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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Candy - Thankful     Pop, Rock 25/08/2018
Candy is the bedroom dream-pop project of Melbourne creative Calum Newton
Sonically 'Thankful' marks another side to Candy. Swirling synths are accentuated by Candy's trademark post-punk bass tones and spitting delivery.

“Thankful details the struggles of having those people in your peripherals who are friends of friends or acquaintances. You’re somehow invested in their lives and them yours, even though you mightn’t want that to be the case” says Candy.

Chloe Maggs - Bring It Back (Radio Edit)     Pop 25/08/2018
Powerhouse vocalist and performer, Chloe has unveiled her most recent single ‘Bring It Back’, a reimagined spin on the 90’s classic Sing It Back by Moloko.
“Sing it back has always been a dance floor classic, a timeless hit 90’s record that always
gets the dance floor moving and song that just makes you feel good.
I wanted to reinvent the song by putting a fresh modern spin on it still using that same
chords and melody as the original.” - CHLOE

Eliza Hull - Rewind     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Folk 25/08/2018
Known for her stirring lyrics and haunting vocals, Eliza Hull's music has developed into a rich soundscape of indie, folk tinged tracks, which showcase her songwriting prowess.
With rich soundscapes, Eliza occupies an emotional territory anchored in melancholic nostalgia and yearning. Written with Joel Quartermain (MEG MAC, Dustin Tebbutt), ‘REWIND’ longingly looks at memories from the past while keeping one eye firmly on the present and future. “‘Rewind’ is about how a person you loved can suddenly become a stranger, I find that so unnatural and bizarre.”

Emma Louise - Falling Apart     Pop 25/08/2018
Ethereal, engrossing, and burning with inventive insight, Emma Louise’s new conceptual album Lilac Everything is a transformative exploration of the artist’s life since the critically acclaimed Supercry (2016);
Despite its sombre story, ‘Falling Apart’ is without doubt one of the stand-out moments on Lilac Everything – a warm, all-encompassing offering with Emma’s striking vocals at the forefront. The live video was filmed at 64 Sound in LA with a full band, and finally allows fans to visualise Emma singing with the pitched down vocal effect.

Eves Karydas - Damn Loyal     Pop 25/08/2018
24-year-old Eves Karydas explores female strength, owning your sexuality, and deep melodic hooks to challenge the pop sphere.
The slinky ‘Damn Loyal’ is equally voyeuristic, and features one of summerskin’s best lyrics: “His coat falls off his shoulder like a landslide,” Hannah observes, capturing how something miniature can seem momentous in the throes of obsession.

Hachiku - Zombie Slayer     Pop 25/08/2018
Hachiku is the brainchild of German bedroom-pop producer Anika Ostendorf. Since the release of Hachiku’s debut EP in 2017 on Milk! Records, Ostendorf found a home and band in Melbourne.
A lullaby for 20'somethings. It's a whimsical, innocent lil thing that's sweet without being twee. The distortion gives this a gritty edge that sets it apart from other gentle folky types around.

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Other tracks by Hachiku:  Al's Wisdom List
I Know Leopard - Landmine     Pop 25/08/2018
With an indie rock landscape dominated by 90s grunge throwbacks, hardcore punk and scrappy garage bands, I Know Leopard are something of an anomaly.
Revelling in glam, dream pop and the kind of playful, upbeat, 70s soft rock made famous by ELO, 10cc and the Alan Parsons Project, ‘Landmine’, explodes like a musical kaleidoscope, finding catharsis in the ethereal bliss of pop’s plastic, proggy past.
“There’s no way of experiencing true love without experiencing pain,” says lead singer and main songwriter Luke O’Loughlin.,

Max C Bud - Temptress     Pop, Rock, Folk 25/08/2018
Sydney-sider, Max C Bud, has been writing music and playing guitar for many years. Honest, emotional lyrics are at the heart of his energetic and unique Indie-Pop sound.
Catchy pop lyrics and rustic vocals are accompanied by smooth synth and melodic guitar in this relaxed, yet vibrant track. Produced mixed and recorded by Sam Croft. Mastered by Ian Pritchett

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Rabbit Island - 11, 12, 13     Pop, Folk, Ambience, Experimental 25/08/2018
Amber Fresh AKA Rabbit Island has shared new single ‘11, 12, 13’ ahead of her new album, Deep in The Big, released Friday 17th August via Bedroom Suck/Remote Control.
Premiered via Pilerats, ‘11, 12, 13’ comes with a beautiful video which reflects on her friendship with Nicholas Allbrook. Amber says "A few things got put in as a secret homage to the song 'A Few of My Favourite Things'. The song is about many friendships, past, present and future and heaps of other things."

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Sametime - When You Come Down     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 25/08/2018
SAMETIME is Sunshine Coast brothers Tim and Sam and When You Come Down is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming debut EP, on Duckfeet Records/AWAL.
When You Come Down is an upbeat track and a colourful tale of teen angst about inviting someone special to a party who subsequently ditches you for the cool druggy kids.

