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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Gabriel Lynch - Glass House     Pop, Chill, Electronic 17/11/2018
Gabriel Lynch is a Melbourne born singer songwriter who now resides in Kuala Lumpur and tours regularly throughout Asia.
Glass house is a icy cold, groove-mounted tune about exiting a toxic relationship emotionally, if not altogether physically. Moody and memorable with a falsetto chorus that will resonate deeply along your spine.

Huntly - Wiggle     Pop, Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
Minimalist pop-luxe masterminds Huntly have reached new heights with a single released just in time for summer. ‘Wiggle’ is out now via Barely Dressed/Remote Control.
Premiered Monday night on triple j, 'Wiggle' is a strikingly original and danceable track from Melbourne’s finest. Huntly pair an elastic bass-line with a deep percussive groove to provide the basis for the best pop song they have ever released. Lead singer Elspeth’s typically mellifluous lead-vocal celebrates space and freedom while second singer Charlie’s compelling counter-melodies provide engrossing contrast.

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Hurt People - Man & Art     Pop, Electronic, Chill 17/11/2018
As a pair of busted-up chubby guys, these two have given up on cool and instead are trying to create work with a social conscience.
Man & Art reflects on the relationships between fathers and sons, specifically targeting the toxic behaviour and attitudes that corrode these relationships and perpetuate a culture of toxic men.

Isabel Wood - This World     Pop 17/11/2018
Isabel Wood is a Pop musician from the Sunshine Coast that mesmerises audiences with her beautifully pure voice. Her unique approach to modern pop is captivating and can't be missed.
Written about the beauty and fragility of our planet, Isabel describes 'This World' as "a love song to nature" and, more light-heartedly, "David Attenborough meets Pop". The track explores the artist's desire to go 'home' to a time before industry had fully encapsulated the planet - a time where nature was able to blossom and thrive to its full potential.

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Isabel Wood - Trippin' Over Backwards     Pop 17/11/2018
Isabel Wood is a Pop musician from the Sunshine Coast that mesmerises audiences with her beautifully pure voice. Her unique approach to modern pop is captivating and can't be missed.
Trippin' Over Backwards is the opening track of Isabel Wood's 'Satisfied' EP. It's unique, jungle-like percussion grabs the listener's attention almost immediately and gives the track a real sense of momentum. That momentum, combined with dreamy synth and Isabel's soothing vocal, creates a highly addictive soundscape that you won't be able to get enough of. This track is a must-listen!

Other tracks by Isabel Wood:  Follow You  -  Promises
Julia Jacklin - Head Alone     Pop 17/11/2018
Julia Jacklin has delivered a foray of news overnight revealing her new album Crushing will drop 22 February featuring the brand new single ‘Head Alone’
Julia’s stunning new offering ‘Head Alone’, is the second single from her forthcoming sophomore album. ‘Head Alone’, a pointed and electrifying anthem of refusal, follows the devastating first single ‘Body’. While upbeat in rhythm, ‘Head Alone’ maintains the pointed, complex lyricism Julia has become synonymous for.

Kylie Minogue - Sincerely Yours     Pop 17/11/2018
It’s been a significant year for Kylie: as well as releasing her fourteenth album Golden, Kylie celebrated her 50th birthday in May.
Taken from Kylie’s fifth Australian #1 album Golden, ‘Sincerely Yours’ was co-written with the mega-selling Amy Wadge, who is best known for her work with Ed Sheeran, alongside Jesse Frasure.

LANKS - Spiritual Man     Pop, Electronic, Easy Listening 17/11/2018
LANKS is the moniker of Australian songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Will Cuming. LANKS draws influences from artists such as MØ, Mura Masa, The xx, Justin Vernon and Radiohead.
Catchy pop song with hooks throughout, and a chorus that you can't get out of your head in a great way.

A song by LANKS inspired by time recently spent with a friend who is sick.

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Martin Frawley - End Of The Bar     Pop, Rock 17/11/2018
Known to many as a principal member of Melbourne’s Twerps, Martin Frawley recently struck out on his own to record an album, Undone at 31, out 22nd February 2019
Listen to the album’s “End of the Bar” now, an early standout about mistakes and missteps in Frawley’s Australian pubs that’s equal parts Velvet Underground cool and outlaw country.

Methyl Ethel - Real Tight     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 17/11/2018
Methyl Ethel release new single ‘Real Tight’ from their newly announced third album, Triage, out on Friday 15th February 2019 via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
Methyl Ethel's new single and official video featuring lead singer Jake Webb, directed by Matt Sav, was premiered by Noisey who described ‘Real Tight’ as "one of the most pop-adjacent tracks he’s ever made, complete with a swelling chorus and some of the most achingly personal lyrics in the Methyl Ethel canon."

