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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Frame - I Do (Sunset Version)     Pop, Hip Hop, Rock, RnB 26/05/2019
23yo Melbourne based rapper/songwriter ‘Frame’, takes you along on his journey of learning self love and how that translates to how you love others with his latest single ‘I Do’
This was the first idea we had for my single 'I Do' & I really loved hearing a blusey-rock take of pop/rnb song :)

LETHAL - Nowhere     Pop 26/05/2019
LETHAL talks directly to the teen in all of us - heartbreaking lyrics supported by infectious melodies that stay in your head long after the fade out.
Nowhere gives voice to those emotions we have all felt - unwrap the lyrics and the melody and what reveals is a well-crafted song that all listeners will relate to.

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Max & Min - Black Not Gold     Pop 26/05/2019
Max & Min are an indie duo act that brings a fresh sound to a crowded pop market.
Black Not Gold brings the lyrical sophistication of Fleetwood Mac meeting London Grammar with a melody that is the best mix of 21 Pilots meets Katy Perry meets Steely Dan.

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Nicholas C G Rothwell - Patriot Song     Pop 25/05/2019
A great song if you love Australia... good for sport events and times when Australia is the focus.
Partiot Song is a hip song about Austrailia.

Ange - Like I'm Crazy     Pop 24/05/2019
Direct from Barcelona, via Sydney’s underground RnB scene, ANGE is a neo-soul singer-songwriter blending electronic and pop influences, drawing comparisons to international artists like NAO and KIMBRA.
Like I’m Crazy is a self-empowerment anthem. Talks about not caring about what people think, being your own self and embracing your crazy side. It also reflects on the idea of dependence and the struggle of being rejected, culminating in the importance of self-love and courage.

Daniel March - A Thought Of You     Pop, Soul, Acoustic, Roots 24/05/2019
Indy soul artist Daniel March splits his time between London & Sydney, working with Mumu Fresh (The Roots/Common), Chantae Cann (Snarky Puppy), Jordan Rakei, Tiana Major 9 and more.
‘A Thought Of You’ was inspired by the acoustic vibes of John Mayer & Eric Clapton with a tip of the hat to soul songstress Emily King. The second single from ‘Stoneflower’ is a melancholy song about a girl who runs away from love because of her walls and insecurities. all your left with is a thought of her...

daste - Palette     Pop, Funk, Electronic 24/05/2019
After sharing recent singles ’Thinkin Of’, ’SOBER’ and ‘Myself’, Australian trio daste now give us their highly anticipated debut ep ‘Palette’ which is being released via Mammal Sounds Records.
After sharing recent singles ’Thinkin Of’, ’SOBER’ and ‘Myself’, Australian trio daste now give us their highly anticipated debut ep ‘Palette’ which is being released via Mammal Sounds Records.

Other tracks by daste:  Overload
Eleanor Ailie - Fraud     Pop, Rock 24/05/2019
Pronounced ay-lee, Eleanor Ailie’s set to release an awaited 6-track EP in the coming months. 'Fraud' is the third and final single.
Fraudulence is a feeling that everyone experiences at some point. For some it comes with serious self-doubt and inability to internalise achievement. nothing feels deserved when confidence is so thin. It's tragic to think that we sometimes don't feel good enough for ourselves, in our own homes... Have patience and nurture your big critic. Nothing in nature blooms year round

Georgia James - Start A War     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 24/05/2019
Hailing from Brisbane, Queensland, Georgia James is a singer/songwriter uninfluenced by genre. Georgia specialises in melancholic melodies and her voice has a powerful, rich-tone that packs a punch.
Start A War explores the emotions you feel when you’ve hurt someone you love, hoping it hasn’t done irreversible damage to the relationship. It is about anxiously waiting as the dust settles, to see what is left.

Jess Spahr - Tensions     Pop, Electronic 24/05/2019
Electro Pop-tastic
Pop with an electro groove

Markus Meo - Gotta Love     Pop, Roots, Soul, Britpop 24/05/2019
Markus Meo is an Independent Artist , Singer Songwriter and Producer from Adelaide South Australia. A unique Artist with a soulful voice that delivers from the heart !!
Short boppy catchy tune that has a driving bass line with a good beat to the track.

