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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Ellery Cohen - Over You     Pop, Alternative, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 18/10/2019
Melbourne alt-pop singer-songwriter Ellery Cohen has been on the rise for the past year, working on his emotionally raw melodies and live performance.
"Over You" comes as part two of Ellery Cohen's previous single “Read Your Mind”, and is served up as what-happens-after-the- breakup and the processing of struggling to get over someone.

Felicity Groom - Dance For None     Pop, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental 18/10/2019
Magnetic Resonance Centre is the third album from WA dark-pop songstress Felicity Groom, featuring “Backwards Forwards” and “Dance For None”, the later of which has been produced by Kevin Parker.
Dance For None had a curious beginning. After letting one of her girls go nuts on an Ableton Push, Felicity took the chaos and turned it into a beat and produced the song around that. The curiosity further permeates through the bass lines and melodies that bend like an Olympic gymnast. Good friend Tame Impala's Kevin Parker co-produced the track.

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Nuria - Enough     Pop, Indie 18/10/2019
With soaring vocals and catchy beats, Nuria brings a fresh sound from Tasmania. Keys and voice, textured with synthetic elements add an exciting edge to her classical background.
Nuria’s second single “Enough” is based around reaching out to a loved one in a dark place and explores the question of what could be enough to hold on. An emotive and heartfelt tune with powerful vocals that soar over the layers of synths and beats below.

Nardean - MAGIC!     Pop, Hip Hop, Indie 17/10/2019
Egyptian-Australian artist Nardean effortlessly traverses rap, singing and poetry in a genre she describes as “post-hop;” influenced by hip hop, while drawing on elements of neo-soul, electronica, glitch and RnB.
‘MAGIC!’ sees Nardean effortlessly blend infectious, life-affirming lyrics and bouncy, golden-era beats to forge her own brand of unapologetic positivity.

Produced by Stackhat, and featuring Nardean's best friend Heirloome, the song was inspired after her second trip to NYC. She heard the drummer of a band say "turn to the person next to you and say "don't hide your magic!."

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Spectoral - Celestial (Spectoral Version)     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Hip Hop, R&B 16/10/2019
Similar to contemporaries like Sampha, Elkkle, Golden Vessel and Lonelyspeck, Spectoral blends accessible pop with textured trip-hop, hip-hop and electronica, resulting in modern music that pushes the genre forward.
Celestial sees the reunion of two of Melbourne's BEAT COLLECTIVE artists: Spectoral and Martiln. Joining forces once more on a highly anticipated collaboration, Celestial is a real gut-puncher, emotionally exploring themes of love, loss and reincarnation in grandiose fashion. A cutting-edge blend of trap, pop and electronic trip-hop, this is a single made for 2020 audiences.

Other tracks by Spectoral:  Celestial (Martiln Version)
Violet Orange - Fool Me     Pop, Indie, Alternative 16/10/2019
Formed in mid-2018, Violet Orange are a 4-piece girl fronted band from Perth, Western Australia.
Fool Me entangles Violet Orange's smooth harmonies, quirky callback vocals and serious attitude. Fool Me was written about 'running away' from someone who has done you wrong - with some classic organ vibes, a groovy bass line, rockin' guitar and a driving drum beat, Fool Me will be sure to have you up on your feet dancing in no time!

Your Girl Pho - Don't Wanna     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Soul 16/10/2019
Elasticated neo-soul, electro-pop artist Your Girl Pho is announcing a string of shows to accompany her freshest single ‘Don’t Wanna’, set for release October 16th.
‘Don’t Wanna’ brings you electronic, moody, jazz-pop flavours and sees Pho entering with a dry voice, telling the listener how it is, as she sees it. The single plays on the concept of answering and worshiping no-one but yourself, “see me at the top – don’t tell me what’s up”.

JËVA - I Can't Stop Thinking About You     Pop, Easy Listening, R&B, Indie 15/10/2019
Born & Bred in the Asian Suburbs of Sydney yet raised by the radio, JËVA is a queer singer-songwriter sharing his story and making a splash in the pop scene.
ICSTAY is a romantic fleeting ballad that shines a light on when JËVA came to terms with his sexuality and used love as a vehicle for escapism. Over a sparse piano, clock ticks, and blooming synths, JËVA sings his crushing sentimental love confession.. exploring the universal feeling of romantic obsession. Mastered by Randy Merrill (Ariana Grande, Troye Sivan)

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Other tracks by JËVA:  Love My Way  -  Fantasy (Acoustic)
Benji Lewis - Hold On     Pop, Indie, Easy Listening 14/10/2019
Benji Lewis is a singer/songwriter from Melbourne who makes chilled electro/pop music that can be likened to a mix between Sam Smith, Troye Sivan & Jeremy Zucker.
Benji Lewis returns this week with the gorgeous sounds of new single ‘Hold On’, which also comes with news of his upcoming ep, “Here, Then And Now”.

