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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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yergurl - Boys Think U Look PHRESH!     Pop 17/09/2019
19 year old yergurl is a songwriter, vocalist and producer making dreamy pop beats in her bedroom. 
'Boys Think U Look PHRESH!' is the second track on yergurl's debut EP Love Bite, out September 13th.

Other tracks by yergurl:  skateboard  -  ICED OUT GRILLZ
Seren Spain - You Lost Nothing     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Easy Listening 15/09/2019
Hailing from London and Melbourne, Seren's music is captivating listeners around the world. Seren’s songs draw from the world’s glittering jewels: observing people, mythos, life’s many empowering journeys and valleys.
This song means so much to me. It's not about denying loss or grief. It's about acknowledging that you are whole, you are so much more than enough as you are, no matter what happens. I hope this can help you if it's a message you need to hear.

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Violet Orange - Goody Goody     Pop, Funk 14/09/2019
Violet Orange are a groovy 4-piece band from Perth, WA. With music styles ranging from indie-pop to surfy, funk vibes their tunes will knock your socks off!
Goody Goody is based around the idea of a boy who thinks he is ‘too good for you’. It is set to remind you of music from the 60’s, with heavy use of brass instrumentation, groovy guitar licks and a drum beat that will make you move your feet!

Alison Newman - Only You     Pop, Folk 13/09/2019
Alison has forged a career as a covers singer in Mount Gambier for the past 20 years. Heart Songs is her debut release of original songs.
Only You is the perfect love song, written especially for a wedding. This is a live recording at Palomino Nights at The Glencoe Woolshed, South Australia.

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Annalise - Stole my heart     Pop 13/09/2019
Young Singer/ Songwriter Annalise, Brings a soulful flair to her music. Her songs are bound to touch the heart. Sincerity and honestly are both key elements to her music.
This song is all about the appreciation of true love, with little room for doubts or worry. Uplifting, cheery and romantic it will put a smile on the face of all loving couples

Biond - Like He Never     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 13/09/2019
Biond reminds us that a great pop song can make you feel pretty bloody fantastic, and that dancing and crying are not always mutually exclusive.
A fem-pop stomper written as a tonic for modern hook-up culture, 'Like He Never' is an anthem for those post-break-up nights spent on the dance floor: the kind where you inevitably end in the local kebab shop at 3am. The track was produced by Hamish Patrick and Lewis Moody, and mixed by Simon Lam.

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Bohifale - Jim & Pam     Pop, Dance, Indie 13/09/2019
Lawrence Ola is a Sydney based actor/Jelly maker actively collaborating with producers in order to make a range of 80s/90s influenced tunes.
Jim & Pam is an 80's influenced synth pop/dance tune written about the blossoming romance between 2 particular individuals working in the office for a paper company.

Other tracks by Bohifale:  Kind Enough to Wait (MV Version)  -  Nostalgia
Cenzina - I Want You     Pop, Dance, R&B 13/09/2019
I'm an independent singer/songwriter from Melbourne who writes purely pop/dance songs. I have performed at Scorcher Fest and Reservoir Stomp and at open mics.
pop ballad with some rnb hook lines

Easy dada - In case you didn't know     Pop, Alternative, Experimental, Psych 13/09/2019
"Dada is the sun, Dada is the egg, Dada is the Police of the Police" Huelsenbeck.
Musk lorikeet
sitting in a tree
hangin' out with the bayside gang
in old port
by the sea

Other tracks by Easy dada:  Lonely, never  -  Rebel MF
Jack Errington - Losing Control     Pop, Electronic, Gay Alligned, Dance 13/09/2019
Jacks music has received an immense reaction from the general public and is on the forefront of solidifying himself as one of the largest pop acts from Australia.
Losing Control incorporates catchy ballads enticing you to move to the beat. The chorus will have you staring out the window thinking about every fight you’ve ever had and his verses will have a few tears slipping out. However, after you’ve listened to the song enough times, you’ll be screaming the lyrics with your best friend.

Nic Rollo - Feel     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Rock 13/09/2019
Multi-instrumental singer and producer from Perth whose music features sonic and lyrical depth, as well as upbeat danceability.
Feel is about not trying to control everything around you, and letting things happen as they will, instead of being afraid of what might change. I wrote the song when I felt a lot of pressure from other people in my life, especially pressure about whether I should commit to music career or choose a more 'formal' job.”

