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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Aiden Bradley - Mess Things Up     Pop, Rock 04/03/2019
Aiden Bradley is a singer/songwriter from Brisbane who creates
Featuring uncovered Brisbane gem, Lili Rose Porter, 'Mess Things Up' is a dreamy, intimate song about our unwillingness to pull away from relationships we know are bad for us. Featuring gorgeous harmonies and reverberated melodies floating above a solid groove, 'Mess Things Up' is the sad indie banger that'll make you think about texting your ex.

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Baltimöre Charlót - Serpents     Pop, RnB, Electronic 04/03/2019
Written in a bedroom in Tasmania’s remote Huon Valley, Baltimöre Charlót is baring fangs at f*ckbois and complicated relationships with the brooding alt-pop contained in her debut EP ‘Metamorphosis’.
Opening with a synthesiser that’s closer to a church organ in tone and booming percussion, “Serpents” immediate creates a sultry and danceable soundscape beneath Baltimöre Charlót’s feathery melodies. A jagged chorus adds weight to her wispy refrains - "I don’t want to be your secret girlfriend” - as the song builds around her rap-meets-RnB vocals and synthesised counter-melodies.

Other tracks by Baltimöre Charlót:  Eulogy  -  Like You
Chillingworth - Never Let You Go     Pop, Rock, Dance 04/03/2019
Pop duo Chillingworth are making a name for themselves with their punchy synth pop sound, glorious guitar tones and sweet vocals that you could listen to all day long.
‘Never Let You Go’ is a hard-hitting synth pop anthem of love. With an epic intro, punchy chorus and breakdown that’ll just make you want to dance, it’s got all the right things in all the right places. The song is about fighting for love no matter what is trying to grab your attention.

Clap for Alaska - Serendipity     Pop, Rock 04/03/2019
Clap for Alaska are a low to medium impact pop/rock ensemble who specialize in moody bangers about childhood experiences and semi-confused love ballads.
Serendipity is about the weird push and pull stage when just starting out a relationship where you're not quite sure how you ended up with this person but they seem cool, right?

Marét - I Am The Wind     Pop, Electronic, Atmospheric 04/03/2019
Mercurial, magnetic and a creative maverick. Armed with a manifesto to explore creative freedom and a surprising sonic palette, Marét understands her vision is ambitious. However, she’s ready to deliver.
This is the boldest song on the upcoming EP, smacking you in the face with it’s unflinching honesty, unrelenting beat and huge vocals. Rich with passion and energy, this song is about claiming your power. Marét was very inspired by current artists Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Janelle Monae when she wrote this track.

Tyne - Call Home     Pop, Acoustic, Folk 04/03/2019
Tyne is an entertainer, singer/songwriter and leading edge guitarist. He performs with a confident approach to music, and is always a crowd favorite, Debut EP "Before The Storm" available now.
Call Home, the second track written for the EP, inspired by the life of a musician on the road, never forgetting the people and places he loves.

Other tracks by Tyne:  No Goodbyes  -  Mystique
Bonnie Melbourne - Dreamcatcher     Pop, Hip Hop 01/03/2019
Bonnie is a young emerging singer/songwriter based in country Victoria.
This track gives a positive message about friendship, trust and believing in yourself.

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John Keenan - If You Saw Me     Pop, Rock, Folk, Easy Listening 01/03/2019
John Keenan is a Brisbane based singer/songwriter. John’s soulful vocals are complimented by strong harmonic hooks, creating a unique and contemporary take on the genre of Soul and Blues.
If You Saw Me captures a feeling of sentimentality, reflecting on a past relationship. The track sees John Keenan mark his debut and introduces audiences to his unique style of songwriting. Blending his passion for singing and guitar, If You Saw Me, captures years of John Keenan honing in on his craft.

LIV LI - Bloom (James Yammouni Remix Radio Edit)     Pop, Electronic, Dance 01/03/2019
Amidst the crisp, layered production, the off-kilter electronica and the surprising hooks, there’s one common denominator: LIV LI’s unmistakable voice. Pure and powerful, it’s the sound of an assured artist.
We grow up thinking anything is possible. Our dreams are big and uncensored. But then we grow up. And things look a little different to what we planned. Bloom is about still reaching for those things. Knowing that anything great in life is worth fighting for. That it takes bravery, sacrifice and heart to Bloom.

