the newest release from Alt-Pop band Wilderness Shout. The captivating new single explores the unravelling of a toxic relationship and confronts the frightening, blurred and often unresolved reality of abuse.

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Littlehawk - Say It Twice     Pop, Rock 15/11/2018
Littlehawk traverses pop, rock, electronic and folk in his debut album Chinchilla and new single "Say It Twice" which lands just in time for your summer playlist.
’Devo’ meets ‘Cake’ in this party pop track about chasing dreams.

Royce - I     Pop 15/11/2018
Royce is a 15 year old singer songwriter from Melbourne who has been compared to Billie Eilish crossed with Lorde.
'I' is Royce's most raw, emotional song so far. It stemmed form a period when she was going through a difficult time with a friend, and puts into song the feelings we have when arguing with ourselves to get through the pain of a love or friendship that has made us feel second best.

Ben&Klint - I'm Yours (Forever and Ever)     Pop, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Country 09/11/2018
Two dudes just laying it down
We found strategically placed lyrics in our studio and decided to lay it down. This is the end result.

Donny Benét - Beneath The Sheets     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Instrumental 09/11/2018
Donny Benét is everyone's favourite adult entertainer, hit maker, attentive lover, and awarded performer. Having laid claim to countless stages with years of live shows, he returns to Europe.
To celebrate his return to Europe for the third time, Donny Benét has shared a delicious instrumental titled ‘Beneath The Sheets’, out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.