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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Stomperoo - Love Is A Boomerang     Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul 11/02/2019
Stomperoo, on baritone hybrid guitar, plays bluejazz music crossing over on folk, redefining and deconstructing everything, in the style of Mose Allison, Georgie Fame, Tom Waits, and Arlo Guthrie.
Love Is A Boomerang is an upbeat shuffle played by a rock big band, in the style of Chicago or Blood Sweat and Tears (USA). Guitar,bass and percussion:Roo Friend, sax;Shaun Ballagh, trombone:Shane Hannan, trumpet:Ciprean Pandrea, voice:Roo Friend, drums:Jim Toomey, electric piano:Tris Hodson, didgeridoo:Michael Pitt. Mastered by Roo Friend. Recorded in Brisbane 2018/2019 . (c) Copyright APRA 2019

ELSKA - Goin' Down     Pop, Soul, Acoustic 08/02/2019
Gold Coast artist ELSKA has redefined the harp - oozing charm with a new brand of breezy soulful pop. Creating melodic harp-infused pop music designed for daydreaming, road-tripping and romance.
"Goin' Down" delivers a tale of revenge tasting oh so sweet. Forthright and sassy, it is a nostalgic soul-pop explosion filled with 60s beats, tremolo harp, sultry vocals, spaghetti-western strings, old-timey pianos, and James Bond-esque vibes. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - “Goin’ Down” is the anti-love anthem for those who have been burnt in love.

Francis Foxx - Incinerate     Pop, Electronic, Chill 08/02/2019
Francis Foxx is a gay Australian pop singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based in Perth, Western Australia.
I wrote Incinerate at the start of 2018. My partner was working FIFO and it really took a toll a toll. We had to spend long periods of time apart - whenever he flew out to work I’d feel so alone. I've used cinematic acoustic instrumentation with some intimate pop production to convey the emotional struggles of a long-distance relationship.

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Meg Mac - Something Tells Me     Pop 08/02/2019
Meg Mac’s latest single “Something Tells Me” is released to coincide with her tour which will cover North America, UK, Europe New Zealand and Australia.
‘Something tells me' was written with Sarah Aarons and produced by M-Phazes. Meg explains “I’ve made so many decisions and choices based on what other people tell me I should or shouldn't do. This song is about not doing that anymore. Trying not to listening to the people around you, trying to work out what you really want to do”.

Patrick James - UP     Pop, RnB, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 08/02/2019
Patrick James is an honest and true songsmith with an innate flair for soft acoustics, stirring harmonies and a heavy-hearted lyric.
‘UP’ is a smooth piano driven anthem about maturity and letting go of the past - all while plucking at heartstrings along the way.

Phoebe Sinclair - Unfair     Pop, Electronic 08/02/2019
Queen of the sad-banger, Phoebe Sinclair is hypnotic and addictive. Her songwriting is deceivingly good, filled with soaring highs & crashing lows and her live performances transcendent.
Channeling powerful vocals, with strong lyrical conviction to match, Phoebe Sinclair’s first new single is a soul-tingling ode to how Unfair the experience of love can be. Speaking straight to the heart of anyone who’s felt the pang of heartbreak, Unfair is an electronic-pop smash that beautifully rages against such despair whilst also hoping to be spared.

Silver Hills - Indian Ocean     Pop, Rock 08/02/2019
Sun bleached melodic dream pop.
The track’s melancholic vocals float over shimmering guitars and nostalgic acoustic balladry in a sophisticated pop arrangement that suggests a quantum leap in the band’s artistic direction.

The first hint of new music from the group since 2014’s explosive Plasticine Daydream EP, ‘Indian Ocean’ sees Silver Hills return to the fore with an emphatic presence.

SMLXL - Kristy G     Pop, Folk, Rock 08/02/2019
SMLXL are a guitar driven pop band with stylings of Split Enz and Blur. Dive into the various layers of each track while enjoying the catchy melodies and stomping rhythms.
Kristy G is lyrically a love poem to Jarrod’s wife Kristy. It’s a love that he never wants to stop. Musically this is a frantic punk power pop song with a melody that Elvis Costello would have been proud to pen.

Other tracks by SMLXL:  Breathe  -  Big Cheese
Aerborn - In a Phase     Pop, Electronic, Ambience, Atmospheric 07/02/2019
Aerborn is a female, independent singer and producer based in Brisbane, Australia.
'In a Phase' is the Aerborn's first major independent release featuring her own production. Aerborn wrote “In a Phase” over a year ago; the song reflects on a difficult time in her life - a lack of direction and finding a way out of that with music.

Jayden Courts - White Wine     Pop, Chill, Acoustic 06/02/2019
Jayden Courts is an authentic Australian singer songwriter who has a love for creating music and sharing it with others.
'White Wine' starts out with a quirky guitar line which then tells a story through a wide range of experimental musical sounds. Feat. Jarryd James on the trumpet.

