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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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GG - Luxury     Pop 14/06/2019
lyrics after midnight. music in the morning.
'Luxury' is a shimmering, expansive pop song which is complex yet also sweetly simple. Musically, it is spacious and driving. A clarinet fanfare spells out grandeur, yet the lyrics speak of struggling with day-to-day mundanity. Vocals, at times barely more than a whisper, invite the listener in. In later choruses, GG -almost yelling - cautions not to come too close.

Littlehawk - Dream     Pop 14/06/2019
Perth newcomer Littlehawk traverses pop, rock and folk in his debut album Chinchilla and follow up singles Dream and Say It Twice, described by Happy Mag as "incredibly infectious".
Dream is a synth pop tribute to Littlehawk's second daughter and tells of the joy and apprehension of bringing a new life into this world.

Liv Li - Told You     Pop 14/06/2019
Emerging from the Nation’s Capital is LIV LI . An electronic pop act with a devastatingly haunting vocal.
Told you is about being in a controlling relationship and finally taking a stand. Taking back that power.

It's an acknowledgement of her bravery in taking back that control and power in her life and having the courage to move on. And finally having that last damn word!

Pluto Jonze - I'll Try Anything     Pop 14/06/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing indie-pop artists, Pluto Jonze, has just returned with tour dates and new single ‘I’ll Try Anything’, accompanied by a daring live performance video.
The track itself is a striking melancholic ballad that combines themes of psychedelia, indie-rock and experimental-pop. The charming and airy vocals of Jonze float elegantly over raw piano, before exploding into its hazy synths, reverb-soaked guitars and steadfast drums.

Sandy Hsu - Angel Energy     Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric, Chill 14/06/2019
Sandy Hsu is a Melbourne-based singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist. She creates a lyrical world that is articulate, brutally honest, and almost intrusive to listen to.
2nd single from Sandy's upcoming EP She Comes To Me In A Fever Dream out through Healthy Tapes

The Good Minus - Mechanical Shark     Pop, Folk, Rock 14/06/2019
The Good Minus are an all-singing, instrument-swapping power trio. Their songs feature intricate three-part harmonies with a style described as Grizzly Bear reimagining the songs of Elbow.
Mechanical Shark is the first single lifted from The Good Minus’ upcoming album. It immediately grabs attention with lush Acapella harmonies, which are later juxtapositioned by a dissonant, distorted guitar solo. It is a song about the loss of value put on the arts and music, particularly in the education system.

The Lighthearts - Bleeding But Breathing     Pop 14/06/2019
Combining pop-folk fanfare with toe-tapping melodies, soaring harmonies and happy high hopes, Brisbane folk collective The Lighthearts set stages and ears ablaze with their radiant sonic stylings.
This deep and meaningful track poetically captures the dark realities of and emotions associated with mental health issues; possessing hard-hitting lyrics and gripping musical hooks. With the deliverance and combination of soaring vocal harmonies, driving rhythms and eloquent lyrics - Bleeding But Breathing is a captivating strand of pop music.

Wilderness Shout - Liar     Pop 14/06/2019
Wilderness Shout are a 4 piece from Sydney bringing together elements of pop, electronic and soul. They've been making waves with their catchy hooks and gritty production.
Liar is the newest release from Sydney Alt-Pop band, Wilderness Shout. It's about being fed up with fake friends and their faker stories. The song weaves lush synths, punchy drums and a chorus hook thats impossible to get out of your head

Andre Camilleri - Stop Dragging Me Down     Pop, Country 13/06/2019
Arguably one of Australia's most prolific songwriters, Andre Camilleri blends Country, Alternative and the Blues to create unique sonic landscapes of timeless beauty.
I tried to write a song like George Harrison's My Sweet Lord. This is what I came up with...

Other tracks by Andre Camilleri:  Other People Is Hell To Me  -  Poverty Line
Blood Knows - Full Moon     Pop, Electronic, Rock 13/06/2019
Australian singer/producer Blood knows is here with drifting vocal melodies, chiming guitar, and patient, tender song-sketches glued together by synth and sanguine drums.
An ode to childhood nostalgia and bygones, Full Moon is a sweet lo-fi electronic track with all the same tenderness you expect from Blood Knows.

