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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Jofi - Just So You Know     Pop, Alternative, Experimental, Indie 26/11/2019
21-year-old Sydney songstress and self-producer Jofi creates lush alternative pop/rnb with smooth vocal harmony and minimalist electronic beats.
‘Just so you know’ is about the desire and struggle to forget, and to shake that ongoing longing for somebody who was once so important. It features James Blake style production and aesthetic ideas from Feist's album 'Pleasure', with Jofi's signature vocal layering.

Paige Black - Blind     Pop, Indie, Soul, Alternative 26/11/2019
Paige will caress you with her melodic, soulful, pop sound and draw you in with her raw emotion and relatable experiences, taking you on a journey with her beautiful songs.
I wrote this song about trying to turn a blind eye and avoid the actions and words of someone who was always giving me a sense of hope but always ended up hurting me!

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The Engagement - Another Year (featuring Alius)     Pop, Dance, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Easy Listening 26/11/2019
Reaching close to a million streams on Spotify, singles featured on radio in Denmark, Germany and USA, it has been the biggest year yet for the independent Melbourne 5-piece band.
A collaboration with popular producer ALIUS, Another Year is an uplifting track about maintaining hope and overcoming dark times.

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The Swinging Sixties - You're The One     Pop 26/11/2019
The Swinging Sixties are Sydney's favourite 60s' band playing all the big hits and recreating the magic of the era!
You're The One is the self-penned recently released original single from The Swinging Sixties. Sounding like something reminiscent of a 1964 release, one could say that this song has arrived half a century too late.

Big Blue Bazooka - Cartoon Girl     Pop, Rock, Indie 25/11/2019
I am an independent musician who records, writes, mixes and produced everything for my music entirely solo.
I was trying to come up with an idea that would be relatable and eventually came up with "cartoon girl". I think many of us can remember as kids (or even adults) watching our beloved cartoons and sometimes even being charmed by the cute characters on screen. Some of the lyrics are inspired by a certain "Dragon Ball" character.

Other tracks by Big Blue Bazooka:  Drummer Girl  -  Kittens Dance Delicately in Delight Under the Maple Tree Demanding Dubiously Docile Dissipation
CLEAR - Always     Pop, Indie, Alternative 25/11/2019
Singer songwriter CLEAR is a talent emerging, with Somnium released as her dream-pop debut and now her newest single Always, a ballad of swirling synths and an anthem of love.
Always is CLEAR’s latest, an expansive and soaring romantic ballad with an emotional depth portraying a sudden yet certain steadfastness in love. The track celebrates the journey of coming to terms with finding and forming a deep romantic connection strong enough to become endgame for two people in love.

Hannah Schmidli - Modern Martyr     Pop, Folk, Jazz, Indie 25/11/2019
Smooth, velvety, sophisticated and comfortable. Hannah Schmidli is an influential singer-songwriter who displays writing and performance maturity beyond her 18 years of age.
The title track of Hannah's Nov 2019 release EP, Modern Martyr is all about a 21st-century complainer with a dark satisfaction in suffering and self-absorption in trivial, frivolous and utterly shallow 21st Century problems.

Other tracks by Hannah Schmidli:  Stare Away  -  Oliver (and Olivia)
Holly Sweeney - SINK     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial, Experimental, Alternative 25/11/2019
Holly Sweeney is a 17 year old music maker from the Mornington Peninsula, Vic. Her vibe is indie-pop with electronic roots.
Sink is a song written using organic sounds that I recorded on my phone, them transferred onto my laptop for sampling. It is a mid-tempo chill vibe that has a intricate beat and is easy to listen to.

Izellah - Glow     Pop 25/11/2019
Izellah is back with Glow, a fresh new track brimming with vibrancy and energy, an uplifting urban pop song that reinforces the young singer-songwriter’s remarkable vocal and writing abilities.
Glow is sure to take Izellah’s flourishing musical career to the next level.

Glow is at radio today and available to download in December.

Simon Astley - Sing It Now     Pop, Dance, Rock 25/11/2019
Simon Astley is an Australian pop singer, musician and actor. He is known for his success in the UK, with his hit song 'London' played at the Queens Diamond Jubilee.
A happy song about living life to the fullest, and helping others do the same thing. Very upbeat foot tapping song!

