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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Green Buzzard - I Don't Want To Be Alone     Pop 25/06/2019
‘I Don’t Want To Be Alone’, the first new music from Green Buzzard in almost two years, is well worth the wait.
Produced by Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Weezer) at his rambling LA studio, the single marks a new chapter for the Sydney based project of singer and guitarist Paddy Harrowsmith. Dialling back the distortion in favour of a new found clarity and directness, the song allows Harrowsmith’s knack for writing an earworm to shine.

MVP - Can't Get You off My Mind     Pop, Acappella, RnB 25/06/2019
MVP are an up-and-coming vocal band from Brisbane, Australia striving to create original a cappella music. Blending elements of Pop and R&B music together, every sound is created by voice
An a cappella original track - dancehall beat mixed with pop and R&b vibes

Seeker Lover Keeper - Wild Seeds     Pop 25/06/2019
Accompanying news of Seeker Lover Keeper's second full-length album 'Wild Seeds' comes the release of the title track and second single.
Accompanying news of the album comes the release of the title track and second single ‘Wild Seeds’. The song is an exhilarating departure from the band’s indie-folk roots, here Blasko, Seltmann and Throsby embrace drama and pathos with an uninhibited performance of soaring vocals and three-part harmonies inspired by the joy and turmoil of youth.

TALIA - War On Love     Pop 25/06/2019
TALIA is a Singer/Songwriter from Adelaide, Australia. After being on The Voice Australia in 2016, TALIA has hunkered down in the studio. This is her second single, War On Love.
A Powerful Pop song about fighting to hold on and trying to let go of an abusive relationship and the rollercoaster that comes with being caught between your mind and your heart.

Lewis Ciavarella - Better Days     Pop, Chill, Soul 24/06/2019
Lewis Ciavarella is a Melbourne based singer/song writer/producer and performer. He is about to release his debut EP "One" and a whole new sound to the Australian music industry
Better Days is a song about pushing forward

Other tracks by Lewis Ciavarella:  Sleepless
Keshet - Whoever Gets Me feat. Carly Spencer     Pop, Dance, Electronic, Rock 23/06/2019
A middle eastern fusion artist that cross genres from rock to world music and everything in between!
The follow up to the viral single ‘Dangerous Road,’ ‘Whoever Gets Me’ is a new dance-pop creation from Keshet.

In order to produce the modern flavoured track, Keshet teamed up with international psytrance producer Alpha Male (USA, Brazil, Spain and Israel) and fellow Perth singer Carly Spencer (of Millhouse).

Onarse - Too bad, Too sad     Pop, Chill, Psychedelic, RnB 22/06/2019
Onarse is a Singer, Songwriter and producer based in Sydney, Australia. Performing in genres such as Alternative, Indie, contemporary R&B, Chill, Lo-Fi music.
Too bad, too sad was written in regards to those who have ever felt “dumped” or “not good enough” for someone... too bad, too sad... that’s their loss, not yours!

Other tracks by Onarse:  Nostalgia  -  December 14, 2018
Amba Shepherd - Something Beautiful     Pop, Dance 21/06/2019
Amba Shepherd burst onto the scene in 2012, teaming up with dance music legend Hardwell now she's gone on to become on the countries biggest songwriting exports.
Off the back of her recent collab with EDX, Australia’s own Amba Shepherd continues to cultivate her ever growing following with the release of ‘Something Beautiful’, out now on Central Station Records. Produced by Germany’s illustrious MOGUAI, ‘Something Beautiful’ opens with gentle piano chords that lend themselves to Amba’s angelic voice, which then seamlessly blends into the anthemic dance bassline.

Angie McMahon - And I Am A Woman     Pop, Rock, Folk 21/06/2019
Angie McMahon is a musician who loves honest songwriting and romantic melodies. Angie loves to write and perform across the full dynamic spectrum, shifting between gravelly intimacy and pounding rock.
Angie’s intimate and powerful songwriting couples melancholy and solitude with anthemic guts, and truthful storytelling, which is connecting with audiences around the world. Latest single, ‘And I Am A Women’ Angie says “There are all these things that our society teaches us about bodies, spaces, choices, feelings, safety, that we have to question and unlearn and do better with."

