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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Harry Nathan - Fool For Your Love     Pop, Christian, Easy Listening 16/05/2019
Harry Nathan is a singer, songwriter and producer from Sydney.
Ushered in by Harry Nathan's gentle vocal work, "Fool For Your Love" floats effortlessly along with soft piano melodies, lush drum work, vocal harmonies, a 3 piece soulful female choir and a classical-tinged trumpet. Minimalist, yet melodically entrancing, Harry's musicianship and artistry take the reigns exchanging lyrics and voice with compositions that run the scope of empowerment, love, and beauty.

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House Deposit - Cruise Control     Pop, Rock 16/05/2019
Melbourne's House Deposit write honest songs about honest things.
'Cruise Control' is three minutes of jangling guitars and dual vocals. It was partially written on a road trip to Mount Martha. It's a song that's open to interpretation. The band just hope that you like it.

Joan & The Giants - Cruel     Pop, Folk, Australian Indigenous 16/05/2019
Joan & The Giants are an alternative-pop band from Perth, Western Australia creating powerful, emotive and lyrically charged music.
'Cruel' is about a toxic relationship with someone or something that is holding you back in life. This is a song about pushing through the dark and trialing times, and learning to grow and protect yourself from the ones or things that hurt you.

Kate Miller-Heidke - Ernie     Pop 16/05/2019
Kate Miller-Heidke is an award-winning singer-songwriter who traverses the worlds of contemporary pop, folk and opera.
Having a kid for the first time is an incredible rush of emotions. There’s elation, despair, gratitude, guilt, sorrow, hilarity and love. We wrote about that onslaught of often contradictory feelings. One minute you're on the verge of collapse, and the next you'll be weeping tears of joy. It’s a love so intense that it can be scary - Kate

Kieren Luke - Shiny Bitch     Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Ska 16/05/2019
Melbourne Hip Hop Artist
The song titled ‘Shiny Bitch’ started as a fun diss “to bubblegum rap”, which quickly became a track with trappy vibes. This upbeat, cocky beat produced by Michael Cooper (aka Mikki from Preston) is a lyrical masterpiece for the new generation of Australian Hip Hop.

LOVE MOVES - Rise     Pop, Dance, Electronic 16/05/2019
LOVE MOVES is a Brisbane-based duo combining epic pop music with colourful, trashtastic visuals. Almaryse and Mark Antony developed their act as a celebration of music, art and humanity.
Rise is the second original single release from Brisbane epic pop duo LOVE MOVES. This is a powerful pop track which inspires the listener to overcome their heartaches and dance.

Rise was their entry song in Eurovision - Australia Decides 2019.

"A slow burning piece of Europop" Blair Martin 4ZZZ

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Mayah - Endless Mistakes     Pop, Rock, Hip Hop, RnB 16/05/2019
Mayah could sing before she could talk. At 17, she has already spent the vast majority of her artistic life on the stage. A consummate singer/songwriter/dancer, music is her life.
Endless Mistakes is about accepting the past, making the best of the present and understanding that our mistakes can be the making of us. Light is always there, but only if you are willing to look for it.

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Melissa Tumeo - Beyond Beautiful     Pop, RnB, Easy Listening, Soul 16/05/2019
Experience the soulful sound of Melissa Tumeo, positive role model recognised as a 'compassionate musician', announced as former Young Victorian of the Year and finalist in the Australian Music Awards
Beyond Beautiful is a self-penned, feel good, fun RnB/pop song for the 'lovers'. I wrote this song to express the feeling of extreme euphoria of experiencing strong romantic chemistry with a soul mate, it paints the picture of true, emotional love, and in that magical moment a woman feels desired, special & above all - beyond beautiful! Mel xx

My Elephant Ride - Diamond Eyes     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock, Psychedelic 16/05/2019
My Elephant Ride make cosmic and soulful indie pop exploring love, gender, sexuality, faith and what lies on the other side.
Enter the dreamy world of the latest single 'Diamond Eyes' by My Elephant Ride. The call and response lead vocals paint a psychedelic romance.

SAORSA - Relationship Rules     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Chill 16/05/2019
SAORSA is a sydney-based singer songwriter. Her sound is a unique fusion of R&B, pop, and electronice genre's.
'Relationship Rules' is a song which explores the darker side of a relationship breakdown and the importance of communication. This song is deeply personal and was written as a cathartic release of emotion following the breakdown of a relationship. Essentially, the track comments on the frustration of supporting someone only to have them push you away.

