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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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soayla - Same     Pop, Electronic 18/12/2018
soayla is a singer and writer making garden pop for people.
‘Same’ is the second single from the Australian-born musician soayla.

It's a chill pop song with Latin influences and biting lyrics.

The song was co-written and produced by Rick Torres, a Costa Rican producer based in Los Angeles, and frequent collaborator of soayla's.

please enjoy!

Harry Carman - Change     Pop 17/12/2018
Harry Carman is a 23-year old singer-songwriter from Canberra who writes, and records, stunning songs.
Change is a stunning track from Canberra's Harry Carman, written about the need to adapt to an increasingly changing world.

Franjapan - Christmas Day     Pop, Garage, Easy Listening, Psychedelic 14/12/2018
Franjapan are a Melbourne quintet whose neoteric interpretation of 1970’s pop-rock and neo psychedelia music coupled with hazy psych-distortions have led to them tailoring a uniquely benign yet danceable sound.
Christmas Day depicts the feeling of seeing a past lover move on with someone else.
Though the song may outwardly appear as a Christmas song, it’s a cry of heartbreak.
The chorus uses Christmas for the protagonist to wish ‘Eebee’ (the female character) to not reveal her love to this new man but instead return to him.

LOVER - Best Side     Pop, RnB, Chill, Electronic 14/12/2018
Indie RNB artist from Western Sydney.
Best Side is an Indie Rnb song about seeing the best in somebody when they don't see it in themselves.

RachelRachel - Not The Same     Pop, Electronic 14/12/2018
RachelRachel is a singer songwriter from Darwin. Her debut EP, "Inertia" will be released January 2019. The first single recently won NT Song of the Year in the electronic category.
Not the Same is a track I wrote when I moved to the NT. It was written about breaking bad patterns that kept veering me off course on my musical journey. I recorded it with renowned producer Stuart Stuart (apt) and I was lucky enough to win the electronic category of NT Song of the Year with it this year.

Other tracks by RachelRachel:  Wonderful, Whatever  -  Hold Your Breath
Glenn Shorrock - The Night Owls     Pop, Easy Listening, Rock, Live Performance 13/12/2018
With a career spanning more than 50 years, Glenn Shorrock is one of the elder statesmen of Australian contemporary show business.
An updated rendition of The Night Owls by Glenn Shorrock produced by Steve Balbi. In studio with Glenn were other top class musicians including Pete Drummond (drums), Jak Housden (guitar1), James Van Cooper (guitar2), Dario Bortolin (bass), Robbie Woolf (keys), Glenn Cunningham (bv’s), Hugh Wilson (bv’s), Phil Stack (upright bass on Reminiscing), Mitchell Rogers (lap steel), and Ross Middleton (sax).

Kids At Midnight - By Your Side     Pop, Electronic 13/12/2018
Kids At Midnight is a solo singer/songwriter/producer making lush dreamy indie synth pop that swirls and weaves like the final scene in your fave 80s movie.
Piercing vocals, swirling production and energy that seeps in deep with the listener - ‘By Your Side’ takes its cues from pop greats including Kate Bush and Stevie Nicks, while delivering some great moments of vocal drama. “I’m not alone, not anymore,” she sings. “Now I’m right by your side. For now and forever.”

Lizzie Lysons - Last Love     Pop, Acoustic, Christian, Folk 13/12/2018
The EP is considered a concept album, as the tracks on the album together in the exact order form a larger scenario overall.
Sounds like new word that hasn't been discovered in the dictionary yet. Inspired by the top of the Magic Faraway Tree.

I actually wrote this when I was living 25m's away from my boyfriend! We are now living together. The chorus has the lyrics, 'Love Is 'Round The Corner,' which is the name of the EP.

Watch video

Other tracks by Lizzie Lysons:  I Would  -  By Your Side
Don Mai - Every Time     Pop, Folk, Acoustic, Rock 12/12/2018
Don Mai is a Pop singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. While focusing mostly on pop, Don’s music also traverses through rock, acoustic and alternative genres
This song is written as if it was a scene from a movie. Meeting someone for the first time and falling in love at first site. It's about how meeting the right person can completely change your life around.

