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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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I Know Leopard - Heather     Pop 19/02/2019
I Know Leopard’s debut album, Love Is A Landmine, will be released on 5 April, To celebrate, the Sydney four-piece reveal a brand new single, ‘Heather’, with an accompanying video.
I Know Leopard’s sparkling new track ‘Heather’ is the second single from their forthcoming debut album, following the stunning lead single ‘Landmine’.

Keezz - dreamers we are     Pop, Hip Hop, Chill, Instrumental 19/02/2019
Keezz creates music for others, writing his own lyrics the music comes from his life and shares it with those who listen and want to know more about him.
This song is about dreams and how dreams are something we hold dear as it isn't the reality we are able to work around to our own fantasy. Dreams are also dangerous because we could get stuck in our little fantasy and make things worse in the real world. I explore what dreams mean to me. They are dangerous.

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LOVE MOVES - City Lights     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Easy Listening 19/02/2019
LOVE MOVES is a Brisbane-based duo combining epic pop music with colourful, trashtastic visuals. Almaryse and Mark Antony developed their act as a celebration of music, art and humanity.
The first original release from exciting new Epic Pop duo LOVE MOVES. With catchy synths, dance beats and smooth vocals, this is the perfect song for summer. Triple J's Nkechi Anele said of City Lights: "Dance party disorientation and glitter bombs make this the best kind of submerge into epic electro-pop." This track was mixed by Aria Award winner Magoo.

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Mariah Jayne - Beautiful Nightmare     Pop, Country, Rock 19/02/2019
Mariah Jayne is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Renowned for her angelic voice, heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies.
'Beautiful Nightmare' is about being in a dead end relationship. Knowing that it’s just not going anywhere but not wanting to or knowing how to accept it.

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RY X - Foreign Tides (Edit)     Pop 19/02/2019
The power of quietly intense, passionate music to pull audiences in to an intimate space is something the Australian-born, LA-based singer excels at.
Ahead of the release of his new album Unfurl next week, RY X releases his new single ‘Foreign Tides’. With its soul-stirring melody, Ry’s control of ‘Foreign Tides’’ mixed elements is so complete it seems subliminal.

Seaside - Habits     Pop, Rock 19/02/2019
Emerging from the sparkling waters of beautiful Byron Bay, Seaside are a four-piece indie band with a sultry dream-pop sound.
Lyrically inspired by the obsessive compulsive tendencies of lead singer Darcy Dexter, ‘Habits’ is a pristine piece of indie pop. Co-written, co-produced by Dylan Nash (Dean Lewis and Angus and Julia Stone). ‘Habits’ was recording at Rocking Horse Studios in the beautiful Northern Rivers region, engineered by Paul Pilseniks and mastered by Rob Grant

Darcy Baylis - Same Page / 梦魇 featuring Bloodzboi 血男孩     Pop, Pop, Rap 18/02/2019
A producer, vocalist, songwriter and DJ, Darcy Baylis is an artist in the true sense of the word, constantly searching for the next inspiration to further his musical journey.
Melbourne-based Darcy Baylis' first single of the year, 'Same Page / 梦魇', which features Beijing artist Bloodzboi 血男孩. The two met online last year and started sharing ideas, before Darcy visited Bloodzboi in his hometown late last year to write, perform and film the track's video together.

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dave graney and the mistly - Baby I Wish I'd Been A Better Pop Star     Pop, Rock 18/02/2019
Moodists-Coral Snakes-mistLY. Dave Graney and Clare Moore. 33 albums. 3 books. Numerous film and tv soundtracks. A Class A Rock album.
Baby I Wish I’d Been A Better Pop Star is the first single from the 2019 album from Dave Graney and the mistLY, ZIPPA DEEDOO WHAT IS/WAS THAT/THIS?

Lyrically it’s a conversational song, but a conversation between two players. Talking as if after a heist gone wrong.

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S3 Saba Brothers - Smile     Pop, Rock, Christian 18/02/2019
Think Rock, Pop, Roots that’s infused with a Ska twist, and you will get one of Australia’s hottest rising bands, The Saba Brothers ‘S3’.
With their debut release 'Walk Away' hitting the AMRAP charts, subsequent single 'Smile' is now ready for the airwaves.

