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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Graham The Grand - Mum, Im Sorry     Pop, Rap, Experimental 22/02/2019
Graham the Grand is a Artist based out of Brisbane, according to LunchBoxTV, brings DIY talent that has enabled him to “create and produce the exact sound he has envisioned
"Depression has been a big battle for me, I wanted to create something super personal. I always struggle talking to mum about this stuff in person so I guess it was the best way for me to express it to her."

Hannah Ana - Oceanside     Pop 22/02/2019
Canadian-born, Brisbane Singer-songwriter Hannah Ana tells stories through cinematic soundscapes, contemplative lyrics and soulful vocals, Her music is thought provoking, aimed at connecting listeners with a deeper part of themselves.
Oceanside is a laid back, yet uplifting song featuring dreamy electric guitar, soaring vocals and harmonies, soulful lyrics, rolling piano chords and luscious strings. The song, although about the ocean, is really about connection. It’s about healing, self-discovery, letting go, and finding home within oneself.

Huntly - Giving Circle     Pop, Electronic, Dance, RnB 22/02/2019
'Giving Circle' is the fourth remarkable single from Huntly’s debut album Low Grade Buzz, to be released on March 15 via Barely Dressed Records/Remote Control.
Opening with a legato wash of dreamy choral harmonies before a beat drops and we find ourselves transported to a world of flawless RnB. Elspeth explains, “Giving Circle is a pop tragedy, combining rawness and intimacy with movement and energy. It’s about dread, loneliness, and how we shift and adjust to our social landscapes after the end of a relationship.”

Leopard Lake - Heart of Yours     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic 22/02/2019
Producer Sam Ford and vocalist Storm Wyness join forces to create Leopard Lake. A fusion of electronic studio wizardry, raw melodic vocals and reverbed out fuzz guitar.
Perth's electro-pop duo Leopard Lake are entering the new year with their latest single release Heart Of Yours; wrapped in warped vocals, rich tones and dancing synths.

Liberty Tuohy - TIME STAYS THE SAME     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Alternative Country 22/02/2019
Liberty Tuohy is Winner of the 2019 Whyalla Recording Scholarship - and with a swag of songs and stories to tell this Outback music sensation really packs a punch.
"Time Stays The Same" tells the story of a generation - delivered with Liberty's distinctive vocal style and ultra cool vibe this indie-pop track with acoustic overtones just sounds like "now"!

NICA - OBVIOUSLY     Pop 22/02/2019
Nica is a 16yr old aussie artist. She has been writing and composing her songs since she was 11. Her music can be described as mostly indie pop.
Obviously is about that moment when you come to the realisation that with certain people, you can never win. In their eyes you are never going to be good enough. You will always be the bad guy, the problem and coming to terms with that. It's about accepting that and moving on, because you know you deserve so much better.

Pirra - Once ft. James From Taree     Pop, Electronic, Rock 22/02/2019
Sydney's quartet Pirra are set for 2019, experimenting with their sound, blending their classic indie-rock vibe with electro-pop dance inducing rhythms.
Sydney's Pirra have made their new years resolution, new year, new... sound with their latest single Once; an infectious, upbeat tune experimenting with electronic dance elements in collaboration with emerging artist James from Taree.

SAYAH - Drama Queen     Pop, RnB, Electronic 22/02/2019
Sydney singer/songwriter SAYAH, who will instantly draw you in with her sultry, spicy and soul-drenched vocals, which she deftly drizzles over her unique fusion of contemporary R&B and alternative pop.
SAYAH says about the song, “I became so used to conflict that when I was happy I thought something was wrong, so I’d self-sabotage. That’s when I realised I was being a bit of a drama queen.”

TEAGAN - Safe     Pop 22/02/2019
Following the release of the powerful track, It’s Okay, 21-year-old singer/composer TEAGAN is back with her second single, Safe.
Safe is the second single by TEAGAN. A passionate composition navigating pure love, Safe captures TEAGAN’s complex song-writing abilities in a soulful, intimate package. Safe will hit you in the most relatable ways and make you appreciate all the good in your life.

Yeo - Restless     Pop, RnB 22/02/2019
Melbourne-based musician Yeo is known for bending genres and exploring the dimensions of pop, R&B and electronic, he has been praised as a talented multi-instrumentalist.
Yeo kicks off 2019 with a new single 'Restless'. With a R&B infused vibe and Yeo’s distinctive vocals complimenting the beat. Written and produced by Yeo, mixed by Andrei Maberley and mastered by Adam Dempsey.

Yeo celebrates the release of 'Restless' with live shows in Sydney and Melbourne this March with special guests HVNCOQ, Rainbow Chan (DJ) and Jade Zoe.

