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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Amy Elise - How Bout No     Pop, Acoustic 20/03/2019
14 year old Gold Coast teenager Amy Elise is a fresh new voice telling stories of teenage angst in an alt pop acoustic style.
How Bout No is a story about negotiating first relationships, teenage angst, not knowing if you can trust people and standing strong in your right to say No if it doesn’t feel right. The song was written in a co-write session with Katie Cole in Blackbird Studios Nashville. It has an alt/pop vibe, and an acoustic sound.

Could Do Better - Lust on her lips     Pop, Rock 20/03/2019
Could Do Better is an artist name that The ReCluse has been using for the last few years for his songs that he has been writing & releasing.
A song about love at first sight which then goes on to last a lifetime. The song starts medium paced & builds until it explodes into the chorus with a hook at the end which you won't be able to get out of your head.

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Dande And The Lion - Stardust     Pop, Electronic, Live Performance 20/03/2019
Dande and The Lion are captivating the local music scene with their unique harmonies and powerful melodies. Fronted by the engaging Bianca, Abbey and Tass, with Nick and Chris.
Humans constantly question our place within the universe. Stardustexplores the notion that our significance lies in our ability and desire to learn, adapt and evolve, appreciate and reflect, live with joy and die without fear, and through all of this, to connect with each other.

Dom Alessi - Friend Of Love     Pop, Rock 20/03/2019
A feel-good sound full of joyful melodies, dynamic rhythmic elements and insightful lyrical inspirations to brighten up your day. Debut EP "As We Are" Release 20th March 2019.
"Friend of Love" is an intriguing introduction to the Debut EP by Dom Alessi "As We Are".

The fusion of the Mandolin and the Brass section along with the punch and dynamics of the rhythmic elements, sets the tone for a song that explores and combine insights from a diverse array of life situations, multifaceted interpretations and joyful realisations.

Other tracks by Dom Alessi:  Over The Years  -  Breeze
Famous Will - San Francisco     Pop, Rock, Folk 20/03/2019
Melbourne based Folk/Pop outfit Famous Will create a soulful and catchy brand of alternative music.
San Fransisco opens with a beautifully constructed Folk/Pop progression, with singer Will's soft and captivating vocals entering to tell tales of a time in life gone by. The chorus is absolutely stunning and will have you hooked right away. Press play and reminisce over the good times and the bad.

Georgia June - Prove Myself     Pop, Rock 20/03/2019
Georgia June are an infectious force of energy. Forming in 2017, the band blend charging guitars, exciting melodies and a relentless rhythm section to fuel stories about vulnerability and strength.
'Prove Myself' is the new single from Sydney band Georgia June that encapsulates the band’s knack for bringing the worlds of 80s music and modern messages together in one neat, catchy package.

Oddie Room Project - Someone Else     Pop, Electronic 20/03/2019
Originally from Ballarat, Oddie Room Project make infectious, colourful pop that fuses eclectic influences from electronica to funk to classical.
'Someone Else' is the new single from Oddie Room Project. Sugary bedroom-pop production and Eleanor Davey's too-sweet vocals belie a genuine melancholy to the track, Oddie Room Project's follow-up to last month's 'Without You'. 'Someone Else' sees the Melbourne duo broaden their musical horizons, with hints of the hazy pop of Clairo and the brittle funk of Parcels.

Ok Moon - Loved You Right     Pop, Easy Listening, Soundscapes, Atmospheric 20/03/2019
Ok Moon is the collaborative project between Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Hayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn which deals in raw and colourful stories of the heart woven through cinematic pop songs.
“Loved You Right” is the first single from Ok Moon’s forthcoming album, two years in the making. The self-produced release is a combination of four different voices rolling into one, fuelled by a rare creative chemistry and respect for each other. The resulting album is a lush sonic landscape that sways between intimate pianos, yearning guitars and driving electronics.

Saint Barae - Boy from Mars     Pop, Electronic 20/03/2019
Like burning cigarettes and neon lights, afterdark synthwave sensation Saint Barae combines introspective themes with lush electronic soundscapes.
Both an anthem for escapism and living your truth ‘Boy From Mars’ is Saint Barae at his happiest and most eccentric. He’s blasting off to mars in a technicolored rocket, and he’s invited us all to join him.