The Skelton Collective - Coffee & Hope     Pop, Alternative, Indie 25/11/2019
The Skelton Collective is a sophisticated Alt-Pop outfit hailing from WA. Up-vibe piano driven alt-indie pop/rock. Sweet vocals, great lyrics and wicked groove.
‘Coffee & Hope’ is the new single from Perth based quartet The Skelton Collective. Raw, honest lyrics balanced with a quirky, up-beat sound bring you an alt-pop bop that’s not afraid to ask “Are you ok?”.

Violeta Bozanic - Step It Up     Pop 25/11/2019
Step It Up is the new track for acclaimed singer-songwriter Violeta Bozanic.
Step It Up is an exuberant slice of blistering, sultry pop that is a perfect fit for radio and sure to go off on all streaming platforms.

Step It Up is at radio today and available to download in December.

Alex Gibson - Spirit Girl     Pop, Folk 22/11/2019
Alex Gibson's music is Soulful and touching with a Pop sensibility that keeps the audiences on the edge of their seat.
‘Spirit Girl’ is a song about a relationship that never formed into something real. The protagonist is a girl is full of life, with a bright spark and beauty that mesmerizes, but is unattainable, like “a star shooting across the sky, running wild'. It is a reminder that we are all chasing these fleeting moments that make us feel alive.

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D'Urberville - Belong to Me     Pop, Soul, Indie, Alternative 22/11/2019
D’Urberville is a pop-soul band from Adelaide, led by vocalist, trombonist and songwriter Mallory Steele.
'Belong to Me’ is a powerful lament about finding somebody to hold onto, and fighting to accept that it’s just for the night. This energetic pop-soul number gets straight to the point and keeps on building, with the full band –– voice, bass, drums, keys, guitar, organ, trumpet, trombone and sax –– pumping out something spectacular over the final chorus!

Danny McDonald - Cordyline     Pop, Rock, Alternative 22/11/2019
Danny McDonald has released or contributed to over 75 releases as a solo artist or under the pseudonym ‘P76’, and as a member of Jericho, Stoneage Hearts and Little Murders.
Danny McDonald's latest single, Cordyline’ features layers of lyrical nostalgia matched with those unmistakable chiming guitars and punchy bass and drums - all jammed into 70 seconds worth of harmony-laden hooks you’ll swear you’ve heard before.

It’s the first single from his new ‘Modern Architecture’ EP, to be released in Feb 2020 through Melbourne’s Popboomerang Records

Howlite - Olympia     Pop, Alternative, Indie, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 22/11/2019
Melbourne band Howlite craft elemental, cinematic dreamscapes, marrying trip-hop with pop songwriting to create a sound that is entirely their own.
Howlite tease their lush, atmospheric soundscape with new single ‘Olympia’, echoing the otherworldly pop elements of London Grammar and The XX.

'Olympia' is a sprawling, evocative dissection of the male gaze, and how one can subvert it. It builds on the ethereal, indie foundations of previous single 'Reducer' - a track featured on Spotify Fresh Finds and New Music Friday.

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Mia Jeffers - Invisible     Pop, Indie 22/11/2019
Mia Jeffers is a 16 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne, her pop music is an insight into her life and what she is feeling and thinking about.
Invisible is Mia’s debut single and is about feeling invisible in social situations. Invisible is an upbeat song that you just can’t help but dance to. “I went through a stage where I felt like people were looking through me, I’m quite an outgoing, talkative person so feeling invisible wasn’t something that I was used to”.

Rcadia - Brave     Pop, Soul, Jazz, Easy Listening 22/11/2019
The soulful delights of singer/songwriter Rcadia place her as one of Australia’s brightest debutantes on the rise.
‘Brave’ is a celebration of precious life in a beautiful new song and video demonstrating both the vulnerability to Rcadia and the courage to push back through her artistry. Here, she shows a cathartic release putting to song her emotions during a very troubling time in her life dealing with a near-death experience of a very close loved-one.

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Medhanit - Her     Pop, Electronic / Beats / Industrial 21/11/2019
Tasmanian-based artist Medhanit; born in the African country of Ethiopia and adopted at the age of 6 months, Medhanit grew up around music.
Her is a tale of quiet but fierce desperation, craving somebody’s affection so much that you’re willing to surrender your physical and emotional self to their diminishing attention span. Comparison, ruthless jealousy and vulnerability, Her is looking for healing at the hands of the one who hurt you.

Ro - To Pretend     Pop, Indie, Folk 21/11/2019
A storyteller with the wry disposition of a charismatic introvert, Ro writes 'love songs for those who don't like love songs'
“To Pretend” – a musing on ‘the birds and the bees’, and learning to ditch bedroom expectations and stop pretending.