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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Simon Pianta - Dirty Laundry     Pop, Folk 09/10/2019
Australian singer/songwriter Simon Pianta has performed all across Australia and his new album encompasses themes such as climate change, love, leadership and vampires!
Dirty Laundry is about someone who wants their previous partner back

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Other tracks by Simon Pianta:  Matter of Fact
Anthony Kale - Beautiful Stranger     Pop, Dance, Easy Listening, Indie 04/10/2019
After being No#1 Artist on the Indie Radio Charts in the U.K with over 100.000 spotify streams & radio airplay across the globe comes his new single Beautiful Stranger...
Beautiful Stranger has got all catchy hooks you need to sing along too with a feel good vibe that makes you wanna dance with a nice sax solo produced by ex Kylie Minogues producer Mr Panetta..

Available on all digital stores like Spotify iTunes Google Play Apple Music

Baxter Avalon - Witness     Pop, Indie 04/10/2019
Baxter Avalon is the minimalist synth-pop side project of Melbourne-based songwriter/musician/producer Lilith Lane.
The second single from Baxter Avalon is a shameless homage to the 80's with an uptempo Juno synth based love song about human connection. The video sees Baxter levitating in her bedroom as she delivers this heartfelt pop tune.

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George Maple - Superhuman     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 04/10/2019
George Maple is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multimedia artist with over 340 million Spotify streams, US #1 records, and sell out shows from Paris to Sydney.
This song is basically a reflection of where I'm at in my life at the moment. It is the moment our protagonist meets a love interest and begins to awaken her inner vixen. She starts to realise the importance of laughter, joy and flirtation. It's about new romance and being open to new opportunities. Let your super-freak flag fly.

Holiday Sidewinder - Whispers     Pop, Dance, Indie 04/10/2019
Holiday Sidewinder is in control. A prime example of a uniquely feminine, multitiered power, Holiday is the real deal. Pure pop, smart, catchy and sexy AF.
Whispers is a song about wayward love and wanting your partner back when they’re gone. “I’m asking for the river to set me free” is her plea.

"Whispers" sounds a bit 80's, a bit future synth. and a bit 60's, with lyrical content straight out of the Bangles' songbook it's ultimately just classic pop.

Other tracks by Holiday Sidewinder:  Holiday Inn
Ivori - Warning Signs     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 04/10/2019
Ivori is an indie-pop artist from Wollongong. Ivori has created an eclectic indie-pop sound, combining her intimate, reflective and heartfelt lyrics with synth driven electronic production.
Warning Signs is an indie-pop track about owning up to the past mistakes we've made in past relationships, and opening up about the guilt we carry. It perfectly showcases Ivori’s effortless, reflective and heartfelt storytelling, paired with 80’s inspired electronic production. The song is a pop anthem with stripped back verses that develop into powerful synth driven choruses.

Sahara Beck - Queen Of Hearts     Pop 04/10/2019
Sahara Beck is set to release her EP, Queen Of Hearts. Crafted by ARIA Award-nominated producer Tony Buchen (Courtney Barnett, Montaigne), it’s fearless, flamboyant and brimming with seductive art pop.
Filled up with adrenalized art-pop, glistening guitars and undeniable beats, chased down with Sahara’s trademark sass and swagger

Joaquin Lees - Nights     Pop, Alternative 03/10/2019
Joaquin Lees is an electronic pop project consisting of singer/songwriter Roy Gordon and producer Daniel Hill.
Driven by it's lush sonic flowerbed, singer Roy Gordon's soothing vocals glide throughout, creating the perfect sense of euphoria to ease into. Inviting listeners to unwind and mute the voices of their inner demons, Roy opens up about his own mental issues, encouraging others to show support and comfort to those who might need it.

MARLOE. - Ruminate     Pop, Alternative 03/10/2019
MARLOE. is a young independent artist who combines splashes of electronica with lush, soaring vocals and beat-driven melodies.
"‘Ruminate’ is about the emotional and physical reaction your body has when you start to fall for someone. It’s about that connection you create when a person goes from being a total stranger, to someone you want to know every single thing about," MARLOE. explains.

PRETTY BLEAK - Jawline     Pop, Indie, Rock, Alternative 03/10/2019
For Melbourne indie-electro group PRETTY BLEAK, their first single out the gate is anything but. A strong and vibrant cut of music that demonstrates the musicality of the group.
PRETTY BLEAK make a determined entrance with charged up debut single, ‘Jawline’. Developing their new music between vocalist Sam Thomas’ home studio and Homesurgery Recordings (Melbourne), PRETTY BLEAK brought engineer Jon Grace (Dear Seattle) onboard the project to add some mixing finesse to tie up its final form. Dark pop synths, soaring vocals and expert production layered throughout.

