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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Teischa - hotel pool     Pop 28/06/2019
Teischa has become known for her stylish and soulful alternative-pop songs with cutting edge production.
Fremantle via LA artist Teischa today releases her fourth single, 'hotel pool'. A lush piece of future soul, the track combines Teischa's trademark vocal presence with an elegant, uptempo sound design. 'hotel pool' was written by Teischa and produced by Melbourne’s LUCIANBLOMKAMP.

The Money War - Life Is Better In Dreams     Pop, Folk, Rock 28/06/2019
Dylan Ollivierre and Carmen Pepper are The Money War, one of Perth's most brightest and seductive indie-pop bands.
Life Is Better In Dreams is The Money War at their dreamy, heartwarming best. From its jangly, uplifting chorus to its video clip featuring footage of the duo as youngsters. "We wanted to make a song that felt like one of those strange dreams that you wake up from and think, WTF?.”

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WAMALA - Things Are Better Now     Pop 28/06/2019
Incorporating a mixture of 90's alternative inspired beats, modern folk, and singer songwriter piano songs, WAMALA provides a heart twisting experience that explores longing, loss, politics and spiritual awakening.
After being burnt out in the corporate financial services sector, WAMALA experienced what can only be described as a spiritual awakening. And no, he didn't find God. He found himself.

He quit his job and set out to write and record his debut EP. Utilising gospel themes, WAMALA explores the importance of self-forgiveness and moving forward, without joining a religion.

Other tracks by WAMALA:  All With You  -  Weapons Loose
Zsuzsika - Gonna Be Alright ft. Jacob Smooth     Pop, RnB 28/06/2019
Zsuzsika is known for her strong voice and love for music. Her mission is to reach out and help those with mental illness, helping people through the power of music.
Holding a big-city-life vibe that is imbued with an uplifting sense of love, Gonna Be Alright carries themes of empowerment and strength, encouraging people to take ownership of their lives and pick themselves up, especially after trauma.

Endrey - Lusitania     Pop, Electronic, Hip Hop 27/06/2019
Endrey is the experimental pop project of prolific Australian artist, Chris Endrey. A gifted songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Endrey collaborates widely to put on dynamic, engaging shows.
Lusitania is a reflection on the myths that dominate our lives.

It's a gentle call to reject the divisions of the past and a reminder that we get to build the world we want: 'This is our own time.'

A feature from Citizen Kay adds a raw and relatable presence from an artist firing at the top of his craft.

Halle Dot - Love Sync     Pop, RnB, Electronic, Soul 27/06/2019
Songstress Halle Dot is an exciting fresh face in the Australian R&B scene. Her sound can be described as alternative, electronic r&b with a splash of jazz, drizzled in soul.
‘Love Sync’ is about the process of falling in love, and the hurdles you have to deal with such as self doubt, fear and trust. With the hard hitting R&B production and fierce soulful vocals, it takes you on a roller coaster like journey filled with emotion.

Liam Johnston - Abyssal Dreams     Pop, Folk 27/06/2019
Drawing influence from Bon Iver, Bob Dylan and The 1975, Liam Johnston presents a delicate yet passionate indie/folk sound with plucking strings and flowing vocals.
Abyssal Dreams journeys through the understanding of a lost relationship. Johnston weaves his passionate vocals through beautiful finger-picking guitars and driving percussion. The song effortlessly combines intimate verses with an expansive and wonderfully layered hook. Abyssal Dreams manages to be intimate, seriously catchy and wholly charming all in the span of three minutes.

Swim Team - New Year     Pop, Rock, Easy Listening 27/06/2019
Swim Team produce warm slices of reverbed-up jangle and crunchy pop. They take inspiration from 60s girls groups, lo-fi indie pop to ramshackle garage and anything soaked in reverb.
Laden with an atmospheric, moody aesthetic, "New Year" celebrates fresh beginnings, new resolutions, while paying homage to the good intentions and bad realities that inevitably take their place.

Terry Springford - The Darkness     Pop 27/06/2019
Terry Springford is an indie-pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.
An upbeat song about someone with mental health issues making poor life choices.

