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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Lyndon Blue - Performance     Pop, Rock, Dance 01/10/2018
Keeping busy in the Australia’s underground music scene for the better part of a decade, Lyndon Blue is best known for subtly jazz tinged electronica project Leafy Suburbs.
’Performance’ is a disco song about the self-aware strangeness of being a person. More specifically, it’s about the sometimes laboured ways we act out our social interactions, genders, artistic personas, to the point where we might not even recognise ourselves. This tune owes a lot to Nile Rogers, Arthur Russell, ESG as well as Aussie weirdos like Use No Hooks.

Other tracks by Lyndon Blue:  Page of Wands  -  Only Connect
Beckon Fire - Tired Eyes     Pop, Electronic, House, Chill 28/09/2018
Electro/Pop band from the Sunshine Coast featuring catchy vocal hooks, guitar, synth & live drums
Tired Eyes is a fist pumping anthem to throwing off the shackles of everyday life and chasing what inspires you. It's a beat that you just can't help but nod your head to or even break out dancing like no one is watching.

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Donatachi - Precious Metal     Pop, Electronic 28/09/2018
Sydney producer Donatachi seems to be shaping the genreless musical utopia we're barreling towards, boasting a veritable who's who of future pop voices in his productions.
Donatachi shares another glimpse into his genreless utopia of sparkly clean yet intricately layered production with new single 'Precious Metal', featuring Sydney powerhosue Rromarin. Donatachi's spacey, bubble gum production of hypercolour and sugary sweet hooks are layered with Rromarin's luscious vocals.

Mack Moses - Space     Pop, RnB 28/09/2018
Australian alternative R&B artist Mack Moses is embarking on his biggest and most important emotional journey to date with his heartfelt single ‘Space'.
'Space' serves as a reminder for all that loved ones can leave us physically but they will always have a space in our minds and hearts. The lyrics extrapolate the emotion faced by an individual losing someone close to them whilst Mack Moses puts an uplifting and optimistic spin on the reassurance that they will never truly be gone.

Stefanie Passione - Drowning On Air     Pop, RnB 28/09/2018
A recording artist from Perth, Western Australia. Stefanie Passione is a 20 year old singer/songwriter. Her first television appearance at only 12 years old for Channel 7 Perth Telethon.
A Pop/R&B ballad about a relationship at its breaking point.

Jacob Rohde - Circles     Pop, Chill, Garage, Electronic 27/09/2018
Jacob Rohde is a Multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter/producer
Original music by Jacob Rohde

Declan Florez - Deeper (Personal)     Pop, Hip Hop, RnB 26/09/2018
In my music I like to capture nostalgia, sensuality and surrealism to create vivid stories.
The journey of personal loss and the stress of holding onto the memory.

Other tracks by Declan Florez:  Ingenious
Hobart Curtis - Boys Don't Cry     Pop, Electronic, Funk, Retro 26/09/2018
Hobart Curtis is a solo artist/producer from Brisbane, who creates catchy, melancholic indie-synth pop that features interesting and honest lyrical content.
"Boys Don't Cry" opens up with a youthful and energetic indie-pop cut, centring around layers of catchy melodic features, while being anchored by a pumping and eclectic rhythm section. Musically going down new paths by adding a more minimalist compositional structure, while remaining in the wheel house of perennial influences such as Troye Sivan, Amy Shark and the like.

Egoism - Sorry     Pop, Electronic 26/09/2018
Prepare to bliss out and bop to your new favourite unassuming dream pop duo Egoism
I wrote this song as a bit of a f**k you to the people who never say sorry for their own mistakes, but then always demand an apology, even if I’m the one who was hurt the most. Easily the most empowering song we’ve ever written ha-ha.
-Scout Eastment

Louis Libran - Can't Stop This Power     Pop, Electronic, Dance 26/09/2018
Louis Libran is a determined artist from Sydney who wants to make waves in the music industry. He writes, producers and plays everything in his music. New to the scene.
Can't Stop This Power is a song about idolising musicians and how their music can change you. The verse contains a mellow beat and melody vocal line but then builds up into a upbeat chorus that has a dance beat and electronic breakdown.