Phil Hancock - Proof     Pop, Electronic, Gay Alligned 24/05/2019
Phil Hancock: Australia's master of heartbreaking, self-aware, boy-band pop music.
“Proof” is an Ariana Grande-style endeavour into self-aware heartbreak pop, inspired by the music of Troye Sivan, Lauv, Halsey and Khalid. Drawing from the breakdown of an extremely close friendship, it tells the story of someone whose words of love don’t match their actions. As Phil sings, "I know you'd say you love me, but I never saw the proof."

Sister Peach - Chemicals     Pop, Dance 24/05/2019
Sydney-based indie-dance duo Sister Peach have returned with their silky new cut ‘Chemicals’, recorded at the famous Studio 301 and mastered by Wayne Sunderland (Willaris. K, Young Franco, Cassian).
‘Chemicals’ is a song about humans. No matter who you surround yourself with or who surrounds you, you always have the ability to be what it is you want to be. At the end of the day, everyone finds themselves right where they belong.

The Sunday Estate - I Don't Want To Be Alone     Pop, Britpop 24/05/2019
Inner West Sydney 'Nostalgia Pop' Band.
I Don't Want To Be Alone is a song about the fear of being alone or left behind, a fear common to most people. Its about losing friends that you thought would always be around, and holding on to the people you love.

Bel Woods - Running     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Folk 23/05/2019
Bel Woods is an indie pop starlet from Sydney!
Bel Woods debut single Running, was originally written by Bel in the style of a samba ballad back in 2007. Then re-imagined it into a high-energy pop tune before heading into the studio to record. Bel had prepared a bunch of songs to record. Running was a very last minute addition that ended up being her debut single!

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Oh Boy - Slid333     Pop, Hip Hop, Rap 23/05/2019
With an eye for style and an even stronger conviction for creating moving soundscapes, Oh Boy is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most sought after and talked about producers.
'Slid333' is a punchy, playful and pumped-up track that features the vocals of Sydney rap duo Cult Shφtta. Oh Boy chose to collaborate with Cult Shφtta because of their unique style. The single is taken from Oh Boy's debut EP Brentwood Heights.

Cry Club - Two Hearts     Pop 22/05/2019
Having captured fans with their steaming anthemic single, "DFTM", the Wollongong-via-Melbourne noise-pop two-piece, Cry Club return with ‘Two Hearts'.
Guitarist Jonathan Tooke summerises: “‘Two Hearts’ is the closest thing we’ve got to a love song – well, complicated, sucky love.”

Jax Swan - Save Me     Pop, Country, Rock, Roots 22/05/2019
She is an advocate for mental health and believes we need to learn how to manage our minds better, for Jax thats through the use of songwriting and psychology.
It tells a story of how someone can be let down waiting for someone to save them when they had the answers all along.

The song is aimed at building people's self esteem up. Sometimes we feel like we are always breaking but thats when we are growing the most!

Other tracks by Jax Swan:  Worth It  -  Glad I'm Not You
Dan Vogl - Gifted In Gold     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/05/2019
After releasing his standout debut single ‘If I Die’, Melbourne-based artist Dan Vogl has returned with ‘Gifted In Gold’, the charismatic title track lifted from his forthcoming debut EP.
This song was written from frustration of other people accepting mediocre lives as ‘enough’ for themselves. My intention is to inspire people to push through these obstacles and pursue those goals no matter how hard or out of reach they may seem.

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Hatchie - Obsessed     Pop, Dance 21/05/2019
To coincide with her return to Australia for a sold-out east coast tour, Brisbane artist Hatchie has unveiled her stunning new dream-pop single, ‘Obsessed’.
Hatchie says, “‘Obsessed’ is a song about friendship. I wrote it when reflecting on my teenage tendency to cling to a new best friend for support, until I eventually convinced myself I wasn't worthy of their friendship. It's ultimately a celebration of meeting somebody who you look up to who helps you grow into a more adventurous person.”