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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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IVEY - Won't Be     Pop, Rock 10/10/2018
The road to success for Gold Coast five piece IVEY has been one littered with many achievements. Since landing a spot on Triple J Unearthed’s ‘Distinguished Achievers’ list for 2015,
Bristling with melody, a refined pop songwriting knack and a confidence in delivery that has come from their last few years not just on the road, but in various studio sessions, Gorgeous is IVEY’s latest step into the spotlight and represents a young band operating at their most dynamic yet.

SARSAPARILLA - POSTCARD     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Gay-Aligned 10/10/2018
SARSAPARILLA is a bedroom producer based in Melbourne. They draw influences from far afield to create beats using found sounds and samples.
SARSAPARILLA teamed up with Sydney based singer/songwriter Rubi, and producer Pete Holz (Gang of Youths, Peking Duk) to produce this first offering - a dreamy, melancholy pop soundscape.

The track POSTCARD is an homage to lives lost and possible futures never seen. It draws on the struggles of conformity and the desire to belong in an increasingly complex world.

Aegean Sun - ULTRAVIOLET     Pop, Dance, Chill 09/10/2018
Started as a recording project of two high school friends developed into full band following a move to Inner-West of Sydney which saw the songwriting duo flesh out the lineup
"Jack and I switch vocals halfway through the song. The half where I sing, for me, isn't particularly literal but explores the themes of uncertainty and expectations while ultimately ending in a feeling of self-acceptance.” Says Tim Kesby.

Approachable Members of Your Local Community - Only Friend (feat. Tamara Dream)     Pop, Electronic, Rock 09/10/2018
Taking time out of their neighbourhood watch and bake sales, Melbourne’s septet Approachable Members of Your Local Community will today release the shimmery new single ‘Only Friend (feat. Tamara Dream)’.
The hummable track is a duet with fellow Melbourne musician Tamara Dream. A euphoric tonic of funk, pop and harmonies culminating in swirling synths for the biggest earworm of the year. Already winning over media, the single was chosen as part of triple j unearthed's NIDA film clip competition which will premiere on Rage on October 6th.

Benn Allsop - Here To Tell You     Pop 09/10/2018
Benn Allsop is earning his reputation for creating his emotionally driven ‘positive pop vibes’ and making his mark in the industry.
As a kid, I could never imagine finding that true love that you see in the movies or read about in books. 'Here to Tell You' is written about that moment when that 'real love' hits you right in the chest, and takes over your soul.

Cub Sport - Sometimes     Pop 09/10/2018
4 piece indie pop band from Brisbane
Written in the midst of the BATS album campaign, “Sometimes” was inspired by a culmination of the highs of having their music connect with people whilst Tim adjusted to making himself so open about his identity.

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James Crooks - Move On feat. Coast & Ocean     Pop, Electronic 09/10/2018
While ‘Move On’ represents a fresh start for James Crooks – the artist is no newcomer to the scene.
Liberation Records are pleased to reveal ‘Move On’, the brand new single from Melbourne-come-Newcastle producer and multi-instrumentalist James Crooks. ‘Move On’ is moody and emotive with an infectious beat and inviting melody. To complete the arrangement, James Crooks has enlisted a heart wrenching vocal from local artist Coast & Ocean (aka Alex Johnson).

Julia Jacklin - Body     Pop 09/10/2018
Today, much-adored local singer-songwriter Julia Jacklin shares ‘Body’, her first release since 2017’s double A-side Eastwick/Cold Caller.
A stunning melding of delicate guitar and gentle vocals, ‘Body’ sees Jacklin taking stock and exploring some hard-hitting realities.

Leticia Maher - Take Me There     Pop, Alternative Country, Folk, Soundscapes 09/10/2018
With her feet in folk, blues and alt-country, Leticia Maher’s head is in the dream pop clouds.
Take Me There is about the longing escaping to another place in her mind

Other tracks by Leticia Maher:  Ain't Never  -  Sailing Again
Segue - Blood Reflections     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock, Electronic 09/10/2018
Segue is an alternative pop project from Perth, WA.
Blood Reflections is the 3rd and final single from Segue's upcoming debut album, Primary Ties.

SKŸE - Better     Pop, Folk, Chill, Soul 09/10/2018
SKŸE, young Melbourne singer/songwriter who captivates with his androgynous vocals and ability to intertwine various styles and influences within his work.
Better is a song that explores hindsight. A beautifully blunt truth. Although there was a vague feeling during the toxicity, still it was avoided because the love was too blinding, the love got in the way of logic and reason. A slow heartbreaking ballad that explores the sombre reality of regret. Looking back 'I thought I knew better...'

