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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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EUCLYPSO - Snake Charmer     Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance 22/09/2018
Euclypso produces a brand of joy which she expresses in delicious pop hooks and bubbly high tempo shapes, a self-sufficient pop queen producer with much more to come.
Snake Charmer is a high tempo pop song with powerful female content. Written & Produced & Performed by Euclypso, Snake Charmer is a hard hitting track - with a catchy chorus that is really calling women to step into their own power. Catchy, sexy, tough and poppy as hell, this punk infused dance track will leave you wanting more.

The Bostocks - Reset     Pop 22/09/2018
Wowing audiences with breathtaking violin and guitar along with beautiful vocal harmonies and catchy pop driven songs, The Bostocks are an all out electrifying act!
'Reset' features a unique violin line played by Rachel giving the track somewhat of a celtic sound. 'Reset' is was written by Robbie and Rachel of The Bostocks.

THE GAZE - Selfish Love     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 21/09/2018
THE GAZE is a queer Melbourne based Dark-Pop/RnB newcomer. Influenced by pop culture, he blends personal, introspective lyrics with sexy beats to nod your head to.
Queer contemporary pop/rnb at its finest. Selfish Love is an opt-out anthem for the social media obsessed. Blending introspective lyrics with dance-able poppy beats, the track is the second release from Melbourne based artist, THE GAZE.

Birds Of Tokyo - Unbreakable     Pop, Rock 21/09/2018
Formed in Perth back in 2004 Birds Of Tokyo have grown from independent roots to become one of Australia’s most popular contemporary rock bands.
This song of resilience has been chosen as the theme for ABC TV’s Invictus Games Sydney 2018 coverage. The internationally televised event, will celebrate competitors from eighteen nations around the world who have served in the armed forces. Birds Of Tokyo will perform 'Unbreakable' live at the official Closing Ceremony.

Don Mai - Sing A Song     Pop, Acoustic, Rock 21/09/2018
Don Mai is a Pop singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. While focusing mostly on pop, Don’s music also traverses through rock, acoustic and alternative genres.
Sing A Song is about going through tough times and even though it can get rough, you’ve just got to push through and carry on. Don finds that the best way to get through a tough time is to find an outlet, which for him, is singing a song.

Eliott - Close To Me     Pop, Electronic, Chill 21/09/2018
Introducing Eliott: the 21-year old songwriter and singer whose gut-wrenching lyrics and arresting vocals will leave you enamored. Her music acutely captures feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.
Close To Me is a beautiful, dark emotional track recorded by Eliott and multi-instrumentalist, Jack Grace. The track is off her debut 6-track EP 'Bold Enough'.

Close To Me identifies Eliott's astonishing soul-tinged vocals, emotive centrepiece, with each inflection acutely capturing feelings of heartache, longing and restlessness.

Harts - Shake Ya Pants     Pop, Funk, Rock 21/09/2018
Harts is the nom de plume of Indian-born, Australian-based musician, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and music producer Darren Hart, who blends funk, jazz, blues, psychedelic rock, and indie electronic.
“Shake Ya Pants is a light hearted and fun tune about being comfortable in your own skin. It's kinda like a fun pep talk, encouraging somebody to be themselves when they may lack self confidence.” - Harts

INIGO - Hurricane     Pop, Electronic, Soul 21/09/2018
Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erin Fitzsimon​ is the creative force behind INIGO​ - a vivid and passionate endeavour where alternative-pop meets new-soul with enrapturing results.
Hurricane is about learning to live in the moment. I'm always thinking 23 steps ahead, and spending my 'moments' trying to prepare and plan for future 'moments'. It's about facing and embracing the eye of the storm, redefining 'the moment' and allowing myself to be swept off my feet and instead, be caught up and be completely present.

Kira Puru - Fly     Pop, Funk 21/09/2018
Widely respected as one of Australia’s biggest voices, the reigning queen of pop Kira Puru is based in Melbourne.
A mesmerising dance floor magnet, Fly smoulders with sass. “Fly is a serious work about the art of aviation. Any innuendo or double entendre is pure accident, I promise, “ says Puru.

Oh Boy - So Good (feat. TASHKA)     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Chill 21/09/2018
Oh Boy is hard at work becoming one of Australia’s most talked about producers, and achieving all this while dressing better than you.
Oh Boy worked with TASHKA'S alluring vocals to dream up the track known as "So Good".