Ali Barter - Backseat     Pop, Rock 26/06/2019
Australian indie-pop singer and sugar-dusted shredder Ali Barter returns in 2019 armed with a clutch of brand new tracks and those unmistakable, ex-choir girls pipes
Ali Barter offers her first ever love song. Based on her real life love story with husband and constant collaborator Oscar Dawson, Barter says “’Backseat’ is about admiring someone from afar and then falling in love

Chela - Losing Belief     Pop, Electronic 26/06/2019
Simultaneously uncompromising, expressive and eloquent, Australian/Filipino alternative pop artist Chela (birth name Chelsea Wheatley) has stayed true to her vision since she erupted with her breakout single ‘Romanticise’ in 2013
The track highlights the despair that comes with a loss of hope in one’s passions. Conversely, the end of 'Losing Belief' offers a glimmer of hope, which Chela explains as “a mantra for those who lose belief in anything and need to be reminded that their own power is all they really need”.

Felicity Groom - Backwards Forwards     Pop, Rock, Experimental, Psychedelic 26/06/2019
After a “pregnant pause” raising her young family, West Australian post-pop musician Felicity Groom returns with a new single and a new visionary project.
“Backwards Forwards” is the first taste of the forthcoming third album Magnetic Resource Centre - a collection of some of Felicity’s most daring explorations of pop to date. The single is as complex as it is catchy and came from an idea whilst driving, where for Felicity, new song ideas "fly in and out of the window". This idea stuck.

Latchy - Just Call     Pop, Electronic, Dance 26/06/2019
With a proclivity for delivering synth-pop oddities built within his own insular cannon, Sydney's Latchy is a multi-faceted musician infusing weird electronic sensibilities going against a singular sound.
'Just Call' opposes Feather Touch's more direct dance movements by using more organic instrumentation and allowing Stanley's voice to be front-and-centre. The flourishing synths and bouncing overtones corresponding to his emotive vocals are reminiscent of Passion Pit and Friendly Fires.

No Mono - Atlas     Pop 26/06/2019
A collaboration between two of the country's most revered artists Tom Snowdon and Tom Iansek, the pair give us a further look into what is a most exciting project
No Mono announce Islands part 2
This iteration sees percussion take on a bigger role. The BPMs are increased and the energy at times borders on frantic, but there’s also a swagger.

Other tracks by No Mono:  Rear View
Archy Stranger - Home     Pop, Electronic 25/06/2019
Through experimentation with a variety of styles, Archy Stranger’s production palette reflects influences from house, ambient electronic, hip hop and new wave, and arrives at unique brand of pop electronica.
Originally written over two years ago, after arriving back in Australia from months of travelling, ‘Home’ has been a story of longing, patience and self-discovery. Featuring horus-elevating backing vocals from Archy Stranger’s friend and collaborator, Austen.

Chillingworth - Reason     Pop, Chill 25/06/2019
Over the past 2 years, Chillingworth have made a name for themselves crafting melodic synth pop with a message. Holly is lead vocalist and William carves it up on guitar.
Reason is sure to pull on the heart strings, detailing a journey through teen depression and sadness, and the light on the other side. It is raw and real and Chillingworth hopes that listeners will be encouraged by their story.

David Taylor - Nervous     Pop, Rock, Folk, Acoustic 25/06/2019
Sydney pop-indie singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, David Taylor, is one of Australia’s most promising young artists. At 21 years young, David already has an impressive musical resume.
A melodic, rhythmic and catchy song with a hint of romance. Nervous is about not being able to act the way you want around a person because you don’t want to say the wrong thing or blow your chance with them.

Echo Adore - Caught In History     Pop, Rock 25/06/2019
Two piece, gloom pop band from Perth, WA.
This is the debut single from the forthcoming EP by the Western Australian band; Echo Adore. The song is centred around the concept of impermanence of time, whilst the individual is constantly attempting to hold on to their past. This single has been nominated for the WAM (West Australian Music) Pop Song of the Year 2019.

Francis Foxx - Time     Pop, Chill, Electronic 25/06/2019
i make pop music
Chill pop bop. Wrote this track after a breakup - about feeling like you're struggling to keep your head above the waves of time that keep passing you by.

Other tracks by Francis Foxx:  Over You
GOVS - 6teenDRE'am     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Folk 25/06/2019
DIY, EAST COAST, AUST. Sophomore album, 'Coast Guard' out Nov 1st, 2019.
Title track from debut album 6teenDRE'am (night xo).