Jeffrey Chan - Precious     Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/10/2019
Giving pop and 00’s influences a modern electronic edge – Jeffrey Chan is a singer/songwriter who is unafraid to push the boundaries.
In facing his flaws and jealousy issues, Jeffrey Chan releases his new single “Precious”. Following 2018’s “FaultLine“, Jeffrey has released his latest single “Precious”, a synth heavy hook-filled pop track, ventures into new lyrical and sonic territories, as Chan opens up and reflects on his past relationships.

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KONNIE - Hide & Seek     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 02/10/2019
Melbourne-based KONNIE is a voice to be reckoned, with powerful soaring vocals, dramatic builds, and intimately personal lyrics
Infused with Moombahton-style beats, earthy tones, and an epic chorus, the single draws on tropical influences, giving it a vibrancy and texture perfect for the impending Summer months.

“Hide & Seek” is her way of reaching out to people and sharing her struggle with mental health and battling insecurities, saying let’s talk, open up to me… ‘where are you hiding’.

DJ JAZZY - I Miss You     Pop, Hip Hop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening 01/10/2019
DJ Jazzy hailing from Sydney, Australia. DJ, Producer, Singer/Songwriter with a passion for writing Pop/Dance music.
I Miss You is about missing someone, is one of the most painful things in life and most of us at some stage experience this. When we miss someone deeply, it can be for several reasons. The person may have died, moved away, entered a new relationship or changed personality due to illness.

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Hey Skotty - Happy Days     Pop, Children's, Indie, Easy Listening 01/10/2019
Take a dash of Jack Black, Jack White and Jack Johnson, and you'll meet someone "Hey Skotty"; A smile inducing, pop-producing, original artist hailing from the northern beaches of NSW.
Happy Days is a summery uptempo feel-good song with a retro 60's-pop Beatles/Beach Boy-esque feel to the music polished with a big production. It's catchy, colourful, well produced, and conveys a positive message of care-free fun.

The song was written and performed by Skotty and co-produced with Stuart Stuart (Veronica's / Dean Lewis / Sheppard )

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Jozsef James - i Am Human     Pop, Rock 01/10/2019
Imagine if Michael Hutchence fronted a band with Prince and Peter Gabriel
A crunchy guitar rock/pop anthem, infused with sultry vocals and lyrical attitude discussing the modern ‘swipe left’ relationship culture and lack of connection we humans somehow draw ourselves to.

Lara D - Blast Off     Pop, R&B 01/10/2019
Lara D's cut above talents in both singing and her rap game have gained her widespread attention, and have backed her as the one to watch in 2019.
Teaming up again with chart topping hit makers the Banton Brothers, this high energy party anthem is tailor made for radio with all the hard hitting 808s to keep you dancing with a little splash of Spanish infusion. Lara D shows a whole new side of her artistry with this surprisingly pop / rap centric record.

RAYN - OMM     Pop, R&B 01/10/2019
Combining R&B and Pop elements, RAYN isn't afraid of genre-blending. In fact she often rebels against the idea of “fitting in”, believing people should be brave enough to stand out.
Breaking the stereo type that only men can sing about sex, RAYN uses this beautifully written song to express sexuality in a fun easy listening style.

DOOLIE & XMPLA - No Game     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 30/09/2019
Rising Gold Coast singer-songwriter DOOLIE (Doolie Shadforth) and Western Sydney producer, singer-songwriter XMPLA (Aaron Tarasiewicz) have aligned to create ‘No Game’, an emotive alt-pop duet.
With both artists delivering sultry verses building into an unexpected powerful chorus, ‘No Game’ is guaranteed to provoke goosebumps and awaken the listener’s sensations. Despite the intensity of emotion radiating from the track, the craftiness of the duet envelops a conversational feel.

Amarevois - Ecstasis     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Dance 30/09/2019
Composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, visionary artist, poet, author, film maker and photographer, Amarevois' work explores the divine and the demonic and seeks to enchant and to dissolve unhelpful conceptual boundaries
Ecstasis is the first release from the concept album Oraculum, which is also a feature film and novel series being developed by Amarevois - a sci-fi fantasy crossover that explores shamanism, psychedelics, artificial intelligence, metaphysics, time travel, mythology, technology, the descent into history and the nature of the human experience. Its' music video won a coveted AIMVA award when released.

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Annalise - Never Want You To Go     Pop 30/09/2019
Young Singer/ Songwriter Annalise, Brings a soulful flair to her music. Her songs are bound to touch the heart. Sincerity and honestly are both key elements to her music.
Reflecting elements of the popular genre her poetic lyrics and uplifting arrangement creates a captivating listening experience. With soulful flair and her unique and completely magical talents, Annalise creates a love song that will endure a timeless romance with the international music scene.

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