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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Paradise Club - Above Me     Pop, Rock 05/07/2019
Blooming onto the Adelaide scene in 2017, Paradise Club instantly stood out as a DIY force majeure.
'Above Me' explores the tempestuous emotions that crash against each other in different facets of our lives.

Frontman Gere says of the track, "it's about working extremely hard, feeling incredibly helpless, and learning how to give your everything to save a relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic."

Rebel Fox - Perfect Storm     Pop, Alternative Country, Easy Listening, Rock 05/07/2019
Rebel Fox are a collaborative duo formed in 2017, featuring Matt Elford and Dani Paryce. Their music can be described as edgy and raw.
An emotional and scene setting love song that refers to the lover as the "Perfect Storm". This refers to seeing the serenity and beauty in a stormy day and taken aback by its very nature. Although uncontrollable, its is beautiful and welcomed.

Saint-Léon - Did I Say     Pop, Electronic, House, Atmospheric 05/07/2019
With one member in Sydney and the other in London, childhood friends Ryan Nicolussi (vocals) and Alister Hill (production) never made music together until they found themselves 10,553 miles apart.
Perhaps the most prolific act in the world living on opposite sides of the globe, international pop outsiders Saint-Léon deliver synth-driven opus 'Did I Say', a new sun-dreched single that evokes a distant longing akin to songs by Jeff Buckley or Don Henley, combined with classic house cuts and collaged vocal sampling.

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Tulliah - Company     Pop 05/07/2019
Tulliah, 17, grew up on her family farm on the Mornington Peninsula. Between walking her dog Harley and homework, Tulliah pens stories close to her heart.
- She worked with Sam Sproul (Kimbra), Matthew Wright (Getaway Plan), Albert Salt (Juno Disco) on 'Company'.
- Supporting GRAACE on her sold out tour in July
- Spun on Triple J
- Sounds like: Laurel, Emma Louise, Matt Corby

East of Zurich - Come and Find Me Now     Pop, Rock 04/07/2019
East of Zurich re-imagines the indie rock of the early 90's by adding a more melodic flavour through the use of a variety of keyboard overlays and backing vocals
Come and Find Me Now explores our tendency to romanticise the past, the good and the bad, while remaining hopeful for a future as yet unwritten.

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GOVS - Sunshine     Pop, Acoustic, Chill, Electronic 04/07/2019
Sophomore album 'Coast Guard' out November 1st, 2019. DIY, EAST COAST, AUSTRALIA
Debut single from sophomore album, "Coast Guard".

Hallie - Nice Like Rice     Pop, Rock 04/07/2019
Hallie’s innate aptitude to humorously comment on ordinary society, and express her own playfully honest and relatable stories, demonstrates self awareness beyond her years.
Nice Like Rice is about losing a friend. It's about realising a friendship has been one sided and finally allowing yourself to let go, give up and move on from someone who once considered to be close to you.

KARLOU - Bad Choices     Pop, Electronic 04/07/2019
KARLOU is the latest indie pop project from Sunshine Coast musician, Karrie Hayward. Karlou has indulged herself in sweet nostalgic pop hooks with her debut single, ‘Bad Choices’.
Indulged in sweet nostalgic pop hooks and a ‘good time’, ‘Bad Choices’ embodies a strong shake on youthful lyrics embracing the freedom of adolescence and fulfilment. Stemming from a romance, the bridge empowers a luscious panned arpeggiated synth of nervous energy before returning back in to a wired chorus of layered voices.

Montaigne - READY     Pop 04/07/2019
The Sydney musician (born Jess Cerro) has delivered an incredibly personal and deeply brilliant record that deals with body image, critical loneliness, long distance love, intense self-loathing and more
Ready is a heartfelt call to arms, a soundtrack for youth activism. There’s an undeniable element of pop to this song as Montaigne’s soaring vocals elevate the chorus, and the irresistible hook I think I’m ready to go, I think I’m ready, cycles like a mantra around shifting drumbeats. However, there's a deeper element, a considered purpose for this song,

Tyler Rivers - Praying     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 04/07/2019
The self-taught singer, songwriter and producer, reflects the contagious factors of pop with the sounds of nu wave R&B.
‘Praying’ is a journey through the struggles of dealing with the lonely feelings you have when you are dating somebody who is always so busy working towards their success, but you are struggling to express the way you feel to that partner.