Michael Walker - I'll Be There For You     Pop, Rock 14/10/2019
Renowned UK producer Dave Pemberton co-wrote and mixed this song for Australian artist Michael Walker, who was a finalist in the 2016 Vanda and Young Song Competition.
The song is about the affirmation of personal relationships in our current troubled times.

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Syrup - UNLOAD     Pop, Alternative 14/10/2019
Hook heavy Brisbane/Gold Coast alt-pop duo Syrup release their debut EP The Sponge, produced by Edward Quinn by Slum Sociable, on Oct 18.
UNLOAD is the new single from young Brisbane/Gold Coast duo Syrup's debut EP The Sponge, produced by Edward Quinn from Slum Sociable. UNLOAD has a gritty, uptempo groove, with echoes of Talking Heads and Cut Copy. The song deals with escapism - that one place where you find yourself unwinding, relaxing, unloading.

The Marvellous Hearts - Babble On     Pop, Reggae / Dub, Blues, Rock 14/10/2019
'The Marvellous Hearts' are a Blues Pop band headed by Cap Bluetongue and feature some of Sydney’s finest blues musicians, regularly supported on stage by a host of guest artists.
'Babble On' is the Hearts second SongTraks release. It's a hypnotic calypso vibed serenade, pointing out the dangers, the manipulation and the impact that social and mass media are having on our daily thought processes.

So turn off your screentime viewing for posts, dating, fake news, friend pics, conspiracy theories, mystics and the other 'babble' that goes on and on…

Annalise - Inner Feelings     Pop 12/10/2019
Young Singer/ Songwriter Annalise, Brings a soulful flair to her music. Her songs are bound to touch the heart. Sincerity and honestly are both key elements to her music.
A light but meaningful ballad that touches the heart.

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Mardi Lumsden - Our Lady of the Highway     Pop, Folk, Indie 12/10/2019
Brisbane alt-folk songwriter. Sad songs that sound happy.
I was struck by the public nature of highway prostitution in Italy. There she was, leaning against a rusty caravan. Who was she? Did she have a choice?

“Our Lady" ended up being two stories: Hers: she is trapped in this world but determined not to let it define her. And mine: we accept what we drive past. We shouldn't.

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Humblet - Coconutty     Pop, Children's, Jazz, Reggae / Dub 11/10/2019
HUMBLET pronounced [hum-blay] is the 'one man band' explosion of upbeat punky blues n' roots tunes that bare passionate originality, unpredictability & an unorthodox busking persona with attitude.
Coconutty is the ultimate holiday soundtrack for everyone. Sun lit adventures snorkelling & sailing reefs around the Great Barrier Reef, and wondrous walks in the Daintree. Produced by Luke Carra of Caravana Sun & Recorded February 2019 at Ian Pritchett’s home studio in Sydney. Featured in the track is the solo Trumpet party starter Daniel Moore of Hot Potato Band.

Parker Rose - Bother Me     Pop, Alternative, Indie 11/10/2019
Parker Rose is an Australian Musician / Record Producer, with a distinct blend of alternative and Electronic Pop Music.
'Bother me' is about an ex not letting you move on from the relationship. Always trying to pull you back in.

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Rich Delinquent - Death Drive     Pop 11/10/2019
Melbourne-based artist Rich Delinquent has just unveiled his stunning debut single ‘Death Drive’ – produced and written by the musician / vocalist himself.
‘Death Drive’ showcases an eclectic array of influences, melding brooding electronica with emo, pop and hip hop. The atmospheric cut opens with hypnotic melodies, before ominously building into its oscillating and modulated synth swirls. The soaring track retains its intense consistency throughout, led by the emotively-charged and compelling vocals of Rich Delinquent.

Rosie Jones - When I Feel Good     Pop 11/10/2019
Rosie Jones writes driven, dancey electropop with lush harmonies and playful lyrics. Her debut track "Open Window" and recent release "When I Feel Good" were co-produced with collaborator Price Park.
'When I Feel Good' is pure pop positivity and has an addictive keyboard riff for dancing. The song is encouragement to look after yourself so you can see yourself in your best light. It's a perfect upbeat bop for the upcoming Australian summer.

SELKI - Great Expectations     11/10/2019
Selki incorporates catchy pop melody’s with a deep emotional story and sensitivity in her lyrics. Her powerful and explorative vocals often accompanied by keys and her laptop.
Great expectations, ironically reflects on the catch and chase games that happen in young love.

Other tracks by SELKI:  Wolves  -  Stardust
Starley - Lovers + Strangers     Pop 11/10/2019
Australian pop star Starley has made a name for herself with global smash hit 'Call On Me' which led her to tour with Katy Perry, Cher and Clean Bandit.
Today Starley releases her vibrant new single ‘Lovers + Strangers’ on Central Station Records. The captivating record (produced by Swedish duo NOTD and mixed by Tom Norris, famous for his work on Zedd 'The Middle' & Katy's Perry's 'Never Really Over') addresses the disconnect that can be felt as a long-standing relationship comes to a natural end.