Other tracks by Don Mai:  Anywhere  -  Travel
No Mono - Unchained Melody     Pop, Easy Listening, Classical 12/12/2018
First performed this cover at the Sydney Opera House, having an immediate reaction with fans, desperately wanting a recording. Not since the Righteous Brothers, has there a more powerful interpretation.
No Mono first performed this stunning cover at the Sydney Opera House. It had a most immediate reaction with fans, desperately wanting a recording. Not since the Righteous Brothers covered 'Unchained Melody' has there been a more powerful interpretation.
No Mono cover 'Unchained Melody' a 1955 song, music by Alex North & lyrics by Hy Zaret

Rinehearts - Can’t Do Nothing     Pop 12/12/2018
Rinehearts are a Perth Power pop trio
With an overall sound best described as a cross between The Replacements and Reigning Sound, Rinehearts have been delivering catchy tunes since forming in 2016. This undeniably captivating latest single ‘Can’t Do Nothing’ is the band’s first new material since the EP release and is the title track from their forthcoming debut album, set to be released early 2019.

Chasing Giants - Drunk     Pop, RnB, Rock 11/12/2018
Chasing Giants combine an incredibly smooth mix of R & B and Rock to forge their signature sound.
Drunk opens with en electronic soundscape accompanied by twanging rock guitars and a smooth-flowing male vocal. Chasing Giants have the ability to effortlessly combine contemporary R & B and Rock music in order to create their infectious sound. Press play and enjoy!

Eleanor Ailie - Lion     Pop 11/12/2018
Singer-songwriter from Canberra. Pronounced ay-lee, Eleanor Ailie’s just released the first single from an awaited 6-track EP
Beat/drums kick in from the 2nd verse. One for the heartbroken or those who've known it.

Jacob Rohde - Her & You     Pop, Electronic, Dance 11/12/2018
I write, perform, record and mix everything you hear in my bedroom. A mixture of live instrumentation, synths and samples.
We're having a baby!

Ladia - Feel the Same     Pop, Dance, Electronic, RnB 11/12/2018
Ladia is an Australian based singer-songwriter. The emerging artist brims with quiet confidence, as she takes her infatuation with R&B and Electronic Pop music to create her own unique take.
With R&B undertones, ‘Feel The Same’ is a sugary pop song with a unique take on electronica. Crammed full of wistful lyrics, at once sweet and sassy, the electro-summer jam will tear your heart in two, but keep you dancing through the pain with infectious melodies, sweet vocal delivery and all too relatable lyricism.

Steady Garden - Rebel     Pop, Rock 11/12/2018
The debut track from Melbourne artist 'Steady Garden'. Taken from the upcoming self titled album (March 2019).
Rebel started its life out as a working title "DBmAG".. and was only changed at the last minute prior to release..
The track was written as a 'one take' attempt as a song, and it didn't change much from its conception to the completed piece..

Watch video

Stefanie Passione - Take My Hand     Pop 11/12/2018
A recording artist from Perth, Western Australia. Stefanie Passione is a 20 year old singer/songwriter. Her first solo television appearance was at 12 years old for Channel 7's Perth Telethon.
A pop upbeat track about running away with the person you love. This is Stefanie's third song release for 2018.

Tom Fowkes - Lionheart     Pop, Rock, Roots, World 10/12/2018
Tasmania based multi-instrumentalist Tom Fowkes, writes, records and releases emotive and heartfelt compositions.
'Lionheart' is a song about self-worth, empowerment and a little bit of adoration... Inspired by a friendship, it speaks to the doubting, fearful part of us to be brave and [hopefully] realise the magic we truly be.

Other tracks by Tom Fowkes:  I'm Still Thankful  -  Southbound
Nic Dalton - Way Out Jim #2     Pop 09/12/2018
Nic Dalton, has been in many bands such as the Plunderers and Sneeze, but is most at home recording his psychedelic pop songs on his Tascam 244 four track machine.
Way Out Jim #2 is a faster version than the one originally released in 1992 by Nic's band Godstar. This one features Smudge drummer Alison Galloway. The song is about not seeing the German singer live when she toured Australia in the mid-80s in case you were disappointed.

Other tracks by Nic Dalton:  Red Electric Noodle  -  King Of My Feelings
Svene Kupe - Sword thru the heart     Pop, RnB, Soul, Reggae 09/12/2018
34 year old with his new sound that comes from the soul.
this song is about hurting that much after a breakup the only way to fix it is to take the leap from the top as most people fell after this situation.