Tram Cops - this is it     Pop, Folk, Jazz, Electronic 09/10/2018
Tram cops is a genre bending bedroom pop band from melbourne
‘this is it’ provides an excellent jumping off point into the world of Tram Cops, and is the embodiment of an album that combines bedroom pop, jazz, folk and psychedelic.

Other tracks by Tram Cops:  LA  -  bb jesus
Cool Sounds - Cassandra     Pop, Alternative Country, Rock 08/10/2018
Playful, earnest guitar music for long haul drives, sunsets, gardening and contemplative walks.
"Cassandra" is the second single from an upcoming LP, out 26/10/18. A rollicking, riff driven track with a distinctly live feel, the uncomplicated structure & swing time bliss bring that alt-country vibe the band do so well! Deeply steeped in nostalgia, it's about a relationship with an older person. It's sad, but has that warm feeling of looking back.

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Desert Moons - Come Over     Pop, Psychedelic, Experimental, Electronic 08/10/2018
NSW Central Coast-based experimental-electronic pop duo Desert Moons have just revealed their stellar new cut ‘Come Over’ – produced and recorded by the group themselves at their home studio.
Taking cues from the likes of Tame Impala, Talking Heads and Winston Surfshirt, ‘Come Over’ is a melting pot of psych-rock, indie-rock and synth-pop. Driven by its steady rhythmic section and glimmering with fuzz-out synthesisers, the track is capped off by enigmatic front man Jake Dobson’s infectious melodies floating elegantly and effortlessly above.

Tamma - Beat You Down     Pop 08/10/2018
After a rough few years of loss and devastation, TAMMA uses her music to heal and therefore creates savvy, uplifting pop, that's as vulnerable as it is energetic.
Sparkling guitars, hard-hitting pop percussion and a killer vocal hook from TAMMA lead the way - but the reason Beat You Down hits so hard is its deep roots in vulnerability.

Cameron Murray - Woman in Time     Pop, Folk 06/10/2018
Cameron's clear soulful messages guide you to be present and open in life's journey. Bright melodies and intentional lyrics incite opportunity for personal evolution and discovery of a ‘bigger picture’.
She might take you back, or you'll just find a better match... either way, you'll have your woman... in time :)

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Other tracks by Cameron Murray:  Neverending Summer  -  In the Zone
Carla Kleverlaan - Eurydice     Pop 06/10/2018
Carla Kleverlaan is a singer/songwriter and new to the music industry. As a past athlete and therapist she likes to makes songs that are about positive change in the world.
This track was inspired by Eurydice Dixon, a talented aspiring Melbourne comedian who was sadly lost too soon, walking home from a gig.

Her murder ignited fierce debate about women's safety and some men's treatment of women.

This song is a tribute to Eurydice, and for all women both past and present, and the hope, for a better future. #EurydiceSong

Charly and the Pines - Avalon     Pop, Rock, Folk, World 06/10/2018
Charly and the Pines is an alt folk rock act created by Charly Bradshaw. The album 'Avalon', out soon features Arron Bool, Alan Kelly, Erin Sulman, Gary Ward and PRB.
Along the rugged cliffs and the wild seas, Avalon is an ancient tale of love with atmospheric soundscape vibes.

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Demi Mitchell - Dancing In The Sand     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Roots 06/10/2018
Demi Mitchell's new record ‘The Overflow’ is a culmination of dark and dreamy melodies, psychedelic-folk and introspective lyricism best drunk in as a passenger on your next highway drive.
Dancing In The Sand is the respite from some of the darker moments on the record. It’s more of a light-hearted number with a cruisy groove and uplifting strings. It reminds me of Summer nights in Newcastle, swimming after dark and getting up to no good. It’s about remembering to not take everything too seriously and to savour pleasurable moments.

Dream Sister - Wait     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock 06/10/2018
A 6-piece Pop/Alternative Rock group; their debut EP Miasma shows their influences from Prog Rock, to soft Acoustic, to funky pop rock.
A soft, atmospheric love song about two people who are unable to be together yet. A very strong sense of longing between the two vocal tracks increases the tension and love behind the word 'Just, just Wait'.

Other tracks by Dream Sister:  Not Enough  -  Plan