The Lighthearts - Love Is Here To Stay     Pop, Folk 18/02/2019
A pop-­folk fanfare of toe­-tapping melodies, soaring harmonies and happy high hopes; that's the joy­-evoking sound that Brisbane group, The Lighthearts bring to the stages and ears they grace.
The song is a folk-pop feel-good tune with an infectious joyful sound. Combined with soaring harmonies, optimistic lyrics and fun-packed energy Love Is Here To Stay is an irresistible dose of pure pop pleasure.

Jarom - Sip Merlot     Pop, RnB 17/02/2019
Jarom is a Gold Coast based Rnb Pop artist with an affinity to chill vibes and chilled drinks.
I'm an emotional and messy drunk. I'm insecure and I have so many walls. "Sip Merlot" is a memoir of a night I spent with my partner trying to open up. However, mixing alcohol and emotions is not particularly a cocktail I suggest to anyone.

Brayden Sibbald - Compass     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Downbeat 15/02/2019
Brayden Sibbald is a 23yo songwriter from the coastal town of Dunsborough, WA. He writes soulful, beautifully crafted tracks using beats, synths, loops, samples, guitars and his unmistakeable vocals.
'Compass' by Western Australia’s Brayden Sibbald is a heartfelt track about losing sight of the horizon and getting lost in the fear of making the wrong choice. Brayden's hypnotic vocals pull you under with overwhelming desperation, calling out for direction whilst treading water amidst the unknown. It's a delicate production that soundtracks the transition into the arms of fate.

Chase City - Numb     Pop, Electronic, Rock 15/02/2019
Chase City have an extensive touring history, played sold out shows across Australia, Europe including La Paradiso Amsterdam. the band have supported Gang of Youths, Dune Rats and British India.
"Numb" is an "introspective look at the change in dynamics of life moving through your 20’s. It reflects on the feelings and attitudes of being a musician whilst having to navigate the reality of everyday life."

Cilla Jane - Happy Hour     Pop 15/02/2019
Shrouded by her black hair, her vocals are warm and her songwriting has a resounding edge. Cilla Jane’s music echoes Tori Amos, Pj Harvey, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave.
A moody, poetic song with piano and warm vocals. It captures the exhilaration of letting go into Happy Hour.

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CXLOE - I Can't Have Nice Things     Pop 15/02/2019
Hailing from Sydney’s northern beaches, CXLOE is a breakout artist, experienced beyond her years. The pure musical aesthetic met with complex and dark lyrics brings a contrast to her artistry.
"I Cant Have Nice Things" is an unfortunate mantra I’ve found myself living by. You could say it's my inner child talking through my adult self. I seem to find a way to sabotage things in my life that usually mean the most to me. Through this, I've learned the very valuable lessons that I simply cant have nice things."

Indy Stanton - Trust     Pop 15/02/2019
Indy Stanton is an Adelaide-based singer/songwriter.
“Trust” is a dynamic and honest track that reminds the listener to trust their gut as they fall in love.

josh mcnz - falling     Pop, Acoustic 15/02/2019
hi im an independent musician from Brisbane making music in my bedroom, thanks for stopping by :) x
falling is the third track from the new ep 'to lose someone' (released 15th feb)

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Joshua Moriarty - Hold Me Closer     Pop, Soul 15/02/2019
Joshua Moriarty is a member of both Miami Horror & Melbourne alt-rock outfit All The Colours.
Hold Me Closer is the new single from Miami Horror & All The Colours frontman Joshua Moriarty. The song is about the melancholy of existence, the silent fears we have in times of longing trying to understand and make peace with a world that can often feel entropic and overwhelming. The single was recorded in Melbourne and produced by Haxx.

Kiara Eve - Sirens     Pop 15/02/2019
Introducing Perth singer/songwriter Kiara Eve. With warm vocals that complement her dramatic pop sound with hints of soft rock, reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac and Lana Del Rey.
With urgent tones and a cinematic feel, 'Sirens' takes you head first into Kiara Eve's dramatic pop sound.

'Sirens' is the first single from Kiara’s upcoming debut EP 'On The Surface', co-written and produced by Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe) which is due for release later this year.

Mirusia - Georgy Girl     Pop, Classical, Folk 15/02/2019
You know her for from Star Soprano performances with André Rieu. MIRUSIA is one of Australia’s favourite Sopranos; an Aria Award-winning classical crossover artist.
“Growing up in Australia the music of The Seekers was not only a part of my childhood, but it helped form me as an artist. This recording is in no way intended to replace the original recordings but it is with respect that I sing their music and share it around the world. So to The Seekers, I salute you!”

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