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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Matt Druery - There 4 U     Pop, Rock, Soul, RnB 21/05/2019
Singer/songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Matt Druery's love for the retro and old-school shines in his infectiously catchy bangers and bops!
Matt Druery’s debut single There 4 U is a catchy tune incorporating an 80s synth feel, emotional lyrics and killer melody lines that will get you tapping your foot from the get-go... Sydney musician Matt Druery explores a retro 80s sound with new tune There 4 U; a deeply infectious bop oozing character and sophistication. - Happy Mag (April 2019)

NICA - Be About Now     Pop 21/05/2019
NICA is a 16year old Australian artist. Her singing career started when she was 11. She writes her own song and lyrics.
Be About Now is about the future and all the fears that come with it. It's about finding yourself through all the pressures that come with doing so, and choosing your own happiness over pleasing others.

Zerrin - The Inheritance     Pop, Experimental 21/05/2019
Making ominous Art-pop, Zerrin is an Australian artist with a unique storytelling ability and an enormous voice.
The world is ending. Kidding! Sort of... Like many of you, I feel constantly overwhelmed by the challenges facing our time, and this song is my creepy, melodramatic expression of all of that raging emotion.

The Inheritance poses a question: what are we leaving for future generations to inherit? Perhaps horror. Perhaps nothing.

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Andrew Hetherington - Life Is Strange     Pop 20/05/2019
Andrew Hetherington is an Australian songwriter, who writes retro pop songs and instrumental music.
Life Is Strange is an eighties style pop song concerning the ironic twists and turns we all experience in life. Up one minute and down the next, rich then poor and then rich again. It struck me as being a little weird and strange, but at the same time cool.

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Lucie Thorne - Wheogo Hill     Pop, Atmospheric, Roots 20/05/2019
Lauded for writing "some of the most simple and beautiful songs you will hear"(****The Age), Lucie Thorne has earned her place as one of Australia's most striking contemporary songsmiths
Wheogo Hill is the first song to be released from Lucie Thorne’s extraordinary new art/pop album Kitty & Frank. A soaringly gorgeous single to set the scene, Wheogo Hill is an enticing taste of what's to come, and features sublime playing from Thorne's A-team collaborators; Hamish Stuart (Drums), Chris Abrahams (synthesiser, piano) and Dave Symes (bass).

The Tony Rich Project - When I'm Broken     Pop, Soul, Acoustic 20/05/2019
‘The Tony Rich Project' is best known for the single ‘Nobody Knows’. The ACT-based singer/songwriter is a major talent, having won a Grammy for his debut album ‘Words’
The first single from The Tony Rich's new album 'Encaustic'

Other tracks by The Tony Rich Project:  The Graze  -  Now You're Gone
Underground Lovers - The Passer-by     Pop, Rock, Electronic 20/05/2019
Melbourne indie rock cult favourites
‘The Passer-by’ features the lush vocals of the band’s own Philippa Nihill as she explores being anonymous in the Undie’s beloved hometown of Melbourne - “in love and in camouflage, keeping up the charade with an alibi”.

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Washington - Dirty Churches     Pop, Easy Listening, Chill 20/05/2019
Worship at the house of Washington with new single, Dirty Churches. The darkly-toned pop song with hidden depths flaunts the iconic Australian artist’s trademark velveteen vocals
Reunited with Saint Lo producer Dave Hammer (Thundamentals, Lime Cordiale, Baker Boy), Dirty Churches is a hymn to the imperfection, clash and surrender of a relationship.

Evie Lucas - Better Together     Pop, Chill, Folk, Jazz 19/05/2019
Influenced by strong female voices, smooth tones and melodies are woven through personal stories and experiences of emotional honesty.
This track features audio sampling of playing kitchen spoons on a wooden table of my first home in Bali!

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Other tracks by Evie Lucas:  Game of Chess  -  Further Away
Niamh Watson - Mixed Signals     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Easy Listening 18/05/2019
Young artist Niamh Watson ('Neeve') is a very talented Central Coast singer/songwriter and guitarist. At only 15 years old, she has already established herself on the live scene.
The breakup song for people who never got together, this song is about confusing relationships and unclear intentions.