Viera Motel - Take Heart     Pop, Rock, Dance 04/07/2019
Fashioned from pink neon, flickers in the shadows of the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne under the eyes of Jay Pollock, Matthew Ferguson, Dane Sorensen and Matt Colvin.
'Take Heart’ is the glossy debut single from Melbourne four-piece Viera Motel. The objective was to incorporate their bold presence, festival/arena potential and high energy live performances into a radio ready colossus.

‘Take Heart’ opens with a 90’s euro dance inspired piano riff which carries the listener from arousing verses to infectious pre-choruses, building the foundation for a towering chorus.

FRITZ - Jan 1     Pop 03/07/2019
Newcastle's quirkiest DIY spirit FRITZ recently released her first new music for the year, following on from Austin's SXSW and appearances at Laneway Festival (Sydney) and Groovin the Moo (Maitland).
I wrote Jan 1 on January 1st of this year after having a BIG CRY the night before. I don’t wanna get so emotional over things that don’t deserve my emotions. I’ve never liked new years resolutions but it was just a coincidence for me to write this on new years day when everyone usually makes their resolutions...

Libby Steel - Miss Me     Pop, Blues, Soul 03/07/2019
Libby channels Pop/Soul and Blues via her other worldly vocals
Libby muses and showcases her stylistic range and vocals on this new track

murmurmur - Everything's Still Changing     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 03/07/2019
murmurmur seemingly burst from nowhere in 2018 with their debut single ‘Cable Car’. There is an urgency to their sound.. it's immersive, textural and laden with esoteric melodies and hooks.
Immersive, textural and laden with esoteric melodies and hooks, murmurmur inject a moment of beauty into the cold indifference of a rapidly changing world with new single "Everything's Still Changing".

Kim O'Leary - Believe     Pop, Reggae, Roots 02/07/2019
Australian singer songwriter who has had some success in USA and UK - now based back in Australia and producing and performing independently.
A pop- reggae crossover tune with honest and uplifting lyrics. The meaning is "believe in yourself" if that's all you've got left. Head up high and carry on so to speak.

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Material World Orchestra - Digital World     Pop, Electronic 02/07/2019
A 3-piece synth pop band from perth drawin influences from Tame Impala, Daft Punk and gypsy and the Cat.
Digital World is the second release from MWO and centres around the idea of real world vs digital world situations.

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Openfire. - 2am     Pop, Funk 02/07/2019
Openfire takes a new modern and exciting spin on the ever-growing R&B genre. Their heartfelt and personal song writing leads to truthful and accessible music capturing the hearts of listeners.
2am, Openfire’s debut single, is the plea of a man faced with unrequited love, led on by false hope and forced to breaking point. Backed by a soul/funk infused beat, the song playfully reflects on the struggles of toxicity in love and the consequences of non committal relationships

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Stefanie Passione - Put On The Brakes     Pop, Dance, Electronic 02/07/2019
If there's one thing about Stefanie, it's her incredible vocals that can belt out the latest dance track or sing a jazz classic by the piano.
An upbeat pop track about wanting to take things slower in a relationship. It explores the inner conflict of when your partner wants to take things too far. You still want to be with them, but aren't ready to take that next step. The lyrics are symbolic for speeding in a car and wanting to ‘put on the brakes'.

Christopher Engel - Wasting My Time     Pop, Easy Listening 01/07/2019
Known for his rich baritone voice, Christopher Engel is an emerging Danish-Australian singer-songwriter with a John Mayer inspired acoustic sound that will wrap around you like a warm blanket.
'Wasting My Time’ is a track about the fragile relationship between success and happiness. The lyrics explore the loneliness and doubt that can result from isolating yourself to pursue your goals. Reminiscent of an early John Mayer, the single's sound centers on acoustic guitar and captivating lyrics with elements of surprise such as a bridge akin to early Radiohead.

PHINEHAS - Losing My Doubts     Pop, Soul, Folk 01/07/2019
PHINEHAS has a tone of voice that is expressive and vibrant. Along with his writing style, consisting of a mix of pop, folk and soul music.
Losing My Doubts isn't just a made up story that I felt like making one day. The only way I write is through experience or inspiration and this song tells the story of both. The melody, the lyrics and the harmony all came together at the same time to me and I think that is what really makes this song.