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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Beckon Fire - Lonely     Pop, Electronic, RnB, Rock 14/02/2019
Sunshine Coast based Electronic Pop band Beckon Fire draw from a broad variety of influences to create their infectious sound.
'Lonely' opens with a lush electronic soundscape accompanied by a fat sub-bass beat. The vocalist paints a picture of love lost in contemporary R n B fashion. The droning nature of 'Lonely' will have the song stuck in head all week!

For fans of Post Malone, Bring Me The Horizon and The 1975.

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LAVRENCE - My Space     Pop, Gay Alligned 14/02/2019
LAVRENCE, from the Queer fringes of Sydney, has arrived! Posing the question - Why exist quietly when your true self is just waiting to shine?
My Space is an ode to vulnerability. While we’re taught to protect ourselves and be ‘strong’ when facing the outside world, My Space celebrates vulnerability as our ultimate strength.

Slow Ships - I Just Want You to Know     Pop, Folk, Rock, Electronic 14/02/2019
Slow Ships draws on themes from the natural world, memory, creatures and places, family trauma, self and cultural identity, ultimately weaving domestic narratives of love, personhood and the world beyond.
In this gentle electronic-pop track, Rubaiyat Howlader (Slow Ships) begins to chip away at what it means to have Bangladeshi heritage and be Australian. It is a song about self-preservation, resilience, holding ourselves accountable for the hurt that we have caused and learning to heal, as an individual, as a family and as a people.

ZUMA - Flâneur     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 14/02/2019
A wobbly infusion of swirling shoegaze, kaleidoscpoic fuzz, energetic disco and soaring vocals, ZUMA has spent the last 3 years moulding their sound into colourful mixtures of psych tinged pop-rock.
Lyrically the song is about being a little bit lost, but also celebrating being introverted and not always being sure about what will happen next. Instrumentally we set out to have a vast dreamy, mysterious vibe in the verse going into a chorus that feels like a plane was taking off and you were standing right behind the turbo engine.

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Big T - Paradise     Pop, Soul 13/02/2019
From the moment Big T stepped onto The X-Factor stage, Australia embraced the lovable singer. His appearance catapulted him into Australia's living rooms winning the hearts of the nation.
'Paradise' is an up tempo pop Summer anthem thatʼs packed full of sing along crowd hooks, energetic guitar lines and powerful melodies. Itʼs an uplifting song for listeners of all ages to enjoy. Itʼs really all about finding your Paradise wherever your at in life.

Cry Club - DFTM     Pop, Rock, Gay Alligned 13/02/2019
Cry Club is a noisy queer pop band from Wollongong/Sydney who turned heads on their debut single, "Walk Away". They return with a new single, 'DFTM'
‘DFTM’ is straightforward - keep your hands to yourself. The song is a way to take some power back, in what feels like this super helpless situation.

Sticky Fingers - Cool & Calm     Pop, Chill 12/02/2019
The love child of a fling between Manchester Rock and Kingston Dub and raised on Rock and Roll, luring listeners with a salivating caress of the soul.
'Cool & Calm' is from their 4th studio album, recorded in early 2018 at Rocking Horse Studios in Byron Bay. Engineered by Nicholas Wilson and Produced by their long time collaborator Dann Hume. An album reflecting on the last few years and dedicated to their fans, friends and family. It’s a soundtrack to a sunbathed kick-on.

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Other tracks by Sticky Fingers:  Another Episode  -  Sunsick Moon
Chelsea Wilson - Breaking Down     Pop, Soul, Jazz 12/02/2019
Chelsea Wilson is a Melbourne based vocalist, songwriter, broadcaster and DJ. Her second album 'Chasing Gold' sees Chelsea move into rare-groove territory, fusing her love of disco, pop and jazz.
Taken from Chelsea's highly anticipated second album 'Chasing Gold', 'Breaking Down' sees Chelsea move into rare-groove territory, fusing her love of early disco, epic pop and jazz. Produced by ARIA nominated composer/ bassist Ross McHenry (The Shaolin Afronauts), 'Breaking Down' is a deeply personal song about an abusive domestic relationship, and sees Chelsea at her most heartfelt yet.

Dolce Blue - New White Sneakers     Pop, Retro, Rock, Atmospheric 12/02/2019
Dolce Blue are an original based in Perth WA. They have caught the attention of listeners with resonant lyrics and catchy melodies, evident in their single "New white Sneeakers".
New White Sneakers is the debut single by Dolce Blue. It has the beats and bass to get you on you're feet, the guitar riffs to get you humming along, and that typical sad line " forever is too long without you".

