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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Art-P - Why?!     Pop, Alternative, R&B, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 09/09/2019
Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Art-P moved to Newcastle, Australia at the age of 18 to pursue his music career and further his studies.
A groovy RnB song that is about a girl who stopped talking to me after a date. The thing that hurt was not that I deeply cared or anything. What bothered me was I didn’t know why, curiosity does kill the cat.

Van Rullen - Going Away     Pop, Punk, Alternative, Rock 09/09/2019
Van Rullen is a mulit talented producer and songwriter who manages to tug at your nostalgia bone, all while making you bop your head. Soppy and boppy, his father said.
Going Away is an upbeat rock tune that makes you feel fifteen years old again. It fits in your phone, your car and in a stadium (hopefully one day).

Going Away is about leaving behind what you know to go and find adventure in the world and then trying to reconcile that with the heartache of being away from home

Charlotte Viney - Pieces of Us (with Maver)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening, Dance 06/09/2019
Charlotte is a Perth based singer-songwriter and dual WAM song of the year award winner. This is her second collaboration with producer Maver.
Pieces of Us is a modern, emotional track, depicting a short love story. The theme of the story is that sometimes things need to be broken to get stronger. The strong and technical production from Maver pairs perfectly with Charlotte Viney’s lyrics to create an immersive sound that perfectly conveys the story.

Curtis Peers - It's Alright     Pop, Alternative, Hip Hop, Rock 06/09/2019
24yo musician/singer/songwriter/producer. All self taught. Trying to blend old school and new school together.
In a nutshell, it's about unrequited love. When someone knows their feelings are being taken advantage of yet in a happy but unhappy way they're okay with that fact.

D'Urberville - Steel     Pop, Indie, Alternative 06/09/2019
D'Urberville is about finding good vibes in dark places, with tight grooves, horn lines and storytelling at the heart of every song.
D'Urberville's debut single 'Steel' is all about hitting those post break-up vibes with a good dose of determination.

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BOI - Sick Of Loving You     Pop, Indie 03/09/2019
BOI is the moniker of Newcastle creative and performer Anna Buckingham. Growing up she was told to act more like a girl, her moniker reclaims those insults, taking ownership BOI.
Sick of Loving You is the sophomore single from solo artist BOI, a driven anthem that brings strength to the madness of love. The lyrics weave a personal narrative that was penned about “loving someone so deeply, but knowing they’re not right for you, yet you can’t help but stay and love”.

Hannah Blackburn - Tiny Car     Pop, Folk, Rock, Country 03/09/2019
Hannah Blackburn's music is the folk-rock story-telling of travels, self-discoveries, heartbreak, trauma, confusion, being a woman, and the social and self encounters in between.
Blackburn’s latest Tiny Car, has a musical punchiness to compliment it’s lyrical middle finger to those with in-succinct romantic intentions. A 'love letter’ addressed to those who offer a warm embrace to only leave you feeling the fool. It is written in solidarity for the carers and for ‘the fixers’.

Parkville - Come Around     Pop, Folk 03/09/2019
Melodic Pop Folk
Parkville's new single Come Around is a hung-over-phoneless-anecdote for anyone that has had to call in sick to work.

Cool Sounds - Hula Hoop Group     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 02/09/2019
A Melbourne alt-country/jangle-pop group, making guitar music with clean instrumental interplay
A dig at name-dropping rockers who propagate an idea that it matters wh-with and what-with you're making music - "that famous bass player with that rare guitar" - as if you need to be ordained to play rather than just making it sound accessible for beginners.

Musically it's a 'lil inspired by Dave Matthews Band, mixed with some prog-rock, krautrock and Sesame Street-rock.

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Riebourne - Venom     Pop, Electronic 02/09/2019
Riebourne is a singer-songwriter born and raised in Sydney, Australia. She started writing music from the age of 12 and her first single was released in 2019.
The chorus and arrangement changed multiple times before Venom was distilled into the minimal pop it is today. Augmenting Riebourne’s experience had an evanescent effect, Venom is transformed and resilient.

Pillowlands - Electric Gods     Pop, Electronic, Folk, Goth 01/09/2019
Original independent quirky retro pop.
Quirky retro pop with dub and disco influences. Identity sublimation and transference.

Fingermae - My Cat Is The Best Cat     Pop, Rock, Roots, Alternative 30/08/2019
Fingermae like to rant about politics in a way that can make you dance, sprinkled with innuendo and a healthy dose of sarcasm. They also have fun songs.
My Cat Is The Best Cat is a quick psychobilly romp in G# to pay tribute to Sally's extremely personable cat Morgan, who is the best.

