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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Various Artists - Ninajirachi, KLP, Kota Banks, Nina Las Vegas - Everything We Ever Dreamed Of     Pop, Dance 13/06/2019
Aussie artists Ninajirachi, KLP, Kota Banks and Nina Las Vegas have come together to release an anthem dedicated to the national women's football team, the Matildas.
“Everything We Ever Dreamed Of” is about the Matildas’ journey to the top, where the athletes have the prospect to win and turn their dreams into reality. This is the first time the team has had a song written and produced for them. The lyrics are a powerful nod to the perseverance and strength of the athletes in the team.

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Abby Bella May - Care     Pop 12/06/2019
Sydney-based electro-pop artist Abby Bella May has just revealed her striking second single ‘Care’ – produced and mixed by Oscar Sharah at Wonderland Avenue Studios, Sydney.
'Care’ is a song about loving those you love, unconditionally. I think if you truly do care about someone, those feelings of endearment shouldn’t be subjective.

Fleur Wiber - I'll Go South (on a shoestring)     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 12/06/2019
Mermaid country: with eerie vocals, ethereal melodies, Fleur has an individual sound that will have you humming her songs hours later.
I'll Go South (on a shoestring) is a song written and recorded in Bangkok that talks about vulnerability and empowerment through a naiive pop sound.

hygge - Blind Faith     Pop, Electronic, Gay Alligned 12/06/2019
hygge is a Sydney-based duo comprising of Kris, a singer-songwriter and Lem, a multi-instrumentalist producer, who share a vision of music as honest and raw creative expression
Hygge’s debut release Blind Faith is pure pop glory, reminiscent of deliciously effeminate trailblazers Ricky Lee Jones and Belinda Carlisle. Hygge’s vocals are replete with velvety harmonies and perfectly understated synth; a combination that works to great effect when a surprisingly sparse EDM rhythm section kicks in and completes the package.

Ivy-Jane Browne - Charles and Jane     Pop, Electronic 12/06/2019
Ivy-Jane Browne is a 20-year-old singer, songwriter and producer from Sydney’s inner-west. Abundantly personal and vulnerable, her music explores the grisly aspects of human connection in a sparkly pop context.
Charles and Jane is an an electro-pop track about breakups, murder and Charles Bukowski. It was produced in Sydney with Jerome Blazé.

Other tracks by Ivy-Jane Browne:  The Archer  -  A Good Man
Jayden McGrath - Conditions     Pop, Rock, Electronic 12/06/2019
Raised on a steady musical diet of hip-hop/Rap and RnB, Jayden McGarth is a solo act whose powerful vocals mesh with a pleasingly rich blend of RnB, pop and blues.
The song really focuses on how I felt so disconnected with the world at the time. I was in a very negative mindset but would always try to bring out positives to keep my hopes up. This came across in the lyrics being fairly morbid, however I wanted the melodies to have a sense of hope.

MAXON - December     Pop, Folk, Rock, Roots 12/06/2019
Emerging pop queen MAXON is an artist from the Victoria, currently shaking audiences across the state with her trademark vocal and boundless song-writing talents.
it's not you. it's me. it's also a long story. let me plonk you right in the middle of it all. the world felt like it was falling apart. bags under my eyes. deep cuts and bruises from the slightest of bumps. sometime in an early december.

Red Clover - That Was Love     Pop, Electronic 12/06/2019
80’s soundtrack-inspired synth-pop combined with elements of alternative rock and dream pop.
That Was Love was written with the elevated spirit of 90’s pop, its emotional resonance a freeing declaration to live in the moment and let go of the past.

Rya Park - Bitch     Pop, Rock 12/06/2019
Australia’s rock/pop artist Rya Park has returned in 2019; bigger and bolder than before. “Bitch" is her new empowering rock ballad that showcases her incredibly powerful vocals and lyrics.
Rya Park-“For the last 5 years, I’ve struggled with mental health. I wrote the song on a day where I felt so sad, I had to cancel work and I couldn’t get out of bed, but my partner was by my side. This song explores the idea of being loved by someone even when you are feeling your absolute worst."