SARAI - Touch     Pop, Dance, Electronic 20/03/2019
One of Sydney's up-and-coming dance-pop stars, SARAI's energy and vocals will have you up and dancing to the beat
“The vision of Touch is a woman dancing in the desert, pouring her soul day and night into her work, searching for success, yet she remains in surrender to the process. Her venture is a gamble, upon which she continues to stake all of her resources. The hook is a heart cry for a thirst to be quenched.” – SARAI

Sue Seymour - Brightest Things     Pop, Easy Listening 20/03/2019
Sue is an independent singer/songwriter who lives on the Mornington Peninsula. She writes about life experiences, sometimes even her own.
This is a song about how the brightest memories will stay constant through our lives.
It was recorded and arranged by Ben Bennett who sadly left us in Nov 2018.
It is not about Ben but the lyrics are appropriate.

SVENE KUPE - SOUL SEARCHER     Pop, Easy Listening, Soul, Folk 20/03/2019
Svene Kupe has sound that is so different to anything heard before with lyrics from the heart and soul.
This tracks lyrics speak for themselves with an eery sounding backing witch compliment each other.

the empty sleeps - Good place     Pop, Ambience, Atmospheric, Psychedelic 20/03/2019
dreamgaze shoepop
Churning fuzz guitars in a driving shoegaze nightmare

Other tracks by the empty sleeps:  raising avacados
The Midwayers - Soar     Pop, Rock 20/03/2019
Two Harmonious brothers, writing catchy melodies together in the studio, and grooving on stage.
‘Soar’ opens with the rustic scuffs of an acoustic guitar and some sandy vocals, before the track bursts open with an upbeat rhythm section and danceable groove. Filled out with a spacey guitar lead and some craftily layered vocals, it’s a sudden turn from the track’s folky opening and highlights the band’s genre-bending ways.

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Ryan Valentine - Under A Spell     Pop, Rock 18/03/2019
Australian based Ryan Valentine hails from Toronto, Canada. Here is a Singer/Songwriter that knows how to craft new popular melodies with credible rock and roll elements.
Under A Spell is about leaving your hometown behind for something more.

Slush - Keep Cup     Pop, Rock 18/03/2019
Slush is the trio of Acacia, Caitlyn and Scout. They return with "Keep Cup" an ode to menstrual cups.
Keep Cup is packed with punchy power chords, driving bass riffs and lightning quick drum fills. Plus plenty of bright, rousing ooh’s and aah’s, reminiscent of Cherry Glazerr’s candied garage pop or Girlpool’s layered vocals.

Keep Cup is the menstrual cup love song never knew you needed!

Texas Tea - A Hundred Million Years     Pop, Alternative Country, Country 18/03/2019
Indie country- originally from Queensland - since 2004.
"A Hundred Million Years" is the first single from the much anticipated fourth album from Texas Tea - Röda Tråden. Texas Tea venture from alt country to indie pop for this tune. Their record will be released officially on the 8th of April.

Kate Alexander + Hana Brenecki - I Was Trying Not to Think of You     Pop, Rock, Roots, Gay Alligned 15/03/2019
Kate and Hana weave together in harmony with their distinct voices soaring and traversing through pop hooks and distorted guitars to mournful country melodies and clunky church organ.
The song starts with an ethereal reverb drenched guitar and dual vocal harmony that intricately weaves together along the melody, before snapping straight into a pop hand-clap rock n roll dance around the lounge room beat, whilst still carrying that parallel harmony the whole way through.

Other tracks by Kate Alexander + Hana Brenecki:  Good To Me  -  Meet at the Bend
Taylor Sheridan - Nothing Wrong     Pop, Acoustic, Folk, Easy Listening 15/03/2019
Rural Victoria's Taylor Sheridan has toured with Australia's biggest names including Pete Murray and Daryl Braithwaite. With 2EPs and a string of singles there's NOTHING WRONG with his latest release.
Opening with lyrical honesty and building to a tribal heartbeat, there's NOTHING WRONG with this new direction for Taylor Sheridan.

Offering a hybrid of today's musical landscape NOTHING WRONG has moments of currency without straying too far from its storytelling vocal and acoustic blueprint.

NOTHING WRONG is about the bitter sweetness of goodbyes and not knowing when you'll meet again.

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Allipha - Freak Inside     Pop, Rock 14/03/2019
“Breathy and sweet, feels like you stepped onto the internet from another era.” - Triple J Unearthed, Tommy Faith
“Why does getting high, make us feel so low?” The central question permeating throughout ALLIPHA’s latest single, ‘FREAK INSIDE’ shows the songwriter delving into the highs and lows of a relationship and the thrills one can get from it - whether they be good or bad. A pop, rock record matched with Allipha's killer soul vocal.