It features jangly guitar with a country twangin' clean solo, a singalong chorus with four part harmony and a beat that will not be denied.

illstrtd - Real Love ft. Françoistunes     Pop, RnB 30/08/2019
Melbourne-based producer Illstrtd has just unveiled his smooth and sultry number ‘Real Love’ – featuring rising star Françoistunes.
‘Real Love’ sees hypnotic synths intertwine, as the soulful vocals of Françoistunes hover above fluidly. Light percussion and groove-laden bass gently lift the dynamic, working into its bouncy rhythms and beat, propping up the commanding cadences that dominate the verses. The track drops down again into its intricately textured production, before launching into the crescendo that is its infectious chorus.

Nuria - Ache     Pop 30/08/2019
Nuria is the stage name of Tasmanian indie pop, singer-songwriter, Anna Maynard. Exploring desires, loneliness and the mystery of existence, “Ache” is the first song from the captivating sound, Nuria.
In the freedom of Nuria, I am uncovering the sound I have been searching for. I long for a sound so deep it moves the centre of who I am, a sound to externalise the internal tapestry of how I feel. I long for that sound to connect me to the core of others. This is "Ache".

Sarah Wolfe - Devil U Know     Pop, Dance 30/08/2019
‘Devil U Know’ is the debut single from the Sydney-born 22-year-old, collaboratively written and produced by real-life partner Xavier Dunn (Jack River, CXLOE, Graace, Carmada, Peking Duk). 
Devil U Know revolves around the intricacies and vulnerabilities that surface during the first few weeks of seeing someone. It's based off the quote ‘Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don’t’, which in the track represents how love and relationships are terrifying, but shutting yourself off from them because you’ve been burned before isn’t the best option.

JOSHUA - The Boys     Pop, Electronic 29/08/2019
Hiding out in his bedroom, JOSHUA is a singer/songwriter and self-taught producer crafting music that blends pop, RnB and electronic elements to create a dynamic sound.
I’ve never been “one of the boys” and having been ditched more than once, I’ve learned that I don’t want that; I’m my own man, and that’s what this song is about. This is for all the kids who never fit in with “the boys”.

Santa Fe Driving Range - Paper Walls     Pop, Indie, Folk 28/08/2019
A bunch of not-so-heartbroken kids on the rebound. SFDR make pop with sandy feet, guitars and a clarinet. Hello
Combining the renowned jangle of Melbourne guitars with the less familiar sounds of a clarinet, all lathered in a serious dose of lush harmonies.

Recorded with Zac Barter (Didirri, Canary) and production by Sam Swain (RAT!hammock, KILNS), ‘Paper Walls’ blurs lines between downbeat folk and melancholic pop, taking listeners on a 4 minute journey with mellow guitars and intricate vocals.

Alex Cameron - Far From Born Again     Pop, Alternative 27/08/2019
Cameron sings with stunning sincerity and his veracious brand of wit of his relationship and transition into familial life. Cameron’s flair for narrative and character are on full display.
Cameron now presents a new single, “Far From Born Again,” which he says “celebrates the legitimacy of the independent sex worker, and casts a light on the humans that provide the service to millions worldwide.” The track lays out the album’s worldview, rising towards an exalting onomatopoeic chorus between Cameron and the enthused sax of his business partner Roy Molloy.

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Benji Lewis - Fast Forward     Pop, Soul, Easy Listening 27/08/2019
Australian artist Benji Lewis is cultivating an impressively unique sound & style, as he creates these lush landscapes of warm & dreamy, chilled & atmospheric, electro-pop sounds.
‘Fast Forward’ is the first taste of a brand new five-track ep that Benji Lewis has planned for release in early 2020, it features the slick production of Los Angeles artist Kid Froopy and it also comes with a visually stunning Chris Weigen directed music video.

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Fletcher Gull - Hypothermia     Pop, Indie, Folk, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 27/08/2019
Fletcher Gull has braved through salt and sun and the naked winter to deliver 'Hypothermia', a song that might have saved his life, ahead of BIGSOUND & a forthcoming EP.
Sleeping under canvas in the sub-zero Rocky Mountains of Canada, '’Hypothermia’ sees the Melbourne based musician reflect upon a glacial night where he sought warmth in song writing.

'Hypothermia' was produced and engineered by Gab Strum and Luke Bertoz, mixed by Gab Strum and is from the forthcoming debut EP by Fletcher Gull - Remember That You're Gone.

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