HERST - SPICE2ME     Pop, Electronic 21/02/2019
HERST is a 24 year old, Sydney based singer-songwriter.
SPICE2ME is a Pop-Edge number. The use of rhythmic synth sounds combined with HERST' vocals, will be sure to get you boppin' and feelin' the heat.

Santa Fe Driving Range - Careless Hands     Pop 21/02/2019
A bunch of not-so-heartbroken kids on the rebound. SFDR make pop with sandy feet, guitars and a clarinet. Hello.
Recorded by Zac Barter (Didirri, Canary, Life Is Better Blonde) and flawless production by the highly regarded Steve Schram (San Cisco, Tiny Little Houses, Paul Kelly), ‘Careless Hands’ is a debut statement that will have you fixated with its adventurous arrangement and melancholy lyrics.

Adrian Eagle - A.O.K.     Pop, Hip Hop 20/02/2019
A vibrant slice of street gospel, classic rap drums, and his stirring trademark vocal delivery, Adrian Eagle is a unique voice in the hip hop and pop community.
A vibrant slice of street gospel, classic rap drums, and his stirring trademark vocal delivery, ‘A.O.K’ is an inspiring modern-day anthem reflective of changes in Adrian’s outlook on life after conquering his own demons through the power of music, dignity and mindfulness.

Aurelia - Battleground II     Pop, Electronic 20/02/2019
Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield
Aurelia and Deutsch Duke meet on the battlefield for a collaboration that sounds like the slow-mo cinematic soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic Pulp Fiction… In a world seemingly obsessed with building walls, ‘Battleground II’ seeks to break them down. A futuristically nostalgic record filled with visceral emotional grit, a remedial call to unity.

Leah Senior - Graves     Pop, Folk, Rock 20/02/2019
Melbourne folk diviner Leah Senior silences audiences with her other-worldly presence and unique lyricism. Her songs evoke the familiar and the peculiar, the poetic and the plain.
“Graves” is a shimmering expansion on the 60’s folk palette of Senior's  previous two albums, featuring sublime harmonies and jangling 12-string guitar. Shying away the studio, the song has the warmth of a lounge-room recording, tracked at her home in Melbourne with her band (Andi Senior, Jesse Williams, Tam Matlykowsky and Luke Brennan)

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Quivers - You're Not Always On My Mind     Pop, Rock 20/02/2019
Quivers is the the lyric-driven guitar-pop project of Tasmanian Sam J Nicholson. Catharsis, water, memories, road trips, ghosts and hard-fought optimism are the recurring themes.
Their signature jangly-guitars and shouted choruses have been tightened up for their first real pop song. Matt Redlich is on producing duties, resulting in a "Reckoning” era R.E.M. vibe - snaking, shimmering guitars with driving drums.

It employs the same lyrical trick as 10cc's "I'm Not In Love" - a song to prove how much you're not thinking about someone...

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Tones And I - Johnny Run Away     Pop, Electronic, Dance 20/02/2019
Tones And I is making huge waves with this debut single. Shows are selling out, triple j plays are going crazy and its not even officially released until March 1!
Recorded with Konstantin Kersting (Mallrat, The Jungle Giants, Tia Gostelow) and highlights the singers strong and unique vocals.

Johnny Run Away is about my best friend coming out to his disapproving father at a young age. The song shows people are dealing with judgement and rejection within their own family not to mention the world. – Tones And I

Daniel Vella - She's A Queen     Pop, Rock 19/02/2019
Songwriter with a goal to make unashamedly passionate music, filling peoples hearts with joy. Combine that with an indie rock sound and you've got a forced to be reckoned with.
She's A Queen is song that expresses an adoration for bold and adventurous women. We've all had moments where we've been in awe of someone for how they go about life, usually because they have a uniqueness about them that's taken us by surprise! She's A Queen explores those instances and how those people become Queens/ Kings in our minds.

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Girlatones - Pop Stars     Pop, Garage, Retro 19/02/2019
Girlatones play their own brand of garage-pop with unique lyrical humour and sincerity, drawing you into their upbeat and inclusive world.
'Pop Stars' is a tune about setting your eyes on the stars and risking it all to follow your dreams. The song is a humourous exploration into the highs and lows of creative life.

HOTEL - Nice People In Nice Trousers (Feel bad Hit of the 80's REMIX)     Pop, Goth, Electronic 19/02/2019
Female led Post punk out of Sydney.
Catchy Post-Punk track, combining 80's synth melody and driving drum machine, with soaring vocal lines and clever lyrics. Reminiscent of The Smiths.

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