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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Kelli Brogan - The Woman I Was     Pop, Blues, Funk 06/10/2018
Kelli Brogan: A story-teller in song. The messages are emotive and compelling, able to connect with her audience. A talented singer with the ability to cover a range of genres.
A story of rebirth, throwing caution to the wind and reinventing yourself. Audiences will love this easy-listening tale of taking control with no regrets. The song smoulders with funky and bluesy overtones, and it offers forth an uplifting message of living on your own terms.

Key Out - Nameless town     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 06/10/2018
Sydney alt-pop three-piece: Paddy Haid on guitar, Saskia Clapton on bass and Rohan Geddes on the drums have recorded their debut album What (Do) You See, produced by J Walker.
Key Out's unusual dynamics are illustrated in the first single off the What (Do) You See album, Nameless town. A locomotive beat and off kilter bassline set the scene. Layered melodies and counter-melodies hover long enough to catch the listener’s ear before retreating into silence or dissonance.

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Kingswood - Messed It Up     Pop, Rock 06/10/2018
Welcome to the world of Kingswood. Don’t be confused by the veneer. Like the iconic Aussie car of the same name, it's all about what's under the hood.
Messed It Up — all sinewy synth-soul compulsion with a restless rock undertow — presages another stunning act of evolution from a band who effectively weave thunderous serpentine space-rock and smouldering falsetto R'nB.

Maya Ixchell - Forever Ends Here     Pop 06/10/2018
Maya Ixchell is a young southwest student whose music conveys the emotions and stories that connect her with audiences wherever she goes.
A song of heartbreak and redemption...
Sadness and grief is turned into a declaration of hope, self awareness and strength.

Methyl Ethel - Scream Whole     Pop, Rock, Psychedelic 06/10/2018
Perth band Methyl Ethel share brand new single ‘Scream Whole’, World premiered on triple j Drive with Veronica & Lewis and out now via Dot Dash/Remote Control Records.
The nimble art-rock cut ‘Scream Whole’ is the first new music from Methyl Ethel since their second record Everything Is Forgotten was released in March 2017.

Jake Webb describes the track as, “That cold sweat. That swollen throat. That sick feeling bubbling up from your guts. When midday movies dredge suppressed memories that scream for closure. What to do?”

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murmurmur - Marmalade     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 06/10/2018
Just over 12 months in development, Melbourne’s murmurmur are gearing up to release their debut EP. An audible soundscape of joy for your ears in the form of prog/psych-pop odysseys.
Produced by Oscar Dawson of Holy Holy, ‘Marmalade’ bursts with esoteric hooks and harmonies that play out over Will Fletcher’s tongue-in-cheek take on the exuberant highs and wallowing lows of romantic relationships.
Will says “Basically, this is my attempt at a love song featuring all the cheddar you could possibly imagine".

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On Diamond - How     Pop, Experimental 06/10/2018
Combining the pop song form with an improvisatory freedom of expression, five piece ON DIAMOND are a genre-breaking act lead by songwriter/vocalist Lisa Salvo.
The second taste of the outfit’s forthcoming debut album, ‘How’ manifests feelings of grief and disconnect in a compelling account of ties lost and independence gained. Sonic disarray makes way for moments of nuanced tenderness and drifting lucidity in this dark pop number of empowering lyricism and thoughtful songwriting.

Spiral Kites - Soulshaker     Pop, Rock, Britpop 06/10/2018
Spiral Kites are a five-piece pop/rock/indie/surf-inspired band based in Hobart, Tasmania.
Soulshaker is a rock’n beach party banger. It will make you want to grab your board and take a ride with some big fuzzy surf-esque riffs and Monkee style keyboards.

SWARÉ - Chill With You     Pop, RnB, Funk, Electronic 06/10/2018
Pop music has lost it's way. It's become stale, dull, tired and harmless. Swaré is here to give it a backbone, he's here to give venom back to pop music.
‘Chill With You’ is an upbeat, pop-funk tune all about just that: Chilling. Scrapping the conventional pop narrative of going out and partying, Sware instead chooses something a little more like ‘Netflix and Chill’. Combining funky slap bass over a driving beat, playful vocal melodies and retro style synths, ‘Chill With You’ is his funkiest release yet.

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Tara-Lynn Sharrock - Tunnel of Love     Pop, Easy Listening 06/10/2018
Tara-Lynn Sharrock is a self-taught, versatile artist with a voice to match any genre, any style, any occasion - with the power of Celine Dion, and the delicacy of Enya.
Tunnel of Love is an upbeat love song. The words describe the feelings that two people have, when they first meet and fall in love.

