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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Stellar Addiction - One More Day     Pop, Acoustic, Easy Listening 06/12/2018
Stellar Addiction are a five piece band from Sydney, Australia, channelling pop/punk vibes blended with alternative influences.
“One More Day” was written to remind us all that there is always someone batting for us even on our darkest days. Depression and anxiety can be exhausting, let this song be the encouragement you need to reach out and talk to someone.

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Lachlan Quaife - Work of Art (from "Light & Dark")     Pop 06/12/2018
I'm an audio student form SAE Institute, Sydney starting out to be a film composer and this is a song from a short film.
The single is from a short film called "Light & Dark" about a happy-go-lucky guy who is a photographer and an introverted dancer who has her own believes about this world. This is song is a promise of love from him to her.

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ALAN - Shadow Man     Pop, Retro 06/12/2018
ALAN is a multi-talented singer & saxophonist from Adelaide, SAHis singing has a timeless quality which enables him to cover a wide range of styles.
Who is Shadow Man? I like to think he’s a crime-fighting vigilante, too busy and selfless to pursue his own pleasures. In truth, Shadow Man is based on the composer’s own experience. The message of the song is simply to take the plunge and go out into society and meet people. The alternative is a dark road.

DRELLER - Fade     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Atmospheric 06/12/2018
Thomas Rawle, who operates under the nom de plume DRELLER, is a Sydney-born artist, producer/multi-instrumentalist, animator, and filmmaker. He has a talent for crafting dark, beat-forward blasts of hook-laden alt-pop.
Fade is Dreller's most stripped back and atmospheric single to date. He hopes to make more music like this in the future.

Other tracks by DRELLER:  I Feel Your Life  -  Shape Of Love (Acoustic Version)
SARSAPARILLA - heartbreak     Pop, Rock, Electronic 06/12/2018
Sarsaparilla is a bedroom producer and songwriter. They draw influences from far afield to create beats using found sounds and samples.
heartbreak is a ready made lo-fi summer banger infused with dream-pop ice creamy sweetness. It's a cross between MGMT and Jack River that dwells on having your heart broken...and maybe even liking it.

ANGE - Cuando Va A Acabar (When Will It End)     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Hip Hop 30/11/2018
Barcelona born singer-songwriter and striving producer ANGE combines a fresh blend of neo-soul, pop and electronic music. Some have tasted Erykah Badu, NAO and Kimbra in her sound.
Oozing with delectable beats and shimmered with lush vocals,‘Cuando Va A Acabar’ (meaning “When Will It End” in Spanish) is raw and personal; a moody infectious song that combines Spanish and English building a bridge between genres and cultures. The single is a wakeup call to not settle with what’s not right, touching on anger with a glimpse of hope.

At The Dakota - Disco     Pop, Rock, Dance 30/11/2018
Hailing from tropical Darwin, indiepop band At The Dakota are one of the most exciting bands from the NT with addictive pop sensibilities and hooky, quirky lyrics and melodies
Fast paced, frenetic and fun. Disco is about growing old and resenting what you've become. Mad mouthfuls of lyrics, synth for days and lots of reasons to dance like a crazy person. A little bit of the NT's mango madness for your ears.

Bec Lavelle (feat. Ben Ransom) - There Is A Star That Shines Tonight     Pop, Acoustic, Cover Version, Easy Listening 30/11/2018
Known globally as the voice of the TV series, "McLeod's Daughters", Bec Lavelle is one of Australia's most instantly recognisable voices.
The voice of McLeod's Daughters - Bec Lavelle - has joined together with one of the hottest new names in music, Ben Ransom, to record a special Christmas duet.

“There Is A Star That Shines Tonight” is written by one of the globe’s most successful singer-songwriters of the past two decades – Sheryl Crow.

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BOLEYN - The Revisionist     Pop, Electronic 30/11/2018
BOLEYN is a solo musical project by Brent Alex
The lead single off of BOLEYN's upcoming EP 'Speaking Out of Turn'. A genre-bending emotional exploration of the aftermath of a 'situationship'.

