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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Shifting Sands - Disaster Response     Pop 01/04/2019
Geoff Corbett (SixFtHick) and Dylan McCormack (Gentle Ben & his Sensitive Side) with a revolving door of Brisbane’s finest the first single 'Disaster Response' from the album Crystal Cuts
Shifting Sands - radio single of choice

Other tracks by Shifting Sands:  Would've Killed Each Other
Belle Phoenix - Blossom Of Love     Pop, Rock, Comedy, Goth 30/03/2019
Independent, D.I.Y., cinematic, ethereal, experimental, orchestral, french pop, dreampop, thunderous, fragile, vulnerable, dark, light, rock, alternative, autobiographical.
Blossom of Love was inspired by romance, daydreams of summer holidays and western films. It is reminicent of 1960s French/Italian pop. Imagine Go-Go dancing, Gomez and Morticia Adams.
Triple J Unearthed Review:
"you'll be compelled to either dance the Paso Doble or rob an old timey saloon"

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Australia - Get My Shit Together     Pop, Dance, Rock 29/03/2019
Australia. The band. Not the country. Not a country band.
After over 2 years without a release, Sydney stalwarts Australia, have returned with a sonically imaginative and undeniably danceable comeback track.

Echoing the 80's Australian pub rock scene, the number delivers surging synths and a driving bass line, while being as fierce as it is delicate, with frontman Guy Fenech's howling baritone vocals contagious to no end.

DIET. - What To Do     Pop, Rock, Dance 29/03/2019
DIET. five mates from Melbourne who whip up a unique blend of driving guitar pop for all to enjoy. Their sound receives strong comparisons to The Smiths and The Cure.
The track is about feeling as though you have it all sorted, but then life throws you a swift reminder saying “Hey, don’t get so cocky mate, there’s still a fair bit to sort out here”. It’s also about being back to ‘square one’, and realising that now the process of figuring out how to move forward begins.

Elisa Kate - Now or Never     Pop 29/03/2019
The delightful pop piano invitations of Elisa Kate captivate with her skin deep smoky vocal tone. The warmhearted farm girl strips away the clutter, summoning the light in your soul.
A call to anyone with a dream, Now or Never's wistful breathy vocals, and earthy Indie Pop vibes, carry you endearingly through this contemplative story of personal conviction. Elisa's accessible heartfelt lyrics stir you to find the courage to follow your own path.

IV DANTE - #800080 (Purple)     Pop, Rock 29/03/2019
Alternative Pop Rock artist IV DANTE is set to release his newest track #800080 (Purple)
Purple (#800080) is a story written by DANTE displaying times of love, confusion and heartbreak. What started off as an acoustic tune, has turned into an 80s influenced anthemic Rock Pop song which encompasses personal lyrics along with catchy guitar lines. IV DANTE takes us on a journey by expressing the feelings of emotional torture, confusion and redemption.

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DVNA - Looking Like A Snack     Pop, Soul, RnB 28/03/2019
DVNA, a sassy, bold and intriguing project inspired by a determination to single handedly fulfil her greatest musical desires through her own production.
"Looking Like a Snack tells a tale of a one-sided flame re-igniting for a past love that was once taken for granted. With inspirations like Lilly Allen, Mallrat and Frank Ocean -absolute lyrical connoisseurs- I found myself flexing on quirky word play throughout the track. Finding words that say I want you back, but not really saying it."

Little Green - Sweet Pain     Pop, Roots, Easy Listening 28/03/2019
Little Green is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Sydney, aiming to uplift the human spirit and bring the world closer together through music.
A poignant, melodic reflection on pain, all its subtle complexities, and how, with a shift in consciousness, we can make things better. "Since writing this song, it has continued to uplift me through different stages in my life, and I hope it can do the same for others".

Celeste Kate - Two Weeks     Pop, Folk 27/03/2019
Described as a new age Kate Bush, award-winning singer-songwriter Celeste Kate creates quirky, introspective pop music.
“Two Weeks” is about the beginning of a relationship. It’s about two people developing feelings for each other but not knowing if either of them are willing to take their relationship to the next level. One sets off on a journey for two weeks that serves as the ultimate deciding factor whether they will continue or go their separate ways.

Francesca Gonzales - Dumb Boy     Pop, RnB, Soul, Electronic 25/03/2019
Armed with her signature keytar, 25 year old Melbourne powerhouse Francesca Gonzales has been captivating audiences with her powerful vocals, deep disco grooves and soul-pop prowess.
Teaming up with man-of-the-moment producer Dave Hammer (Thundamentals, Ro, Jeffe, Lime Cordiale), this is the first taste of Gonzales' debut album.