This song has secured Niamh a place as a to 10 finalist in the UK's Song Academy Young Songwriter of the Year 2019 (International Category) !

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AKA Lui - Hey! I Don't Want That Anyway     Pop 17/05/2019
Byron Bay-based indie-dance artist, Combining disco-infused beats with groove-laden bass and guitars, with a punch of 80’s inspired analogue synths.
“‘Hey! I Don’t Want That Anyway’ is the fight against your desires. It’s about being addicted to someone or something, and yet trying to convince yourself that you’re not. It’s the struggle between giving in and embracing your lustfulness, or fighting against it for the betterment of your future self”.

Dean Manning - Be My Friend     Pop, Rock 17/05/2019
The strange and beautiful inner-world of Dean Manning makes one of its cyclical returns on May 17 with ‘Be My Friend’.
Be My Friend comes straight out of the gate in all of it's Pop goodness. Fuzzy guitars, endearing synths and relatable lyrics are just some of what to expect. Dean effortlessly creates some of the catchiest melodies you will hear. This is Pop perfection from start to finish - press play and take a dynamic ride.

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Karmel - Trafalgar Square     Pop, Dance, Electronic 17/05/2019
Sydney electronic producer, DJ and songwriter Karmel started her musical journey on the violin at age 5. After teaching herself piano and studying viola, she discovered classical singing at 16.
An evocative deep house tune lined with a sultry longing for time and place past, building to a frenetic final of chopped vocals reminiscent of the dancing flames of a forgotten but once great fire.

Lupine - 1800-MUM-DAD     Pop, Garage, Rock, Psychedelic 17/05/2019
A Melbourne garage band with feels.
1800-MUM-DAD is at its core, a love letter to the suburb that we grew up in and all of the places, characters and memories it holds for us. It's a song about the beauty and folly of young, reckless love and the lengths we go to just to be with that person.

Skyepaint - Light Years Away     Pop 17/05/2019
Synthpop music from a pub rock city. Skyepaint's trademark synth-pop production draws from classic 80's and 90's pop with dreamy, smooth soundscapes and punchy drums.
Skyepaint’s distinct sound fuses the melodic sensibilities of 80s and 90s pop with modern electronic production and shimmering retro synths, with the singles proving no exception. Taking on feedback from past releases Skyepaint presents silkier, dreamy vocals sitting at the forefront of his authentic,synth-driven production.

Other tracks by Skyepaint:  Endless Nights
TASHA - RUNAWAY LOVE     Pop, Pop 17/05/2019
Tasha, Indie Singer/Songwriter and Dj from Melbourne, Australia.
“This song really is about being stressed out, overwhelmed and wanting to runaway. It relates to people going through a hard time and trying to escape. The song also came together through a lot of self doubt as a musician and trying to strive for perfection through my music and pushing back a debut release.”

The Engagement - In The End     Pop, Easy Listening, Electronic, Rock 17/05/2019
The Melbourne 5-piece has spent the past 6 months hibernating while they work on their collection of songs and are ready to re-emerge with their latest single In the End.
In The End, a deep & empowering track about channeling energy from the one's that hurt us & using that in the dark times we face.

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YUPPY - Top Down     Pop 17/05/2019
Yuppy is a fun lil bedroom-pop act from Adelaide (a bit cute, like your favourite tea mug, but covered in glitter and fluro) - Angy + Stef <3
Top Down is the debut single from YUPPY :)

Ainslie Wills - Fear Of Missing Out     Pop, Easy Listening 16/05/2019
With her beautifully crafted and honestly told stories, Melbourne songwriter Ainslie Wills has gathered an army of lifelong converts at home and internationally.
On the sprawling and boundless Fear Of Missing Out, Ainslie wrestles with the existence of internal conflict and consciousness.

CaliCisco - Smoke Clouds     Pop 16/05/2019
‘Smoke Clouds' is the first single from new Australian artist 'CaliCisco' that borrows pop sensibilities of the disco era & transforms it into a modern day hit.
Smoke Clouds features a tight and snappy verse structure and a dance floor jumping 4 on the floor disco beat chorus. Complete with Bee Gees like falsetto chorus vocals and fender strat solo, this is a debut single that is sure to find a wealth of new fans for CaliCisco.

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