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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Tien Cortez - Don't Finish What You Started     Pop, Rock, Electronic, Punk 01/07/2019
21 year old genre-bending musician from Brisbane blending elements of rock, pop and electronic music resulting in a balanced and unique mix of everything.
Tien Cortez effortlessly breaks through the barriers of genre as he blends elements of heavy, up tempo rock with blasting synths. Don't Finish What You Started works with catchy, repetitive beats which layer below his powerful vocal throughout the entire track, leaving your ears with a sense of total overwhelm.

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Kaypo - Blonde Jesus     Pop, Psychedelic, Electronic 30/06/2019
In an eclectic sonic blend of lo-fi electronica and acoustic-pop, Kaypo's music explores themes of loss, love and compassion from a humanist perspective.
The first single released off 'Welcome To The Human Race', Blonde Jesus tells the story of longing and loneliness through a first-person narrative structure.

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Other tracks by Kaypo:  How This Feels  -  Welcome To The Human Race
ALIUS - Lose To You feat. Sarah Saint James     Pop, Electronic 28/06/2019
For ALIUS, the mission is pop music with depth. Melbourne’s Sebastian Ivanov crafts songs that blend uplifting melodies and razor-sharp production with lyrics written straight from the heart.
The new single from ALIUS is ‘Lose To You’, a vibrant tropical-pop track about the fights you just can’t win. Helping bring it to life are the vocals from Melbourne’s Sarah Saint James, who wrote ‘Lose To You’ side-by-side with Sebastian after the pair formed an instant connection. The tune is fun, addictive and upbeat.

Alpha Street - Darkest Places     Pop, Electronic 28/06/2019
Adelaide based trio Alpha Street create an extremely catchy brand of Electronic Pop.
Darkest Places opens with a catchy Synth Pop progression that will have you lacing up your dancing shoes in no time! The smooth flowing female lead vocal is absolutely stunning. The song has a real sense of nostalgia, channeling 80's synth driven pop. Press play and get ready to dance! Outstanding work from the Adelaide trio.

Annie Hamilton - Kitchen     Pop, Rock 28/06/2019
On her third single Kitchen, Sydney artist Annie Hamilton navigates memory, perception and nostalgia through cascading, ethereal vocals and sprawling instrumentation.
The song’s bracingly vulnerable lyrics are juxtaposed against shimmering pop hooks and lush production, presenting the most private moments with boldness and confidence.

Bella Paton - Early     Pop, Folk, Acoustic 28/06/2019
Gold Coast darling Bella Paton debut EP, “Early” singer/songwriter is ready to share her mix of indie pop/folk goodness that will warm your toes but tug at your heartstrings.
“Early” and “Colours of Gold” were written not long out of high school. One song that Paton considers her best to date is the deeply personal “Don’t Forget November” she believes that "anyone who has been heartbroken will understand what I'm talking about".

Other tracks by Bella Paton:  Colours of Gold  -  Don't Forget November
COLU - INTENTIONS     Pop, Atmospheric, Electronic, Dance 28/06/2019
COLU are an exciting new dark-pop two-piece based in Melbourne.
A nocturnal pop jam full of atmosphere, INTENTIONS is COLU's third single this year, and the first to tease their debut album NOWHERE BOY. The song explores the alienation and uncertainty of a newly single youth, crooning over a blissfully dark electro beat.

Dan Vogl - Carousel     Pop 28/06/2019
After the release of his critically-praised title track ‘Gifted In Gold’, Dan Vogl has followed up with his triumphant debut EP - produced and mixed by Joel Quatermain.
Beginning with opener ‘Carousel’, lightly plucked guitars mesh with Dan’s effervescent sharp vocals, as if dancing above the warm instrumentation.

Other tracks by Dan Vogl:  I Feel It All  -  Poppy
E for Echo - Talk Don't Talk     Pop, Atmospheric, Rock, Electronic 28/06/2019
E for Echo’s sound is awash with dream-pop soundscapes that dip deep below the surface into expansive intensity. They have shared stages with Mumford and Sons, Ngaiire, and A.D.K.O.B
Icey synths and atmospheric electric guitars open the track, followed by their signature intertwined vocals shining front and centre. When the band kicks in with piano, Daughter-esque drums and driving bass, the vocals layer and soar overhead, paying homage to how it feels when you can't find the words to express yourself, something that gets the better of us all.

Emily Perry - Not Up To Me     Pop, Dance 28/06/2019
Australian artist Emily Perry, quickly becoming an act worth keeping an eye on, has top ten hits on the Billboard chart and UK Commercial Pop chart and continues to impact.
Not Up To Me, with Emily's unique, charismatic tone, is melodic and catchy as it tells a story of not being taken for granted and speaking your power.

