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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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SEGANA - Forget You     Pop, Electronic 31/08/2018
SEGANA are an alternative Pop group, they’re inspired to chase their passions and produce catchy, hard hitting sounds and generating a great vibe.
Forget You is a super upbeat song full of catchy melodies, a stellar groove that just makes you want to get up and dance. For this song we wanted to tap into a serious and meaningful lyrical topic while keeping an upbeat energy.

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Tartie - Missing Hearts     Pop, Easy Listening 31/08/2018
Roaming the dimly lit laneways of Melbourne’s CBD, Tartie weaves her hauntingly beautiful tales of love and loss. Prepare for heart-melting vocals and minimalist alt pop production.
Missing Hearts was inspired by a male and female friendship that Tartie witnessed and their irritating inability to ever properly get together. After confiding in a close friend she stated, “it’s like your hearts keep missing each other’s paths.” These resonating words sparked the creative process and Missing Hearts was born in a whirlwind of emotion and cathartic self expression.

The Montreals - Y2K     Pop, Rock, Electronic 31/08/2018
\u2028The Montreals’ incorporate sleazy R&B hooks, So-Cal rock, and a dash of disco blended into your favourite smoothie.
Y2K combines bedroom pop with sleazy R&B hooks, and a dash of jazz hands. It contains a bunch of weird samples (cc: lazers) and weaves lots of subtle nick nacks in the track.

Batts - Gun     Pop 30/08/2018
BATTS is the project of Melbourne based musician and space enthusiast Tanya Batt. Honing in on her sound in 2017 BATTS creates a blend of dream pop/folk and rock.
Gun is about fictional characters, I wasn't feeling inspired by my life and didn't feel any urge to become self destructive like I had in younger years to create. I loved to write stories as a child and thought I'd start writing fiction stories into songs, and creating the music around it to set the vibe and world around it.

Richard In Your Mind - I Hope You Weren't Waiting Long     Pop, Retro 30/08/2018
Psychedelic pop quintet Richard In Your Mind have been kicking around since 2006, releasing 4 albums through Rice Is Nice.
This beautifully layered sweeping track is a song of contentment as someone watches the person beside them sleeping waiting for them to wake up, reflecting on their past and how lucky they were to eventually find each other.

The Fix Ups - Fearless     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening, Dance 30/08/2018
Like Blondie fronting the Gorillaz, The Fix Ups make skuzzy yet opulent pop. Dancefloor bangers, and new wave synths are just the beginning for this art pop band.
Fearless takes a left turn at the bands usual punk electro vibes. It’s all cute, dream-pop that’s groovy and cool. Vocals are glistening and beautiful with melodic twists and turns the song takes you on a journey as it skips along. Try not moving your shoulders to this and be swept away by it's beautiful melodies.

Other tracks by The Fix Ups:  It's Your Life  -  Secrets
Benfield - Only When I'm Drunk     Pop, Electronic, Rock 29/08/2018
Sydney-based artist Benfield has released his latest single ‘Only When I’m Drunk’, demonstrating that he is one to keep your eye, and ear on.
‘Only When I’m Drunk’ is a dreamy electro-pop gem that expands on the sonic landscape that was laid out in Benfield’s debut. The cascading drums, suspended choruses, and emotive falsetto vocals all dance together to lead the listener to the track’s enthralling climax. He once again worked with Luke Bertoz on production duties (Tales in Space, Dappled Cities).

Old Cities - Prague     Pop, Rock 29/08/2018
Old Cities is the moniker of Sydney based songwriter and producer, Jordi White.
Prague is a hooky, anthemic piece & the final single off Old Cities forthcoming EP, Old Cities I, due out this Friday (August 31). It harnesses a British pop-rock vibe akin to early Snow Patrol or the 1975 and boasts a strong Jack Antonoff style guitar tone written by the brilliance of friend and collaborator Mitch McDonough.

Stevie Jean - Hell In Every Religion     Pop, Soul, Rock, Blues 29/08/2018
Stevie Jean sings and performs well beyond her years with her unique brand of indie rock and soul sensibilities.
Written with wisdom beyond her years, Stevie Jean has deconstructed the sometimes toxic nature of organized religion.

"I wrote Hell In Every Religion when I was fourteen in Chapel at an Anglican school. The kids who were christened were allowed to partake in communion but the kids who weren't had to sit and watch; they were excluded," said Stevie.

Ultra Material - Rhodamine     Pop, Atmospheric, Garage 29/08/2018
Ultra Material consists of 2 couples, with elements of dream pop, shoegaze and indie rock all converge into something ineffably powerful, lovely and mysterious.
Rhodamine is a song with a catchy immediacy more associated with pop music than shoegaze. While the reverb-obscured lyrics may be difficult to sing along to, the prettily drawn out ‘ah-ah’s of the chorus ring true with a kind of restrained cry for help. Rhodamine is the feeling when you are with someone who outshines all others.