Broads - I Fed The Horse     Pop, Easy Listening, Downbeat, Atmospheric 30/11/2018
Melbourne queens of indie-noir Kelly Day and Jane Hendry are Broads. Haunting, narcotic and deceptively sweet, their songs are laced with acerbic criticism of the culture from which they stem.
‘I Fed The Horse’ challenges social constructs and delves into the wells of the mind to observe and embrace the full spectrum of human emotion.

“A family connected by their emptiness trying to figure out where it came from. Is it nature or nurture? Does it matter? In the end, who we are, we are.”

Desert Sparrow - Drive     Pop, Rock 30/11/2018
Sydney band Desert Sparrow are influenced by 60’s rock n roll, spaghetti western, and surf. The result paints images of solitude and perseverance on backgrounds of desert roads & coastlines.
Drive is about that moment when you suddenly break free from the shackles of mundane life, when you say goodbye to everyone and everything you ever knew. You hop into the car and just drive. Everything behind you and nothing but the open road ahead. It’s the image of driving through isolated land to end up somewhere peaceful.

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Emma Whines - I Like It That Way     Pop 30/11/2018
With a voice akin to Stevie Nicks and a passion for producing jazzy, low-fi instrumentals, Emma Whines is someone you'll be listening to for years to come.
I like It That Way is an brooding song taken straight from family turmoils that have played a consistent part throughout Emmas life. With a Jazzy undertones and a voice that first breaks your heart, and then puts it back together, you'll be feeling a connection like no other.

Harry Phillips - EMMA     Pop, Rock 30/11/2018
Harry Phillips: *Finalist in Billy Thorpe Scholarship *Won JCM International Songwriting, flew to Amsterdam *Participated in 50 songs in 5 days *Tutors refugee kids for free *Animal rights activist.
Emma is a catchy pop/rock tune - you will be tapping your feet from the first bar. A great first release from the 23 year old Brisbane singer songwriter.

Kirsten Tsoltoudis - Phases     Pop, RnB 30/11/2018
Multi-talented 18-year-old singer/songwriter/dancer and influencer Kirsten Tsoltoudis
Phases is a beautifully woven blend of RnB and pop

Klara Zubonja - The Winds Of Life     Pop, Experimental, Psychedelic 30/11/2018
Klara Zubonja, a progressive alternative pop singer-songwriter who forms a unique sound of her own, with underlying hints of experimental soul, jazz, psych, and other.
It’s about meeting oneself, facing all facets that lie within, and learning how to go with the flow. The song expresses various tempo and time signature changes, as Klara reminds you of those ups and downs in life, but nudges you to let those winds of life carry you far.

MDWS - Clouds     Pop, RnB 30/11/2018
Electronic R&B producer, singer/songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist based in Gold Coast.
"Clouds" is about a time I watched the sunrise from my apartment balcony in Gold Coast. As I stared at the ocean below me one morning, I remember feeling completely at peace. I wrote the song to capture and recreate that same feeling.

Once a Runner - Lost at Sea     Pop, Rock, Britpop 30/11/2018
Once a Runner are one of Melbourne's premier indie bands.
Lost at Sea is a song about hope and love.

Reverie - Princes     Pop 30/11/2018
reverie combines indie pop with subtle electronic soundscapes to create a unique and truly emotionally provoking sound.
An energetic track, this song is reminiscent of Madonna’s Confessions on a Dance Floor with resplendent flourishes of 80s synths backed by punchy guitar riffs that immediately hook you in.

A reference to Niccolò Machiavelli’s classic, Princes explores the cost of wanting to elevate yourself above those around you.

Rocco Bene - Empty     Pop, Dance 30/11/2018
Sydney based artist and ‘All Together Now’ Australian TV judge
‘Empty’ is a heartfilled hit that touches on the sentiment of losing a loved one and moving on. The process of mourning sparked the creative melodies for Rocco while he was in Italy, Capri just after the passing of his mother.

The Great Emu War Casualties - Gimme Gimme Shimmy Shimmy     Pop, Funk, Electronic 30/11/2018
We have come from all different corners of the universe to create some slightly off-kilter pop music honouring our fallen comrades in the Great Emu War of 1932.
It is a guitar/synth pop/funk track with some lyrics about living in the 21st century.

Other tracks by The Great Emu War Casualties:  Sad Seaweed People  -  Just Whatever