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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Frankenfido - Turn Out The Light     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 12/05/2019
Frankenfido began life as a fun chaotic jam band that has evolved into a going concern destined to lift commercial music from the depths of mediocrity, irrelevance and apathy. Amen!
'Turn out the Light', is Frankenfidos first release on the 'SongTraks' label and is nothing less than a powerful mind bending, pulse driven track that takes no prisoners and is heartless to the very end!

The song is a biographical recount of someone very close to the band who survived a cardiac arrest and is now living on borrowed time!

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Kim Yang - Ocean of Mind     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Acoustic 11/05/2019
Kim is a Taiwanese-Australian singer-songwriter known for her ethereal voice and soothing fingerpicking. Kim's songs speak from her experiences as a partner, a daughter, a traveller and an insecure soul.
Set to a melancholic soundtrack that builds to an uplifting crescendo, Ocean of Mind tells a story of struggle and support. It’s a tale about someone overwhelmed with life and drowning in insecurity, who is saved through the love and support of those around them.

Produced and recorded by Guy Lilleyman at Amberly Studios and featuring guitar by Steve Smith.

Other tracks by Kim Yang:  Wake Me Up  -  Missed Chance
The Midnight Infirmary - Spring Song     Pop, Blues, Folk, Retro 11/05/2019
The Midnight Infirmary is a melting pot of blues, jazz, RnR and folk-like storytelling with pop sensibilities. In with the old and in with the new.
Spring Song is song about a coming of age in terms of an emotional maturity and an approach towards relationships that learns from the past to construct a healthier future. Life goes on, don't get too hung up on it, life's great.

A Star Pilot from Saturn - Byeee     Pop, Retro 10/05/2019
Born in an 80's disco tech on Titan but educated via talk back technicolor TV by Tom Waits and The Everly Brothers.
I hope your new years wasn't like this.

Other tracks by A Star Pilot from Saturn:  Origami Dreams
Aspy Jones - Not Good Enough     Pop, Rock, Reggae, Roots 10/05/2019
Aspy Jones is a young singer/songwriter with a passion for songwriting and performing a mix of acoustic rock, reggae and rap with intrinsic lyrics that keeps audiences tapping their feet.
Not Good Enough was written about the self-doubt that we all suffer from when we reach for our goals and have to move outside our comfort zone.

Other tracks by Aspy Jones:  Dearest Friends  -  Child's Play
Brad Paradise - Eleven Hours From Graceland     Pop, Retro, Rock 10/05/2019
From the valleys of Synth-Pop, Retro-Rock & RnBeyond, the music of Brad Paradise has arrived. A modern band inspired by fast cars and fallen heroes of the 1980s.
Exploring a new wave balance of live guitar hooks, vintage synths and cutting edge programming, Eleven Hours From Graceland is a modern take on 1980's synth pop. With the aesthetic of retro South Beach Miami, this debut single carefully blends sounds of the past with sounds of today.

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Carla Thursday - Paper Cut     Pop 10/05/2019
Carla Thursday is a Brisbane-based multi-instrumentalist who pairs her distinctive Australian lisp with joyous, piano-based alt-pop she produces in her living room.
Paper Cut is a lush and joyous, synth-based jam. The theme (loving someone who isn't around) is juxtaposed with a stellar pop beat that drives you to move. Carla's distinctive Australian lisp and pure vocals are paired with lyrics that toy with the mystical and the deeply real.

Caroline Taylor-Knight - Only For Love     Pop, Rock 10/05/2019
Caroline Taylor-Knight is a captivating and passionate singer/songwriter delighting audiences with her heartfelt honesty writing and performing - from stunning ballads through to pop, rock, country and everything in between.
"Only For Love" is a powerful track written and performed by Caroline Taylor-Knight about stepping back and looking at the world (particularly in cities) and how cut-throat, competitive and impersonal it can be and realising that really the only thing we are here for, that truly matters and brings fulfilment and happiness is love.

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CXLOE - Low Blow     Pop 10/05/2019
Low Blow is the first taste of CXLOE's next chapter which will be a 6-7 song body of work to be released before the end of the year.
“Low Blow was written after a few personal encounters that left me feeling gutted, and unfairly hit below the belt, a tactic Hollywood is very familiar with. Especially in the music industry, you leave yourself vulnerable and in this instance an easy target."

Deer - Let Me Know (feat. Genes)     Pop, Dance, Electronic 10/05/2019
Deer’s output has always been sophisticated and diverse in a way that separates him from his compatriots. He straddles the intersection between bass and pop in a trunk rattling manner.
“Let Me Know” is a bright, infectious pop tune that tells a tale of a stale romance. Melbourne songstress Genes takes us on a journey of heartache — the passion in her voice peaking on the hook as she sings “Why won’t you let me know”. Deer’s synth melodies are ear-catching and bubbly, It’s club music, with a melancholic undertone.

