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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Bouclette - Euphoria     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock, Alternative 08/11/2019
Bouclette is Synthwave Dream-Pop with live drums and analogue synths. Based in Melbourne.
Euphoria - the second single from Bouclette, collaborating with with Baxter Avalon on vocals. This high energy track is about the highs and lows of chasing excitement and ultimate bliss. Inspired by the likes of Prince, Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem.

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Other tracks by Bouclette:  Gibraltar (Anchors Up)  -  All the Birds Have Fallen Silent
Chelsea Jyles - No Good     Pop, Indie 08/11/2019
Chelsea Jyles is a pop singer/songwriter and producer hailing from Brisbane with over 35,000 Spotify streams and 300,000 YouTube views. She's gained international radio play and toured around the world.
No Good is the latest single from Chelsea Jyles. It was written by Chelsea in the UK while on tour in August 2019. Its lyrics focus on the realisation you might have to give up on something because it’s a lost cause. Chelsea produced and recorded No Good in her home studio before being mastered in NY at Sterling Sound.

Clio - Slow Burn     Pop, Indie, Alternative 08/11/2019
Clio Renner is an accomplished Melbourne born pianist, vocalist and solo artist, renowned as the go-to keyboardist and session vocalist for a roll-call of Australian royalty.
Written from the perspective of a close friend who was struggling to let go. Knowing that forgiveness and acceptance takes time is one thing, it’s the waiting that kills us. For me it also coincided with a different sort of waiting, or my unwillingness to wait for that matter. Either way, life’s too short!

D Minor - Homerun     Pop, Hip Hop 08/11/2019
D Minor is an award-winning 24 year old international recording and performing artist from Sydney Australia, whose original music has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.
Homerun is a celebration of coming full circle from the challenges D Minor has faced in his past, putting his homelessness behind him, smashing goals and continuing to strive forward to keep achieving his dreams through music.

The chorus for Homerun was co-written by ARIA award winner Conrad Sewell.

Zeek Power features as the vocalist on the chorus of Homerun.

Grand Casual - Stationery     Pop, Alternative, Rock, Indie 08/11/2019
Lively South Western Australian lads with their own original blend of up-tempo, modern-retro rock and roll.
Stationery is an easy listening pop rock track with reggae undertones. Catchy vocal melodies intertwine with intelligent lyrics related to overcoming procrastination in the creative process. The track finishes with a groove and catchy rock outro that leaves listeners feeling refreshed and in the most positive frame of mind.

Kavi - That's A Lie!     Pop, Indie 08/11/2019
Melbourne-based pop artist Kavi writes songs to cry and dance to, channeling feelings on love, friendship and growing pains into emotion-laden vocals.
'That's A Lie!' is a mellow pop track about coming to terms with my bisexuality, in realising that the love I had for my straight best friend was never going to be reciprocated in quite the same way. 'That's A Lie!' is the lead single from my upcoming 'I Didn't Mean To Love You Like That' EP.

LIV LI - Under My Skin     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
LIV LI is the alter ego of The Voice finalist, Amber Nichols. Known for her emotive vocals, this reincarnation see's her swapping the piano and guitar for beats and synths
LIV LI Amidst the crisp, layered production, the off-kilter electronica and the surprising hooks, there’s one common denominator: LIV LI’s unmistakable voice. Both pure and powerful at the same time, it’s the sound of an assured artist.

“Under My Skin is a reminder of the fragility and excitement of a new relationship and how intoxicating it can be."

Miss Elm - The Castle     Pop, Folk 08/11/2019
A spellbinding ukulele artist who will take you on a journey with her beautiful voice and heartfelt words.
‘The Castle’ champions the theme of “keeping the dream alive” with a moody minimalism. This sultry driving track gets under your skin with catchy and head bopping hooks and layered vocals. It will show you the Ukulele in a different light and the art of perseverance.

MOBS - Big World     Pop 08/11/2019
Melbourne-based indie-pop band MOBS have today revealed their latest single ‘Big World’.
The track opens with sharp synth stabs, eighties synth bass lines and towering clap snares, before dropping into washed-out pre-chorus builds. The groove-laden choruses explode with energetic abandon, gang vocals and sizzling synth hooks, leading to an explosive synth solo in the bridge.

NIK NAVY - Treading Water     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
NIK NAVY makes lyrically-driven, electronic sad boy songs, reminiscent of James Blake, Gwilym Gold and SOHN.
“My lyrics always come from a place of vulnerability and signpost a significant time or moment in my life. Treading Water is about feeling lost. It is about that sense of lying in the water and floating downstream, unsure of where you will go next. Each track is about something new within that.” ~ NIK NAVY

Other tracks by NIK NAVY:  Daydreams
Ornella - Golden Boy     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening 08/11/2019
Alt-pop artist Ornella, hailing from Busselton WA, is finding her sound in the dark pop arena. Her songs take on a dream like quality with hypnotic melodies and catchy choruses.
Described as an anthem for the dreamers of the world, a fun song about city life and people chasing their wildest dreams eventually evolved into something more. Ornella's 'Golden Boy' encapsulates the feeling of moving to a brand-new city and striving to understand how the world works. It’s upbeat acoustic melodies and clever story telling will leave you wanting more.

