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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Tobiahs - Sculpted     Pop, Dance 30/11/2018
Melbourne based producer Tobiahs, 20, combines elements of house, pop and garage to deliver his unique vision of lyric driven dance music.
With his latest single, Sculpted, Tobiahs again brings his lyrical dance vision to light, capturing wistful feelings of young love and desire over a soundscape blending pop and house that has become his signature.

WILSN - Do This     Pop, Soul 30/11/2018
Shy girl with a big voice
'Do This' is the first taste of her new EP to come in 2019!

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Chillingworth - Young Love     Pop, Rock 29/11/2018
Australian pop duo
Chillingworth’s ‘Young Love’ is a fun, sun-kissed tune emanating from the walls of their in-home studio.
Synths, chorused guitars and catchy melodies will have you and your lover driving off into the sunset this summer.

It's a song about sharing a love that won't fade but will still be fighting as the years go on.

Fergus James - What Are We Waiting For     Pop, Rock 29/11/2018
Teenage troubadour Fergus James has released his second single 'What Are We Waiting For' following the release of debut single 'Golden Age' earlier this year.
Fergus James reveals his electrifying new single ‘What Are We Waiting For’. With its infectious driving beat, ‘What Are We Waiting For’ is an uplifting anthem that acknowledges the fears and doubts we all must overcome to move forward on this journey of life.

IVEY - Stuck     Pop, Rock 29/11/2018
“Another indie gem bursting with energy and fun. Who could possibly stand still to this?” Triple J, Bridget Hustwaite
Upbeat indie pop at it's best. Stuck brings lead singer Millie's vibrant vocals to the front and showcases the young bands songwriting prowess. Dancing is undeniable.

Owl Eyes - On Me     Pop, Electronic 29/11/2018
Owl Eyes is one of Australia's most-loved alt-pop darlings.
Owl Eyes dreamy new single 'On Me' is her first solo music for some time and marks her highly-anticipated return. It is a poignant ode to finding power within oneself in the face of uncertainty.

Ribs - Bad Coffee     Pop, Folk 29/11/2018
Ribs creates stripped back, vulnerable music, coupled with relatable, human storytelling. Created by Perth artist, Georgina Cramond, this is not music to forget life's troubles, but to overcome them.
"Bad Coffee" is the debut single for Ribs, from her upcoming EP The Undercore, Bad Coffee steps away from Ribs signature piano based sound, with Matthew Evans on guitar, but maintains her relatable and moving songwriting. A song that began on a day when nothing seemed possible, Bad Coffee finds hope in simple human experiences, embracing imperfection.

Duxie Franklin - Get a Real Job     Pop, Punk 29/11/2018
Described by an audience member as the musical lovechild of Joni Mitchell and Frank Zappa, Duxie's songs stick in your head like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth.
'Get a Real Job' is a rollicking frolic through the minefield of gainful employment. Hailed as a must-listen for the misguided youth of today, 'Get a Real Job' is a boisterous, tongue-in-cheek fun-punk song with a whimsical twist. The song was inspired by Duxie's ultra-practical parents and celebrates every artist who's ever been doubted, dismissed or unappreciated.

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Polarize - Do What You Want     Pop, Britpop, Rock 29/11/2018
Polarize are a Melbourne based band made up of Rudie Dodd(Vocals, guitar, keys), Sandy Moore(guitar), Ben Murphy-Mackenzie(bass) and Louis Henry(Drums).
'Do What You Want' is shimmering pop song that has a guitar line that will get you hooked from the very start. The song constantly morphs and changes from the catchy and engaging verse section, to an angelic falsetto chorus, into a fuzzy cosmic spoken word bridge, before it descends into a melodic orchestra of guitars for the outro.

Other tracks by Polarize:  Future Blues  -  Goodbye
MARCO - Running     Pop, Electronic 29/11/2018
Marco, is an enigmatic 17 year old musician from Brisbane, Australia who releases alternative/indie/pop music. Marco has always had a vision to create music and share it with the world.
Brooding a nuance to the loveliest of qualities, MARCO's 'Running' leaves a charming message reminding the listener “to live in the moment and not stress about the the future, to work with what you have around you and the people you have around you.”

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Georgia Fair - Bloodline     Pop 29/11/2018
Two childhood friends from Sydney. They have recorded two albums in America. The duo recently returned from London where they lived and recorded their next offering.
'Bloodline' was written above a cafe in Melbourne, recorded beside an imitation log fire in a small studio adjacent to London's Finsbury Park and it was mixed in a converted tractor shed on the south coast of NSW.

