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Catchy is the key with these tunes.


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TASHI - Fever     Pop, Funk, Dance, Folk 09/04/2019
"VELVETY VOCALS drawn over honest-to-god funk rhythms and an expansive range of instrumentation", Fremantle multi-instrumentalist, TASHI is a self managed performing artist and producer. "Something of a phenom" - WAM
Reflecting on past experiences of emotional manipulation and blackmail, Fever is an upbeat, funk/pop tune about restoration of hope. A lighthearted track with infectious groove and pizazz.

ZUMA - Deep Ride     Pop, Psychedelic, Rock 09/04/2019
ZUMA are a wobbly infusion of loose psych-rock and lush disco sounds. ZUMA emanates vast dance vibes that transport the listener to anywhere that is not here.
We wanted a strong groove to be the feature of the verses, which then builds into a heavy fuzzed out chorus. There's a double-time section in the solo which we added to give the song spontaneity which really capped the track off for us. Lyrically the song is about trusting your instincts.

XANI - Grey     Pop, Folk 05/04/2019
XANI is a one-woman show using electric violin, live looping and electronic effects to make art-pop music.
Violinist and singer Xani Kolac was seen recording sounds and words in the most unconventional of ways: by herself.
Mixing duties were handed over to Isaac Barter (Didirri, Oh Pep!).
The lyrics go like this: “Am I with the Left or with the Right / Can I be an ally if I’m white / Could I disagree with a feminist?”

Oh Boy - Talk To M333     Pop, RnB, Electronic 05/04/2019
With an eye for style and an even stronger conviction for creating moving soundscapes, Oh Boy is quickly becoming one of Australia’s most sought after and talked about producers.
‘Talk to M333 (feat. Oordaya & LOVER.)’ marks one of Oh Boy’s favourite musical journeys from his upcoming EP,. Oh Boy enlisted help from friends Golden Vessel, Tasker, BLESSED with vocals from LOVER. and french singer Oordaya. “The amount of people involved who are all beautiful friends of mine reminded me of how amazing and important collaboration is,” he says.

Chelsea Jyles - Jeans     Pop 05/04/2019
Singer-songwriter Chelsea Jyles has performed at venues around the world including The Hotel Café in LA, and has self-produced, written and released two EPs.
Jeans is the new single from Chelsea Jyles, who was inspired to write the song while touring Europe, when her jeans got a little too tight. The lyrics of Jeans focus on accepting who you are and being accepted no matter what, as well as feeling totally comfortable in a relationship.

Hobart Curtis - Morning Light     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2019
Hobart Curtis is a solo artist/producer from Brisbane, who creates catchy, melancholic indie-synth pop that features interesting and honest lyrical content.
Morning Light is a bright sounding indie pop track, leading with grungy-synth pop influenced keys and bright, bouncing Brit-pop guitars. Combining with Hobart Curtis' numerous vocal hooks, the track continues to drive through from start to finish.

Holly Alison - Cigarette     Pop 05/04/2019
Australian singer/songwriter Holly Alison is back with her new single and music video ‘Cigarette’ due for an exciting premiere via Happy Mag on March 29th.
Cigarette’ was written after her rather emotionally abusive relationship. As Holly affirms with a lot of wisdom & maturity,“This song was a way of getting my confidence back as an individual. I hope that it can teach people to be resilient and step out of a really toxic time with a lighthearted outlook on everything.”

ILUKA - Closer To You     Pop, Pop, Pop 05/04/2019
Renowned for her signature pop sounds and a voice that at once commands attention, ILUKA stands strong as one of Australia’s home-grown revolutionaries.
Closer To You is a shiny pop gem that feature's engaging vocals, beautiful production and a slow burning hook that burrow's it's way into the listener's heart.

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JMusi - Let It Go     Pop 05/04/2019
I am a singer songwriter born and bred in Australia. I Love Australian music and perform at weddings in a band with anything from 90 people to 1000 people attending.
This song is about a girl trying to hang to a relationship that is over.
What goes around comes around.

Other tracks by JMusi:  You Pick Me Up  -  Beautiful Wife
Karen Craigie - Little Heartbreaker     Pop, Country 05/04/2019
Karen has sustained a songwriting presence for years during which time her music has been featured in film and on TV, enjoyed International radio play, and solid award-recognition.
Little Heartbreaker is the third single from the album Mountains Of Gold. The multi award-winning track follows the album's first two singles that have graced the Australian charts and is a pop-skewed reflection on the destructive relationships that find us, and the fakery punctuating such affairs.

