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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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My Elephant Ride - Other Side     Pop 04/06/2019
My Elephant Ride make cosmic and soulful indie pop. They return with the second taste off forthcoming sophomore album 'Beyond the Skin' releasing on the 21st of June.
Does free will exist?? The band have thought about this question a lot. Still no answer, perhaps they’ll figure it out in another song.

Other tracks by My Elephant Ride:  How To Shine
No Mono - Black Light     Pop, Electronic, Goth, Funk 04/06/2019
A collaboration between two of the country's most revered artists Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek, the pair give us a further look into what is a most exciting project
New single ‘Black Light’ is the third track to be released from Islands part . It tracks the contradictory thoughts we entertain when a relationship is ending - bitterness, regret, uncertainty, pride and nostalgia. These feelings all exist at the same time.

Rosie Jones - Open Window     Pop, Electronic, Dance 01/06/2019
Rosie Jones is a singer, songwriter and producer creating harmony-rich, lyrical electropop songs
Open Window is a brooding, late-night electropop track. Simmering from melancholy to passionate, the sweet harmony-laden vocals chart a moment of tense indecision.

Lara Nakhle - OK Cupid     Pop, Comedy, Dance 31/05/2019
Lara Nakhle, a 21 year-old emerging Sydney artist, she takes a refreshing look at love online with "OK Cupid", a catchy, uplifting song with hook line you won't forget!
Ever looked for love with online dating? It's a crazy merry-go-round sometimes, finding that perfect partner, but when you do, you'll know it, Lara Nakhle, a 21 year-old emerging Sydney artist, takes a refreshing look at the highs and lows of love online with "OK Cupid", a catchy, uplifting song with an optimistic feel and with an unforgettable hook line!

Tartie - Winter's Girl     Pop, Easy Listening, Rock, Atmospheric 31/05/2019
Melbourne singer-songwriter Tartie writes indie dream-pop tales of love, loss and struggle. Her influences include Missy Higgins, Lana Del Rey, Coldplay and The National.
Melbourne indie-pop songstress Tartie returns with her evocative new single Winter’s Girl.
The standalone dreampop single features Tartie's strong vocals above an uplifting anthem of roaring guitars, driving piano and soaring strings. The song details the Winter of Tartie's life and the insidious nature of an anxiety condition that plagued her for nearly two decades.

This Way North - Night Terrors     Pop, Rock 31/05/2019
Drummer/vocalist Cat Leahy and guitarist/vocalist Leisha Jungalwalla create a uniquely full, expansive sound that translates effortlessly from the studio to the stage.
Written late last year in an attempt to explore her nightly struggle with the sleeping disorder, Jungalwalla has drawn from a difficult period of her life. The song pounds out of the first chorus, tightly wound and edgy as it drives relentlessly forward. Jungawalla’s vocal is exposed and vulnerable, sitting effortlessly above Leahy’s indomitable drumming.

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Thomas Keating - Toward the Cause     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk, Soul 31/05/2019
Central Coast guitar toting Troubadour Thomas Keating releases his fourth independent single "Toward the Cause" after starting 2019 with a spot on Pete Murray's sold out Aussie summer tour.
An instantly appealing indie pop song, with the unique vocal style that only Thomas Keating has. Upbeat, indie/rock with comparisons to early Go Betweens.

Mitchell Martin - Dim the Lights     Pop, Rock 30/05/2019
Mitchell Martin is a 22 year old Pop/Rock artist, studying music at the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts. Mitchell has performed live on Telethon and at Optus Stadium.
Dim the Lights is a sultry, powerful, pop/rock song and is the lead single from Mitchell Martin's upcoming EP.

Simon Pianta - Matter of Fact     Pop 30/05/2019
Producer and Saxophonist making pop songs that are punchy and fun.
This track is about making your own way in life and not trying to be the person people want you to be, Don't lie about who you are to yourself or to others.

5 Seconds of Summer - Easier     Pop, Rock 28/05/2019
5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) explore rich sonic textures and rhythms – and reach exhilarating vocal heights – on their new single, “Easier.”
’Easier’ is the perfect depiction of the individual artistry within the band and how it comes together to create 5 Seconds of Summer,” says bassist Calum Hood. “This record is something we have subconsciously always needed to release. Accompanied by the euphoria and rawness of the video, ‘Easier’ is the best thing we’ve released yet.”