Perfect as an anthem for standing up for yourself!

Foley - Can't Help The Way     Pop, Pop 28/06/2019
Foley started as a challenge between two friends to put a meaningful spin on pop music. Foley have over 1.5 million streams and have featured across multiple DSP playlists.
This track is both sonically and contextually optimistic, outlining the battle between inescapable attraction and the closed doors of the past.

The verse introduces the universal concept of living with your decisions in love. The pre-chorus transports us to a free spirited mindset.

Foley leaves us convinced that our emotions are out of our hands in the best possible way.

George Maple - Magic Woman     Pop, Electronic, RnB, Chill 28/06/2019
Australian songwriter, producer, vocalist and multi-media artist George Maple is more than a popstar with a vision; she is a force.
‘Magic Woman’ sees George Maple draw inspiration from the end of a relationship and rise triumphantly into an empowered new woman. “At an immediate and visceral level, this song was born from the co-dependency of love, sadness and rage. When I look back I was finding my voice, making mistakes, struggling and touching on the truth I'd been hiding from.”

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JOSHUA - Circles     Pop, RnB, Electronic 28/06/2019
Hiding out in his bedroom, Inspired by pop artists like Lorde, Meg Mac and CXLOE, JOSHUA creates honest pop, blending RnB and electronic elements, influenced by Ta-ku and Flume.
‘Circles’ came at a time when I was struggling with this thing that I just kept going back to, no matter how many times it made me feel worse afterwards, and it was this vicious little cycle that kept going around in my head and in my heart. It got to a point where I said ‘what are you doing?'

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Laurel Laxxes - Somewhere New     Pop, Soul, Electronic, Chill 28/06/2019
Australian producer Laurel Laxxes returns with the warm uplifting sounds of new single 'Somewhere New’, featuring the smooth vocal sounds of UK artist Gavin Beach.
Australian producer Laurel Laxxes returns with the warm uplifting sounds of new single 'Somewhere New’, featuring the smooth vocal sounds of UK artist Gavin Beach.

Lilac Zayna - I'm Not Mad     Pop 28/06/2019
A 22 year old Sydney girl that is pumping out indie pop unsigned.
Everyone's likes someone that hasn't like them back, right?

Monica Adair - Stars in the Water     Pop, Folk, Country, Roots 28/06/2019
Growing up the only girl (and youngest sibling) in a family of boys, Monica’s childhood home in North Queensland was filled with adventure and exploring the natural world.
With meaningful lyrics, emotive keys and moving, raw vocals, nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter Monica Adair brings a distinct sound to Indie-Pop. Now this North QLD songstress turned Gold Coast local is set to release her first single "Stars In The Water".

Peak Twins - Beloved     Pop 28/06/2019
Peak Twins founding members Joel Carey and Liam Kenny formed Peak Twins in their share house in 2012, and have just announced their second album 'Beloved'.
“Beloved” is a confessional, a kind of melancholic plea, its lush string arrangement mirroring the drama the song indulges. Lyrically, this album isn’t afraid to work with and against cliché, embracing a legacy of crooning and storytelling.

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POPPONGENE - Not Wrong     Pop 28/06/2019
Poppongene is the alias of Melbourne multidisciplinary artist Sophie Treloar.
Produced in collaboration with Tim Harvey (Real Feelings, Jade Imagine, Emma Louise), “Not Wrong” is a glittering slow-burn, a song of initial infatuation, of the equal thrill and uncertainty of attraction. The song's video, directed by James Thomson, sees Treloar ride through rain-soaked streets and sit alone – but not lonely – in a smoky bar.

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Puretone feat. QuickBrownFox - Lucky Son of a Gun     Pop 28/06/2019
Puretone had a worldwide smash with 'Addicted to Bass', and have unearthed some exceptional pop/dance/alt songs from the archives, now being reproduced, remastered and released.
Lucky Son of a Gun is a new pop song with a great groove from Puretone, the artist who gave us 'Addicted to Bass'.

Swaré - I Got It     Pop 28/06/2019
Swaré is an electronic artist from Sydney, Australia. Taking influence from pop and rock heavy weights and the darker subjects of life, Swaré creates a unique pop sound.
'I Got It' is the musical embodiment of self realisation, that your ex wasn't all they were cracked up to be. That all you need is some self care and some clean bed sheets and you can get back into the game, rising from the ashes like a phoenix ready to conquer the brutal landscape that is the dating world.

Other tracks by Swaré:  White Lies  -  You Make Me Feel