Parker Rose - Tramadol     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Indie 13/09/2019
Parker Rose is an Australian Musician / Record Producer, with a distinct blend of alternative and Electronic Pop Music.
'Tramadol is dark alt-pop track about meeting someone who makes you feel better during hard times’

Teischa - not a sad song     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 13/09/2019
At only 22 years old, Teischa has lived a life enriched with experience beyond her years, recently becoming known for her stylish and soulful alternative-pop songs with cutting edge production.
the glitchy future-soul ballad ‘not a sad song’, might be teischa's most unique move yet, a bold statement for an artist that has so far taken the less obvious route. yet, despite this, the fremantle native has never sounded more at home, cooly diffusing a fading personal situation over lucianblomkamp’s skittering drums, weird timing and chopped up piano samples

Congrats - Antidote     Pop 12/09/2019
Congrats is pop music by Melbourne singer-songwriter Ben Stewart.
'Antidote' is a moody, compelling and downright hypnotic effort from Congrats.

Painting a picture of pure bedroom-pop, Ben Stewart explains that the track was crafted on the floor at his old house in Preston. Sitting among strewn instruments and partial verses, Stewart says he tried to capture that celebratory freedom of knowing your faults inside and out.

Dami Im - Crying Underwater     Pop 12/09/2019
One of Australia’s brightest and most loved performers, Crying Underwater is Dami’s first single release since 2016 and is an exciting precursor to a plethora of new music-to-come.
Crying Underwater is about something many can relate to about feeling sad and isolated but each day putting on a mask for other people. “There is so much pressure in today’s society to always look happy so we end up feeling like we’re not allowed to talk about how we really feel.. Just like you’re crying underwater.

Logan Skinner - TRAPPED     Pop, Chill, Gay Alligned 12/09/2019
Logan Skinner is a pop singer-songwriter from Gold Coast, QLD. His sound is familiar to fellow Australian artist Troye Sivan. He writes music based on his life experiences & lessons.
TRAPPED is dedicated to individuals who are struggling with mental illnesses, feelings of isolation, and identity. It outlines some of Logan Skinner’s personal experiences with anxiety and depression, and its release corresponds with Mental Health Awareness Month and R U OK Day.

Matt Joe Gow - Running Up That Hill     Pop, Easy Listening 12/09/2019
Matt Joe Gow is an Americana/Alternative Country musician based in Melbourne, Australia.
A recent focus on more intimate acoustic shows and hinting at a stripped back acoustic album in the future, Matt Joe Gow's latest single "Running Up That Hill" sees the Melbourne troubadour laid bare both sonically and visually in the video clip singing honestly to camera without props, actors, band or even guitar.

Nine Year Sister - Seaside Dreaming     Pop, Folk 12/09/2019
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Seaside Dreaming' is a song about a photograph. It reminds us of our childhood and the wonderful, magical times we had on family holidays at the beach when we were little. We collaborated during the writing process, sharing ideas and inspirations.

'Seaside Dreaming' was written for the 2019 Noosa FM '21 Summers' songwriting contest, and was awarded 1st place.

Szymon - Blue Coloured Mountain     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative 12/09/2019
Music was Szymon Borzestowski's life. He lived it & breathed it. The Newcastle artist would happily lose himself in his bedroom studio for days. Playfully honing his humble hypnotic art-pop.
‘Blue Coloured Mountain’ was written in the last months of Szymon’s life, showing a new side to his music that was emerging: one with heavier grooves, a more electronic emphasis and an upfront clarity to the vocals. Taken in the context of Szymon’s wider body of work, these tracks feel like a picture coming closer into focus.

Tim Ayre - Not Like It Should Be     Pop, Easy Listening, Indie, Psych 12/09/2019
Influenced by The Beach Boys, The Flaming Lips, Stevie Wonder and Daft Punk, multi-instrumentalist Tim Ayre creates deeply personal, dreamy and luxurious pop, effortlessly blending guitars, drums, bass and synths.
In Tim Ayre's words, "Not Like It Should Be" is about "feeling left out or forgotten somewhere in the craziness of the world, then coming to terms with those feelings and trying to be happy in your own way.” It's summery and whimsical and a taste of what to expect from his forthcoming debut EP.