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Tree & Ray - As It Is     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Experimental 21/09/2018
Local indie DIY lovable popsters, spreading happiness at the expense of their own.
'As It Is’ is an acoustic driven, upbeat electro single with an existential lyrical commentary on letting-go-of-control and finding peace. Which doesn’t mean inaction, just a different kind of action. From a place of surrender -experiencing life just 'as it is'

Zsuzsika - Start Again     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Soul 21/09/2018
Zsuzsika is an Australian born singer/songwriter with a family background of Hungarian/Polish descent.
Start Again is a very personal song, representing love, appreciation and regret for my Father who passed away. I took him for granted as it wasn’t an easy life, with many harsh moments. At the end of the day, no matter how it was translated at the time, I know he wanted the best for me in the end.

Other tracks by Zsuzsika:  Godsend
Bonnie Melbourne - Better Than This     Pop, Easy Listening, Alternative Country 20/09/2018
Bonnie Melbourne was born in Melbourne. She is an accomplished young musician playing piano, violin and guitar. Her song writing influences include Carol King and Sara Bareilles.
Better Than This is about all the wonderful and simple things we have living in this great country.

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Bri Clark - Giving Up     Pop 20/09/2018
Bri Clark’s voice has the ability to both shatter and heal. The rising Perth singer songwriter has garnered industry attention and fans alike with her haunting melodies and arresting vocals.
With a resonance that carries well beyond the final note, ‘Giving Up’ sees Bri Clark at her most heartfelt yet. Pouring equal parts pain and resolve into every phrase, 'Giving Up' is an exquisite taste of Bri Clark’s unique power to use her own ache as a comforting shoulder.

Donna - Hopelessly Devoted To You     Pop, Country, Cover Version, Easy Listening 20/09/2018
Donna is and has been touring with her Olivia Newton John tribute shows. Well known in her own right for over three decades she is the voice to do it.
Hopelessly Devoted To You is a cover version of the Olivia Newton John classic as performed during Donna's live performances during her tribute shows. It's a stripped back, guitar based track which allows the true essence of the song to shine through with Donna's remarkable voice and interpretation.

Hearts and Rockets - Dance Off     Pop, Punk, Grunge, Goth 20/09/2018
Hearts and Rockets (FKA Heat Wave) is a post-pop-punk duo from Melbourne featuring Kalindy Williams (vox/synth/guitar) and Kurt Eckardt (vox/bass/drum machine).
Dance Off, the latest from bratwavers Hearts and Rockets. It's a party tune with a middle finger to the dudes at the front.

Hearts and Rockets - Hearts and Rockets     Pop, Grunge, Punk, Goth 20/09/2018
Hearts and Rockets (FKA Heat Wave) is a post-pop-punk duo from Melbourne featuring Kalindy Williams (vox/synth/guitar) and Kurt Eckardt (vox/bass/drum machine).
When faced with having to change their name (at the time heat Wave), it took a minute for Hearts and Rockets to realise that they had a song title that was perfect - Hearts and Rockets! Before they get to our next physical release (coming so soon), we thought we'd share this - what has now become their theme song!

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Ivy-Jane Browne - Savannah     Pop, Electronic 20/09/2018
Ivy-Jane Browne is 20-year-old songwriter from Sydney’s inner-west. Currently studying a degree in Contemporary Music, Ivy has studied music since she was 6. Her debut single, "Savannah", is out now.
‘Savannah’ is the debut music video from Sydney-based artist Ivy-Jane Browne, in collaboration with Fat Salmon Productions. Dark synth-pop with ‘Under the Skin’ vibes, the video tells the story of a woman with a twisted power over men. They are her prisoners and captors, her shadows and obsessions, her victory and her downfall, her prize and her punishment.

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Jeffrey Chan - Hate To Love     Pop, Dance, Electronic 20/09/2018
Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Jeffrey Chan is a Sydney based dance-pop musician. A solo operation of everything from writing, recording, designing, to video production.
'Hate To Love' is taken from Jeffrey Chan's new album 'FaultLine'; blending together funk guitars, steel-pans and a driving beat, this uptempo track takes the listener on a journey.

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Other tracks by Jeffrey Chan:  Forever  -  FaultLine
Sam Carmody - Shadow in the Dream     Pop, Folk, Atmospheric 20/09/2018
Recalling the experimental Antipodean pop of Nick Cave, The Go-Betweens and Crowded House, Sam Carmody has been active as a writer across various projects and formats.
A propulsive, hook-laden ode to lost love, Shadow in the Dream shimmers with jangly guitars and haunted plaintive vocals, along with Carmody's unadorned lyrics.

"Polished and lyrical. I've been trying to lucid dream. If this is the Shadow in the Dream that's great by me." 4.5/5 Stacy Gougoulis, triple j Unearthed