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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Grey Horizon - Rooftops     Pop, Chill, Acoustic, Easy Listening 29/11/2018
Grey Horizon are a 4 piece original band from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. We have an alternative, indie / blues/Rock approach to song writing, and a strong, audience focussed stage presence.
Climb the rooftops, look out into the distance and take control of what we want to achieve in our life

Other tracks by Grey Horizon:  Right or Wrong  -  Angry
Castlecomer - Apes     Pop, Dance 29/11/2018
Castlecomer are a five piece from Sydney. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths) and Jean-Paul Fung (Jet, Silverchair).
'Apes' is a spicy uptempo pop tune in the same vein as a Friendly Fires.
The band will be performing songs from their debut album in December:

Friday December 7 - Yah Yah’s Melbourne
Thursday December 22 - Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Tickets at

Franky & Wendy - Angel On My Shoulder     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Rock 29/11/2018
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney Duo featuring multitalented award winning artist Franky Valentyn and his amazing singing partner Wendy Angel! Follow Franky & Wendy on SongTraks Facebook Page.
Everyone needs a special angel to lean on when they’re down,
that someone who helps to keep them smiling,

As the opening lyrics of 'Angel On My Shoulder' go;
"It's not about the coffee or the way you wear your hair,
it's the conversation and the way we sit and stare...(maybe)"!

Enjoy the Angel on your shoulder and hopefully ours.

Other tracks by Franky & Wendy:  I Live I Die  -  Tears On My Pillow
Week Neez - So Heavy     Pop, Electronic 29/11/2018
A tongue in cheek pop sesnsation from Wollongong.
A slow burn pop adventure. Very minimal stylings.

The Marion Cranes - Wondering     Pop, Gay Alligned, Electronic, Hip Hop 29/11/2018
Gay Sexy Pop Music
Most of our songs so far have had a firm comedy aspect to them and most definitely have not been radio friendly. This time though, we thought let’s not rely on humour and perhaps see if we’re good enough to make an actual radio ready pop song that isn’t going to shock people. We did it. This song is it.

Soulful Ghosts - Told You So     Pop, RnB 29/11/2018
Soulful Ghosts is the sonic intertwining of Vanessa Fernandez (Singapore) and Nic Robertson (Sydney).
triumphant, catchy R&B

Other tracks by Soulful Ghosts:  Control  -  I Want You
Imperial Broads - WE NEED THIS     Pop, Rock 28/11/2018
Imperial Broads are Pip, Lauren, Eve and Nick. We started as 3 girls in a Marrickville garage, freezing our tits off, with big ideas of making harmony packed punk music.
We Need This takes the energy to the rooftop and explores different sonic territory with bristling distortion and fuzz solos over the familiar girl gang vocals and crunchy, pummeling rhythms. We Need This, is a song about the band written for the band… (and you).

Ed Ackman - Don't Be So Careless with the Truth     Pop, Atmospheric, Easy Listening, Jazz 28/11/2018
Writing songs for listeners’ enjoyment. All genres from country to pop. It’s the blend of story and tune that makes for a satisfying experience.
Slow, tuneful and soulful. The song talks about how it's not necessary to lie to damage another person and how discretion is necessary when deciding who to share a secret with.

Max C Bud - I Guess It Has To Be That Way     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 23/11/2018
Max C Bud is a singer/song writer living in Sydney. Max produces feel-good, catchy indie-pop tunes that speak from the heart and get feet tapping.
IGIHTBTW is an Indie-Pop beauty. An upbeat and infectious tempo using programmed synth and bass lines are complimented by bold vocals that stand at the forefront of this track.

Pure Milk - I Know (Thank You)     Pop, Garage, Rock 23/11/2018
Lewis Nitschinsk crafted the moniker Pure Milk when he started sending short, lo-fi demos, inspired by the likes of Parquet Courts, Modern Baseball, and The Mountain Goats.
Lewis places poignant lyrical wordplay at the centre of his songwriting. Produced by Dylan Lindquist (clawmachine, Tiarne), they combine the lush melodies of Ball Park Music, with the witty, emotionally fuelled lyricism of Car Seat Headrest.

It moves effortlessly through complex, yet relatable topics such as mental health, entering your 20’s, and making sure you’re always there for your friends.

