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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Morgan Bain - Blood     Pop 14/03/2019
Morgan Bain talks in the manner of someone who’s having to work hard to tame the thoughts whizzing around his head. He's guided by synesthesia, whereby Bain ‘hears’ colour,
Blood is a slow-burning ballad with atmospheric, icy piano nestling alongside elegant warmth of strumming acoustic guitars. Bain’s falsetto elevates it into the stratosphere in the chorus. This moving amalgam of beats, sampled sounds and Bain’s soulful vocals speaks of an artist moving away from the blues and roots of his earliest works to land on a sound that's his.

Nathan Smart - Future     Pop 14/03/2019
20 year old electro pop singer, songwriter and producer from Melbourne
Future is Nathan's first single of 2019, an energetic and percussive synth-pop anthem with snappy vocals and a huge chorus!

Neighbour - Ken Done     Pop, Electronic 14/03/2019
From intimate, solo folk and pop performances to energetic five-piece shows with flares of rock and electronica. Neighbour is built upon versatile songs that lend themselves to multiple situations.
A song themed by the insecure thoughts of an experience on Tinder.

Patrick James - What We're Fighting For     Pop 14/03/2019
With his husky vocals, self-deprecating charm and story-telling chops Patrick James is one to keep a close eye on.
'What We're Fighting For' is a truthful, beautiful alternative-pop melody that focuses on "being mid 20’s, trying to find your way in an expensive city and at the same time keeping a healthy and functioning relationship AND at the same time staying mentally right". James combines smooth production and catchy beats on this track.

President Street - Can't Go On     Pop 14/03/2019
Gaining strong radio support in the UK and US College, President Street are on a roll getting ready to tour the UK to support their new single 'Can't Go On'
Can't Go On is a song about lost love. With lyrics we can all relate to ‘this feeling of loneliness/it chills me to my core’ it started as a simple acoustic guitar track that grew wings as layers of vocals and synth hooks were laid over it. Elegant and with a mighty hook, it’s no wonder the buzz is building.

Sali Bracewell - Cwch Bach Coch     Pop, Folk 14/03/2019
Sali Bracewell is a Welsh/Australian singer-songwriter and pianist. Sali performs regularly throughout Australia and the UK where she will often be found singing in her native tongue, the Welsh language.
First Single from Welsh/AUS Singer-Songwriter, Sali Bracewell's debut album, Kismet.

'Cwch Bach Coch' (Welsh for 'Little Red Boat')

Produced by Greg O'Shea, with additional instrumentation by Paul Ruske, Dave Williams, Ben Jackson. Mixed and Mastered by Simon Pool and Greg O'Shea. Recorded at Arena Music HQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Sleuth - In The Dark     Pop, Folk, Roots 14/03/2019
Sleuth (Melissa Francis) is a female singer-songwriter from southwest Victoria. She pairs soaring soulful vocals with sugar-sweet lyrics, over minimalist funk, quirky pop, and electronica.
In The Dark is a bittersweet quirky pop song warning of the lies, confusion and blurring of the lines that occur when people behave deceptively and keep secrets in relationships. The song's happy-go-lucky, bluesy feel makes for an easy-listening experience directly in contrast to the darker meanings in the lyrics.

Steady Garden - Confidence Thing     Pop 14/03/2019
Reflecting the constancy and change of a five album solo catalogue dating from 2004, Melbourne's Tim Guy has assumed the alias Steady Garden for an eponymous new album.
With a James Bond-esque opening guitar riff that evokes memories of old school spy movies, Confidence Thing harks on feelings of inadequacy in a world of ego driven madness.

TALIA - Whole Again     Pop 14/03/2019
TALIA is a Singer/Songwriter from Adelaide. Her debut single is titled 'Whole Again' and is out now and available on all Music download and streaming services!
A powerfully emotive song about finding love only for it to be destroyed by the betrayal of a partner and the deep despair and longing of wanting to feel Whole Again.

Vast Hill - Heartbreaker     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Retro 14/03/2019
Diving into a pastel coloured, dreamy playground of synth pop, VAST HILL bring you ‘Heartbreaker’. Electronic percussion, funky bass and Elle Kress’ soaring vocals, ‘Heartbreaker’ is a sweet as sugar.
Super glamourous synth pop, like a cross between Human League and Confidence Man. It's like every 80s movie soundtrack together! Taking cues from local synth pop masters Touch Sensitive and Donny Benet they weave dreamy pillows of pop with hazy soft vocals. Mixed by Luke Million (I Know Leopard, Stranger Things ST) and co-produced by Michael Chow (FROYO, Phoebe Starr).

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Yorke - Wake The City     Pop, Chill, Electronic, Easy Listening 14/03/2019
Yorke is the latest sonic exploration into the world of indie pop by Byron Bay’s 20-year-old Grace Hughes.
Being widely touted as ‘one to watch for 2019’ from the likes of YouTube, Cool Accidents and Pilerats, Yorke has dropped her second single 'Wake The City'.

