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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Grey Horizon - Choices     Pop, Acoustic, Rock, Chill 08/12/2018
Grey Horizon are a 4 piece original band from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. We have an alternative, indie / blues rock approach to song writing.
How the choices we make impact others without us knowing.

Jonah Myers - Cold Spring     Pop, Soul 08/12/2018
Dream, write, record, edit, produce, mix, master, rinse, & repeat. Very inspired by every single thing that happens.
Cold Spring is a small village about one hour north of New York City (by train). It's a very pleasant place, and they have a lot of ice-cream shops. This song was inspired by a summer day trip to Cold Spring, and thinks about city life, country life, and friendship

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Other tracks by Jonah Myers:  Movie Night  -  Listen Up
Taj Ralph - All I Do     Pop, Hip Hop 08/12/2018
Taj Ralph has spent most of 2018 with his head buried in textbooks. Having graduated from high school, the emerging artist can now get back to his first love, music.
Taj shares his brand new single ‘All I Do’. The track sees him team up with long time collaborator Taras Hrubyj-Piper and producer Nic Martin. Showcasing a unique blend of jazz guitar and modern RnB, fused with slick production and Taj’s dreamy vocals – the song is a breezy summer anthem in the making.

Swazi Gold - Disco     Pop, Rock 07/12/2018
Swazi Gold is Melbourne's freshest new drum-machine driven 3-piece formed by the chief songwriters from local staples Crepes, Dreamin' Wild and Sagamore.
The first single from the album is "Disco", written by Jennings. He says the song is about, "moving to Melbourne and seeing how we've all changed. We've all come from these bands that were heavily influenced by the coast and were our hometowns. They've changed a lot. We've kind of stopped being from the coast," he says.

Wing Defence - Hindsight     Pop, Punk, Rock 07/12/2018
Just a couple gals that are here if you need. Always playing for the greater good of the team.
Hindsight is about the frustration of witnessing a friend not being able to cope with life, repeating the same messy patterns and mistakes along the way.

Sydnee Carter - Give It All Away     Pop, Dance 07/12/2018
WAM award winning singer-songwriter Sydnee Carter is progressing in leaps and bounds thanks to her chameleonic abilities. Working with Slumberjack, 360 and more, Sydnee is again releasing superb solo material.
Sydnee Carter's new single Give It All Away ushers in the next phase of what is already a runaway career. Focusing the heightened emotion of love at first sight, Give It All Away is brimming with hope and naivety – energising Sydnee's incredible voice with the irresistible optimism of youth.

The Franky Valentyn Project - Last Christmas Together     Pop, Easy Listening, Funk 07/12/2018
Franky Valentyn is a well known, respected and multi award winning Australian Composer, Musician and Artist whose songs, music and albums have been described as 'absolutely stunning masterpieces'!
Last Christmas Together, is the sad but true story of having to come to grips with the decision to leave everything in your world behind you and to do it on Christmas Eve!

A hard choice involving, not only giving up your life as you know it, but also your loving partner and beautiful daughter, just as Christmas is dawning!

Other tracks by The Franky Valentyn Project:  The Party (has just begun)
Acyyx - No Saint     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Christian 07/12/2018
Acyyx is a project by Aussie Independent artist Andrew Ball. Raised in country NSW on music from all genres, Acyyx offers an eclectic fusion of folk, electronic and dream pop.
No Saint is a confession of the perfect imperfection of the human condition. A personal and raw declaration of the fact that its okay to make mistakes, we all make them and we all have the opportunity to grow and learn from them if we allow life to be our great teacher and healer.

Other tracks by Acyyx:  I Give It All To You  -  Our Hearts
JamarzOnMarz - Bless You (Achoo)     Pop, African, Hip Hop, Gay Alligned 07/12/2018
Based in Sydney, JamarzOnMarz is a lyricist and saxophonist who identifies as gay.
Bless You (Achoo) is a family friendly Afro-pop fusion with Latin inspiration. Jamarz says the track was written after a break-up with a boyfriend who "was so rude when I sneezed I couldn't even get a bless you". The single features Jamarz speaking in Swahili and English, as well as his own alto saxophone, sampled throughout.