Sumner - Put It Out     Pop, Electronic, RnB, Gay Alligned 23/11/2018
“A potential production powerhouse, one that enters the music scene fully formed, with some big ideas and the talent to back it up” – Pilerats (Jan 23, 2018)
With Sumner’s signature slick, sophisticated production, this chilled electronic track is the perfect follow-up to the head-turning debut EP All That I Am. Minutely detailed, balanced and uncluttered, Put It Out is 'inspired by the glass shattering moment you realise someone is not who you think they are.' Mixed by John Castle (Greta Ray, Cub Sport, Vance Joy, Meg Mac)

The Skelton Collective - She     Pop, Easy Listening 23/11/2018
The Skelton Collective is a fun and funky four piece original band from WA. Up-vibe piano driven alt-indie pop/rock. Sweet vocals, great lyrics and wicked groove.
‘She’ is an up-vibey indie-pop track that explores self-discovery, self-affirmation, and the quiet strength of choosing happy.

Young Robin - Spaces     Pop, Rock 23/11/2018
A band with an innate knack for hooks, Perth's Young Robin craft a beautiful sound that is somewhere between blissful indie and dance floor anthems.
Spaces is a delight for the ears with its perfectly-placed layers of delay-soaked guitar, bass, and effortlessly smooth vocals by both Jed Begho and Ben Teune. Playful and euphoric, Spaces feels like summer in Perth – as if the band have distilled the excitement of their beautiful hometown down into a singular burst of energy.

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Sinclaire - Headspace     Pop, Rock, Britpop, Punk 22/11/2018
Sinclaire are a five piece band from the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Vocalist Michael Cross, drummer Lachlan McDonald, guitarists Aiden Turner and Joshua Gonzalez & keyboardist Jake Sheath.
Headspace reflects upon the impact that excessive self-critique can have on your personality, creativity and mental health. The constant questioning of what you do is an important part of improving yourself. If you become complacent, you lose your drive to progress. Though, the problem with this mindset is that you’re never truly content with anything you do.

Bianca Modesti - Betrayal     Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB 21/11/2018
A professional vocalist, songwriter and entertainer Bianca strives to bring a certain truth, authenticity and empowerment to herself and her listeners through her lyrics and music.
Betrayal is a song about dangerous toxic relationships and finding the strength to move on, to walk away, to heal from the hurt, pain and manipulation. Sometimes we need that one person to push us along and give us the strength to walk away, when we feel that we can’t because of fear.

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Other tracks by Bianca Modesti:  Love is Love  -  Woman I Am
EMBER - Shipwrecked     Pop, Easy Listening, Soundtrack (Film Related) 21/11/2018
EMBER's songs take you on a roller coaster ride of soaring vocals and emotions where love, both newly found and lost, as well as betrayal are explored
Shipwrecked was written when EMBER was 16 and starting to experience the blossoming of new relationship and friendships. These connections brought both beauty and passion to her world but also suffering and loss. The complexities of the ocean reflect the indescribable feeling of being betrayed by someone you love, hitting rock bottom and struggling to surface the water.

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Other tracks by EMBER:  Like the Wind  -  Berlin
Kezra - Missing You     Pop, Electronic 20/11/2018
“If you are looking for a track with killer vocals, chilled vibes and a little bit of emotion, this indie single from Kezra is just for you.”Forte Magazine (“Better Place”)
Opening with delicate heartfelt vocals, KEZRA immediately pulls the listener back into her world of dreamy, lush musical builds, progression and crescendos. Building beautifully on the foundations laid on her impressive debut single ‘Better Place’, the Melbourne artist marks a solid return with the unveiling of her sophomore release, ‘Missing You’.

Lisa Crawley - Baby It's Fine     Pop, Psychedelic, Soul, Atmospheric 20/11/2018
Melbourne based indie-pop/ songwriter with retro influences. Opened for Suzanne Vega, John Mayer, Jools Holland, Paul Weller. Multi-instrumentalist and clever lyricist.
The track was recorded and produced by longtime friend Alistair Deverick (Boycrush), and features instrumentation by Crawley, Deverick and Mark Perkins (Merk); resulting in a dark, aural melange of shimmering waves of guitar that wrap themselves around you while Crawley’s velvet voiceyou and assures you all be okay - meanwhile your heart is melting quietly on the dancefloor.

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Olga Solar - Tulips     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 20/11/2018
Olga's recent shift from behind-the-scenes to centre stage might be the most fruitful move in her musical career to date.
‘Tulips’ is a song about a non-relationship. I wrote it in a bout of frustration. I’d spent far too long receiving and contemplating mixed signals from someone and decided to call it a day. It’s almost a eulogy for something that never was.

Other tracks by Olga Solar:  Tingle Fingers  -  Geraldine
Pav - Every Inch of Ocean     Pop, Acoustic 20/11/2018
Pav is Phil Paviour (rhymes with saviour). He is an experienced published songwriter, co-writing two charting songs with artist Steve Cheers. He likes cats and bacon. Not together.
Every Inch of Ocean expresses the feelings that a parent has when their child goes missing. It is a song of longing but also of strength and determination.

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