A rumination on 21st century dating and meeting rejection with confidence, it's a bold expansion of the aesthetic Francesca explored on her two EPs. It pushes her genre-blending sound forward with tight grooves, infectious melodies and progressive production.

Max C Bud - Relevance     Pop, Folk 25/03/2019
Max C Bud is a Sydney based singer-songwriter whose powerful, emotion driven lyrics are combined with an indie pop edge.
At times in life we are faced with difficult choices which ultimately define who we are. This uplifting pop-folk tune is a self-reflective tale based around a conversation Max had with a loved one, where they suggested taking a moment away, clearing his head before making his choice. In the end, he’s happy that he’s in a better place

Misha Bear - Sugar Coated     Pop, Electronic 25/03/2019
Original, genuine song-writer and intoxicating, compelling performer…
Sugar Coated captures the moment that is the beginning of the end, when the question arises, are we just biding our time or can we endure all the highs and lows that seem to be present in this relationship?

Forrest Run - Let Me Fall     Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop 22/03/2019
Consisting of producer Judah Winnett, instrumentalist Jayke Barnes and vocalist Ayla, ‘Forrest Run’ are a trio bringing the best of each of their worlds into a new and exciting project.
Beat driven electro-pop

Froyo - Heart     Pop, Retro, Electronic 22/03/2019
As Shakespeare once wrote: “it ain’t easy being cheesy”. Walking that fine line between cool and cringe is FROYO –the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened.
Heart comes as an emotionally charged synth-pop package that will see you having a good time and feeling all the feels. “Heart is about trying to do what your heart loves versus what your brain thinks”, tells Michael (vocals/keys). “In the bigger picture of the EP’s narrative, Heart is about learning to love again and embracing the things you love."

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Mickey Kojak - It's Gonna Be Okay     Pop, Electronic, Dance 22/03/2019
Mickey Kojak is an electronic musician, producer and vocalist from Sydney, Australia. Kojak’s music is multifaceted with everything from honest lyrical ballads with lush, ethereal soundscapes to face-melting electronic anthems.
Mickey Kojak is back with his latest single “It’s Gonna Be Okay”, featuring his newest friend Jake Stone (Bluejuice). His music is multifaceted - from face-melting electronic anthems like his last single “All That Acid” to honest lyrical ballads with lush, ethereal soundscapes. “It’s Gonna Be Okay” falls somewhere in the middle.

Rainbow Chan - Love Isn't Easy feat. Moldy     Pop, Electronic 22/03/2019
Rainbow Chan has built a reputation as one of Australia’s most innovative multidisciplinary artists, drawing on vibrant aesthetics, deep understanding of pop conventions and continuous celebration of her Chinese heritage.
“Love Isn’t Easy” blends Rainbow’s club and pop influences into one, built on a blanket of mesmerising synths and sprinkled beats. Depicting a struggle between lovers, the track bares an emotional intensity and vulnerability that is equally matched in hard hitting percussion, heavy electronica and tight native tongue rap from featured artist, Korean MC MOLDY.

Requin - Return to Sender     Pop, Experimental, Ambience 22/03/2019
One girl and two boys from Brisbane creating intricate, art-focused pop music. 
Return to Sender is the first single and the third track taken from Requin's debut EP 'The Noisy Miners Swoop Him'. The song and EP was self produced by the band and recorded in a beautiful old Queenslander house in Toowong, Brisbane.

Other tracks by Requin:  Blood Sweat and Bees  -  Stole After Her
A Bridge In September - Golden Girl     Pop, Rock 21/03/2019
Liam, Hunter, Reuben and Tex bringing you a little bit of The Beatles, a little bit of The Eagles and a whole lot of themselves. :)
Golden Girl is a musical representation of the way you feel about a lady who holds great importance in your life. The song features significant amounts of vocal harmony with 3 vocalists. The other instruments on the track are Grand Piano, Electric Guitar, Drums and Bass Guitar.

Comedown Party - Swollen     Pop, Electronic, Downbeat, Breaks 21/03/2019
Comedown Party is a solo project of raw intimacy focused on how you feel rather than think.
‘Swollen’, backed by an unrelenting soul break and lush lo-fi synths, takes the listener deep into a troubled relationship described through heartbreakingly honest lyrics.

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Other tracks by Comedown Party:  Morning
Thorne - Second Chances     Pop, Electronic, Chill 20/03/2019
Melbourne based artist Thorne will move you with his soulful music. With influences ranging from Stevie Wonder, and Sam Smith, Thorne creates a special blend of Pop and RnB music.
‘Second Chances’ is a candid look at human flaws and their role in the emergence of our most honest selves. It is a salute to the imperfections of our characters, reminding us all to wear these proudly to this lush pop ballad.