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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Nine Year Sister - Dear Sir     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 30/10/2018
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform completely original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Dear Sir' is a sweet pop/folk love song featuring warm guitar, thoughtful lyrics and pretty harmonies.

Other tracks by Nine Year Sister:  As Far As The Stars  -  Gentle Giants
Say Lou Lou - All Love To Me     Pop, Rock 30/10/2018
Sibling duo Say Lou Lou have been entering a new era in artistic explorations and musical designs, tapping into issues behind feminine identity while maintaining their signature dream pop sound.
“All Love to Me” showcases the duo's sultry vocals delivering moody lyrics, all contrasted with body-moving beats lending nods to the their signature dark dream pop sound. Utterly infectious melodies and string-driven production electrify the track making it an undeniable hit you can't help but sing along to.

Apnea - Fantasy     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Atmospheric 29/10/2018
Perth's Apnea is a three-piece cinematic electronic/pop outfit, with a love for percussive guitars, vocal arrangements and warm, embracing synths.
This is a dreamy, heart break track about a former flame with excessive baggage, an "I own you" possessive complex and weird feet. Not a great combination.

Tristan Stevenson - Hopes and Dreams Ft. Megan Longhurst     Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic 29/10/2018
Tristan Matthew Stevenson is a singer, songwriter and musician. He is a solo artist, a cofounding member of the band Rhythm and the Revolution and also records with other artists.
The music to this track was written with a feeling of needing to connect more deeply with people and the lyrics inspired by a tour of Northern Island where I was saddened by the remnants of oppression and then moreso thinking about the general dysfunction of human kind that opposes human nature.

Will Clift - For You     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, RnB 26/10/2018
Noosa grown and Melbourne owned, Will Clift is not your average singer songwriter. His versatility, musical ability and passion is what makes his music unique
Delivering smooth soul melodies destined for summer chill-out sessions, ‘For You’ gives you those chills as the sun sets on a hot summer day. it's Wills Silk vocals and last-minute live strings added by producer Julian Steel that complete the song. Written after a road trip to Split Milk Festival-it touches on personal conflict between commitment and forbidden love.

Boy Graduate - Signals     Pop, Hip Hop 26/10/2018
Albury/Wodonga bred, Melbourne-based artist Boy Graduate is one of Australia’s most dynamic songwriters, seamlessly bridging the gap between the two diverse genres of Pop and Hip-Hop.
Signals serves as a summer vibe with the usual playful melodies that Boy Grad has delivered in the past. Although it isn’t all fun and games, as the story tells a far from happy tale which involves making the decision to walk away from someone you have been pursuing for a conspicuous amount of time.

Eliza Hull - How Do I Get Back To You     Pop, Downbeat 26/10/2018
Castlemaine's Eliza Hull writes songs that are not for the weak hearted.
How Do I Get Back To You is a melancholic and sparse love song about getting back to the one you love

Other tracks by Eliza Hull:  Valentine
Laura Louise - Storm in a Teacup     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 26/10/2018
Indie folk pop with an alternate country edge, LL is an emerging artist with a voice that is honest & passionate.
Storm in a Teacup is a relaxed tune, a perfect edition to any road trip playlist or best listened to whilst pottering at home, patting your cat and enjoying your favourite warm beverage.

Lazy Love - Speechless     Pop, Rock 26/10/2018
Four-piece indie-rock outfit formed at the start of 2018 with a similar sound to the likes of Hatchie and The 1975.
Written from the heart, Speechless is a song that tackles a narrative of a young adult not being able to speak out on their inner self troubles. With catchy guitar lines and lush vocals, speechless is a song that won't leave your head for days.

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Rachel Maria Cox - Time     Pop, Gay Alligned, Rock 26/10/2018
Recently nominated by AWMA for the Diversity In Music award, non-binary singer songwriter/"professional feelings haver" Rachel Maria Cox & their band, based in Newcastle, make "sad pop for the masses".
Produced by Skyepaint, 'Time' is driven by a "think, indie-leading instrumental" (Pilerats) that allows Cox's crystalline vocals to take centre stage as they communicate a story that's “intimate, anecdotal and cuttingly relatable" (Howl & Echoes), and an anti-diet culture message that's sorely needed for anyone who has "lost too many years that I am never getting back".

Ricki-Lee - Unbothered     Pop 26/10/2018
Ricki-Lee Coulter is back with ‘Unbothered’, her no-apologies new single.
‘Unbothered’ might sound sweet, but the lyrics packs one hell of a punch.
It’s a song about knowing your worth, valuing your time and being too busy for drama. Whether it’s a crappy break-up or a bad friend, Ricki-Lee wants her fans to know they don’t have to put up with anything that brings them down.