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Diva Demolition - Do What You Do     Pop, Rock 10/05/2019
A fun, punchy, cheeky fusion of guitar driven Pop Rock. Fronted by rock chick Guitarist turned Singer Shaz Newton, joined by guest musicians, Diva Demolition is a story of determination.
A cheeky, upbeat, guitar driven pop song. It's light hearted and fun, with some familiar sounds and a "Rebel-girl DIY" attitude. There's a "tongue-in-cheek" guitar solo that lends its tune to the back-story on this band. This will have you smiling for reasons that you couldn't quite be sure of.

Ella Fence - Waterside     Pop 10/05/2019
Award winning songwriter & performer Ella Fence is a power-femme electro pop artist who has toured to USA, EU, England (Great Escape Festival), Canada (Canadian Music Week) and Australia.
Waterside is about two lovers who can feel their relationship slipping away. They are both looking back at a sweeter time, a time when everything was exciting and made sense, and wishing that it was their reality right now. To “stay waterside” reflects on their dreams of adventure, belonging and home that they were never able to truly fulfill together.

Fieu - Awake     Pop, Folk, Rock 10/05/2019
Fieu (pronounced fee-yoo) is a vibrant pop songstress likened to artists such as Sia and Florence Welch. Her songs are emotional yet energising, showcasing soaring vocals with sophisticated electro-pop layers.
Vibrant and hauntingly beautiful, QLD based Fieu presents her latest Alt-Pop single “Awake”. With sultry hints of Lorde and Sia-like qualities, “Awake” playfully presents a dark and delicate relationship between conscious and subconscious states. Thoughts of fear, determination and self-awareness are embellished amongst cleverly constructed layers of heavy synths, guitars, pulsing bass lines and sophisticated vocal harmony.

Froggy Prinze - The Ghost of John Ball     Pop, Pop 10/05/2019
Froggy Prinze are an indie pop band from Sydney who write sings about revolutionary medieval times, the romance of weather, and domestic violence, with slack jaw wit and fine melody.
Laden with hooks this instantly catchy pop song pulls you into the world of Froggy Prinze. With a post punk feel that wouldn't be out of place on a XTC album and the story a medieval revolution of the peasants this is a unique sound which displays a band who aren't afraid to buck the trend.

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Other tracks by Froggy Prinze:  Elbows in Fights  -  Suggestion Box
Froyo - Out There     Pop, Electronic 10/05/2019
FROYO came to life when two misfits, Michael and Allyson turned an assignment into a live show, creating a potent-yet-palatable serving of bright and colourful synth pop.
Out There is about the anxiety you feel when you're missing someone. Initially written about a dear friend of the band who had moved overseas, the song found new meaning when this particular friend took his life in the lead up to the EP. For this reason, the entirety of Blue is dedicated to his memory.

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June Jones - Meryl     Pop, Goth, Gay Alligned, Experimental 10/05/2019
June Jones is a musician who makes songs that are often sad and occasionally humorous
Meryl imagines Jones's heart as a bureaucratic institution, governed by the titular character and narrator. It is ultimately a song about an unpredictable emotional landscape and a frustration with a lack of control.

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Kira Puru - Everything Is Better Without You     Pop 10/05/2019
Australia's reigning queen of pop returns with 'Everything Is Better Without You.' She’s as fierce as we’ve come to expect her to be, boldly embracing pop in all its glory
Uninhibited and uncompromising, 'Everything Is Better Without You' is yet another anthemic jam with attitude. In this chapter, she’s as fierce as we’ve come to expect her to be, boldly embracing pop in all its glory. “It's essentially about empowerment, healing from a broken heart and emerging stronger, smarter, better, and more badass,” says Puru.

Landings - I Believe The Dark     Pop, Dance, Rock 10/05/2019
Brisbane indie-dance duo Landings are preparing to release their latest single “I Believe The Dark” - a stirring and danceable anthem released via Audio Network.
Written and performed by Aidan Hogg and Liam Quinn, this is a punchy indie track - sandwiching infectious rhythms with a yearning vocal and emotive bass that keeps you hooked in.

"The track is about dark thoughts and lost love. A different side of you that takes over when you’re left alone.”

Market - Everytime (feat. Tanaya Harper)     Pop, Chill, Atmospheric, Electronic 10/05/2019
Market is Melbourne's Lee Hannah, an artist with a rich full history releasing dulcet ambient pop as The Townhouses + playing as one half of house-tinged duo Take Your Time
Self-produced and mixed in Upper Sturt in the Adelaide Hills, Everytime is as tender as it is bittersweet - a song “about trust, opening yourself up, but being okay with not necessarily receiving that back immediately”.

Material World Orchestra - Lost In The Future     Pop, Electronic 10/05/2019
A Psychedelic Synth Pop band from Perth, melding vintage synths, vocoders and lush vocal melodies!
“Lost in The Future” is the debut single from new Perth act Material World Orchestra. Rich with vintage Roland synthesisers, electronic drums and a vocoder vocal, Lost In The Future plays on themes of loosing one’s self whilst travelling through time and a longing to share the future with someone from the present and wanting to take them back.

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