Boy & Bear - Hold Your Nerve     Pop, Folk, Rock 13/06/2019
After the most tumultuous period of their lives both, Boy & Bear are back with a triumphant new single, ‘Hold Your Nerve’, their first new music since 2015.
Produced by Boy & Bear and Collin Dupuis (The Black Keys; Lana Del Rey) and mixed by Tom Elmhirst (Amy Winehouse, Beck, Adele), 'Hold Your Nerve' is an upbeat, optimistic song in which the Sydney band channels their trademark penchant for organic, seventies sounds into one of their most direct, modern and addictive songs to date.

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Chandler Jay - My Own Personal Pain     Pop 13/06/2019
At only 15 years of age, Chandler Jay is establishing himself as one of Brisbane’s finest young Contemporary Pop Music Artists.
'My Own Personal Pain' is about a girl that I have known for a number of years and over that time I developed feelings for her. However, it didn't take me long to see that she had feelings for another guy and the best way for me to deal with the situation was to write a song about it.

Chillingworth - LA     Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Brisbane Based Indie Pop Duo
LA is an upbeat pop rock song with a catchy chorus and epic guitar solo.

Chillingworth - Mirror     Pop, Rock 13/06/2019
Brisbane Based Duo
Mirror is an uplifting song, written to help people who are going through a tough season in life.

Diamond J - Tonight I Am Yours     Pop, Dance 13/06/2019
Singer/Songwriter with original songs and music with pop and dance music genre or style.
An upbeat dance track

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Other tracks by Diamond J:  En Mi Corazon  -  Let's Go Back
Eilish Gilligan - Someone Else     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
"In a world where a lot of stuff is very similar or imitations of something else, Eilish has a lane to herself." - triple j
"When I was really young, I ended a relationship with someone and immediately jumped on the train to head home. I cried quite dramatically, put my sunglasses on and listened to 'Born To Die' by Lana Del Rey for the whole journey. Someone Else is a song for that person on that train, gobbling up sadness like I was starving."

Eugénie - Little Bit in Love     Pop, Chill, Atmospheric 13/06/2019
Eugénie is melbourne/new york city's latest "dream pop mastermind" (Trouble Juice, 2019), whose latest release 'Little Bit in Love' has left audiences in great anticipation of her debut EP, Arrhythmia.
Little Bit in Love is an alternative pop ballad that reminds us life is short, and we don't have to be fine all the time. It’s tells a story of heartache that comes with leaving and returning, and never really feeling at peace in one place. It is a song about our common mortality, and falling in love with strangers.

Gods Cowboys - Petticoat Junction (Smashmob Mix)     Pop, Country, Comedy, Electronic 13/06/2019
Gods Cowboys roamed the comedy plains of Australia from 1992-96. The boys mixed scorching satire with sacrilegious silliness. Schooled in the ways of TV evangelism and pyramid marketing.
The GODS COWBOYS rollicking cover of Petticoat Junction. Petticoat Junction, for those unfamiliar, was a long-running American sit-com about a woman and her three gorgeous daughters who run the Shady Rest Hotel along a really used section of railway.

hygge - Blind Faith     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Sydney based electro-pop duo, hygge (pronounced hue-guh) have just put out their debut single, 'Blind Faith'.
hygge’s debut release ‘Blind Faith’ is pure pop glory replete with velvety harmonies and perfectly understated synth; a combination that works to great effect when a surprisingly sparse EDM rhythm section kicks in. ‘Blind Faith’ explores the pitfalls of love and human communication and wraps it up into a promising debut that proves to be a polished offering of pop.

Jack Errington - Pull Me Closer     Pop, Electronic 13/06/2019
Sydney singer songwriter Jack Errington began his musical career acoustically and has moved into more electronic production. He has honed his craft performing acoustically in the USA and the Philippines.
The experience of a young male going out and trying to find love.

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