George Maple - Champion     Pop, RnB 12/02/2019
George Maple is an Australian-born, LA-based songwriter, producer, vocalist and multi-media artist.
"Champion" sees Maple truly stepping into her own space as an artist. The anthem is an intelligent and powerful call to arms, a true reflection of our current social climate of change, awareness and advocacy. The song's addictive rhythm, innovative tempo changes, and sultry vocals create a track unlike anything being released right now.

Inseek - HYPNOTIZED     Pop, Rock 12/02/2019
Composed and inspirational INSEEK has earned his reputation as a talented songwriter, recording artist and live act. A distinct blend of accessible original music with a truly broad appeal.
An upbeat pop rock tune......Lost n hypnotized in your delving eyes, you've got me hooked n chained to your burning desires.

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Karamilk - Gone     Pop 12/02/2019
Karamilk is 21-year-old singer/songwriter Erin Foster. Karamilk is full of energy and angst (of the teen girl growing up variety).
Gone, the debut single from Karamilk. Full of energy, girly, dancy, unashamedly pop.

KIAN - Childism     Pop, RnB 12/02/2019
KIAN found his way into the hearts of the Australian public through winning the 2018 Triple J Unearthed High competition.
"This song is about me feeling like I couldn’t talk or express my feelings, like I couldn’t trust anyone. From being bullied to my family being split up this song resonates with me as it was inspired by the times I felt the lowest" says KIAN

Martin Frawley - Something About Me     Pop, Psychedelic 12/02/2019
Those familiar with Martin Frawley’s time as co-leader of Twerps will take comfort in hearing his deceptively simple songwriting is still intact on his solo debut Undone at 31.
The big reveal here is how new instrumentation and influences seamlessly expand Martin Frawley’s playground. Look no further than new single “Something About Me.” It might take several listens for one to realise Frawley is singing over just violin, Moog, and a Graceland-esque bassline.

Methyl Ethel - Trip The Mains     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 12/02/2019
Pscyhe-pop Perth band Methyl Ethel share new single 'Trip The Mains', from their forthcoming album Triage, out February 15 via Dot Dash/Remote Control.
Methyl Ethel principal Jake Webb says of the track, "behind every eye-twitch, a depleted mainframe barely pulses. 'Trip The Mains' is my moment of short circuiting." The accompanying video, premiered via Brooklyn Vegan, features Webb suspended in time, defying the laws of gravity, and crashing into beds in this abstract fantasy directed by Matt Sav.

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Monnone Alone - Do It Twice     Pop, Rock 12/02/2019
Monnone Alone are a pop group based around the songwriting of Mark Monnone (ex-Lucksmiths) and featuring members of pop tinkerers Architecture in Helsinki, Mid-State Orange and Aleks & the Ramps.
'Do It Twice’ is a vibrant slice of the outfit’s storied history and yet another exciting glimpse of their sophomore LP. Repurposed pop tropes and nuanced moments of surf-soaked doo-wop weave in and out of the track’s layered guitars and hearty percussion, driving home a fully realised indie-rock warble that has come to define the band’s sound.

On Diamond - Poison Blood     Pop, Experimental, Folk 12/02/2019
Combining pop with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act led by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
Produced by Lisa Salvo with assistance from Evelyn Ida Morris, ‘Poison Blood’, follows a raw path which the band has forged with previous releases and explores breaking the cycle of pain by way of Salvo’s powerful vocals, making it impossible to ignore the weight of the song’s lyrics. A much slower underlying tempo, allows the song to wash over listeners.

SARAI - STARXLOVERS     Pop, Dance, Electronic 12/02/2019
After creating a buzz in 2018, singer-songwriter and dancer SARAI is going into 2019 with more energetic music in preparation for her upcoming EP.
After bursting onto the scene with consistent releases in 2018, SARAI is keeping up the pace as we kick start 2019 with STARXLOVERS off her highly-anticipated upcoming EP. STARXLOVERS explores the question of commitment between lovers over time, SARAI's most honest and reflective work to date.

Tomi Gray - Shoestring     Pop, Folk 12/02/2019
Australian born Artist; Experienced Singer, Songwriter, Drummer, Guitarist. Accomplished Writer and Published Poet. Bedroom Producer and Engineer. Podcast Addict. Psychedelic Explorer. Personal Growth Enthusiast. Amateur Philosopher. Part-time Moustache Aficionado.

Philip La Rosa - Fable     Pop, Gay Alligned, Dance 11/02/2019
Philip La Rosa is a performer and community advocate from Preth, WA. La Rosa’s synth-pop power is elevated by his new-romantic characteristics.
Fable is rich in self reflection and signals La Rosa’s power as a new-romantic, exuberant and earnest. This exploratory piece of synth-pop bounces the mysterious off of reality and turns life into folklore.