Co-written and produced by Andy Mak, the track is about disempowerment in a relationship and how often that begs the question of whether to sacrifice who you are or to appease your partner.

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Jofi - Fly Baby     Pop, RnB, Acappella, Ambience 13/03/2019
Jofi is a 21 year old musician who combines her love for indie and soul music with a dazzling, layered approach to vocals.
'Fly Baby' is about being vulnerable in love, loss and finding peace in letting go. It's about putting someone you love ahead of yourself and in the process, losing sight of who you are. 'You take on the world and I'll love you when you come home. No need for eyes on me when you can fly for us both'.

Other tracks by Jofi:  Before the Morning
Bec Lavelle - All These Goodbyes     Pop, Country, Easy Listening 13/03/2019
Known globally as the voice of the TV series, "McLeod's Daughters", Bec Lavelle is one of Australia's most instantly recognisable voices.
"All These Goodbyes" is the follow up to the acclaimed, "Keeping You Up".

It's the second release in a series of new single releases slated for 2019.

Bec is an Adult contemporary singer songwriter with influences from many other genres such as country, pop and acoustic.

The track was recorded in Germany and mixed in Brazil.

LLC - In Time     Pop, Acoustic, Rock, Punk 12/03/2019
Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and producer LLC (AKA Lorenzo La Cava) combines Emo and Pop Punk in order to create his lush Alternative Acoustic soundscapes.
In Time opens with beautifully rich and multi-layered vocals proclaiming "I wish you well" - very much setting the tone of the new single from Sydney artist LLC. A luscious female harmony is featured throughout the track, adding a whole new dimension to In Time. Uplifting, bright and earnest. Press play and brighten your day!

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Pearl The Girl - Little Animal     Pop, Rock 12/03/2019
Sydney based artist Pearl The Girl creates an infectious brand of Indie Rock. The talented songweaver effortlessly combines earnest, heartfelt lyrics with a touch of flirtatious moxy.
Little Animal is Indie Rock at it's best, and is laden with plenty of Pop to hook you in. Press play and your toes will be tapping within seconds! Pearl The Girl tells an earnest tale of the 'one night stand' in playful pop fashion.

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Sinclaire - Torn In Two     Pop, Rock, Live Performance 12/03/2019
Sinclaire are a new alternative outfit from Sydney, Australia. Vocalist Michael Cross, drummer Lachlan Mcdonald, guitarists Aiden Turner and Joshua Gonzalez & keyboardist Jake Sheath founded the band.
Torn in Two is about constantly comparing yourself to other people and feeling like you always have something to prove. Not because you are looking to impress others but because you have an overwhelming feeling to be the best at everything you do. I treated it like an open letter to myself.

Kyle Maher - Serenity     Pop, RnB 11/03/2019
Influenced by artists including John Mayer, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean and Rex Orange county Kyle's music floats around your head to help you get through moments that pull us down.
Serenity is a hazy lament of young love and sets this young artist on path of greater refinement. Between viscous synths and and redemptive piano, Kyle Maher’s cathartic guitar threads his experience and aspirations into a track that offers wavy reflections and clear skies ahead.

Sam J - Friends     Pop, Electronic, Dance 08/03/2019
Sam J is a 27-year old singer, songwriter & graphic designer. Her genre-bending songs leave you torn between feeling love, lust, loss or all of the above.
Friends is an alternative R&B H.E.R-esque slow jam inspired by the soulful beat of Kiana Lede’s EX and the electronic-pop touches of Charlotte Lawrence’sSleep Talking. This sensual and emotional tune encapsulates the feeling of one-sided romance and the disappointment that comes with expectations not quite meeting reality but also recognising one’s self-worth and walking away from a toxic situation.

Damien Johnson - Long Walk To Nowhere     Pop, Easy Listening, Britpop, Folk 07/03/2019
Damien Johnson is a solo singer songwriter from Ipswich, in QLD. He has moved around quite a bit, having lived in Armidale, Bundaberg, Brisbane and Toowoomba.
This son describes the heartache of going through a breakup and feeling that sense of returning back to the lonely place where you once came, only with more scars on your heart.

DreamGood - Fast Love     Pop, Ambience, Experimental, Folk 06/03/2019
DreamGood is a three piece art/folk/pop ensemble from the Sydney region. They blend poetic, bold, upfront language with cinematic, often eccentric musical orchestration.
Fast Love is a simple pop song, its lyrics are intentionally stripped back to almost child-like language. Words are used like dumb repetitive symbols, and the choruses rise up out of the verses backside. Soaring high as good choruses do. The beauty of the song comes from the circular catchy hooks of the guitar and flute synth in conversation.

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