Sinclaire - It's Not Enough     Pop, Rock 12/06/2019
Sydney-based indie-rock quartet Sinclaire have just revealed their stirring new single ‘It’s Not Enough’; another gripping number lifted from their forthcoming debut EP ‘Now I’m Ready To Start’
'It’s Not Enough’ is a self-reflection on my stubborn and argumentative personality and the toll it takes on my friends and family. It was a confronting song to write as I was already hyper-aware of how headstrong I was without bearing the truth in such a public way.

Syntax/Semantics - 16 Dream     Pop, Electronic, House, Dance 12/06/2019
16 Dream is a nostalgic Synthwave song, written for the milkshake days at Jan Juc Beach, Rollerblading and Bubble'o Bills. 16 Dream captures the innocence and vitality of youthful freedom, whilst reminiscing with a new perspective; a wiser knowing of how lucky we once were.

Syntax/Semantics - Let's Start A Party     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Hip Hop 12/06/2019
Let's Start A Party is an throwback to the Electro days, a little bit Uffie, a little bit Peaches, but new and fresh, with Aussie spoken word. Produced and performed by Syntax/Semantics, Let's Start A Party is written as a modern version of something like S.O.S or 90's girl party tunes; calling in a sisterhood.

Syntax/Semantics - Snake Charmer     Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop, Dance 12/06/2019
Snake Charmer is Written/Produced & Performed by Syntax/Semantics. A high tempo, lower the car windows track written for the sisters. Snake Charmer is phat, and fast, it's energetic yet grinding, it's hard hitting and sensual - it's good songrwriting meets creative production - a unique listening experience to compliment the rising girl power.

Team Vom - Anchor     Pop, Garage, Rock 12/06/2019
Five Piece Power Pop Feelings Party!
Anchor is the closing track on Team Vom's debut album, "Sloth Gospel".

To make up for the bummer vibes of the lyrics (about a relationship dragging you down) this track is filled with catchy synth lines and wailing guitar solos!

Other tracks by Team Vom:  Say To Me  -  Not Heaps
The Skelton Collective - All I Wanna Be     Pop, Rock 12/06/2019
The Skelton Collective is a fun and funky four piece original band from WA. Up-vibe piano driven alt-indie pop/rock. Sweet vocals, great lyrics and wicked groove.
‘All I Wanna Be’ is an up-beat pop track that celebrates self-reflection and the joy of accepting and appreciating what you have. From a young age we are often asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’. This is our answer.

Obseen - Breakdown     Pop, Electronic 10/06/2019
Obseen is an Alternative Pop writer, producer and recording artist from Wollongong, Australia.
Breakdown is an Alternative Pop track by Wollongong Local, Obseen. It talks about exceeding your limits and the existential crisis following a mental breakdown. It's loaded with intimate vocals, snappy guitars and soaring hooks. A refreshing update to alt-pop music.

LINH - You Need     Pop 09/06/2019
LINH is a pop musician/songwriter, currently studying at the Australian Institute of Music, working towards her goal of one day sharing her music with the world.
People are quick to judge us on our appearances, critique us on our accomplishments and define who we are with their cruel words. ‘You Need’ is a pop song written for those struggling with their self-worth, letting them know they are loved and valued. In a world that can get dark, there are people who will turn on the light.

Kiara Eve - I See You     Pop, Rock 07/06/2019
Perth singer/songwriter Kiara Eve takes you on a cinematic pop journey with hints of soft rock.
"I See You" is a cinematic soft-rock ballad that delves into the masks and disguises we wear to hide who we really are.

Co-written and produced by Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), the song takes on a waltz feel to set the mood of a masquerade.

Sunset City - Take My Hours     Pop 07/06/2019
Blending alternative and electronic with a pop sensibility, Sunset City are quickly becoming known for their infectious energy, and talent for delivering a charismatic tune time and time again.
Retro-inspired, feel good tune ‘Take My Hours’ tells the story of riding through the highs and lows of chasing what one wants in life.

ELKI - Soho     Pop, Folk, Rock 04/06/2019
ELKI is a Sydney singer-songwriter with a classical background, a passion for the melodic mastery of Burt Bacharach and obsession with the fiery pop dramatics and genius of Kate Bush.
Soho, is a similarly savvy blend of slightly dark social observation and sunny singalong chorus: a balance of youthful hedonism and morning-after regret than speaks of years of quietly nurtured song craft.

Other tracks by ELKI:  That Would Be So Good