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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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Elli Schoen - Baby Face     Pop 09/07/2019
Fremantle rising star Elli Schoen is a dynamic pop songwriter inspired by her past to create music using raw emotionality and piercing lyrics that fans have come to love.
A dynamic pop ode to her beloved girlfriends and her former self. This summer-ready track is looped with vocals and heavier bass - but with the same raw emotionality and piercing lyrics fans have come to love.

Joji - Sanctuary     Pop 09/07/2019
A master of multiple mediums, Joji is an Osaka-born Japanese-Australian singer and producer capturing a following from every corner of the Internet.
An enormous power ballad teeming with emotion and sentiment, 'Sanctuary' gives voice to a lovesick yet hopeful feeling towards an unrequited love. While the single calls upon sensibilities of 80s icons like Phil Collins and Journey, 'Sanctuary' is drenched in minimalistic beats and futuristic soundscapes, acting as somewhat of a “taste before the madness.”

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Lupa J - Woman     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Techno 09/07/2019
Named by FBi's Music Director Amelia Jenner and Purple Sneakers as '2019 artist to watch', Lupa J is a proven and gifted songwriter, producer and performer.
"Woman is about the moment I realised I was capable of queer attraction after years of trying to box myself into straight relationships. I found a sense of joy & relief in the fantasy of intimacy with someone who may experience life with a body/sense of gender like my own."

Other tracks by Lupa J:  Comfort In Numbers  -  Dream
Simon Pianta - She Says     Pop, Folk 09/07/2019
Musician and music producer
This track is about a fight between 2 lovers

Hope Wilkins - Waste     Pop, Soul, Folk, Funk 08/07/2019
Soulful 24 year old self-taught singer song writer from Canberra.
Waste was written about that time I think everyone goes through at some point in their life. Those moments when you start to wonder why you're wasting time on someone when it's not reciprocated and really start to question your relationships and your worth.

Kirrah Amosa - Nothing On Me     Pop, RnB, Hip Hop 08/07/2019
My name is Kirrah Amosa and I am an independent RNB POP Singer. Thank you for checking my profile out. I hope you enjoy what you hear and see!
After recently being the centre of national-wide criticism, I have learnt that I can always lean into love therefore I decided to put my creativity to work. This song is about cutting through the hate and the nay sayers. It is about having belief in your abilities and your dreams. Haters are my motivators, and my supporters are my reward.

Oz Harte - The Greatest Beauty I'd Ever Seen (Feat. Segoyia)     Pop, Retro, Easy Listening, World 08/07/2019
Absurdity is my reality. And I’m happy with that. I make music & art. Love and laughter are very precious to me.
My son, Tim and his wife Kassy, like the music of Matt and Kim and asked me to write a song, in a similar pop vein.

Oddly, I was inspired to write the lyrics after listening to a remix of Elvis' (Marie's her Name) His Latest Flame. I do not know what stimulates inspiration.

Segoyia, is a talent from Portugal.

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Colin Macpherson - Too Many People     Pop, Rap, Acoustic 07/07/2019
He may be older than most (think Neil Young, Bob Dylan, or Brian Wilson), but his music has an ageless feel, and it speaks to both contemporary and timeless issues.
A commentary on human population growth and the resultant effects on the environment.

Other tracks by Colin Macpherson:  O La-la  -  Things Not Done
Big Blue Bazooka - As I Fall Asleep I Drift Into Dreams     Pop, Instrumental, Ambience 06/07/2019
I am an amateur musician who enjoys attempting to make music in all different genres and has lots of fun doing so
An ambient pop track which has sentimental and nostalgia feelings. Brings back memories of grandmas house and family. there is a mix of piano, synthesizers and other effects over the track.

Other tracks by Big Blue Bazooka:  Big Blue Bazooka Pts. One, Two, Three & Four  -  Tomorrow is Here at Last
MOANA - Got Me Good     Pop, Electronic, Dance, Chill 06/07/2019
MOANA is a 21 year old Canadian currently living and studying in Sydney Australia. MOANA has a passion for music, blending pop, singer/songwriter styles capturing raw emotion within the track.
The song admits inner thoughts when falling in love unexpectedly. The synths and vocal samples articulate the dreamy feeling of falling in love, juxtaposed with the electric guitar to encapsulate a fresh sound. Producer Nick Paton uses the soundscape wisely to induce the thought process of this story intertwined with a melody, lyrics to keep you entertained throughout the song.

A.GIRL - 2142     Pop, RnB 05/07/2019
Western Sydney-based RnB artist A.GIRL has just unveiled her stunning debut single ‘2142’ - produced and mixed by Taka Perry (Ruel, M-Phazes).
"The song is about the area I was exposed to and the things I saw first-hand. As much as it represents 2142, it’s an anthem for all people from all areas that have been through the same”

Bootleg Rascal - Get Over Myself     Pop, Soul, Hip Hop 05/07/2019
One of Australia’s most endearing and eclectic party outfits Bootleg Rascal are excited to reveal their new double A-side release ‘Yin & Yang’
‘Get Over Myself’ explores the urban sonics of Bootleg Rascal, taking cues from the likes of Outkast, Jay-Z and The Weeknd. Opening with agonising screeches and a subtle splash of keys, an unwavering beat kicks in against walls of warped bass-infused synths, as the fiercely commanding cadences of front man Carlos Lara flow seamlessly into the howling chorus.