Ross Henry - The Birds and The Breeze     Pop, Experimental, Atmospheric, Electronic 26/10/2018
Sydney-based artist Ross Henry returns with his sweeping new single ‘The Birds and The Breeze’ – recorded and produced by the musician himself at his Leichhardt studio.
Taking cues from the likes of Bonobo, Four Tet and Amon Tobin, ‘The Birds and The Breeze’ is an atmospheric take on experimental-electronica pop. The track ducks and weaves, as it navigates through its intricately layered ambient beats, nature soundscapes and organic instrumentation. Henry’s endearing vocals hover elegantly over the top, piecing together one of his most accomplished works.

TRQS - MVIII     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Chill 26/10/2018
With support for her previous work coming in from the likes of Highsnobiety and Earmilk, Melbourne-based RnB newcomer TRQS has returned with her latest sensual and soothing single ‘MVIII’
Channelling the sultry vibes of artists like Jorja Smith and Kehlani, ‘MVIII’ sees her experiment with a more atmospheric sound, adding layers of production that highlight her sensual voice and give a deeper, mood-driven sound.

Distorted Evidence of Distortion - These Ships     Pop, Electronic, Rock 25/10/2018
Welcome to D – E – D; a masterminded collaboration, a faceless entity playing to the capabilities of your imagination.
'These Ships' is a high-energy take on passing time as all these relation-ships sail by.

'There seem to be an unlimited number of ways to experience the song, and in any case – you’re likely to notice and appreciate the depth of the musical ability and the sheer artistry of the whole journey.' StereoStickman Blog

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Other tracks by Distorted Evidence of Distortion:  Disorder  -  Colour My Fantasy
Hot Potato Band - Ritual     Pop, Funk 25/10/2018
10 piece band of brass and drums from Sydney, reigniting acoustic instrumentation and live performance.
Hot Potato Band romanticises ones love for coffee in this upbeat tune with the use of catchy lyrics and melody along side a boisterous set of horns. Upon first listen you won't believe this band is only made up of horns, drums and vocals. Saxophones mimic synth lines, the sousaphone covers the bass and three drummers keep a steady groove.

The Franky Valentyn Project - Breaking Out     Pop, Instrumental, Dance, House 25/10/2018
Franky Valentyn is a well known, respected and multi award winning Australian Composer, Musician and Artist whose songs, music and albums have been described as 'absolutely stunning masterpieces'!
'Breaking Out' is a pulsating instrumental, expressing the excitement of finally knowing that you're able to break away from one's parental hold and go out into the world to make your own life choices.
Written & performed by Franky Valentyn, it's about setting the bar of who & what you are to be part of: 'Life As We Know It".

Other tracks by The Franky Valentyn Project:  Eat The Minuet  -  The Forgotten Optimist
Eden Mulholland - The Vanishing     Pop, Experimental, Funk 24/10/2018
Based in Perth (for now), Prolific Kiwi composer and collaborator.
"The Vanishing is a much less serious song for me than normal I think" Eden explains, "Subconsciously inspired by my adolescent, Soundgarden loving self I suppose. A love song for the disaffected soul. It’s a really fun song to sing at the top of your lungs.

Girl on the Hill - Thin Ice     Pop 24/10/2018
Girl on the Hill's music is a vibrant and joyous musical journey marrying spirited harmonies and powerful vocals, stirred by unique dual-influence of scenery and relationships.
Thin Ice is about a friend's boy troubles ; )

Other tracks by Girl on the Hill:  Can & Can't Do  -  Change of Perspective
minibikes - Magic Happens     Pop 24/10/2018
Who are they? minibikes are a one-man band with 8 arms and 8 legs. Marcel Borrack calls the shots and his band pull out the stops
At this time of year, it’s not unusual to read about songs that "ooze summer vibes” but 'Magic Happens' comes with a serious warning…Slip Slop Slap! And watch out for falling coconuts.

Sabrina Lawrie - Nopiates     Pop/Electronic, Easy Listening, Pop 24/10/2018
They didn’t call her ‘Queen of the Underground’ for nothing, following the successful release her 4.5 star Rolling Stone debut album in 2017, Sabrina Lawrie is emerging fierce and forceful
"I was deeply affected by the news of another musical legend taking their own life due to the misuse of pharmaceutical drugs and it hit very close to home for me. After my own battle with painkillers following a serious spinal injury and the journey to drug free pain management, inspiration struck me instantly and I started writing."