SAMETIME are Brothers Tim and Sam from Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

The single is lifted from their forthcoming debut EP and is available on Spotify and all other decent DSPs.

The Chesterfield Band - Home     Pop, Roots 25/08/2018
The Chesterfield Band's music is earthy, authentic, and incredibly endearing. With their deeply infectious vocal melodies and rich instrumentation, their music will wrap itself around you like a warm blanket.
On their authentic and endearing new single, The Chesterfield Band meld rich instrumentation and raw vocals to craft something that feels like a warm hug after a long period away from home.

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Other tracks by The Chesterfield Band:  Imagining Nothing At All
The Goon Sax - We Can't Win     Pop, Rock 25/08/2018
Brisbane nervy pop champions The Goon Sax deliver brilliantly human, brutally honest vignettes of adolescent angst.
A beautiful moody, introspective song from The Goon Sax's upcoming second album.

Violet - BOXES/HOUSES     Pop, Blues 25/08/2018
Violet is the solo-project of 22 year-old Sydney musician & sound designer Jessica Meier.
Violet's latest single 'BOXES/HOUSES' was recorded by Violet and producer Alex Middleton in a small shed in Lithgow, a location Violet revisited in the equally eerie music video, a collaboration with award winning Sydney film-maker Jessica Vincenza.

"BOXES/HOUSES is about living in circles, always between walls and constantly existing within the confines of societies metaphorical boxes."

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Acyyx - Dark Before Dawn     Pop, Chill, Ambience, Christian 24/08/2018
Acyyx is an experimental dream pop wonderland. With raw emotion, honest lyrics, and cathartic vocals, if you like Sia, Florence, Bowie, Bon Iver, and IndieFolk, then Acyyx is for you.
Dark Before Dawn carries a message of hope and reassurance, and a timely reminder that the darkest hour is right before dawn. With a crisp beginning that melds into a dreamy folk pop journey, this song is a nice warm embrace to a lonely heart.

Other tracks by Acyyx:  And The Beat Goes  -  Gonna Be Okay
Dinley Jones - Radio     Pop 24/08/2018
Classically trained singer, songwriter, dancer and actor Dinley Jones is set to make his debut into his solo musical career with his single ‘Radio’ set for release August 24th .
‘Radio’ is full of a playful arrangement of live instrumentation, upbeat tempos and a lighthearted lyricism, intended to
invigorate energy. The breakdown of the track allows Dinley to flex his impressive vocal range whilst also setting comical mood to build into the final hook.

Sloan Peterson - Our Love     Pop, Rock 24/08/2018
From the romantic strums of 50s guitar pop, to the gutsy and relentless energy of contemporary garage rock, Sloan Peterson ticks all the boxes.
’Our Love’ was inspired by somebody who had a conflicting dream about her boyfriend being the devil, and had to break up with him and go back to this religion,”explains Sloan Peterson.“The lyrics I wrote are kind of my interpretation of the a conversation between her and essentially God.”

Sparrows - Over & Out     Pop, Dance, House, Electronic 24/08/2018
Australian singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Sparrows fell in love with playing the guitar and writing songs as a kid inspired by her father and uncle playing in bands around Australia.
‘Over & Out’ is an addictive piece of robust pop. Building from a chopped up iPhone recording into a pulsing chorus of layered, shimmering vocals. ‘Over & Out’ is a song about finality. "a number of realities I had been operating in were no longer conducive to me, so I called an over and out on them”.

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The Charm - I'm in Love     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Britpop 24/08/2018
The Charm is reminiscent of classic Aussie 80's indie-pop. Think of a North Queensland sunset and sea-breeze with a splash of inner-city bustle, and add a pinch of melancholy.
We follow the stages of a young man’s wonder as he discovers he is falling in love for the first time. The initial feelings of self-awareness and shyness ultimately give way to unashamed joy and elation. The upbeat tempo and instruments build to the final crescendo as he shares his joy to the world.

Other tracks by The Charm:  Invisible  -  Would You Stay
Tombolo - O'la     Pop, Psychedelic 24/08/2018
Tombolo is a psych-pop band conceived by the songwriter Tom Riccioni. It began as a home recording project and evolved with Joshua Caverson's well-crafted production.
Abstract. Beats. Sounds.

Other tracks by Tombolo:  She My Baby  -  Dolphin Skis
Wild Eyed Wonder - Tall Trees     Pop, Easy Listening 24/08/2018
Wild Eyed Wonder is an Indie Pop artist from Ipswich, Queensland, whose fun and uplifting music will leave listeners feeling good.
“Tall Trees” is all about new beginnings and the potential that lays dormant inside of everyone; when nurtured and worked at, a tiny seed can become a giant tree. This easy-listening song has a thoughtful, reflective tone and paints a picture of things to come.