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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Cecilia Brandolini - Red     Pop, Alternative, Soul, Indie 20/09/2019
With celestial piano and vocals, this messy-haired act spouts rhythmic and emotional art that's as evocative as it is catchy. She'll have you clapping and singing along in no time.
There’s a vulnerability in Cecilia's voice and the hauntingly delicate piano that supports it, then, just as the story starts, the beat hits and the story takes a turn from meek to bold.

This track's juxtaposition evokes a feeling of tug-of-war between love and anger and the power that they both hold.

Janey - Hurts Me Like Hell     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Alternative, Indie 20/09/2019
Members Sarah and Billy Otto have been noted for their high energy and eccentric live performance, and are excited to release their debut EP later this year.
The song was birthed from a moment of disconnect with a family member and encapsulates the gravity of that moment. It has a Taylor Swift-esque beat, Ben Whincop (Panama) mixed it and our dear friend David Andrew (Gang of Youths, Jayesslee) came on the production journey to bring it to life.

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Josh Novak & The Caravan Kids - Suffer     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Rock 20/09/2019
Josh Novak & The Caravan Kids are energetic and anthemic 6 piece alt-pop band from Melbourne.
A dynamic pop rock anthem, delivered with a strong smooth vocal. Guitar and piano driven, the song builds twists and turns around the heavy-hearted lyricism before delving into a cinematic trumpet climax.

Maari - Breathe     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 20/09/2019
Alternative Pop duo blur the lines between music for the heart and music for the dancefloor. With comparisons to JuliaMichaels,Chainsmokers andallthingsDisney the duo have been dubbed ‘Paramore and Flume’s Lovechild.’
'Breathe’ touches a raw nerve for the duo; exploring some dark places through a mix of serene harmonies, delicate layers and aching vocals. The duo draw upon their earlier singer-songwriter influences and their love of a heartbreaking ballad, revealing some strong roots in Anthem-like Pop and old school Scene music. Recorded in the Duo’s studio, and mixed by Simon Cohen

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Mickey Kojak - Video Games     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 20/09/2019
Mickey Kojak is an electronic musician, producer and vocalist from Sydney, Australia. Kojak’s music is multifaceted with everything from honest lyrical ballads with lush, ethereal soundscapes to face-melting electronic anthems.
Following the release of his EP Together, Mickey purchased a PlayStation to dive into some casual gaming. After three months of no contact with the outside world, Mickey’s manager called him and asked "Where have you been? Seems like all you’ve been doing is staying up late playing video games. Write some god damn music” - so he did.

Tina Muzondo - Midnight     Pop, Soul 20/09/2019
Tina Muzondo is a Zimbabwean born songstress with big dreams and butter smooth vocals. Tina was raised in a gospel centric household.
Tina Muzondo’s vocals have a delicious husky quality, there’s an air of Betty Davis in there, but in a totally re-envisioned way. Midnight takes us back to that sweet spot in the 90’s, when the summertime R&B groove had integrity and held all the sweetest elements of soul vocals and locked- in- the- pocket rhythms.

Elizabeth - beautiful baby     Pop 19/09/2019
Elizabeth’s solo music is a full floral bloom of heartache and personal reaffirmation. Her voice shimmers, remaining light to the touch as it conveys a multitude of emotions.
'beautiful baby' is about leaving the chaos of a relationship behind. it's about trying to understand how a love that was so beautiful could be a thing that ends. we took a lot of inspiration from the music of twin peaks for this song, hoping to re-imagine the magical spell of angelo badalamenti and julee cruise.

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JEFFE - Motionless     Pop 19/09/2019
Hailing from Sydney, JEFFE creates the sound of a day dream - half asleep, dusty, its unreliable narrator convinced only of soon having to descend back down into the haze.
An upbeat, breezy song on the surface, pulsating with a delicate staccato instrumentation, 'Motionless' has a much deeper and darker meaning in its concept. JEFFE sings with almost with morbid anticipation for embracing her inner turmoil. 'Motionless' reflects on the darker corners of the mind, the turbulence of emotions, the moments you think that maybe you’re too far gone.  

Taylor B-W - Be Mine     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul, Indie 19/09/2019
Emerging Sydney-born Kiwi singer-songwriter, Taylor B-W, blends soulful, Michael Jackson-style melodies with moody, Banks-esque lyrics in an electro-pop and R&B shell.
Taylor B-W's newest track is called 'Be Mine', with groovy music, a catchy hook but with gloomy lyrics. The song's lyrics came from a dark place that B-W was in at the time. B-W was angry that building relationships organically nowadays felt hopeless. Instead of feeling more connected to people she felt more estranged "loneliness is a silent killer nowadays."

Zsuzsika Lencses - Show me the stars     Pop, Indie, Soul 19/09/2019
Zsuzsika Lencses is an artist with strong vocals and a powerful message. She supports mental health through her original songs.
Show me the stars represents friendship.That one person you can count on through thick and thin. The person who holds you accountable, who accepts your flaws and catches you when you fall and loves you unconditionally. No matter who it is, we all need or have that person in our lives.