Willem Kingma - Choke     Pop, Retro, Rock 07/12/2018
Willem Kingma has spent most of his life drawing, writing and making films. So this here is his first attempt to express something to people through the form of music.
"Choke" is Willem Kingma's first attempt at writing, performing and recording a somewhat full length song, a "bite sized" song. The song was recorded using a MIDI keyboard plugged into garage band, a computer mic and an Iphone to record drums. PLEASE ENJOY MY CLUNKY TUNE

Keytar Kids - Broken Heart for Christmas     Pop, Comedy 06/12/2018
Dropping their Christmas hit down your chimney. Get down, get up and get over it with the Keytar Kids.
Disappointed with your presents?
Kick back with cracking, keyboard consolation from the Keytar Kids

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DEAN FOREVER - You Brought Me This Christmas     Pop 06/12/2018
Dream Pop duo from Adelaide, South Australia. Recently recorded their debut self-titled album, which received national airplay, and toured nationally in 2018 for both the album and Bigsound
Our first followup from our debut album, this is our melancholy take on the Christmas song genre.

Dream Dog - Threat     Pop, Electronic, Chill, Atmospheric 06/12/2018
Dream Dog's songs form from extensive late night synth jams. Four friends from the country, now based in Towradgi and Sydney and taking a collaborative approach to lucid synth pop
Threat is a lucid, coastal synth pop tune about the little convoluted little things we say to the people we love

Nine Year Sister - Everybody's Going Somewhere     Pop 06/12/2018
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Everybody's Going Somewhere' is a light, feel good piano track filled with heartfelt lyrics.
The song begins with soft piano ballad verses and leads into stronger guitar and drum filled choruses.

JAYDEAN - Touch     Pop, RnB, Chill, Soul 06/12/2018
R&B/Soul Artist
JAYDEAN takes us back to the old school era with his debut single, Touch! However he’s definitely not shy on highlighting his fresh points of difference.
Infusing elements of live instrumentation and the smooth production of Melbourne producer, Julian Steel.

Sgt. Hulka - Forget Me Now     Pop 06/12/2018
Piano driven Indie Pop with a quirky edge. Influenced by bands such as Dresden Dolls and Regina Spektor they take a deliberate left-wing approach and play catchy pop songs
Forget Me Now is a name Gob Bluth, from TV show Arrested Development, gave his memory erasing pills. He used these pills after he had a big night. We've all been there, drank too much and done things we wouldn't usually do then ended up with regret in the morning. Would it be nice to just forget?

Zigzag and the Astronauts - Go Out and Play     Pop, Rock 06/12/2018
Zigzag and the Astronauts are a band of fun loving animals, travelling through space playing rock music for kids!
Wake up, have breakfast, and then go out and play!

Other tracks by Zigzag and the Astronauts:  Silly Things  -  Dad's Cooking Dinner Tonight
Gav Brown - ARTIST DREAM     Pop 06/12/2018
Sound Circus Album videos by Gav Brown have been viewed so far 1.2 million times prior to release of the Sound Circus Album,
What special place do you go for creative inspiration and tranquillity. This inspired the artist dream

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Other tracks by Gav Brown:  SEND IN THE CLOWNS  -  LIBBY
Allola - High Horse     Pop, Electronic 06/12/2018
Allola is a Melbourne based electronic pop singer, songwriter and producer. She teams edgy vocals with ethereal sounds and 80s inspired synthtronica in her catchy sparkling tracks.
High Horse is a glittery concoction of electronica and dream-pop. With glassy, 80’s inspired beats and flawless vocal delivery, High Horse is guaranteed to be taking over your summer party playlists.
While the new single is driven by strong pop hooks and infectious production, it still navigates some weighty issues, with the lyrics exploring the darker side of love.

Siena Larsson - Collateral Damage     Pop, Easy Listening 06/12/2018
Ardent, emotional young singer/songwriter, Siena Larsson, delivers personal and passionate lyrics to upbeat and memorable melodies. Her captivating voice, with rich, bright tones perfectly showcases her pop meets ballad style.
There's a certain truth that 2am and one too many vodka sodas reveals...that there is often a choice to be made; to settle or to be lonely. Siena Larsson's debut single uses insightful lyrics and a catchy melody to explore this struggle and the conflicting emotions that go with it. When searching for the one, there is always 'Collateral Damage'.