Other tracks by Jayden Courts:  Let It Fall  -  Running
Web Rumors - Sinner (For Your Love)     Pop 06/02/2019
Web Rumors peddle a modern take on new wave pop music, combining filtered synths and 80s style electronic percussion with ambient sax and commanding vocals.
Sinner (For Your Love) is modern new wave pop song that pays subtle homage to the disco sounds and vibes of the late 70s. Featuring smooth sax, filtered synths and a groove-laden rhythm section, the track is capped off by singer Em Burrows' distinctive, commanding vocals.

Your Girl Pho - Manipulate (feat. Chiseko)     Pop, Hip Hop, Soul, RnB 06/02/2019
Your Girl Pho, the sassy and fun stage persona of Phoebe Gunson that Perth has become to know brings sweet jazz pop vibes
Manipulate is a reimagining of a song Your Girl Pho wrote with collaborator JCAL during her time in their project together Phocal.

David Biviano & Jonathan M. Wood - The Criminal     Pop 05/02/2019
Written by David Biviano and Jonathan M. Wood
Criminal behaviour

Gordi - Something Like This (Acoustic)     Pop 05/02/2019
Gordi is excited to unveil Beneath The Reservoir, a stunning collection of five stripped-back reworks of her favourite cuts from the album.
Led by the spacious ‘Something Like This’ and also including the singles ‘Heaven I Know’ and ‘I’m Done’, Beneath The Reservoir is a beautiful listen that finds Gordi re-discovering the meaning and feeling behind the songs, presenting them in a whole new light.

Lara D - White Lies     Pop, Hip Hop 05/02/2019
Moroccan / Lebanese pop-urban sensation Lara D is a breath of fresh air for the urban music scene. Her cut above talents in singing have gained her widespread attention.
Throughout the track Lara delivers a captivating performance being hailed as well beyond her years. ‘White Lies' speaks about the importance of honesty in any relationship, sharing from personal experience of how one tiny lie can deeply affect someoneʼs self worth, and how the truth is always better even when it hurts.

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Licy Be - Grown     Pop, Electronic, Rap 05/02/2019
Devoted rapper, poet, motivational speaker, suicide prevention and mental health awareness advocate - Gold Coast based via Perth via NZ, Licy Be is a an artist on a mission.
Highlighting the issue of comparison issues across social media, Licy says "I think a lot of us are trying to 'make it' or get somewhere with our dreams and along the way lose ourselves with the dangerous influences of social media. It's easy to go down a path of forgetting who you are in an attempt to be 'grown'."

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Shara Rose - Rewind     Pop, RnB, Christian, Easy Listening 05/02/2019
Shara Rose – The Full Package; talented singer/songwriter, musician and dancer from Perth, WA. Her first single “Rewind” is currently no. 5 on triple J's unearthed charts
Shara Rose delivers a captivating, honest performance with vocal/ lyrics alike to Taylor Swift and the Chainsmokers. She speaks on the relatable question of facing past situations and asking yourself, "If I could rewind and go back in time would I do the same things, say what I didn’t get to say, and would it make a difference anyway?"

SHEISMONTANA - Electrified     Pop, Electronic 05/02/2019
The 19-year-old Brisbane singer-songwriter presents sultry, powerful vocals coupled with trademark jazz influence electronic melodies to create a mass appealing and unique listen
SHEISMONTANA ignites 2019 with her debut single, Electrified, set to be released on the 08/02/19. Montana’s no holds barred debut introduces herself, sharing her true beliefs and values when it comes to love. In her single, the Brisbane vocalist exposes herself through both audio and visual mediums, unmasking an alluring yet alternate concept of love, using herself as the example

Stephen Cummings - The Wind Blew Hard     Pop, Blues 05/02/2019
Stephen is a songwriter who knows that less is more. Prisoner Of Love is tight and concise at just 10 tracks.
Stephen Cummings has released the new single ‘The Wind Blew Hard’, taken from his forthcoming album Prisoner Of Love, which is Stephen’s 20th solo album, and his first new album in five years.

The Avenue - suburbs.cities.towns     Pop, Rock 05/02/2019
Melbourne rockers The Avenue create a sonic palette that is lush and powerful. Reminiscent of The 1975 and The Cure, their music is punchy, evocative and addictive.
New single ‘suburbs.cities.towns’ is delivered with slick melodies reminiscent of The 1975 and Catfish and The Bottlemen; vocalist Sam Thomas carries the lofty arrangements with ease and emotion. The combination of guitar, percussion and electronic elements is a seamless one on this track, one The Avenue delves further into throughout the BODIES EP.