Huey Blue - The Chase     Pop, Rock, Funk, Soul 26/09/2018
Byron Bay artist/producer Huey Blue has spent many years in a number of bands, including The Vernons. His solo project presents an exciting direction reminiscent of soulful 70’s pop.
THE CHASE - Huey's second single off his forthcoming debut album, depicts a story of a relationship in turmoil. "The thrill of the chase" begets unruly behaviour. It was produced by Jake Walsh (Jordan Rakei) and features saxophonist Sean McKenzie.

Yeo - The Comments     Pop, Electronic 26/09/2018
Melbourne-based musician and producer Yeo is known for bending genres, continually exploring the dimensions of electronica, pop and R&B, and has been praised as a multi-instrumentalist.
‘The Comments’ is an R&B slow jam about the futility sometimes found in online discussion. Stuck in denial, people often use the shield of the Internet to avoid the consequences of their words.

KÖDA - 57     Pop, Rock 25/09/2018
Renowned for her powerhouse vocals, bubbly yet fierce personality and electric stage presence, KÖDA presents a whole new world of musical eclecticism and delivers it with a trademark rebel strut.
KÖDA bares her soul in this tell all single detailing the honesty of love and heartbreak. She relates “It’s a complicated story that shows how love can go from good to bad very quickly, and so often there’s no room for second chances”. Fierce and self-assured, with a “can’t touch this” mantra, the track demonstrates the strength in vulnerability.

Pearl - I Hate You (Explicit)     Pop, Rock 25/09/2018
Singer song-writer from Sydney making indie pop music. Cynical and optimistic. Vocals can feel vulnerable/raw yet contain a dash of flirtatious moxy when she invites you to experience her dalliances.
I Hate You is a punchy pop rock tune. It's about falling in love with your best friend.

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Other tracks by Pearl:  I Hate You (Clean)
Ben Panucci - Age of Consequence     Pop, Rock 24/09/2018
Ben Panucci's debut release as a solo artist, 'Age of Consequence', showcases his talents as a guitarist, singer-songwriter and producer. Ben writes highly personal lyrics coupled with intricate, uplifting production.
The title track from Ben Panucci's debut solo album of the same name 'Age of Consequence' is a carefully crafted, lyrically driven song with highly personal lyrics and uplifting production.

Hunter DeBlanc - Sydney     Pop 24/09/2018
Hunter’s funk-edged synth pop is certain to make the transition from viral to mainstream with this latest track. Hunter spent the following years touring internationally and writing and recording.
This new release is Hunter Deblanc’s clever, catchy and playful dedication to a city and lover packed into a three-minute pop gem.

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KxCS - Harm     Pop 24/09/2018
Male duo collaboration! synths, guitars bass and drums. written, recorded, mixed, mastered and released from a bedroom!
Mood Pop

Lupa J - Drift     Pop, Electronic, Techno, Industrial 24/09/2018
Lupa J was first introduced to music as a classically trained violinist. She discovered her love for electronic music through artists such as Grimes, FKA Twigs and Bjork.
Sonically brighter & glitzier than Lupa’s past releases, “Drift” is heart grabbing piece of synth pop. The single is the first taste of her largest body of work to date, a disarmingly candid account of coming to terms with identity & change. “Drift” is written and produced by Lupa J, and featuring her compelling vocals and analogue synth sounds.

Nick Leech - Better Together     Pop, Chill, Dance, Atmospheric 24/09/2018
I make music for dreamers who see the world a little differently. For people who love to think, see and feel something new. Something inspiring.
Written and produced together with Nashville producer Austin Shawn, 'Better Together' is a tropical house inspired pop track, a perfect summer getaway song. Lyrically, 'Better Together' tells the story of rekindled love, the kind you dream of in high school. Meeting your love again after passed time, you forget your everyday troubles and wish life were simpler; together.

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The Attics - Pastel Blues     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 24/09/2018
Hailing from Colac, in Victoria's West, The Attics craft their own brand of melt-in-your-mouth psych-pop built of jangly guitars and ear worming bass hooks.
Pastel Blues is a playful exploration of the phrase on repeat in the chorus, “wondering how it feels bad to be good all the time”. We’re exploring that with this kind of wandering commentary, reconfirming that life would be super bland if we only ever did what we were told we should.