Swaré - The One I Want     Pop, Electronic 16/05/2019
Swaré is an electronic artist from Sydney, Australia. Combining pop and rock, soul and funk, Swaré carves out a sound that is uniquely his own.
'The One I Want' is the second release from Swaré's second EP, produced by Chunkyluv; it is the musical embodiment of the magic you feel when a relationship starts to blossom.

Web Rumors - We Don't Need A Hero     Pop, Electronic 16/05/2019
Web Rumors peddle a modern take on new wave pop music, combining filtered synths and 80s style electronic percussion with ambient sax and commanding vocals.
We Don't Need A Hero reflects on the cult of personality and celebrity that has always existed but is even more prevalent in the tech-driven, social media age. With an irresistibly unifying chorus, the song is underpinned by an uplifting synth bass line and 80s groove-pop style electronic percussion, synth pads, and weaving saxophone.

Bohifale - Kind Enough to Wait     Pop, Britpop, Rock, Easy Listening 15/05/2019
Bohifale is a Western Sydney based songwriter who experiments with an array of sounds and genres.
Inspired by the sounds of New Order, The Go Betweens, Fleetwood Mac and The Other Two, 'Kind Enough to Wait' is a New Wave-Lite single celebrating small electronic motifs fused with an easy listening sound.

Gaudion - Feel Like Clarity     Pop, Folk 15/05/2019
from the small town of Hillston in central NSW, Australia. jack is an aspiring folk-pop artist & writer, communicating experiences and impressions of life through music.
'Feel Like Clarity' is the first offical song release from Gaudion. It is a track that embeds an honest experience, which in ways describes the trauma of allowing ones self to be vulnerable past lust in todays society.

Germein - Little Part of Me     Pop, Rock, Acoustic 15/05/2019
Having just wrapped up a 15 date UK stadium tour with LITTLE MIX, Adelaide sisters Georgia (guitar), Ella (bass, electric cello), & Clara (drums) release their highly anticipated new single...
Little Part of Me is a break up song, written about those “what if” relationships that we hold onto because a little part of us still loves the other person. For the one that got away. Written, recorded and produced by Georgia Germein at our home studios in the Adelaide Hills. Performed by Georgia, Ella & Clara Germein.

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Lauren Lucille - Be My Lover     Pop 15/05/2019
Lauren, from Brisbane, now resides in London. Her album is an honest/refined/emotionally sharp collection of heartfelt songs that sound like singer songwriter folk/pop with elements of gospel and jazz.
‘Be My Lover’ is a an intense pop song with guitars, synths, drums and richly layered vocals about falling for someone who’s unavailable but acts as though he isn’t.

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Other tracks by Lauren Lucille:  Nothing Left To Say  -  Do You Dare
Karamilk - Living     Pop 14/05/2019
Girly, teenage angst pop from 21-year-old Erin Foster. The silence of growing up in remote NSW and being home schooled created loneliness. Writing music was her escape.
An original, teenage girl take on Phoenix or maybe Two Door Cinema Club. Living is energetic pop, recorded and produced live at Love Hertz studios Sydney.

Pleasure Symbols - Image Reflected     Pop, Punk 14/05/2019
Pleasure Symbols continues to focus on a more 80's inspired guitar based post punk sound with heavy dream-pop and shoegaze influences.
"...the band’s current iteration, honing in on a crystalline noir-punk approach that’s more woozy and dreamlike, evidenced by the brilliant new single ‘Image Reflected’." - Weirdo Wasteland

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Tobias - Mama     Pop, Dance 14/05/2019
Exciting Perth multi-talented musician Tobias returns with his brand new single "Mama" this Mothers Day, an ode to the amazing role our mothers play in our life.
Perth based rapper Tobias plans to show appreciation to all mothers (especially his own) with his latest single “Mama” available this Mothers day. The talented new wave artist incorporates a sense of community, friendship and family that is effortlessly displayed in the ‘Mama’ Music Video, showcasing both his talent and appreciation for the support he receives whilst pursuing his dream.

MAXO - Light It Up     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Alternative Country 13/05/2019
'MAXO is the velvety smooth Australian voice taking the pop world by storm.' - Happy Magazine
'Light It Up' is about leaving the 9-5 jobs, chasing my dreams and bringing everyone along for the ride. To break their shackles. To chase their dreams. To feel ALIVE!

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