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Brad Paradise - Like a Bullet I'm Coming     Pop, Retro, Rock, RnB 28/05/2019
Uniting influence from pop classics of the 1980’s with synth pop, retro rock and R’n’Beyond, Brad Paradise explores a balance of live guitar hooks, vintage synths and cutting edge programming.
With a tip of the visor to pop classics of the late 80s, combined with what is fast becoming their signature sound – R’n’Beyond - ‘Like a Bullet I’m Coming’ unites a new wave balance of live guitar hooks, vintage synths and cutting-edge programming to deliver another dynamic flavour from the bands forthcoming debut record.

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Fever Dream - Jeffrey's Kind     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 28/05/2019
Fever Dream are a brand new project from Perth. Formed in 2018 at WAAPA by four friends, the band's music is dynamic and focused in it's lyrical and melodic content.
Upbeat and fun track that's guaranteed to get feet tapping and its melody trapped in ears.

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Field Of Wolves - Manor House     Pop, Soul, Chill, Rock 28/05/2019
Sydney's Field Of Wolves' alternative take on soul music, tip hats to Kate Bush, Radiohead and Erykah Badu, with elements of jazz and lead by Holly Bestic sultry vocals.
A song about the trials and tribulations of share-house living

Other tracks by Field Of Wolves:  Kings And Queens  -  Here I Am
Luke and Sarah-Rose - F**k You     Pop, Electronic 28/05/2019
Energetic tones sail away from the deepest parts of our day. Harmonic rhythms rouse an eerie desire to dance. Songs emerge from days long gone. We are Luke & Sarah-Rose.
‘F**k You’ is the big finger to the lived experience of bipolar. The chaos of rhythm, synth, piano, electronic drum beats juxtaposed with the haunting and smooth flowing vocals of Sarah-Rose reminiscent of a dance through the chaos. Eventually the rhythms coincide and signal a submission to the emotion. F**k You is hope.

Old Man River - Sorry     Pop, Easy Listening, Acoustic, Retro 28/05/2019
Ohad Rein is the singer/songwriter, producer behind the internationally acclaimed OLD MAN RIVER project, an eclectic musical voyage that blends conscious pop, folk-rock, psychedelia and world music
Sorry is a magic word, just try and say it more often and see what happens...

This new emotive retro piano ballad from the Old Man River song workshop, is about how we can be strong and open whilst not letting our pride dictate situations in our lives.

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Seeker Lover Keeper - Let It Out     Pop, Folk 28/05/2019
Beloved Australian indie folk supergroup, Seeker Lover Keeper, return with the release of their stunning new single ‘Let It Out’.
A powerful ode to self-acceptance, ‘Let It Out’ reminds us to be who we are, accept where we’ve come from and learn from the experiences life has thrown us. “The song became about the fact that, while it might feel scary, there are safe spaces in this world in which a person can express their true self and feelings."

Taylor Piggott - All That We Were     Pop 28/05/2019
Plaintive, mesmerising. Melbourne based singer/songwriter Taylor Piggott has being moving the Melbourne music scene with his vulnerable & unique style of writing. Simultaneously nostalgic and moving.
'All That We Were' was written at a low point in Taylor's life, suffering with depression and anxiety and the struggles of allowing an ex-partner back into his life. "This song is about hitting your lowest point, and wondering, did they ever get this low too?"

Anieszka - When Will This Begin     Pop, Dance 27/05/2019
Anieszka is a 25 year old Australian/Mauritian alt-R&B/soul/indie pop singer. Born in Papua New Guinea, Anieszka grew up surrounded by a mix of cultures, sounds and melodies.
‘When Will This Begin’ is a spice blend of Afrohouse/R&B with Sultry vocals that it makes people feel like anything’s possible. If Dat Gruvee & Anieszka are able to make people feel that way, they've already reached success. 'When Will This Begin' is an Afrohouse/R&B track from an alt-r&b/soul artist allowing Anieszka's voice as an instrument flow through the music;

Cate T - The Longest Sleep     Pop, Electronic 27/05/2019
Perth-based singer-songwriter Cate T presents alluring electronic pop. The songs are an intriguing mix of ballad style piano and emotional lyrics wrapped in ambient electronic synths.
We are all guilty of procrastinating at times, usually because of a fear of failure. A very common regret of people on their death bed is the things they didn't do. This song is about not letting life pass you by without making the most of it. Inspired by my son who has shown me just how quickly time passes.

Other tracks by Cate T:  Glory Eyed  -  Round and Round
Violeta Bozanic - Jealous     Pop, RnB 27/05/2019
Violeta Bozanic age 14, winner at the World Championship of Performing Arts competition 2018 is about to release her debut album with 7 songs recorded with Grammy-winning producers.
Violeta has just released Jealous, a hook-laden, emotion-stirring pop gem that is sure to make a massive impact on the national and international charts.