Cap Carter - Thrill     Pop, RnB 29/11/2018
Cap Carter is an Australian singer-songwriter known for soulful vocals and emotive lyrics. Born in Manila and raised in Western Sydney, Carter's style is reminiscent of Joni Mitchell and George Michael
Thrill comes to you with its assertive emotional peaks and rock solid sense of purpose. Cap Carter has taken control, cleansed his soul and given us a pop gem.

Ani Lou - Godspeed     Pop, Atmospheric, Easy Listening 29/11/2018
Ani Lou is an musical venture initiated and curated by artist Kate Southorn from Hobart, Tasmania. Ani Lou is written and performs within the Dreampop genre.
Godspeed was recorded with Zarven Kara at Reel to Reel Studios in Hobart. The track features Kate Southorn on lead guitar, synth and vocals, Zarven Kara on bass, Lachlan Philips on guitar, Timothy Stoneman on drums and Larry Salzman on percussion.

Co-produced and co-mixed by Southorn and Phillips. Mastered by Heba Kadry, who has worked with the likes of Björk, Slowdive and Beach House.

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Loni Rae Thomson - On Your Own     Pop, Folk 29/11/2018
A seasoned performer and songwriter, Loni Rae Thomson delivers heartfelt and emotion-packed songs that are the perfect vehicle for her stunning voice.
New single ‘On Your Own’ is a melodic and striking example of Thomson’s musicality; the single has the type of nuance and vulnerability behind it that fans of Feist and Sharon Van Etten will recognise and love.

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Phil Hancock - Heaven     Pop, Electronic, Gay Alligned, Chill 29/11/2018
Phil Hancock is a Brisbane singer/songwriter who crafts heart-wrenching commercial electronic pop, describing it as "dance while you cry" music.
Heaven is the breakdown of a relationship; the pain, confusion and desperation in being left alone and the lengths you'd go to just to be with them. It's inspired by the sounds of Troye Sivan, Khalid & Lauv. This is the first chapter of a collection of heartbreak pop songs Phil Hancock will be releasing over the next year.

Freak On The Beach - Lady Of Leisure     Pop, Acoustic, Atmospheric, Folk 29/11/2018
Freak On The Beach are songwriting team, Julie Pennings and Jessie Ryan-Allen. They write on commission for screen and for other artists.
All songs written by Julie Pennings and Jessie Ryan-Allen.
Produced and engineered by Jessie Ryan-Allen.
Cover Artwork by Julie Pennings.

Other tracks by Freak On The Beach:  This Simple  -  Look Feel
Grey Horizon - Rooftops     Pop, Chill, Acoustic, Easy Listening 29/11/2018
Grey Horizon are a 4 piece original band from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. We have an alternative, indie / blues/Rock approach to song writing, and a strong, audience focussed stage presence.
Climb the rooftops, look out into the distance and take control of what we want to achieve in our life

Other tracks by Grey Horizon:  Right or Wrong  -  Angry
Castlecomer - Apes     Pop, Dance 29/11/2018
Castlecomer are a five piece from Sydney. Their self-titled debut album was produced by Adrian Breakspear (Gang of Youths) and Jean-Paul Fung (Jet, Silverchair).
'Apes' is a spicy uptempo pop tune in the same vein as a Friendly Fires.
The band will be performing songs from their debut album in December:

Friday December 7 - Yah Yah’s Melbourne
Thursday December 22 - Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Tickets at

Franky & Wendy - Angel On My Shoulder     Pop, Folk, Easy Listening, Rock 29/11/2018
Franky & Wendy are a popular Sydney Duo featuring multitalented award winning artist Franky Valentyn and his amazing singing partner Wendy Angel! Follow Franky & Wendy on SongTraks Facebook Page.
Everyone needs a special angel to lean on when they’re down,
that someone who helps to keep them smiling,

As the opening lyrics of 'Angel On My Shoulder' go;
"It's not about the coffee or the way you wear your hair,
it's the conversation and the way we sit and stare...(maybe)"!

Enjoy the Angel on your shoulder and hopefully ours.

Other tracks by Franky & Wendy:  I Live I Die  -  Tears On My Pillow
Week Neez - So Heavy     Pop, Electronic 29/11/2018
A tongue in cheek pop sesnsation from Wollongong.
A slow burn pop adventure. Very minimal stylings.