Sean Tyner - On The Streets     Pop, Easy Listening, Alternative, Indie 08/11/2019
Sean Tyner is locally referred to as the 'heartbreak kid' and displays a huge catalogue of songs with each one encompassing catchy melodies &rhythms that listeners can immediately identify with.
'On The Streets' is a song about the struggle of people that live rough on the streets. At any moment life circumstances can change for any person and they may find themselves roughing it on the streets. The song features several stories of young people who have grown up in violent families and have ended up homeless.

Other tracks by Sean Tyner:  I Think I Miss You  -  Before You Go
Something To Rescue - Bring Me Back     Pop, Rock, Soul 08/11/2019
South Australian pop band with a hint of soul. Taking influence from the likes of Maroon 5, The Cab, Justin Timberlake & The 1975.
A slowly building track with a soulful hook and a driving energy.

Teasha Jackson - Cards     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 08/11/2019
Teasha has honey pipes, she can’t wait to show you the different flavours of where she comes from. Her vocals Range from warm, soulful to airy, authentic & bold.
Soul, melody, harmony. Cards presents a graceful and emotive performance from Newcastle singer, songwriter Teasha Jackson. Her powerful voice shines over the minimalistic electronic production, drawing the listener in with her vocal tides.

Tim Guy - If I Could     Pop, Garage, Folk, Indie 08/11/2019
Based in Melbourne. Started the year by putting out his 6th album (but first under the pseudonym Steady Garden). Now concluding the year with this new Tim Guy single.
Get a job... J.O.B... need to work... live for free...

Written, recorded & performed by Tim Guy @ Hot Rocks in South Yarra, Melbourne.
With Alexandra Roper on drums.
Mixed by Tim Guy @ i.r one studio.
Mastered by Gus Franklin at Electric Dreams, South Melbourne.

Urban Guerillas - Equation of Life     Pop, Rock, Punk, Folk 08/11/2019
Perennial punksters Urban Guerillas burst back with an eclectic collection of punchy, heartfelt anthems. Amongst this freshly minted and calculated mayhem lurks the "Equation of Life".
An invitation to join in the celebration of life that is soured by reality. With school children making much more sense than the government the Equation of Life just might need a few radicals thrown in. A is what you want, B is what you need and C is what you end up with!

Other tracks by Urban Guerillas:  Bandage This Heart  -  Divine Image
Zepha - Gone     Pop, Dance, Experimental, Experimental 08/11/2019
Zepha is an independent cross genre producer/rapper/singer from the inner west of Sydney, bringing catchy hooks memorable melodies and cathartic lyrics together with banging beats to melt your ears.
‘Gone’ is Zephas modern adaptation of a vintage 80's sound complete with a saxophone solo to finish. Lyrically Zepha unravels the story of a young love that cycles on and off and the all too known friendzone.

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#1 Dads - Another Day     Pop, Easy Listening 07/11/2019
One of Australia’s most revered songwriter/producers Tom Iansek returns with his first music in five years as #1 Dads. The quiet achiever. Record holder. Cult favourite. The #1 Dad.
Pieater is proud to share the song ‘Another Day’, a song about dealing with negativity and moving through it. As Iansek says, “this song is like a little ray of light in a dark place”.

Chris S. - This Time     Pop 07/11/2019
Australian artist Chris S. combines years of performance experience, smooth vocals and a gift for harmonies to produce a stand out, quality sound with a super popular, popular vibe.
THIS TIME is the second offering by Australian Artist Chris S. In a departure from the bright bubble-pop sound of HIGH, we hear a lyrically mature and refined production in this latest release. THIS TIME presents an identifying character blend of chilled vocals and summer beats, set to the backdrop of living in the moment.

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Phoebe Sinclair - OMG     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 07/11/2019
Oozing confidence and power, Phoebe Sinclair is the latest voice breaking through the Australian pop landscape. Armed with a massive pop vocal, Sinclair smashes out electro-pop tunes with inescapable energy.
Phoebe Sinclair's sad-banger (or sanger) 'OMG' was written after a moment of clarity, it sees Sinclair take ownership of her mistakes whilst not letting them define her. A self empowerment bop for anyone who's had a close call in a poorly handled relationship, 'OMG' talks crashing in the lows before finding your feet to immediately hit that ground running.

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