King Ibis - Backseat Drivers     Pop, Rock 05/04/2019
King Ibis have been making Perth sit up and take notice with their distinctive sound and bright, high-energy pop tunes. Their first 3 singles have received rave reviews.
Backseat drivers is a grooving tune that projects a laid back attitude about self doubt and the voices in your head.

Leanne Tennant - Cherry Cola     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2019
Leanne is the recent Carol Lloyd Award Winner, and 2 x time Qld Music Awardee for best Blues & Roots.
The brand new track from Leanne Tennant from her forthcoming third album coming out late 2019. Cherry Cola was produced by Konstantin Kersting.

Lila Gold - Happy Idiot     Pop, Hip Hop 05/04/2019
Lila Gold’s sound echoes the past while having one foot planted 5 minutes into the future as she shines through in her new single ‘Happy Idiot’,
Lila says,
“I think I sound a bit kooky and crazy in the recording, I love that the most. It’s unsettling as much as it is hypnotic and melodic. It’s about the perpetual pursuit and navigation of seeking intimacy, validation and amusement as millennials and the disillusion that warps and wraps around us sometimes.”

Madi Leeds - Refresh     Pop, Rock, Alternative Country, Psychedelic 05/04/2019
With her debut EP ‘Spinning’ and hit single ‘Water to Me’, MADI LEEDS is Melbourne’s quirky indie-pop singer-songwriter.
Refresh was written about taking a new start and only being able to reach new highs after going through lows.
Refresh discusses taking risks and being there for someone who is feeling worthless and ‘stuck’ in everyday motions.
About wanting to feel everything rather than ignoring a problem/avoiding parts of life.That it’s okay to feel bad again sometimes.

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Marcelle - Talk Like a Waterfall     Pop 05/04/2019
Blending authenticity with jagged theatrics, Marcelle is a singer driven by an innate desire to engage. She invites listeners on a journey through her mind with every lyric, every note.
TALK LIKE A WATERFALL brings you into Marcelle's fractured world, where only your closest friends can help to keep it real. This song allows you to take a cruisey melodic pop journey and come out feeling accepted in your own perfectly imperfect world.

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Matthew Miller - Don't Disappear     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2019
A fusion of current pop and contemporary musical theatre, written from the heart, providing a voice for queer stories in Australian music.
Don't Disappear is a song about letting down your walls and allowing someone in. It's a feel good track with a good beat and a heart felt lyric!

Michael Pignéguy featuring Samantha De Lune & Q Sound - My Funny Valentine     Pop, Jazz 05/04/2019
Michael Pignéguy is a gifted drummer, composer, band-leader, arranger and producer. He performs & records alongside a variety of other skilled, international musicians & vocalists
Michael takes elements from his musical roots & expertise in jazz, further complimenting them with a modern, artistic twist. This track is another example of his explorations into South East Asian arts, featuring Malaysian vocalist Samantha De Lune, enhanced by an engaging mid-track trombone solo, by U.S. musician & member of the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra - Marques Young (Q Sound)

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Monster Mansion - Human Rights     Pop 05/04/2019
MONSTER MANSION is an alt-pop band that replaces music videos with videogames. Each single and album comes with a videogame inspired by the lyrics.
Human Rights was inspired by the same sex marriage vote in 2017 - I was living in Canada and felt helpless in supporting the fight, and also realized how easily human rights can be taken away from anyone. There is a short, interactive lyric video for the song, that reflects the theme by having players discover items of self expression.

Moon Saloon - Mothers Words     Pop, Rock, Electronic 05/04/2019
Moon Saloon is the new projects of Brisbane's Charlie Grainger. Her heartfelt song-writing gives a nostalgic study on the light and dark of life, and the tensions between.
"I just need your love, lover"

Choosing to see the best in the other and not letting go of a meaningful relationship.

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Nine Year Sister - Like This     Pop, Electronic 05/04/2019
Nine Year Sister is an independent duo comprised of singer/songwriters, Jennie and Emma, from Queensland, Australia. They write, produce and perform original pop, electro pop and folk music.
'Like This' is a piano driven pop track with a subtle electronic influence.
It features moving vocals and thoughtful lyrics.