Other tracks by Bootleg Rascal:  Tryin' To Run
Christine Anu with Philly, Mindy Kwanten and Radical Son - Heal Together     Pop, Hip Hop 05/07/2019
'Heal Together' project is performed by iconic Indigenous female entertainer Christine Anu, along with renowned hip-hop artists Philly, Radical Son and the extraordinary vocalist/songwriter Mindy Kwanten.
The Healing Foundation commissioned composers Christine Anu and Max Lambert to write a song to elevate healing on a national scale, while drawing attention to its importance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 'Heal Together' project is performed by iconic Indigenous female entertainer Christine Anu, along with renowned hip-hop artists Philly, Radical Son and the extraordinary vocalist/songwriter Mindy Kwanten.

Ellery Cohen - Read Your Mind     Pop, Electronic 05/07/2019
Ellery Cohen is an alt-pop singer-songwriter from Melbourne australia, drawing inspiration from acoustic and electronic pop vibes.
Ellery Cohen's third single Read Your Mind is written both before and after a breakup, pre-empting the emotions of heartbreak that were soon followed by the event itself. Ellery is the kind of songwriter who touches on the emotional depths of love and family, Cohen writes with his heart very much open and on his sleeve.

Hard-Ons - Harder And Harder     Pop, Rock, Punk 05/07/2019
The Hard-Ons are back with their rampaging 12th studio album “So I Could Have Them Destroyed” which is released on Friday 11th October via Music Farmers.
The new Hard-ons’ single “Harder and harder” perhaps represents their most popular and revered musical face – that of power-pop with emphasis on power AND pop in equal measure. The famous Hard-ons’ gift for grafting face-peeling musical ferocity onto lush and unforgettable melody is in plain evidence here. It comes complete with the greatest fist-in-the-air middle eight of all time.

Hollie Col - Unholy     Pop, Rock, Gay Alligned 05/07/2019
Fun, catchy guitar based Indie Pop that has seen this young songwriter find a legion of fans and rack up an impressive 1.8 Million streams on Youtube
Unholy is Hollie's most upbeat and high energy song to date, In the same vein as Australian indie icons San Cisco, MIddle Kids, and Stella Donnelly. The single offers the first taste of Col's sophomore EP and will be the first release to feature International touring with 18 dates booked through Europe and the UK supporting Harrison Storm

Jess Day - Rabbit Hole     Pop, Folk 05/07/2019
Emerging from the constraints of Adelaide equipped with an arsenal of candid life lessons penned in her bedroom, her breakout single introduced Jess’s honest storytelling to audiences around the nation.
After cementing her arrival with her sophomore single Jess Day now returns with the snarling indie-pop gem ‘Rabbit Hole’ before heading on the road with Boy & Bear.

Jess’s powerful and melancholic songwriting couples with her infectious, melodic hooks to culminate in an anthemic call for those needing to leave their toxic relationships behind.

Kat Edwards - Good Girl     Pop, Folk 05/07/2019
Set to make her industry debut at BIGSOUND this September followed by national tour support for Didirri, Hobart's Kat Edwards is excited to share her new single ‘Good Girl'.
Produced by Xavier Dunn (Jack River, GRAACE, Ok Moon) and Oscar Dawson (Alex Lahey, Holy Holy, Ali Barter) ‘Good Girl’ is the expression of an internal memoir, Kat explains, “I wrote ‘Good Girl’ after a very pivotal moment in my life. I was feeling frustration towards myself for not doing what was best for me earlier.”

LOS LEO - The End     Pop 05/07/2019
After releasing his standout single ‘False Start’, Adelaide-based indie-pop artist LOS LEO (real name Tom Montesi) has just returned with the mesmerising new cut ‘The End’
"It's still a very touchy subject for me but I've been through some health issues in recent years and… actually, I'm still going through them” says Tom. “Sonically there's a lot of contrast, we worked really hard to balance light and shade to bring different feelings to the lyrics”.

Ok Moon - Hollow Tree     Pop, Atmospheric, Chill, Easy Listening 05/07/2019
Ok Moon is the collaborative project between Dustin Tebbutt, LANKS, Hayden Calnin and Xavier Dunn which deals in raw and colourful stories of the heart woven through cinematic pop songs.
“Hollow Tree” is the third single from Ok Moon’s forthcoming album, to be released in August this year. This cinematic pop song builds and builds to a cacophony of lush sounds. The bass line that carries the song leaves room for percussion, synths and vocals and the song incorporates folk, pop and electronic elements in a beautiful way.