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Montaigne - For Your Love     Pop 17/11/2018
Sydney artist Montaigne releases her new single ‘For Your Love,’ Now aged 23, Montaigne is still undergoing finishing touches to her sophomore album, due for release next year.
SYDNEY musician Montaigne's new single For Your Love is both brutally personal and a bold musical leap. The first taste of Montaigne’s (23 year old Jessica Cerro) second album has lyrical links to the dysfunctional relationship documented in her 2016 breakthrough hit Because I Love You. For Your Love is a fascinating and intimate single with a dark underbelly.

Obscura Hail - Bad Math     Pop, Folk 17/11/2018
A primarily audible, sometimes visual vehicle for exploring personal, nostalgic, and ontological themes during the witching hours.
A nostalgic stream of consciousness, interrupted by
the announcement of a newborn, and with it, a striking realisation
of my own mortality.

Contrasting old world sentiments with the anxiety of modern living.

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Other tracks by Obscura Hail:  Duke  -  Come Down
Sammi Constantine - Watch Yourself     Pop, Electronic, Dance 17/11/2018
In a short time, Sammi has amassed over 40,000 + fans on her social media platforms. She now returns with her fiery new single 'Watch Yourself'.
Sammi Constantine is back with a fierce new pop anthem ‘Watch Yourself’ released on November 9th. This comes following the highly successful release of her recent hit ‘Feel Your Body’ which is now fast approaching 100k streams on Spotify alone in the three months since it has been released as well as receiving great Triple J support.

Spacey Jane - Sawteeth     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening, Garage 17/11/2018
Fresh out of Freo, Spacey Jane provide music that's been described as "the kind of noise you want to fill your ears with" and "indie pop perfection".
"Sawteeth" comes from Spacey Jane's sophomore EP In The Slight and is a breezy singalong earworm, with a contrasting subject matter of the emotional highs and lows of a relationship.

Other tracks by Spacey Jane:  Balmy  -  Neoprene
UNOMI - The Death Of Fear     Pop, Hip Hop, Atmospheric 17/11/2018
Sasha (singer/writer) from Slumberhaze takes on the next journey with his solo project UNOMI. A nostalgic pop journey about true stories over synthesised and big beat rhythms.
Debut single 'The Death Of Fear' is a true story layered over synthesised arrangements, hip-hop beat backdrops, melodic choirs, acoustic layers and auto-tune vocal motifs.

Sonically, the sounds of Frank Ocean with auto-tune over structured beats of Portishead and the melodic sound wall of a young Arcade Fire describe well.

Vic Park - Don't Let Me Fall     Pop, Acoustic 17/11/2018
Vic Park is the new moniker of Jack Poulson FKA JP Klipspringer
An upbeat, spring time love song

Washington - Claws     Pop 17/11/2018
Washington is platinum-selling and ARIA award winning musician. The acute thinker and blistering performer has captivated music listeners with her ability to tell stories that inflate the spirit.
Produced by Sam Dixon (Adele, Sia) and John Castle (Jack River, Angie McMahon, Gretta Ray), the delicate but triumphant indie-pop song 'Claws' explores sex and intimacy from the female perspective.

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Young Robin - U     Pop, Rock 17/11/2018
"When you listen to fresh-faced five-piece Young Robin‘s recorded material, you sense a band who well and truly has it together." Kane Sutton, Music Insight
Taken from 2018's EP Transitions, U is a live favourite and is currently the band's most popular track across digital platforms.

Aaron Pollock - Any Man     Pop, Chill, Blues, RnB 16/11/2018
Aaron Pollock is a folk/blues artist living in Melbourne, Australia. He is emerging quickly as an important artist in Australias blues scene with his unique guitar playing and songwriting.
'Any Man' is the second single released from Aaron Pollock's new album 'Anxieux'. He is emerging quickly as one of Australias most unique blues artists and has released two Albums and two to date.
You can find his new album on Spotify and iTunes.

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ALI - Snap     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 16/11/2018
ALI is a vocal powerhouse! The female R&B/Pop queen boasts out of this world hooks, bravado and a confidence that mirrors her ability. Fresh, new-wave R&B with a hip-hop influence.
Sonically similar to SZA and Jhené Aiko, ALI features mammoth vocals and electronic, pop inspired production by Daniel Cooper (Martian) with a high energy Hip Hop influence. Snap exudes bravado, with self assure delivery and a harmonic cadence exclusive to those who've dabbled in R&B. If you're looking for high energy pop with an edge, this is your track.