Lonelyspeck - Drown     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/09/2019
Lonelyspeck is the project of Adelaide-based singer, songwriter, producer and visual artist Sione Teumohenga.
"At those times I want to remind myself to trust that I know me best. But more than that I think this song is addressing my own persistent fears about owning myself and living my truth. The image of being encased in a decaying skin until I pierce it and free myself is particularly relevant to that."

Bouclette - Euphoria     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Rock 18/09/2019
Bouclette is Ben Crook - Drummer and composer from Melbourne. Synthwave Dream Pop
The second single from Bouclette. This high energy track is about the highs and lows of chasing excitement and ultimate bliss. Inspired by the likes of Prince, Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem. Collaborating with with Baxter Avalon on vocals.

Synth solos - Ehsan Gelsi from synth rock band Oolluu
Animation by Tom Fraser. Directed and Edited by Ben Crook.

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Lucy Burke - Calm Before the Storm     Pop, Easy Listening 18/09/2019
Sydney singer-songwriter Lucy Burke writes and performs music that fuses ambient, acoustic and pop styles into her own unique voice, drawing influences from Lana Del Ray, Portishead, and Norah Jones.
Calm before the Storm is a song about embracing the unknown, confronting one’s fears and finding faith in yourself during the hard times. The song is dynamic, heartfelt, emotive and cinematic. It follows a narrative arc - from insecurity and fear to confidence and inner strength and is a celebration of overcoming obstacles.

Spinifex Gum - Together     Pop, Indie 18/09/2019
Production duo Felix Riebl and Ollie McGill from The Cat Empire and the talented teenage Indigenous women from Marliya Choir under the leadership of Lyn Williams make up Spinifex Gum.
Spinifex Gum’s musical collaboration ‘Dream Baby Dream’ – an ongoing call to share the dream of a First Nations Voice in the Constitution – is being followed by the September 16 release of their inspiring new single ‘Together (ft Marliya choir member, Brianna Durante)’ and the November 8 release of their pop-laden second album ‘Sisters’.

Adrian Eagle - Caught Up     Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul 17/09/2019
An Artist who oozes in neo-soul traditions and classic hip-hop grooves layered under Adrian’s powerful emotive vocals and lyrical storytelling unlike anything else in this country right now.
Adrian’s life and experiences laid bare for the listener, an outlet to share his struggles with the world in the hope of helping others overcome whatever struggles they are facing in their lives too - carefully written and selected to reflect uplifting and important messages he wants to share within the community.

Other tracks by Adrian Eagle:  Housing Trust  -  Be The Love
cln - Breaksmyheart     Pop, R&B, Easy Listening, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 17/09/2019
Australian artist cln blends elements of future-beat, chill-trap and electro-RnB to create his own form of beautifully chilled electronic music that has been likened to Flume, Snakehips and Odesza.
After giving us four lead singles over the last few months and making promise of his upcoming debut album, Australian artist cln is now making good on that promise as he delivers his incredible 10-track debut, ‘Dawn Chorus’.

Indoor Fins - Here It Goes     Pop, Rock, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Psych 17/09/2019
Indoor Fins is the 'super-pop' musical brainchild of WA songwriter Timothy Nelson. An epic journey through 70s psych and prog rock combined with French inspired electro pop.
An epic journey through 70s psych and prog rock combined with French inspired techno, all in three and a half minutes. Influenced by ELO, Supertramp and Daft Punk.

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Lavrence - Radio Man     Pop, Electronic 17/09/2019
Sydney LGBTQI+ artist Lavrence burst onto the scene in a big way in 2019, prompting every listener to shine from within, with hit single "My Space" and through every show.
Sydney LGBTQI+ artist Lavrence has returned with the follow up to his hit single from earlier this year, “My Space” with the equally joyous and life-affirming track, “Radio Man”. A song about self-image and identity, it explores the idea of ‘success’ and the notion that it can be cultivated, felt and even experienced from within – regardless of outside perception.

TAMMA - We Know Better     Pop 17/09/2019
After a rough few years of loss and devastation, TAMMA uses her music to heal and therefore creates savvy, uplifting pop, that's as vulnerable as it is energetic.
Melbourne artist Tamma has collaborated with American producers Kiings to create upbeat the summer anthem 'We Know Better'.

Separated by the Pacific Ocean, Chris, Sean and TAMMA got to work crafting the track over FaceTime to offer up a summertime morsel about leaving your worries at the door and enjoying the simple things in life.

Ulation - Unforgotten Feat. Connor Claridge     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance, Indie 17/09/2019
Ulation is a Melbourne based Producer & Multi Instrumentalist working across genres to carve his own sound amongst it all. His sound combines Pop, Soul and Electronic sounds.
Unforgotten Featuring Connor Claridge is a carefree track written based on the experience of moving out of home into the real world.