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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Jack Errington - Summer Fling     Pop, Dance, Electronic 13/06/2019
Up and coming Sydney singer songwriter, discovering a new wave op pop with sultry vocals and hard hitting beats.
The storyline of any summer love story.

Jade Alice - Away     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Combining lush vocal layers, honey toned melodies and huge drum sounds, Jade brings forth feelings of innocence and nostalgia that bleed through and coat your glasses with a rose tint.
When a love is all consuming to the point of obsession. Trying to break free from a toxic relationship.

Jayda D'Agostino - I'm Alright     Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Jayda is 16 years old and a keen singer/songwriter. Jayda's latest original song "I'm Alright" is nominated for the West Australian Music (WAM) Song of the Year ( Schools 15-17).
"I'm Alright" seeks to identify the internal conversations we have with ourselves when faced with a difficult situation, ultimately convincing ourselves with the mantra "I'm alright" that we have the strength needed to face whatever that situation may bring.

Lupa J - Pull Me Under     Pop, Electronic, Dance 13/06/2019
Easily Australia's most exciting writer/producer on the rise, Lupa J has been revealing pieces of her debut album 'Swallow Me Whole' set for release July 5.
"one of her darker and more club-bound singles, contrasting light, twinkling synth with a thick bass synth that seems to swallow the rest of the single (in a good way), which when combined with her soothing vocals over the top, creates an over-sensory, maximalist adventure that's easily amongst her most experimental." - Pilerats

Matthew Miller - Unsaid     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
A fusion of current pop and contemporary musical theatre, written from the heart, providing a voice for queer stories in Australian music.
Unsaid is a break up song you can dance to. A dark lyric paired with an up tempo pop track. Break ups are a juxtaposition of emotions. So why shouldn't the songs about them be the same?

Meg Mac - Hope     Pop 13/06/2019
MEG MAC's debut album 'Low Blows' debuted at #2 on the ARIA Charts whilst her sophomore single 'Roll Up Your Sleeves' has over 10 million Spotify streams.
The new mini-album, HOPE, is a product of these times and her place in them. It’s a powerful set of thoughtful and at times deeply personal missives evoking complex emotions of universality; evident in recent singles ‘Give me my name back’, ‘Something tells me’ and ‘I’m not coming back’.

Meya - Gone By Four     Pop, RnB 13/06/2019
Songwriter and vocalist based in Melbourne, focussing on pop music
When you tried your best to save the relationship, but you have to let go...

Nine Year Sister - Falling     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Falling' is a piano driven pop track featuring pretty female vocals with a dreamlike quality. Reminiscent of the classic pop sound of 'The Beatles'.

Oh Boy - Angels 888 (ft. Cub Sport)     Pop 13/06/2019
With an eye for style and an even stronger conviction for creating moving soundscapes, Oh Boy is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most sought after and talked about producers.
Angels 888 features Cub Sport and was written while Oh Boy was in LA and Cub Sport were in Australia. The song is about raising the earths collective consciousness, with lyrics and vocals by Tim of Cub Sport.

Onarse - Bittersweet     Pop, RnB, Chill, Soul 13/06/2019
The highly emerging sound of “Bedroom Pop”, Onarse is an artist who is an example of just how unique bedroom pop can be.
People often think love is happy, euphoric and something that everybody strives to have.... in reality love in ambiguous and bittersweet. Hence, this song “Bittersweet” was written.

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Oz Harte - Diamond Eyes (Don't Spoil my Reality)     Pop, Psychedelic, Experimental, Retro 13/06/2019
I live in a world where absurdity is my reality. And I’m happy about that - or am I? Love is very precious to me. I make music & art.
Dripping in abstract surrealism the listener is taken on an exquisite journey through nonsense lyrical poetry and imagery drenched with incomprehensible meaning. The sound evokes:

The Beatles - Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Strawberry Fields, I am the Walrus. The Easybeats - Come In, You'll Get Pneumonia. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here & Comfortably Numb

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Paul Hetherington - Touch     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Paul Hetherington is a Melbourne based pop/EDM singer, songwriter and producer heavily influenced by 80's, 90's and early 00's pop.
Mid tempo pop track, influenced by 80's pop.

Ponytail Kink - Marry Me     Pop, Punk, Rock, Garage 13/06/2019
James, Hannah and Jeremy welcome you to their humble abode.
A compact feminist punch, Marry Me upends the expected narrative on the yearning to get hitched. Songwriter Hannah Fairlamb describes the track as being “from the point of view of a woman who has better things to do than marry a dude and is frankly getting a bit sick of his obsession with it.”

Other tracks by Ponytail Kink:  Well Done
Ronnie & Benni - Fake Smiles     Pop 13/06/2019
Ronnie & Benni is a pop-fusion duo comprised of Surya “Ronnie” Luthikurthi and Benjamin “Benni” Peterson.
Fake Smiles is a track about a small town boy who moves to a big city. He finds it hard to adjust to his new surroundings, seeing fake smiles while missing home.

Sleepy Lizard - Can't Help It     Pop, Funk 13/06/2019
Sleepy Lizard are a five-piece from Adelaide who have masterfully harnessed 70’s ballad throwback vibes and a great hold on melody, while consistently establishing a reputation as a dynamic group.
'Can’t Help It’ is a yearner, a song perfect for the lusting, the lovelorn and the tragic romantics. Led by Bill Meegan’s rich vocal tone, it’s hard not to be swept up in nostalgic vibes when hearing him sing of a well-known narrative; knowing one would be better off without, but can't pull themselves out of the binds of love.

Stevie Riff - Emotional Wall     Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Stevie Riff rock, soul and blues artist from Brisbane currently performing originals and cover music has released a collaboration pop song with the soulful vocals of Kaycee Morgan.
Emotional Wall was written about trying to break down the barriers of communication of feelings between partners especially men in this song as they tend to put up walls to escape the emotional side of relationships as a form of male bravado.

Tayla Young - Crime Of Comparison     Pop, Acoustic 13/06/2019
Tayla's endearing vocal tones are a composite of Julia Stone and Missy Higgins, gentle but strong with an unmistakable Australian accent. Her songwriting is colourful and honest; a born storyteller.
Crime Of Comparison is a stripped back, acoustically performed track about trying to move on from a previous relationship.

Tender Buttons - Cry at Night     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Melbourne’s Tender Buttons are a dreamy wash of reverbed guitars with bittersweet pop melodies, synths, and interchanging acoustic and 808 backbeats. Photo by Naomi Lee Beveridge.
“Cry At Night” is an unforgiving pop allegory on the dangers of giving up your heart. It’s pop melodies disguise it’s uncompromising intolerance for self-pity and self-inflicted pain.

Tender Buttons - Take a Little Time     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Melbourne’s Tender Buttons are a dreamy wash of reverbed guitars with bittersweet pop melodies, synths, and interchanging acoustic and 808 backbeats.
‘Take a Little Time’ is the second single from their forthcoming debut E.P., Of Course We Still Love You (release date TBA). A respiratory dark haze, the song’s dreamy fog is punctuated by a constant hypnotic reassurance: “My way is your way.”

Uji Moto - Do You Think About Me     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Soul 13/06/2019
Blending R&B, Soul, and Hip-Hop with her larger-than-life personality and fierce vocals, award-winning singer Uji Moto brings her energy to every stage.
The lead single from Uji Moto's debut EP, “Do You Think About Me” is a flowing R&B ballad, moving from stride to stride, exploring the ups and downs of a relationship through the various tones and ranges of Uji Moto’s voice.

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Other tracks by Uji Moto:  U Ain't Sh*t