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Other tracks by Ultra Material:  Transfer  -  Rolodex
Cilla Jane - Ice Age     Pop 28/08/2018
Her sound is captivating, shrouded by her black hair, her vocals are warm and her songwriting has a resounding edge.
‘Ice Age’ emerged during a period of hardship where the artist delved deeper into the depths of songwriting to find both comfort and inspiration. On this journey she found her own blend of piano driven pop.

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Harts - Wishfulness     Pop, Rock, Funk 28/08/2018
Harts is the nom de plume of Indian-born, Australian-based musician, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer Darren Hart, who has a singular blend of funk, jazz, blues, psychedelic rock, and indie electronic.
“Wishfulness is a song about being stuck in a rut, longing for something else. Something otherworldly. It's a different kind of song to come from me. The focus is the groove, song & vocal. I love the way it all comes together in the second chorus when the bass line and new drum pattern kicks in.” - Harts

Maari - Desire     Pop, RnB, Soul 28/08/2018
A whirlwind of Indie Pop, Rnb and Future Bass influences, combined with unapologetic, raw lyrics and powerful synths to create the wall of sound that is Maari.
'Desire' is a party anthem with instinctually groovy verses and thumping choruses that are shout-able and 'crump-able.' "The song is an expression of craving and indulgence, paying homage to women with a fierce, untameable sexuality. Written to empower women in owning their bodies, we wanted to address desire through strong, unashamed lyrics."

PRINCI - FYI     Pop, Experimental 28/08/2018
PRINCI is a pioneering force of experimental pop and rap music in Australia. Blending genres and expectations, her music is testament to empowerment and self-expression.
PRINCI presents FYI as an ode to self- love and determination. PRINCI wrote the track as a method of motivating herself during a darker period. Working with Sydney-club producer Atro, FYI combines Atro’s signature synths with PRINCI’s intricate lyricism and energy.

Formerly known as “Kimchi Princi”, FYI marks PRINCI’s first release under the new moniker, showcasing her artistic evolution.

Ruel - Younger     Pop, Electronic 28/08/2018
15-year-old multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, Ruel learned to play the guitar at 8 years. Ruel started to write songs of his own, drawing inspiration from Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder and Dave Brubeck.
'Younger' is the third official release taken from 15-year-old, and was produced by Ruel's good friend, mentor and collaborator M-Phazes (Eminem, Logic, Kimbra, Zara Larsson, KYLE) which had PAPER Magazine praising it for its "million dollar chorus" and "slow-burning beat sure to lodge itself in your prefrontal cortex"

Saint Barae - Remains     Pop, Electronic, Chill 28/08/2018
Like burning cigarettes and neon lights, this after dark synthwave sensation combines introspective themes with lush electronic soundscapes.
'Remains' is my comeback single after a three year hiatus from releasing music. The storyline of the song dissects the idea that "distance makes the heart grow fonder" and explores how our romanticised idea of someone can easily be unravelled when change causes those happy feelings to turn into jealousy and bitterness.

India Sweeney - Go Try It     Pop, Dance, Electronic 27/08/2018
India Sweeney is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who hails from the seaside city of Wollongong, India’s sweetly sung ‘Go Try It’ streams through a difficult time in her life.
‘Go Try It’ sees India’s softly spoken vocal weave between a saxophone and an eventual orchestral symphony of pianos, drums and more.

“In hindsight I wrote this song to pump myself up for life and for anyone else who was struggling with mental illness."

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Kimberley Gill - You've Changed     Pop, Country, Acoustic, Folk 27/08/2018
Kimberley Gill is a 17 year old singer/songwriter currently living in South West Victoria who loves performing live and writing her own songs.
You've Changed is a catchy upbeat song with beautiful acoustic guitar written about a friendship being affected by a person changing.

Other tracks by Kimberley Gill:  Why Can't You  -  You'll Just Say Why
Nat Vazer - Struggletown     Pop, Rock 27/08/2018
Melbourne-based artist Nat Vazer is a warm, charismatic, and contemplative songwriter with a knack for writing charmingly rebellious tunes about the ironies of everyday life.
Welcome to "Struggletown", the guitars are tropical, handclaps happy and ladies caress you with “oohs”. But the upbeat mood belies a darkness. Listen closer - the handclaps are fake, “the sun is always out, but everybody’s up and down”. It’s a place where people’s fear about feeling trapped in a nine-to-five is drowned out by rounds of long island iced-teas.

Aaron Joseph Russo - home     Pop, Ambience, Psychedelic 25/08/2018
lo fi, dreamy, ambient psych pop rock bedroom garage stuff, hope you enjoy
first single from the album, something quiet, sad, but optimistic to welcome people in, very different to other songs on the album mood wise, a bit more straight forward, good for listening alone, late at night

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