Dean Manning - Casino Town     Pop, Rock 21/06/2019
"I set up a studio in the basement of my brother's house and just started throwing these ideas down."
Casino Town opens with gentle acoustic guitar strums, accompanied by a beautiful lead guitar line. Dean sings the ever-changing landscapes he witnesses, both internal and external. A gorgeous track from start to finish that will very quickly have you reflecting on your life journey. Another outstanding release from this legendary Australian singer/songwriter.

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DIET - Resemble Love     Pop, Rock, Dance 21/06/2019
DIET are five best mates from Melbourne who whip up a unique blend of driving guitar pop for all to enjoy.
"This track is all about wanting validation from someone. You want to know if they feel the same about you, or if it's just you feeling it (awkwardly and quite obviously). Whilst the intentions are playful and light-hearted, I think the song takes some of the most mature twists and turns we've come up with"

FeelsClub - So Done     Pop 21/06/2019
A humble sextet unleashing creative havoc in the form of dancey trash pop; sometimes raw, allegedly erotic, mostly unapologetic.
So Done is an apathetic shout out to myself over how maybe I am just done caring about anything. I hope it helps others to sing along arm in arm at to realise they are not alone

Hayden Calnin - F**k Collingwood     Pop 21/06/2019
From early beginnings, singer/songwriter and producer, Hayden Calnin has carved out a path refusing to adhere to convention and genre.
I’d lived in Collingwood, of Melbourne, for the last 10 years. I’ve loved it, hated it, and left it. ‘F**k Collingwood’ is a reflection on my time living there, about me realising that I had to get out of the city and find some space for a while, and go live near the ocean. At least for a little bit.

Other tracks by Hayden Calnin:  Late
India Dupriez - Know Me     Pop 21/06/2019
Pop Star in the making, teen sensation, India has the versatility to create a sound that's sometimes melodic and catchy and other times cool and vibey.
Know Me is a song about a girl and a guy who are somewhat into each other but the guy doesn't take the time to get to know her. Sometimes we fail to communicate our feelings to each other because we are so wrapped up in technology (Our Phones) ."Know me" describes this situation in a cool pop song.

Meya - Reason     Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, RnB 21/06/2019
Songwriter, music producer and vocalist based in melbourne, exploring ways to combine multiple genres to produce catchy music.
She makes your heart play drums, she makes your body feels numb and she makes you act dumb around her. Is she really the reason?

Miiesha - Black Privilege     Pop, RnB, Soul, Indigenous 21/06/2019
From Woorabinda in Queensland comes a voice ready to be heard. A strong, proud Pitjantjara/Torres Strait Islander woman, Miiesha is using her RnB/Soul laced music to educate and inspire.
“For me it's about people thinking they know me and my people before we’ve met. Thinking we get everything easy, they get their information from someone who isn’t black and then make these decisions that affect us. I’m just asking people to listen to the real stories, that survival ain’t that beautiful, but we as a people are.” - Miiesha

Robert Cini - Time Machine     Pop, Folk, Alternative Country, Acoustic 21/06/2019
Australian Songwriters Award winner Robert Cini's deeply melodic songs infusing multiple genres accompany a truly unique stage aura and ability to capture audiences with his powerful soulful voice.
The soft classy tones of a 1920s piano and gentle strums of acoustic guitar, underlie waves of ambient strings washing over Cini’s desperately soulful vocals, The song’s beautifully reflective and intimate lyrics call to mind feelings of a lost and irrecoverable love.

Telescreen - In Mind     Pop 21/06/2019
An indie/pop band from Melbourne, formed by four twenty-something uni students during their early life crisis.
‘In Mind’ follows the story of someone feeling under-valued and taken for granted in a relationship. It’s about falling into that deadly trap of knowing you’re being mistreated and under-appreciated but being unsure of how to pull yourself out.

The Sunday Estate - We Were Kids     Pop 21/06/2019
Inner West Sydney 'Nostalgia Pop' Band
'We Were Kids’ is inspired by the struggles synonymous with navigating your 20’s, particularly in dealing with fading or souring friendships, finding balance between priorities such as new careers and studies, and attempting to maintain and hold onto the relationships that keep us grounded and solid.

Vast Hill - Oblivion     Pop, Electronic 21/06/2019
“The Sydney-based dream-pop duo perfectly blend melody and groove, crafting a four-part harmony that will have you swooning.” - Happy Magazine
Priding themselves on textured and dynamic sounds that nod back to the nostalgia of ‘80s synth-pop, yet keeps things very much in the now with punchy modern production, Vast Hill prove they’re not just your flash in the pan indie-electronic act.