Merpire - Lately     Pop, Rock 01/03/2019
The past 12 months has seen Merpire release her debut EP Endless Chatter, plus support artists including support slots with Angie McMahon, Olympia, Phantastic Ferniture, Oh Pep! Didirri and more.
An initial slow burner, ‘Lately’ quickly unfolds into a dense layering of organic and digital instrumentation that tinkers with elements of indie-rock and garage subtleties whilst maintaining Merpire’s signature pop sparkle. Aching vocal pleas and minimalist production implode into bursts of sonorous guitar breaks, driving percussion and fuzzed-out synths making for a cathartic play of restraint and release.

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Oliver Downes - Look To Windward     Pop, Rock, Blues, Folk 01/03/2019
Melbourne based Alternative Pop artist Oliver Downes effortlessly blends percussive piano with infectious melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.
Look To Windward opens with a beautiful and delicate piano progression. Intricate guitar and brass arrangement adds soothing flavour throughout. Oliver sings of the challenges experienced when losing someone you love, waiting for feelings of happiness to return. Oliver takes you on a dynamically rich aural journey from start to finish. Enjoy!

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Spree - Fun Police     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Techno 01/03/2019
Spree makes DIY Dance Pop with elements of techno, house and EBM. Her tracks are fun, upbeat and ready to party.
Fun Police is a response to the current war on culture and festivals in NSW.

“Your party is killing our party”

Her most political track yet, ‘Fun Police features SPREE’s usual pop techno aesthetic, with elements of bouncy house. The track is a call to dance, to celebrate the talent of local musicians and remember life-changing moments in the club.

We All Want To - Cotton     Pop, Rock, Alternative Country 01/03/2019
We All Want To are a indie super-group that make sublimely intelligent music for the sheer joy of it - whilst putting their own spin on classically-melodic power-pop
First single Cotton shows the band moving with typical agility over an atypical chord run and structure. This sister-song to 'The Haze' opener 'Eileen Afternoon' paints a simple picture with a series of polaroid-snapshot dream-memory lyrics and irresistible harmonies.

Other tracks by We All Want To:  Come Home, Be Mine  -  Babysitting
Anthony Kale - You're The One (Extended Remix)     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Techno 28/02/2019
Anthony Kale a number 1 Artist on Independent Radio U.K with Be Responsible & Without A Word catchy sing along tunes like You're The One, Norfolk Dreamer, etc
A song with a lot of emotions bound to lift you up with energy with a uplifting dance beat with the latest fresh sounds produced by ex Kylie Minogue producer Sam Panetta.

Anthony Lucas - Locked On You     Pop 28/02/2019
Anthony Lucas is a pop recording artist based in Melbourne Australia. He has been performing since age six, and has performed in Australia and the USA.
Locked On You is an upbeat pop song feat. Donny Casper.

Other tracks by Anthony Lucas:  Nothing To Lose
Bobby Alu - Finally     Pop, Reggae, Easy Listening 28/02/2019
Australian/Samoan rhythm superstar curating smooth feel and harmony || Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flow...
'Finally' channels his Polynesian culture's respect for elders and explores the ageing process of dealing with an expanding mind as the body declines. Musically, the single sees Alu experiment with a slightly altered sound, pairing a slinky beat with simple yet spirited guitar and bass work, topped with his signature alluring vocal tone.

Calan Mai - Friend of a Friend     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country 28/02/2019
Hailing from the Gold Coast, Calan Mai is making waves across the world with his incredible songcraft and musicianship.
Stunning piano track in the vein of Death Cab for Cutie and Band of Horses.. featuring the brilliant songwriting talent of Calan Mai.

Sophie Ozard - Catcall     Pop, Rock 28/02/2019
Punchy guitar pop from Byron Bay
This song is for anyone who's ever been Catcalled. It was written when I was 16 and coming to terms with the way that the world treats women.

Other tracks by Sophie Ozard:  Resuscitate
The Cameramen - Dance Dance Dance     Pop, Rock 28/02/2019
A 4-piece from Adelaide, The Cameramen play progressive-pop songs based around guitar, piano and sax, with the baritone vocals of Richard Sallis at the forefront. We have fun.
Dance Dance Dance is a pop-rock jam in 7/4 driven by a tom rhythm and a sax riff. It also features ukulele and backing vocals from Daniel Altmann, usually confined to the drums. It is the first single off an upcoming 4 track EP.
Production by Island Studios. Thanks to support from the SA Music Development Office.

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The Oogars - Scream     Pop 28/02/2019
Gold Coast/Byron girl band the Oogars formed in 2018 with plenty of music to come. Blending together dreamy harmonies that resonate with surf rock and psychedelic melodies.
The song is about being young and not wasting your time on things or people that don’t deserve it and just having fun and not taking things so serious.The verses relate to thinking about our attempts at love or life and our fails, and the chorus plays on that, and saying ‘it didn’t work but ah well we had fun!