Tunnel Of Love was written by Patrice Larkin and sung by Tara-Lynn Sharrock. It was recorded by Michael Gerrish at Starmist Studio in Chernside Park, Melbourne. The final mix was completed by Andrew Kerridge.

Twinfolds - Apple City     Pop, Easy Listening, Psychedelic 06/10/2018
Twinfolds is a 4-piece band experimenting with sounds in between alt-rock, bedroom pop and 80s dance-rock.
Apple City is a fun little song inspired by and written about a train trip in Japan.

Easy Street - Sexy Draconian     Pop, Garage, Alternative Country 05/10/2018
Easy Street are a warped, classic pop/garage folk five-piece from Sydney, Australia with a reputation for their raw and energetic live shows.
I think this song exposes a bit of a darker and chaotic element of our music, which you don’t really get in anything we’ve released previously. We tried to produce it nice and real sounding, and I tried to sing it as honestly as I could. We hope all the beautiful people out there dig it!

Joe Sewer - (You Don't Need To Be) Afraid     Pop, Acoustic, Garage, Rock 05/10/2018
Joe Sewer is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter, carving out rugged guitar-driven lo-fi pop – born in the garage but aiming for the skies.
(You Don't Need To Be) Afraid is an unadorned ballad that seeks to reaffirm our individuality and remind us how it can be threatened by fear. It reflects the temperament of the present age and attempts to serve as a reminder of the contentment to be found in our natural selves.

Royce - Casual     Pop, Chill, Easy Listening 05/10/2018
Royce is a 15 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne. She is an up and coming talent and has been played on TripleJ, featured in Triple J Unearthed High's 2018 yearbook.
Royce wrote Casual when she was dealing with rejection and spun it into a story of choices we make in modern relationships. Frank Dixon co-wrote and produced this track.

BREWER - Anything, Everything     Pop, Electronic, Blues, Electronic 04/10/2018
BREWER is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and occasional producer. She writes about things she knows little about in order to better understand them.
BREWER wrote the first version of Anything, Everything at 13. It’s about letting something/someone take over your life and influence your decisions often leading to you losing yourself. When things get too hard people sometimes distract themselves with reckless forms of self-medication to make themselves feel better.

DVNA - Girl On The Move     Pop, Soul 04/10/2018
DVNA, a bold and intriguing project born within the depths of a Gold Coast bedroom in 2017. A creative endeavour inspired by a determination to fulfil her greatest musical desires.
The track mirrors night drives and dance floor vibes with its polished, soul inspired production and certified hooks that weave in and out throughout its duration

Tiarne - Lights     Pop, Electronic 03/10/2018
Tiarne is an Australian indie-pop darling with captivating vocals and sentimental storytelling told in a bed of organic musical elements and subtle electronic production.
A coming-of-age story, Lights is an upbeat, electro-pop song about moving away from friends and family to fully embrace a new city as home. Produced by Clawmachine's Dylan Lindquist, Lights features Tiarne's captivating vocals building into waves of electric energy with pulsing bass, synths and industrial guitar licks for a textured and totally danceable tune.

Ro - F**ked Up Over You     Pop, Folk 02/10/2018
Hailing originally from Margaret River (WA), Ro is a Melbourne-based songwriter with a voice that can caress you in one breath and carve you apart in the next.
A track about playing the player, and deflating the ego of an ex-lover.

Shanon Watkins - We Lived     Pop, Rock 02/10/2018
Brisbane based Shanon Watkins is a stocky, tattooed, red-haired, left-handed singer-songwriter. His infectious pop-rock songs along with his rich and gritty vocals always tell a compelling story.
We Lived is a passionate yet pensive new single from Shanon Watkins. His usual optimistic pop-rock deviates into a slightly more sombre sentiment, but in doing so guides us deeper into his world. ‘Everybody’s days are numbered’ his opening line is buoyed by a reassuring rhythm urging us to follow our hearts to the lives we want to live.

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Kyle Maher - Love Slowly Kills     Pop, Chill, RnB 01/10/2018
20 yr old Producer Kyle Maher is set on making you chill vibes and relaxing times. (based in Darwin, nt)
Love Slowly Kills was written about a close friend who tried to take their own life after her parents had divorced for cheating - and her boyfriend was cheating on her at the same point in her life. It became an overwhelming time and I don't wish anyone to go through anything like that on their own.

Other tracks by Kyle Maher:  Lost  -  Humility